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Kermit about to enjoy a refreshing glass of orange juice.png Chill57181
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Parodying 101: Find something to parody. Change the first word to "peng", "snow", "ice", or something like that. If it's an acronym, simply change the first letter to "P". Enjoy my ridiculing due to your lack of creativity.
— Bro

Hello there! I'm Chill, resident nerd known for wearing colorful triangles, quoting memes and Star Wars references, singing Country Roads on IRC, and being the secret dictator of this website apparently. I make lots of articles but then run out of ideas and let them get dusty. Oops.

For the record if I ever quit or disappear from the network completely for reasons unknown, OOC rights for all of my articles will be shared between Mario Rk and CK. ARB, EDFan12345, TheBroMaster, Wikipenguino45, and Wonderweez will also be allowed to use them if they wish.

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