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This is a story of how Flywish ticks off the Treacherous Trio so much that they poison his lettus and he dies. However, he returns as a ghost, and eventually gets his body back.

Meanwhile Flywish's Army try to invade Xorai's Base to become stronger to defeat Darktan II.

Chapter One[edit]

In which Wishflyx becomes an honorary member of the Treacherous Trio, after doing something evil to impress Maddieworld X.

Chapter Two[edit]

In which Flywish angers the Treacherous Trio.

Chapter Three[edit]

In which the Treacherous Trio kill Flywish.

Chapter Four[edit]

In which Flywish's Army mourn for Flywish and decide to take over Xorai's base

Chaper Five[edit]

In which Flywish returns as a ghost to haunt the Treacherous Trio

Chapter Six[edit]

In which the Treacherous Trio try to get rid of Flywish

Chapter Seven[edit]

In which Flywish's Army attacks Xorai's Base over and over again, weakening him, and Flywish causes trouble for Darktan's Army

Chapter Eight[edit]

In which Flywish's Army is captured by Xorai, and Flywish is restored to life. The Treacherous Trio realizes that through Shadow, and they agree to team up with Flywish to rescue his army.

Chapter Nine[edit]

In which an epic battle happens between Flywish's Army and Xorai's clones, which results in Xorai winning, the Treacherous Trio forfeiting and running away, but kidnapping Flywish II in the process. The End


  • There will be a sequel to this where Flywish rescues his son. It will not be completely written by Murphy.
  • Flywish Lives is the sequel.