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People's Republic of Rhea
Saturnian colony

Flag of Rhea

Capital Komoya
Languages English, Russian, others
Government Single-party Socialist state
 -  Foundation 2087
Population 860,000

The Penguin's Republic of Rhea is a Communist state comprising of Saturn's moon Rhea. Populated by firm supporters of Communism from Rusca and former East Pengolia, the colony emulates the Snowviet Union in its culture and government.


During the 2080s Solar Flight, Rhea was one of nineteen Solar System bodies settled by colony ships. After the Partition of Mars and subsequent colonization of the asteroid belt, Rhea was founded in 2087 after being settled by the colony ship Kosmonaut Vladimir Koslov. The colonist sought Rhea as it was one of the few colonial targets in the outer planets, and was remote enough that it could be left alone without outsider influence.

As one of the farthest frontier colonies, Rhea expanded with relatively little outside contact. With the sole exception of Asteroid Belt traders that supplied valuable necessities such as food and water, Rheans became very xenophobic and shunned off-worlders.


As Rhea possesses no breathable atmosphere, the habitats on the moon are sealed from the vacuum and are connected through pressurized tubes. Much of Rhea's architecture resembles the underground Ruscan Muscovgrad Metro stations, intentionally modeled as such in order to make the colonists feel close to their motherland while on the distant moon.


Rhea possesses a small defense force known as the Red Guard. While officially to protect the colony from "neo-fascist sympathizers," the Red Guard also acts as a secret police force in an attempt to root out "dissenters." The Red Guard is split into two main branches, the Red Army and Red Navy.

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