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Flystar55555 has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

Whatever, rant about it on my talk page all you want, but i'm not coming back. NEVER. This is not because of a user, or anybody for that matter. I might browse once in a while to check up on the wiki, but that's about it. I will NOT come back as a new user. Do not message me on other sites, because I will just ignore you. These last 3 years have been great, and I hope this wiki prospers for a long time. Goodbye wiki. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! ADOPT MY ARTICLES PEOPLES! My legacy will live on!


October 26, 2007 (CPW) November 29, 2008 (CPFW) - February 10, 2011

"Hope You Have a Great Day!"

(PS: This is a wiki life grave. Flystar is not 3 years old or dead.)

1000th EDIT! WOOT WOOT!--Flystar Hope you have a great day! 02:46, July 11, 2010 (UTC)


Whoops! Were you looking for the superhero?

My signature. Requested by me, illustrated by PogoPunk.
Vital statistics
User Flystar55555
Gender Male
Location USA
Leader of Peace High Order, my online alliance. My HQ here, however has been disbanded.
Best Known for Lots of names, such as Flystar, Flystar55555, Flystarr, Fly, Fly Star, and more.
Wikis Club Penguin, Club Penguin Fanon, Wikipedia, Bulbapedia, Sticks, Club Polar Bear, etc.

Hey! It's Flystar55555! I am a lesser known BOBMASTER here. If you have any questions about this wiki, wiki code, and just plain anything about Wikia, just leave a message on my talk page! If you want to talk to famous users here, then talk to these guys: Him, him, him, him, him and him!

Pages I Created/Made[edit]


More to come, wikians...

Specialty in Art on the Wiki[edit]

I specialize in modifying art that was already made. Not as supreme as TS, though, just like color it differently and all that. I usually do Club Penguin art, mainly penguins. As you can see, my artwork is nothing like anybody in the poll below. Most of their specialties are starting from scratch, but I usually edit penguins on Club Penguin to my extent. For example, Flystar's hair was the Chill hairdo colored brown by me. I am welcome to any art requests on editing penguins from Club Penguin. Just tell me what clothes to wear, and if it doesn't exist, or I don't have it, I will most likely substitute it with a different item. Here are some examples of my artwork:

That is just some of my artwork. More will come as I update.

This gallery was last updated June 28, 2010

Other Accounts on Wikia[edit]

  • Wally837 is my alternate account. If something happens to Flystar, I will go on here.


  • Flystar (everyone)
  • Flystarr (Happyface only)
  • Star (Flywish only)
  • Fly (everyone; not to be confused with Flywish)
  • Fly Star (everyone)
  • FS55555 (everyone)
  • FS (everyone)
  • Starman (everyone)
  • Flyston (everyone, mainly TurtleShroom)
  • 5 5's (everyone)

More to come, wikians...


How should the CPFW's upgrades be decided?
Please vote below.
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What should my new article be named?
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It's about a group of warriors that work for Darktan. I can't decide which name, so the COMMUNITY decides!

Who is the best artist on the wiki?
Please vote below.
There were 7 votes since the poll was created on 21:19, 27 February 2013.
poll-id 273F276039E1DCF44E4C86782BF88A20

I will not vote in this poll, but I believe that the top three will be PogoPunk, Zone, and EternalMagma within the next month or so. (not in that order) After a month: I WAS WRONG! Although, I was correct about Zone, I wasn't about anyone else. Based on the results so far, I believe Zone, Austin, and TS will be the top 3 in ANOTHER month or so. After another month: I was right, but TS tied with some others. I believe that Zone, Austin, and TS will be the top 3 (again) within the next month. Another month: Man, these months are going fast! Well, I was wrong again about TS, and I STILL believe that my top three will still keep going.

Do my ideas stink?
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If you answered G, go here. If you answered H, go here. If you answered I, go to both those links.

What do you think of Flystar as a character?
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If you answered the last one, you HAVE to go here. WHY ARE YOU AT MY PAGE IF YOU ANSWERED THAT?!?

FAOTY (Flystar's Article of the Year)[edit]

And the winners are...

Flystar55555's Adventures and Flystar City!

FAOTY Winners[edit]

  1. Flystar55555
  2. Flystar55555's Adventures, Flystar City

Article Nominations[edit]

Nominate only articles that I made! (list above) I will make a poll once 5 article nominations are made! (remember, you cannot nominate past FAOTY's!)



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