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That's a lot of templates![edit]

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100px Dave33333 found Indytig10's secret page! And they didn't even break a sweat! Or maybe they did... Well, I can't tell. There's no camera that I can see them through.

150px What a cheat. Dave33333 has discovered Akbaboy's secret page. This person did not find the page fairly. I will not tell you where the page is.
Ben hun image.PNG GADZOOKS! Dave33333 Has discovered Ben Hun's Secret Page! Great Job! Amazing!
Dave33333 has dicovered KingH10's Secret Page! Dave33333 didn't even cheat! OR DID THEY??????????????????????????????????

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Typical Mwa Mwa Penguin.png Dave33333 is ANTI Mwa Mwa Penguin. and seeks the down fall of this horrible subspecies of penguin.
Manny Peng shoop.jpg Dave33333 Hates this guy.

Tsceasy.png Dave33333 won an easy round of The Star Challenges. He/she is heading for awesomeness.
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Topsecret.jpg Dave33333 has discovered Penstubal's secret page, but he/she cheated! >:(((
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SecretPageFile.PNG OH NOEZ FOR SLIDUR!!! Dave33333 has discovered Slidur's secret page! Shame.

Yep,Dave33333 cheated this time...

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