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Riddle 1[edit]

Genre: Sports

Skill: Math

The Bulls and the Mavericks and tied and the game is nearly over. All that is known is the score for both teams is between 80 and 83. Later a player shot a three pointer. They scored, and the Bulls won. What was the score for both teams before the three pointer?



Actully I wanted to end here since the Bulls are eliminated from Playoff contention. The answer is 81.

Riddle 2[edit]

Genre: Adventure

Skill: Logic

You are walking through the woods and see a river. You have fish, a penguin and a shark. How do you get everyone across without anyone being hurt?

Hint 1[edit]

How do you get across without the penguin eating the fish, and without the fish eating the shark?

Bonus (You don't have to do it.)[edit]

Skill: Scenemaking.

Who goes first, then second. then last?



This will close.


Riddle 3[edit]

Genre: Planning

Skill: Scenemaking

A penguin wants to go to 3 movies in a week. The first movie is called "Pufflezone: High Redemption", "The Keeper of the Stone" and "Legends". All 3 movies start at the same time all of that week. The times are, 1:30, 3:00, 5:45, 7:30 and 9:00. He plans to go Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Which movie will he watch on Thursday, on Friday and on Saturday?


He wants to go by time. He will only go in early hours. He will also go by alphabetical order.

No answers? Ok. Next Hint.

He wants to skip one time. (Ex: If the time is 3:30, then the time for the next movie he goes to is 7:00)


Riddle 4[edit]

Genre: Thriller

Skill: Logic

You are out in your apartment in a power outage. Then someone comes up and tells you to die. He gives you three choices. A gun, a Knife or a Electric Chair.


Riddle 5[edit]

Genre: Sports

Skill: Quiz

What is the Cleveland Cavaliers Player who wears 8?

Hint: If you don't know who the Cleveland Cavaliers is, search it up, then find the roster.