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KingH10 has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.




THIS IS MY <choose><option>1000TH EDIT!</option><option>1000TH EDIT!</option></choose> YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

1,100 EDIT!

KingH10: "The Template Creator"
Vital statistics
User KingH10
Gender Male
Location Australia, Oceania, Earth, The Solar System, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Da Universe!
Best Known for Making Templates + Articles, Being a Rollback.
Wikis Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, Club Penguin Wiki, Doctor Who Wiki.

Hi! I’m KingH10 and you have found my new + improved user page!

Q + A About me![edit]

Intro + Example[edit]

Well, I think with my new, improved page, I should have a Q + A section. I will put down a few Q + A’s first, then you can ask.


Q: Put your Q here.

A: I will answer your Q ASAP!

--Put your Siggy/User Name here.

Q + A Time![edit]

Q: When did you join the wiki?

A: The 19th of November, 2009, but my first edit was on the 5th of December.

Q: What’s your favourite article?

A: My favourite article? Well, I have three: USA, KingH10 and Emperorlands.

Q: Who are your friends?

A: Well, I like Explorer, Kwiksilver, Ninjinian and Z K.

Q: How did you find this wiki?

A: Through a link in the CP Wiki.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

Pages I Created![edit]


Pages on the Drawing Board[edit]

I copied this from Explorer's page, but changed it a little.

  • Next Parody/Parodies:
    • None currently
  • Next Original Article/Articles:
    • KingH11 - KingH10's adventurous son, who also likes to go to the arcade.

Adopted Articles[edit]

YouTube Videos[edit]


Other People's[edit]

Explorerphreak.GIF KingH10 is an Explorer 767 fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{ExplorerFan}}!

Ninjinian Monarch.png KingH10 is a Ninjinian Fanatic! If you're a Ninjinian Fanatic as well, put {{Ninjinfanatic}} on your user page! BOW DOWN TO THE COOKIE MASTER!!!

100px Wowee! KingH10 has discovered a Secret Page (not telling)!!! Amazing!

The Contributions of KingH10

Secret.PNG Shame! KingH10 has discovered Explorer's Secret Page (not telling where), but he/she cheated!!! Drat you!


File:Xtuxsecret.jpg WOW! KingH10 has found Xtux's secret page!

TurtleShroom (penguin) image.PNG KingH10 is a TurtleShroom Fanatic! If you're a TurtleShroom Fanatic as well, put {{Tsfanatic}} on your user page! SIG HEIL TEH SHROOM!

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Swiss Ninja.png His royal majesty, Emperor Swiss Ninja honors this penguin for supporting him.

RTF template logo.PNG KingH10 is a rollback.

150px How did they do it? KingH10 has discovered Iamred1's Secret Page. B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but how? KingH10 is pwnsome!

Akbaboy image.PNG
KingH10 has achieved the special Akbaboy award! Hope your chances are high if you haven't got it. If you have, your lucky!

Akbaboy 1.PNG
This is an award, whatsoever.

KingH10 has got the ultimate award from Akbaboy. Whoever has got this award is special.

100px KingH10 found Indytig10's secret page! And they didn't even break a sweat! Or maybe they did... Well, I can't tell. There's no camera that I can see them through.

Winner1.PNG This user has won 1st place in the Wiki Contests in the following categories: Wall of Fame Special Mention (Explorer 767)
Winner2.PNG This user has won 2nd place in the Wiki Contests in the following categories: Character Catastrophe (Rookie), Picture Perfect (Blizzard)!


Yours PWNingly, KingH10 ;^) Talk to me, I hardly get any messages! My Blogs! Play KingH10's Favourite Online Game!

KingH10 ;^) Talk to me!

KingH10 has dicovered KingH10's Secret Page! KingH10 didn't even cheat! OR DID THEY??????????????????????????????????

Yep, KingH10 cheated.

KBTTF.png KingH10 likes Kwiksilver! If you like Kwik (like KingH10), put this on your user page too using {{Kwiksilver Fan}}!

KingH10 has got the KingH10 award! If you've been nominated for the award, you will get it!


ArmedZone.png Kill.jpg KingH10 thinks that Z K PWNS!

First stage Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
          Third place

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The KingH10 Award[edit]

Well, every now and then, I will choose a user to get my award.

My award page.