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The Other Fanon Characters Halloween Special! is basically, the other Halloween special, based in the same time as the original Fanon Characters Halloween Special! is. Any Fanon characters that weren't in the original special can be in this one! Some characters that showed up were PabloDePablo, Triskelle, Coool31, Mectrixctic, Dan, Happyface, Barkjon, Chub 777, Maddieworld Sam Rudi, Freecie1, Shelfy, Jessica, Bellina, Swiss Ninja, 12yz12ab, Mech Rider, EDFan12345,Dark Lorgas, Snow

Note: Dialog will be written in script form.

Chapter Negative One: The little cottage...[edit]

In which Mectrixctic beats up Swiss Ninja, throws him into a closet, and disguises herself as him

Maddieworld, Swiss Ninja, and Jessica were all cuddled up together near the fireplace in the three floor apartment that the Halloween group rented. Bellina was secretly working on her robot costume which is about the same size and width as Swiss Ninja, and full of deadly weapons.

File:Maddie's Halloween Costume.PNG
Maddie's Halloween costume

Bellina: Alright, that should about do it. My fully working robot costume is done!

Maddieworld: Bellina, I'm coming in your room!

Bellina: BLAST! I have to hide this thing somehow.

The door bell rang

Maddieworld: whup, never mind, I'll get that.

Bellina: Whew...

Maddie: Hey, Shelfy! Is that Snow?

Snow: OH PUFFLES! I thought this was an excellent idea...

Shelfy: Hello. How's it going?

Maddie: Oh, fine. would you care to come in?

Shelfy: Yep.

Triskelle: So how's school?

Shelfy: Um... fine...

Shelfy had a nervous look on his face, as he started to unpack. He took out a picture of a female shelf and looked at it.

Swiss Ninja: Who's that?

Shelfy: NONE OF YO BEEZWAX!!!! I mean... no one....

Maddie: It's your Girlfriend, isn't it?

Shelfy gave Maddie a mean look, but when Shelfy was in the spotlight, Swiss Ninja was carried away by a mysterious being. Shelfy decided to follow.

Shelfy watched the whole scene of Swiss getting beat up, and when he was taking a final hit, Shelfy sprang into action.


And Shelfy bit the being. (he was dressed as a vampire, what do you expect? Him to jump on a broom and ram into the opponent?)


She ran. And Shelfy hung on.

Mectrixctic: AUGH!!!!!!!

She waved her arm faster, and Shelfy flung off and hit the wall.

Mectrixctic: I'll be back...

Shelfy: Ow... I wonder what was in that bag...

Maddie:Well, I'll check the scene out.

Maddie sees the beat up Swiss Ninja, as Maddie was calm and smart enough to know he was safe. Shelfy, however, had a corner of him chipped off.

Maddie: Shelfy! You stay here and stay with Swiss, I'll go get wood glue and bandages.

As Maddie went to get the first aid kit, and carpentry tools, Mectrixctic creeped into Bellinas room.

Bellina: Now that my robot costume is complete, I'll be able to obliterate my parents! Then I'll be able to rule!

Mectrixctic: ...then what

Bellina: Then I'll TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Mectrixctic: Take over the world? He couldn't even keep the Slurms

Bellina: wha- who are you!?

Mectrixctic: I am Mectrixctic! Causer of chaos! Mistress of destruction! Leader of an elite army! Eater of tacos!

Bellina: lol, whut

Mectrixctic: You don't want to kill Swiss now... You want to wait until he gains more power. Then, when you become popular with the people, cook him some poorly made fugu, and use his army to take over the world.

Bellina: Why should I listen to you?

Mectrixctic: Because I'm older, smarter, stronger, blah, blah, blah, I'll just use mu psychic powers to get you to listen

Mectrixctic focused her energy on Bellina. She began to twist her mind up a bit.

Mectrixctic: Now, since your daddy is a big buffoon, there is a slim chance of him becoming more powerful. So I decided that if I disguised myself as him, I'll be able to take over enough of the world. Of course, I'll resign after I gain enough power, allowing you to take over my empire

Bellina: why- why are you doing this? Why would you give "your" empire to me?

Mectrixctic: I sense malevolence in you. I don't care who's causing the world to suffer as long as it is suffering. And you, more than anyone I know, will cause it to suffer.

Bellina: Flattering...

Mectrixctic: So what do you say, will you help me disguise myself as your father?

Bellina: Hmmm... not so sure

Mectrixctic pulled out her pitchfork and charged it so the tip was flaming and then pointed it at Bellina. Then she un-retracted her fangs and started to hiss

Bellina: okay, okay, jeez...

And they started to plan. Meanwhile, Shelfy was waiting for the glue to dry as Maddie was putting ice packs on Swiss.

Shelfy: Maddie... I saw what got Swiss

Maddie: who?

To be continued

Chapter Zero: Invitations[edit]

In which the League of Super Penguins hand out invitations to various penguins


Chapter One: Arrival at the party[edit]

  • Maddieworld arive as a Ninja with
  • Jessica as a Butterfly
  • Bellina as a Robot
  • Swiss Ninja (actually Mectrixctic), dressed up as Homer Simpenguin
  • Sam Rudi as Ultimate Sam
  • Mech Rider as a Fire Ninja
  • Snow as Super Puffle
  • Dan as Explorer 767

  • Happyface dressed up as Arachnid Boy
  • Barkjon dressed up as One-Eye

  • Chub 777 dressed up as Iam not quite sure coools thaughts(mabby a ware-vampufflre thing has has an vampenguin teeth,hair,puffle sute wered hun)

  • Triskelle dressed up as Finwe

  • The Defenders as Themselves
  • Freecie1 as a rad scientest
  • 12yz12ab as Explorer 767

they all arrive in that order and all brought some more candy.

"Ok, we are here. Now what?" Chub 777 said whispering to Freecie1. "I don't know." he said. "I'm going to get cotten candy" Happyface said.


"I'm worried!" Freecie1 said. Than as he went to look for her, all the others just heared a scream. "Somethings really paranormal here," Dan said.

A Figure Walked Up.It Was Dark Lorgas!"Say Bye-Bye!" He said,And Fired His Phazon Beam!*Darkness:Norion Control Tower Version Plays*

Everyone Gets hit with Phazon.They Are Corrupted...Everyone faints except Snow.

Dark Lorgas Simply Laughs.EVILLY."MWHAHAHAHA,AHAHAHAHAAAA!"He Laughed.

Chapter Two: Games Galore[edit]

after the meating coool led them to the lsp arcade and gave them 100 tokens and told them tyhat tehe games were set to free so the only thing to do was to play

coool played fire shot and Snow played Snow's adventure DELUXE edition


Chapter Three: Something's Amiss[edit]

In which Mectrixctic reveals herself, and sends her army to attack the characters

Chapter Four: Super Possession[edit]

In which most of the superpenguins and puffles are possessed by nanobots and are being controlled by Demon Penguins from the Underworld

Snow: WOW. I'm impressed. Silence is golden-

Snow runs off


Snow turns lime green, his cape is torn, and his crown is torn.


The penguins who are alive chase Snow


Snow sticks his tongue out.


Chapter 5: Dashing Through the Streets, Ringing on Every Door[edit]

In which the characters go trick-or-treating, after their ordeal with Mectrixctic

Chapter 6:Taking Candy from Babies[edit]

In which Nightmare shows up and tries to steal all the candy.

Chapter 7:Phazevil[edit]

In Which the heroes need to exploit their Corruption and Defeat Dark Lorgas,Who Is Trying to Ruin All Hallow's Eve!