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Parodying 101: 1. Find something to parody. 2. Change the first word to "peng", "snow", "ice", or something like that. If it's an acronym, simply change the first letter to "P". 3. Enjoy my ridiculing due to your lack of creativity. 4. Just don't. None of you guys have the creative capacity to create an interesting and independent parody. 5. Further, most of your parody articles are junk because they're clearly 1:1 stand ins for IRL stuff you're not clever enough to work around. 6. Adding/removing one letter from a stolen name is still completely unoriginal, especially if it's an acronym.
— Bro

Hello there! I'm Chill, on-and-off user here since 2009. My specialties include edgy Sith imposters, running the fun corner of Antarctica, shorter than average hockey players, incompetent villain armies, obnoxiously loud techno fans, and more. Aside from working on my own articles, I also like helping with maintenance projects and salvaging "so bad it's good" articles. If you need help or have questions, feel free to ask me.

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Miscellaneous artwork not used on my articles, either because someone asked me to draw them or I just felt like making an image for something.

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