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Republic of Libeccio

Flag of Libeccio

Capital Manaea
Languages Latin, English, Italian
Government Federal Republic
Currency Libeccian Dollar ($)
Club Penguin Gold Coin
Population 1,340,000
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Sato.png SATO

The Republic of Libeccio is a small democratic nation in the Ninja Archipelago located near Liguria. A wealthy, secretive nation, it has fought off countless invasions by other nations in the Archipelago and beyond, and

Despite its location in the Ninja Archipelago, it is not a member of the Archipelago Union.


The Libeccian Isles were first settled and named by the Penguin Empire in the second century AD, after driving away the island's previous barbarian occupants. The Empire invested a considerable amount of money into the construction of cities and aqueducts, among other ancient constructs. Libeccio remained an important trading post due to its location within the Ninja Archipelago, and was one of the Penguin Empire's wealthiest territories outside of mainland Antarctica.

Libeccio survived the fall of the Penguin Empire due to its considerable wealth, and became an independent territory. The people of Libeccio founded their own Senate modeled the Penguin Republic, as well as a similarly-modeled military.

During the Khanzem War, Libeccio was occupied by Liguria until mid 1918, when Ligurian forces retreated from the nation leaving it virtually unscathed.


Libeccio covers an approximate area of 800 square miles, and is the smallest country in the Ninja Archipelago.



Libeccio's culture is noticeably influenced by Liguria and Castilla, both of which had at one point occupied the nation.


Libeccio's military uses a rank system heavily inspired by the Penguin Empire's.


Libeccio is made up of four Regions, 33 Provinces, and one Special Exclusion Zone.

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