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Ninjinian has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

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Operation: R&R!
General UnitedTerra expansion
Finish War in Slumolia
War in Slumolia: A Short Story
The Zeta Connections
War in Robotpirateisland
Crazy Comet Jabbernugget(?)

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Hello, welcome to Ninjinian's user page!
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  • 7,304 Fanon Wikia edits.
  • Earlier known for demanding sysop rights and country independence from the USA.
  • I used to be a sysop and have been editing for 7 years.
  • Mainly operate in the fields of music and countries.
  • You can find me on IRC (NJN) or on Twitter (Ninjinian).
  • Best place to ask me stuff is on my talk page.


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UTR category

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The National Land of UnitedTerra Territories
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"Bring it on!"
Cities: New Club Penguin (capital) | Neo Domino City | Satellite City | Pendulum Coast | Blockpolitan | Arinafield
States: Flipscone | Seadirom | Carcery | BattleTerra | Sub-Terrain | ParraBASE | Escoholis | Escobard | Lotsfort | Olde Snoxon | Titanstan
Republics: Scoodlepeep | Terra Federation | TerraMount
Miscellaneous: Zero Reverse | Robotpirateisland | The Slums | Slumolia | RadEmporium | Underworld

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  • Been editing since these days.
  • Discovered the wiki via the Club Penguin Wiki, then left the CPW permanently.
  • Mainly an independent editor.
  • Imported & created a variety of templates for the Wiki.
  • Eliminated the Featured Article of the Week accolade & replaced it with Featured Article of the Month.
  • Introduced the Featured Quote of the Year accolade.
  • I edit and make pictures using PowerPoint.
  • I strive for diversity and length in all my articles.
  • Listen to a wide range of musical genres - hip hop, trap, house, pop, R&B. (If you love hip hop, let's talk)

Greatest works

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A dedication list to the old Fanon users that were important and dear to the Wiki ... and Triskelle3.
(Compiled by User:Ninjinian)

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Ninjinian is a Muslim.

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