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I am Judge Konquer[edit]

Judge Konquer
"Order in the Court"
Title Judge Konquer
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Judge
Health Good
Status Judge
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Judge
Interests Seeing justice done/looking at himself

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100px Crickey!!!! Judge Konquer is an Australian. Australian penguins rule eh!!

WOW! Judge Konquer has won the GOLD XTUX AWARD!. Judge Konquer is truely awesome!This award may have been given out for being incredible at editing, giving good advice, being good at image editing, not liking the Unnderground Clubb Phengin Weekee, not having a huge ego, etc.
If Judge Konquer is awesome, they must not choose to do so. Judge Konquer cannot choose, because that would a major shame and disgrace to the Human race. Should Judge Konquer feel awesome (like they should), it must be their decision to do so.

Judgekonquerpic.png Order in the court!! I am Judge Konquer, and this user page is about ME!!

Hello, I am Featured User of the Week; Judge Konquer.

As a well respected judge in New Club Penguin (and throughout the entire UnitedTerra)I decided it was time to make my own contribution to this wonderfulll wiki.

I have made a few templates which I put below (not all of them are by me!) I just made the inventor one, the Captain Jack Penguin one, and the Judge Konquer one.

I have only made one article so far but it is already a Very High Quality Article which is the highest it can go (besides AOTW, not bad for a newbie). It is Captain Jack Penguin and I am very proud of it. Here is a picture from it (there is more under the picture)

UPDATE: Captain Jack Penguin has become Featured article of the week!!

Caiptain J Penguin.jpg

Anyway, I love Club Penguin and play it tons. And one day I founthis wiki. I didn't join until not long ago because I was buisy looking at all the articles. And well thats it. (you musn't have much to do if you are reading my boring user page.) Do you like my pictures? Oh and if you were wondering about my name, I found this DO YOUR PART section in the wiki and saw that there were 16 links to a non-exsitant charecter called Judge Konquer here. So I already wanted to join so I thought I would join under the name Judge Konquer thus creating the non-exsitant charecter sort of to exsitance. If you want, by click judge konquer or going to here and looking for Judge Konquer you could REALLY bring him too the wiki. I was just a little lazy. But I plan to expand a few stubs and stuff because I should give back to this wonderfull wiki

UPDATE Judge Konquer has been made

Oh and here I am.(I am rather good loooking, aren't I? That is why you will find many pictures of myself on this page, I just love looking at me)

This is me!!!

I am an Australian. I love Australian penguins. Their real name is fairy penguins but for some silly reasone they desided to call them Little penguins instead. Something about being political correct or something.

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

P.S: Can you find my Secret Court Room???? Lets see...

WHat is this???[edit]

Look closley at the nightclub on the main page on club penguin. Wait... Suddenly this red thing will come up. Blink and youll miss it. I got a picture of it!!


STUFF U PROBABLY DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME!!!why was that in capatils?[edit]

  • Although I am Australian. I was born in America and lived there for six years. I came to Australia when I turned six.
  • I am 13 and in year 8.
  • All of my friends think that CP is boring. That is the only thing that I don't like about my friends.
  • I used to get bullied because I played CP. But now I am more popular than the bully cause I stood up to him.
  • I am very weak and I am terrible at sport.

Guess what I won...[edit]

I WON THE FEATURED USER AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you missed it at the top of the page- I am so awesome I also won the goldXtux award (obvioulsy not for having a small ego). I am so happy. Any way that's all

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

My Articles[edit]

Here are the article I have made:

Captain Jack Penguin: I now a Very High Quality Article and a Featured Article of the Week.

Judge Konquer: Now a High Quality Article with a promising future.

Although I have not made many articles yet, the ones I have I do not let go until the are Very HIgh QUality Article and if they aren't I will keep editing it until my keyboard has rotted away. WIth the exception the The Adventures and life of Captain Jack Penguin (Part 2), I just can't keep writing stories. But I can keep writing articles!

The law of Judge Konquer[edit]

Here are my rules that, well, don't really mean much. But If I break one of my own rules then I will senence myself to a trillion years in a pengiun prison!! :O

Rule 1

Judgekonquerpic.png Order in the court!! Rule 1 is that I am anti mabel and anti any evil puffles!!

Rule 2

Judgekonquerpic.png Order in the court!! The COC must be followed FULL STOP

Rule 3

Judgekonquerpic.png Order in the court!! Capain Jack Penguin is not a villian, he is just misunderstood by those who he robs.

Rule 4

Judgekonquerpic.png Order in the court!! Only I have to follow these rules.

Updated Manny Peng Poster.png

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

My thoughts on Project Tern and Deletion of BOSS Bill[edit]

The below opinions expressed are that only of me and should not be taken to much to heart by any whome it conserns

First of all I will talk about the BIll for Deletion of BOSS:'

Rubbish, Deletion of BOSS, you must be kidding. Look- I may be a nobody so far on this wiki. But who are you to say the BOSS are unnessesary and bad! Look- the BOSS are what keep this Wiki great.

And I have no idea what you'r on about with stopping democracy. What do you want up to disscuss the FAOTW????? DO want us just to disscuss Project Tern. Mate- down here in Australia we'd say that this Bill is a couple teeth short of a Crocadile. No offense.

UPDATE: This bill has been stopped (HORAY!!!!!)

Now to Project Tern....

Now this may have seemed a good idea, but have you seen what they want to change it to? What is wrong with CPFW at the moment??? We are the best CLub Penguin based wiki in the world and one of the best Fan wiki in the world. Please DO NOT ruin it. Imagine if everyone's hard work was lost. We'd have to start from scratch. Nothing would ever be the same. No more BoF.....No more USA.....No more Great Snowzerland war.........No More.

Okay thats just my opinions.!!


I love Christmas and the Christmas Party in Club Penguin. Although overall my favourite party has to be th music Jam one. I love all the stages- The Christmas party would have to be my next favourite and then the Halloween party.

My favourite aspect of the Club Penguin game would be the secret agents as it gives it all a storyline and next would be puffles (even though they keep running away- why does that always happen to pets I don't look after?). And after that would be ninjas as it gave me a real sense of achivement as I earned the belts and eventualy became a ninja. Same with Fire ninja.

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

Judge Konquer (REAL Charecter)[edit]


I did not invent Judge Konquer, that would be like saying mabel invented mabel. I just made him to be me and made his article. Other penguins had already invented him and made links to him, they just hadn't made the article yet so the links went no where.

So I made a place for the links to go and took hours reaserching, not only the Backround of Judge Konquer, but also the hisotry of Antarctica. Then I realised Judge Konquer was too old for a penguin so I made him half high penguin. So I could explain how he wasn't exiled from society as he could hide it easily because he was only half.

I ofcourse have added a lot of my own things I have thought up for him, but even with some of the quotes and his charecteristics I found out through carful research.

So please enjoy----judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

UPDATE: Judge Konquer is now rated as a High Quality Article. I hope I can improve it's rank and get it to VHQA like I did with Captain Jack Penguin. Perhaps even FAOTW...

Captain Jack Penguin[edit]

Caiptain J Penguin.jpg

This was my first article, but it became Very High Quality very quickly and has been nominated for FAOTW this week and has six votes so far (which is the equal most votes a FAOTW has ever gotten since at least the start the start of April, only equaled by Penguin Kart (game). Flippers crossed it will win. See it here

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

UPDATE: Captain Jack Penguin has become Featured article of the week!!


These are pictures of... ME

100px In court.jpg NCP.jpg

Books.jpg Judgekonquerpic.png BoF Judge Konquer.JPG

                                   The Good Picture Is Made by  Austin8310 

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.

Templates (I made six of these)[edit]

100px Wowee! Judge Konquer has discovered a Secret Page (not telling)!!! Amazing!


Template:Judge Konquer

Caiptain J Penguin.jpg ARRR!! Judge Konquer is a Caiptain Jack Penguin fan, if you are too than copy and paste {{Captain Jack Penguin Fan}} onto your user page
TurtleShroom (penguin) image.PNG Judge Konquer is a TurtleShroom Fanatic! If you're a TurtleShroom Fanatic as well, put {{Tsfanatic}} on your user page! SIG HEIL TEH SHROOM!
Explorerphreak.GIF Judge Konquer is an Explorer 767 fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{ExplorerFan}}!
Swiss Ninja Background.png Judge Konquer is a Swiss Ninja fan! If you truly are (or not), put this on your awesome user page too using {{SwissNinjaFan}}!
Gary the Gadget Guy image.png Attention Inventors! Judge Konquer is an inventor... of templates. If you are too than copy and paste {{Inventor}} onto your user page

100px Order in the court!! I am Judge Konquer, and this template is to be used only by ME!!
Judge Konquer is a Christian.
100px Crickey!!!! Judge Konquer is an Australian. Australian penguins rule eh!!
Secret Court Room.jpg Incredible!!!! Judge Konquer has discovered Konquer's Secret Court Room!!

judge Konquer-ORDER IN THE COURT!!!-.