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Mectrixctic has partially quit. This means that Mectrixctic is either not as active as before, or is still deciding if they are going to quit.

My first edit here was on January 11, 2009. I don't feel like I joined this wiki until September 25th the same year though.

Speaking of friends.. here's my friends list.

Friends list[edit]

I'm not going to be nitpicky. If you think you're my friend, you can put your name here.

Old friends

New friends

I made the articles, King Candy, The Simpenguins, and Club Jellyfish! Oh, and my character, Mectrixctic. A full list can be seen on my profile

Hello, I am Mectrixctic. Click on the above links to learn about me, to talk to me or to look at my edits.

Club Penguin Wikis I DONT edit at:

Other Wiki's I edit at

If you want to see more, google the creature's name. Dang Admins Taking Away My Pictures...

The Contributions of Mectrixctic

Lost Edits[edit]

  • Ratonbat-Me
  • Tigertot- Swiss Ninja
  • Lao Zha Bao- Explorer 767
  • Stáffán16- Kwiksilver
  • Dog4591- EternalMagma
  • Zacknjess- MetalManager
  • Iamred- Anniemoose (only some of them though)
  • Penguinfan- Flywish
  • Weegeescarves - EDFan12345
  • Champt10 - Sanchonachos
  • TuxBot- Akbaboy (some of them anyhow)

Removal of Adoption Template[edit]

  • Alex001 and Agent Johnson: March 24 2015
  • Twozenos and Snowstormer- Nov 30 2015

To-do list[edit]

  • Expand Superhero articles, create more villains, and write more stories.
  • Expand Robert O'vian and supporting characters
  • Create unaccounted spouses of Von Injoface members.
  • Expand the Underworld, anything related to Demon Penguins and Angel Penguins
  • Expand the many LQA X-Antibodies articles.
  • Finish the Nightmare Epic with User:Star kirby12
  • nominate all abandoned LQAs for deletion, or merge them into one large article.


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can i have Explorer 767 as swiss's antibody????
— Swiss Ninja
Whai dont yoo liek zK, hez maed oout of awsum
— Lulzcat. , Turns out, he really is.
Great! Neo-Nazi parody slash racist group! What an amazing idea!
— Explorer being all sarcastic and st00f
Seems like it should be called the cube of "Glitche" considering that would make more sense unless "Cliche" is a parody of "Glitchie
— Ben Hun. Um, yeah.
BRILLIANT user. Not so good admin.
— Explorer on TurtleShroom

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