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Hi everyone! I'm Iceflower485 and I recently joined this wiki. Um, I'm not sure what to do on this page so I'm going to just write things as they come to me. School has started, so I will not be able to be online much until the school year ends. Sorry. If I do get online, if I do I can only promise I'll be online during the weekend and that also depends on my schedule. If I am online during the week,then I will be on my school library's computer.

Places You Can Find Me[edit]

  • Club Penguin: Iceflower485
  • Poptropica: Short Turtle (Website chose name.)
  • Fanfiction.Net: Iceflower485
  • Walrus Wiki: 100% (I made an account on the wiki so I can spy on the Walrus.)
  • Facebook: Iceflower Foreversnow (it's supposed to be "Eternal Snow".)


My schedule has changed since school started. From now on during the week, you can find me online at 8:30-9:00 in the morning. My school ends at 3:50 so I might get the chance to be online.


3:00 (I'll try,)- 10:00. (Like I said, I'll try.)


I probably will not be online since my family is constantly doing something.


Probably 8 or 9:00- 12:00. (yes, I sometimes stay up that late.)


I mostly write short stories about birds, cats, dragons, or nature. This doesn't really relate to Club Penguin but this is the only website I'm a part of that I can feel comfortable with putting up my stories. (Bear with me here please.)

"The Nightingale

      Spring Water"

"Fluffy white clouds were reflected on the surface of a small spring pool. Lush blades of grass hung with the weight of the morning dew that hung off the edge of it's tip. The Nightingale was flying in the sky when she spotted the spring pool and soared downwards. She landed on a smooth gray stone which hung overthe water, letting the gentle spring sun bathe her in it's warm morning light. She dove into the water suddenly, splashing the liquid diamonds in the air. As she floated up to the surface, she watched as the falling drops of water dissolved into the pool again, creating small ripples in the once glassy surface. As the day neared to night, the Nightingale hopped out of the water, letting the small beads of crystal fall from her feathers, and return to the small pool of spring water."

That's all for now. Maybe I'll put up more on my Youtube Account.


EternalMagma (Best friend)

Tigerstar845 (Best friend)