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Part of EIAF Ensign.png Ed Island Air Force
Equipment F-10 Vulcan

The EIAF Air Demonstration Squadron "Phoenixes" are the primary air performance team of the Ed Island Air Force. Based out of the Heierlark Air Force Base in central Bridgestadt, they are an active air force squadron and perform in airshows around Ed Island and across Antarctica.


The Phoenixes are a named EIAF squadron, and as such do not have a numerical designation. Since 1974, they have operated out of Heierlark Air Force Base due to its central location within Ed Island.

Wernher & Noah F-10 Vulcan[edit]

The Phoenixes made the switch to the F-10 Vulcan in 1983 from the previous F-6 Shackler. These aircraft feature only a few special modifications from a standard combat capable F-10, including replacing the minigun and ammunition drum with a smoke dispenser, removal of several combat-specific systems, and application of the Phoenixes' distinctive white, purple, and orange paint scheme.



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