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Random thoughts

  • The Thinker: traps people in an endless loop of making them think
  • Foresight: Always planning a future goal; every single thing that happens to him is "according to plan" no matter how positive/negative/serious/mundane
  • Spills drink "Ah yes, just as I have forseen..."

Current sandbox projects

Templates to fix:

Templates to potentially steal/copy to fix above list:

F-35 equivalent aircraft roles:

  • F-28 (Air Force, F-35A)
  • F-29 (Navy, F-35C)
  • F-30 (Navy, F-35B)
  • F-31A/B/C (All small numbers - license built F-G10, F-35A/B/C)

Cancelled ideas of mine preserved in my sandbox:

  • Avalon Missile Crisis - I don't even remember the reason why but Ed Island would have been building a nuclear missile site in Bloodstone and the rest of SATO invaded to stop it. Removed because I didn't see a way for Ed Island to lose and still keep Bloodstone.
  • Libeccio - Mediterranean-inspired country in the Ninja Archipelago, culturally similar to Liguria and the Penguin Empire. Originally meant to be created during the country policy nullification but never did, eventually Pen made Candvia which is basically my idea for this.
  • New Ruscan Federation - A Ruscan Civil War breaks out in 2015, and northeastern parts of the country break away during the war. Removed mostly because it didn't make much sense and I didn't really have any use for it.
  • Primordium - Story set in the 3100s about the discovery of some ancient construct that leads to a war between all sorts of space countries. Deleted as an extention of the IEE and not wanting anything to do with that tier of future stuff anymore. I may create a page summarizing all my plans for the story.
  • Rhea - Tons of penguin colonists leave Earth in the 2070s and 80s because of overpopulation and resource shortages. Rhea was a colony formed on Saturn's moon from Communists and their sympathizers in Rusca and former East Pengolia. May still be worked on in the future.


Bold are current projects

  • 2030s, multinational organization tied into ZITHIA plans
  • Antarctica secretly controlled by AI president?
  • "They just killed a hero!"
  • Rewrite Shadow Ninja to match Mario's Kermitity War plans
  • Clean up policy to match CPW's
  • Glaw rewrite/retcon
  • Rewrite High Penguin Confederacy, resurrect early/late articles?
  • Maybe: (re?)establish future continuity and strictly control space colony creation

Signature Variants[edit]



Random text designs[edit]

Aircraft chatter:

Friendly: «Fox 2, fox 2!»
Enemy: «Agh! My wing's hit!»

Misc concepts[edit]

Random ideas that may or may not be used

  • Implemented ideas
  • Cancelled ideas

  • Earth and Notron are "connected" through a strange link and that's how Shops was able to go there in 2015.
  • The Veil Society was also aware of Notron and had portals to the planet half a century ago.
  • Repulsors (Star Wars style) are relatively simple physics-wise which is how hoverboards and starfighters were invented so easily.
  • The EPF owns the helicarrier seen in the second(?) super hero party but I have no idea what purpose it would serve.
  • Snowzerland existed for about a decade before its official founding and the story of Swiss Ninja founding it in 2009 and immediately conquering half of the Ninja Archipelago is mostly propaganda. (Apparently canon?)
  • Ed Island disputes the fact that Rusca sent the first penguin into space - the fact that they ("conveniently") died on the next spaceflight doesn't help.
  • First meaning "official" and discounting the Speeddasher/Aye-Que thing and the Wulfen.
  • More Notron:
  • The Notronean solar system is named the Nol System and is located 4.92 light-years away
  • Nol is a G6V-type main sequence star, slightly less massive than the Sun. Six known planets orbit Nol, as well as two planetoid belts and a so-called "geist planet"
  • Nol-I (Terrestrial, sub-Earth, 0.23 Earth radii) - A scorched desert world that is tidally locked to Nol and thus has an average surface temperature of nearly 1300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Nol-II/Notron (Terrestrial, Earth analog, 0.27 Earth radii) - A sub-earth silicate planet and the only inhabited planet with confirmed life. Notron's superdense core means it is able to sustain Earth-like gravity and atmospheric pressure despite its small size.
  • Nol-III (Terrestrial, Earth-like, 0.79 Earth radii) - Earth-like planet on the edge of Nol's habitable zone, rendered uninhabitable to higher forms of conventional life with surface pressure exceeding roughly 200 atm.
  • "Tule Body" - A so-called "geist planet", the Tule Body is a mysterious astronomical anomaly in orbit around Nol that does not physically exist and yet produces a gravitational well that significantly affects the orbits of nearby objects; enough that its existence nearly discredited the earliest theories of gravity among Notron's indigenous civilization before the Tule Body's indirect effects - its moons - were confirmed over a century before Shopper arrival. In the Tule Body's orbit exists a natural Hyperspace lane that connects Notron to Earth and the Sol System through mysterious means.
  • Inner Belt - Nol's primary planetoid belt is largely diffuse but has the mass-equivalent of a Mars-sized planetoid and is believed to be the remains of a body that was forming when its accretion process was disrupted 4.5 billion years ago - evidently by the Tule Body.
  • Nol-IV (Gaseous, 10.31 Earth radii) - An ordinary cool gas giant orbited by a magnificent ring of debris.
  • Nol-V (Gaseous, 11.38 Earth radii) - A frozen gas giant approximately half the mass of Jupiter. It is orbited by an unusually high number of large satellites, one of which is an Earth-sized panthalassic moon covered in deep oceans with an average surface temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Heated by the intense tidal flexing from orbiting close to Nol-V, the radiation and gravity of Nol-V, combined with unending oceans and eternal twilight make the moon utterly hostile to the formation of terrestrial life.
  • Nol-VI (Terrestrial, sub-Earth, 0.12 Earth Radii) - A tiny, frozen ice world that barely qualifies as a planetary body
  • Outer Belt - The second expansive, diffuse planetoid belt is less dense than the Inner Belt and is home to a number of dwarf planets and other small planetoids.
  • Nol-VII (Theorized gaseous) - Presumably a frozen gas giant, theorized to be responsible for a number of anomalies in Nol-VI's orbit and a number of objects in the outer planetoid belt. If Ed Islandian simulations are correct, Nol-VII should orbit around 200-300 AU from Nol.
  • By 4014, Club Penguin Island is pretty beat up and suffering meteor strikes.
  • If the Extra Planetary Force is able to travel to Upzar II relatively quickly, space travel may be commonplace
  • Judging by the state of the island, maybe most of CP or Antarctica left Earth for new homes/colonies
  • Side note, if anything like this is canonized then colonies will be heavily restricted.
  • CK's Yow Sith Empire will basically be Dark Empire's Byss - "dark heart of Antarctica"
  • Ninjas who are particularly skilled in Card-Jitsu can become Chunin, which are essentially an elite Ninja rank that has a role in training other ninjas. Future senseis are typically chosen from the Chunin.
  • Ed Island stereotypes:
  • Acher: No-nonsense serious business
  • Anfang: Literally everyone lives on the beach
  • Arlon: ja soda ist gut :D
  • Bloodstone: Superstitious whaler outsiders
  • Bridgestadt: Snooty and better than you
  • Comona: Uncultured
  • Markland: Unconquerable astronauts
  • Neumenia: Fascists
  • Snowjave: You've yee'd your last haw
  • Straits: Farming is hard but honest work
  • Sudentor: wery rich :D
  • Waldreich: Mountain barbarians
  • Wellow: What penguins?
  • Fanta League - Middle Ages to early modern era trading league of Sub-Antarctican cities and city-states, named after originating point in Fanta, Comona.
  • Ed Island, Culldrome, Glaw (if retconned), Antilles various city-states, Puffish Acadia?, parts of Asiapelago?
  • 4-5 city-states on Antarctica coast, some remained independent until foundation of USAntatctica
  • Modern equivalent founded in 2004 or something to encourage business, tourism, and economic expansion between Fanta members.
  • The Weekee is essentially a Fanon version of Wikipedia, complete with online encyclopedia.


  • Only Antarctica, Ed Island, Culldrome, and UnitedTerra possess supercarriers. All other navies utilize standard aircraft carriers (Charles de Gaulle or Admiral Kuznetsov classes in size), lighter escort carriers (America or Giuseppe Garibaldi classes in size), or small Shops tier buckets (Chakri Naruebet)
  • Herbert's Death Star was around a Trade Federation Core Ship in size and was launched from the ground in the same way. Its laser could not destroy planets, despite what Snoss propaganda said.
  • Star Destroyers were conceptualized prior the Great Space Race by Antarctica as a response to the growing number of space forces across the continent. The original concept were small, wedge-shaped spacecraft with dozens of anti-starfighter turbolasers. Although these spacecraft never materialized, it was used against Antarctica by the Snoss to develop their spacecraft as well as by the Culldrome Isles for the Exclamator-class.
  • Current Snoss Star Destroyers are equivalent to the Vindicator-class heavy cruisers, and only around the Snoss Civil War will they become the Imperial-class.
  • Most countries still rely on mass bomber formations, and while ICBMs exist they are not as commonplace as the real world.
  • Because of this, the majority of nuclear weapons are still large implosion-type bombs. Very few hydrogen bombs exist, and those that do are low-yield warheads.
  • Walkers exist (probably Snoss), but are currently about AT-TE or AT-ACT tier. None are common enough to serve as mechanized units in any significant amount.
  • The Snoss began replacing RDA Troopers and War Bots since the GSWVI in 2013 (Basically post Order 66 droid deactivation and clone decommissioning)
  • War Bots were largely phased out due to incompetence. They currently only serve menial guard tasks, but are constantly being replaced by actual penguins.
  • Cloning costs for RDA Troopers ultimately proved too great, as well as issues with their accelerated aging and general intelligence.
  • Other general RDA Trooper information:
  • Clones have triple accelerated aging, and have a maximum lifespan of about 25 years
  • Impressively, RDA Trooper armor is worse than even Stormtrooper due to their mass produced nature
  • Much like Nexonian clones, older RDA Troopers experience severe mental health issues
  • Additionally they're just kinda dumb compared to normal penguins, and aren't really suited for being anything other than soldiers
  • Some aging RDA Troopers were given cybernetic implants and advanced Stormtrooper armor, Phase Zero Dark Trooper equivalents?
  • In comparing nuclear and non-nuclear explosions, Squarium weapons are generally included with nuclear due to its nature and scale.
  • PMCs (like GGD's army) are relatively common and are the reason many countries don't have large militaries. Already sorta canon but I want to explicitly add it.
Sci-fi/Star Wars stuff
  • General SW equipment equivalents: (might be completely wrong lol)
  • Snowzerland = Empire
  • Antarctica = Rebels
  • Culldrome = Republic-ish
  • Shops = Republic-ish
  • Ed Island = Early-war CIS (Trade Federation or Techno Union aesthetic)
  • Tropicalis = Republic-ish/New Republic-ish
  • Ed Island future space stuff:
  • Factories and foundries located on Notron, space fleet mostly remains there in orbit
  • Much of the early space fleet is inherited from Shops, both USSI and Empire
  • Starfighters: Clone Headhunter, later reverse-engineered Shopper Empire Tri-Fighter
  • Transports: Sheathipede-class, Maxillipede-class, C-9979, AT-Hauler
  • Ships (near future): Hardcell-class, Geonosian Cruiser, Gozanti-class
  • Capital Ships (farther future): Original designs, Munificent-class, Recusant-class, Lucrehulk/DH-Omni?
  • Shuttle design:
  • Based on original Jedi shuttle (Eta-class shuttle)
  • Parallel development of future designs from this, all for different reasons
  • Culldrome: Nu-class, cargo/medical variant - attack/cargo
  • Snowzerland: Lambda, Sentinel-class - transport/executive
  • Shops/Ed Island: Zeta-class, Eta-class cargo shuttles - cargo



For Bizzaro World pages. If the article has a Fanon equivalent, a link to that page will be shown. This link is hidden if that page does not exist. On this sandbox, it simply links to the EDFan12345 page.

Collapsible Tables[edit]

Below is written specifically for aircraft but can be modified for other purposes

Designation Name Role Years Active National Origin More Info
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Toggle
  • Crew: N/A
  • Length: N/A
  • Wingspan: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Empty Weight: N/A
  • Loaded Weight: N/A
  • Powerplant: N/A
  • Maximum Speed: N/A
  • Service Ceiling: N/A
  • Combat Radius: N/A
Description not available.

Designation Name Role Years Active National Origin More Info

F-9 Grey Ghost Multirole Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 1
  • Length:
  • Wingspan:
  • Height: N/A
  • Empty Weight:
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: N/A
  • Powerplant:
  • Maximum Speed:
  • Service Ceiling:
  • Combat Radius:
pretty neat tbh

F-10 Vulcan Multirole Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 1
  • Length:
  • Wingspan:
  • Height: N/A
  • Empty Weight:
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: N/A
  • Powerplant:
  • Maximum Speed:
  • Service Ceiling:
  • Combat Radius:
pretty neat tbh

Template:Free Republics[edit]

Ed Alphabet table[edit]


Military Strength of Antarctica table[edit]

Military Strength Index

  C1 (No Standing Army)
  C2 (Poor)
  C3 (Basic)
  C4 (Moderate)
  C5 (Modern)
  C6 (Advanced)

How voting should be on featured votes[edit]

  • Point
  1. Response
  2. Response
  3. Response
  • Point
  1. Response
  2. Response
  • Point
  1. Response

How voting currently is on featured votes[edit]

  • Point
  • Response
  • Response
  • Response
  • Point
  • Response
  • Response
  • Point
  • Response

Images with potential use[edit]

Or just of general interest

My Images[edit]

Old Snowiny Flags[edit]

Because there's a million of them :^) not in any particular order sry

And not-snowiny flags

Top EIAF Aces, post-1980[edit]

Will make a fancy table later

In cases such as Condor Squadron where all of its members are aces, only the top ace from a squadron is displayed.

  1. Daniel Christiansen (Callsign: Kolibri) - 112 kills
  2. Erich Klinsmann (Callsign: Reiher) - 104 kills
  3. Rainer Walter (Callsign: Vampir) - 96 kills
  4. Rambert Booher (Callsign: Huckebein) - 83 kills
  5. Adreas Reiske (Callsign: Eisvogel) - 79 kills
  6. Selig Stahl (Callsign: Habicht) - 70 kills
  7. Sven Reuter (Callsign: Strom) - 66 kills
  8. Lola Sommer (Callsign: Iris) - 61 kills

Wulfen War[edit]

Wulfen War
Date July 18, 1934 - May 6, 1942
(7 years, 9 months, 2 weeks and 4 days)
Location Republic of Ed Island, Neumenian Reich
Result Decisive Ed Island victory
Casus belli Fascist separatists declare an independent Neumenian Reich in upper Ed Island
Ed Island Republic Flag.png Ed Island
Foreign Volunteers:
Alemania Flag.png South Alemania
Osterreach Nationalist Flag.png Osterreach
Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria
Flag of Facist Castilla.png Castilla
Wulfen Flag Old.png Neumenian Reich
Khanzem Alternate Flag.png New Khanzem
Foreign Volunteers:
PolarisFlag.png Polar Islands
Ed Island Volkspartei Flag.png Communist Partisans

Foreign volunteers not final

The Wulfen War was a civil war between the Republic of Ed Island and newly-declared Neumenian Reich lasting from 1934 to 1942.

Cold War[edit]

Cold War
Date 1945-1991
Location Antarctica
Capitalist Bloc
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Communist Bloc
Snowviet Union Flag.png Snowviet Union
Asaina flag.png Zhou
North Alemania Flag.png North Alemania
Nationalist Bloc
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
Osterreach Nationalist Flag.png Osterreach
Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria
Alemania Flag.png South Alemania
FlagROSn.png Snowiny
Flag of Facist Castilla.png Castilla



Designation Name Role Years Active National Origin More Info

UH-24 Vosper Gunship Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 2-3
  • Length: 17.5m
  • Wingspan: 6.5m
  • Height: 6.5m
  • Empty Weight: 8,500 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 12,000 kg
  • Powerplant: 2x T750
  • Maximum Speed: 335 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 4,900m
  • Combat Radius: 450km
Large, armored attack helicopters with the capacity to carry troops or supplies in a small troop bay. The UH-24C possesses an updated, heavily armored cockpit area compared to the older UH-24A, which is still in use with the EIN. A large variety of munitions is able to be carried by the Vosper, including rocket pods, iron bombs, air-to-air missiles, torpedoes, or search and rescue equipment.

UH-24 variants pixel.png
AH-56 Chippewa Attack Helicopter Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 16.66m
  • Wingspan: 8.13m
  • Height: 4.18m
  • Empty Weight: 5,540 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 11,740 kg
  • Powerplant: 1x T64
  • Maximum Speed: 393 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 6,100m
  • Combat Radius: 600km
Less armored and more nimble than the Vosper, and typically utilized in a ground-attack role. The AH-56B is a bomber configuration of the Chippewa capable of carrying and dropping iron bombs.

AH-56 pixel.png
UTH-66 Blackfoot Transport Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 2-4
  • Length: 19.76m
  • Wingspan: 6.40m
  • Height: 5.13m
  • Empty Weight: 4,819 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 10,660 kg
  • Powerplant: 2x T700
  • Maximum Speed: 294 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 5,790m
  • Combat Radius: 592km
Transport helicopters used to ferry troops and supplies. UT-66s are often used for extractions, or can be outfitted with missile pods and passenger-mounted machine guns to be used for air support.

UTH-66 Blackfoot Pixel.png


Designation Name Role Years Active National Origin More Info

C-18 Stratolift Passenger/VIP Transport 1958- Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 3 minimum
  • Length: 46.61m
  • Wingspan: 44.42m
  • Height: 12.93m
  • Empty Weight: 44,663 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 135,000 kg
  • Powerplant: 4x C56
  • Maximum Speed: 1,009 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 12,500m
  • Combat Radius: 7,400km
Minimally modified Snowing 707 airliners used for VIP and staff transportation within Ed Island.

H-18 Stratohelper Medical Transport 1991- Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 18
  • Length: 46.61m
  • Wingspan: 44.42m
  • Height: 12.93m
  • Empty Weight: 44,663 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 135,000 kg
  • Powerplant: 4x C56
  • Maximum Speed: 1,009 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 12,500m
  • Combat Radius: 7,400km
Specialized C-18 aircraft used for medical transportation that can effectively function as an aerial hospital. Staffed by over a dozen in-flight nurses, surgeons, or other medical technicians, H-18s are intended to stabilize a patient's condition before they can be brought to a full hospital.

Support Craft[edit]

Designation Name Role Years Active National Origin More Info

E-2 Fencer AWACS 1977- Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 17-23
  • Length: 46.61m
  • Wingspan: 44.42m
  • Height: 12.93m
  • Empty Weight: 73,480 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 157,397 kg
  • Powerplant: 4x C56
  • Maximum Speed: 855 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 12,500m
  • Combat Radius: 7,400km
The E-2 Fencer is a dedicated airborne early warning and control aircraft developed by Snowing based on the Snowing 707 airliner. It provides all-weather surveillance, command, control, and communications, and is utilized by numerous other nations including Antarctica, Magyaria, and other Ed Islandian allies.

E-5 Watchman Aerial Command Post 1974- Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: Up to 112
  • Length: 70.5m
  • Wingspan: 59.7m
  • Height: 19.3m
  • Empty Weight: 190,000 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 374,850 kg
  • Powerplant: 4x C6
  • Maximum Speed: 969 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 14,000m
  • Combat Radius: 5,600km
The E-5 Watchman is a modified Snowing 747-200 designed to operate as a military command post even after a decapitation strike on the Ed Islandian government, giving them the nickname "doomsday planes" when first rolled out. While designed for coordinating military units, these aircraft also have the capability to launch Ed Island's ballistic missile reserves in the event of such a strike. One E-5 always accompanies the Hierarch's personal aircraft wherever it goes.

EA-200 Tracer Electronic Support 2000- Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island Toggle
  • Crew: 10-12
  • Length: 48.5m
  • Wingspan: 47.6m
  • Height: 15.8m
  • Empty Weight: 85,595 kg
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 175,000 kg
  • Powerplant: 2x C6
  • Maximum Speed: 914 kph
  • Service Ceiling: 12,200m
  • Combat Radius: 5,000km
A dedicated jamming platform derived from the Snowing 767-200, the EA-200 features several powerful jamming units in order to disrupt enemy radar systems. EA-200s additionally support allied aircraft on the battlefield by acting as communication aircraft and providing data-links between fighters. Several EA-200 pilots are infamous for putting their aircraft in harm's way to aid their allies.

The Hanglo-Antarctican/Naughtzee War[edit]

Second Khanzem War
Hanglo-Antarctican Naughtzee War Map.png
Antarctica with the participants of the Second Khanzem War.
The Good Guys depicted in blue, the Naughtzee depicted in red, and the Japalandese Empire depicted in yellow
Location Antarctica
Khanzem Alternate Flag.png Khanzem

Alemania Flag.png Alemania
Osterreach Nationalist Flag.png Osterreach
Ed Island Republic Flag.png Ed Island

Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria
Flag of Facist Castilla.png Castilla
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Ruscan Liberation Army

The Good Guys:
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and

FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Snowviet Union Flag.png Snowviet Union
Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia

KingdomofDragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone
Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis
Liguria Flag.png Liguria

Japaland Ensign.png Japaland

The Hanglo-Antarctican/Naughtzee War is an Ed Islandian alternate-history novel trilogy detailing the aftermath of a Khanzem victory in the Khanzem War. Set through the 1930s and 1940s, it details the buildup to the fictional Second Khanzem War and how Antarctica would be forever changed by a surviving Khanzem.

Electric Shocktopi[edit]

Electric Shocktopi
Full name Ed Island Electric Shocktopi
Nicknames "The Shocks"
Founded 1996

Rather uniquely, the Electric Shocktopi are the official hockey team of both Ed Island and Achadia.

Ed Island Teleportation Program[edit]

Fix sections when posting

Teleportation is the process of transferring matter between two locations or dimensions, regardless of distance. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, Ed Island has experimented with several forms of teleportation in an attempt to harness its potential for scientific or military purposes. Since the 1980s, this was met with varying degrees of success with both single- and inter-dimensional travel being achieved.

Projekt Schwarze Sonne[edit]

The origins of Schwarze Sonne lie within the Veil Society vault opened in 1946. Among the many artifacts recovered was a hexagonal device

Schwarze Sonne was successful in opening a portal to the Borderworld in the early 1990s.


Projekt Nebenwelt[edit]

Projekt Nebenwelt (English: Project: Next World) is the name of a current project to achieve long range, potentially interstellar teleportation. Through the manipulation of dark energy into creating a small-scale gravitational singularity, space-time can theoretically be manipulated in order to translocate matter over immense distances. Because of the effects of Falcon radiation, these singularities would dissipate almost instantly after use and not be of any harm.

After the Shops Civil War and transfer of Shopper space territories to Ed Island, special focus was placed on the former Dominion of Notron.

See Also[edit]



The Superintendent's default icon
Born 2015 (Bridgestadt)
2018 (Megafloat)
Ed Laboratories
Occupation Municipal artificial intelligence
Years active 2016-
Home town Bridgestadt Flag.png Bridgestadt

The Superintendent is an Ed Islandian "Dumb" artificial intelligence in charge of operating a city's municipal grid and ensuring it runs smoothly and safely.

As of 2018, two Superintendent routines have been created for the cities of Bridgestadt and Megafloat.


The Superintendent is capable of overseeing infrastructure departments such as the Department of Health and Penguin Services, Housing, Public Safety, Recreation, Streets and Sanitation, and Utilities and Transportation. The AI is not fully in charge of these departments, however, and its actions can be overridden by a penguin employee.


Name Icon Description
Default Superintendent.png The default mood for the Superintendent, used on every AI interface.
Angry Superintendent Angry.png Appears when a crime is being committed or damage is done to a Superintendent system.
Sad Superintendent Sad.png Appears when casualties from an accident or attack have been identified.
Bored Superintendent Bored.png Also used for general annoyance
Confused Superintendent Confused.png Appears when the Superintendent observes something it does not fully understand.
Happy Superintendent Happy.png Appears when the Superintendent is delighted at an event or person.
Sleeping Superintendent Sleeping.png Appears when the Superintendent is in low-power mode.
Damaged Superintendent Damaged.png Appears when significant damage has been done to a Superintendent system.
Off Superintendent Off.png Appears during the Superintendent's shutdown sequence.


  • Despite being known as a "dumb" AI, a test given in 2017 determined that the Superintendent has an IQ of 240.

See Also[edit]

Military Strength of Antarctica information[edit]

For the redone article to be presented in an informative manner that isn't just "I wrote my country has 10 more tanks now move it up 5 spaces"

Aircraft Carriers[edit]

  • Abadia: 4
  • Antarctica: 11
  • Candvia: 1
  • Culldrome: 5
  • Dragonstone: 1
  • Ed Island: 6
  • Frankterre: 1
  • HunEmpire: 1
  • Liguria: 1
  • Magonia: 1
  • Magyaria: 1
  • Margate: 5
  • Munijoch: 5 Aerial Aircraft Carriers + 1 Conventional
  • Pengonia: 1
  • Puffle'and: 2
  • Rusca: 2
  • Seal Islands: 2
  • Shops Island: 20
  • Snowzerland: 3
  • I imagine Snowzerland primarily focuses on army + air force and neglects navy, mirroring Nazi Germany
  • Tropicalis:
  • United Provinces: 5
  • UnitedTerra: 4
  • Zhou: 3