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tbh this is just a list of names half of which i'll never make yeah im that lazy

  • Peter Matko - A parody of the great, late Steve Ditko! :D
  • Penxuinxuffdude - "Dystopia! Say that word again - I love it!" The evil clone of XenguinXuffXude, who takes things unhealthily seriously, and has severe anger management issues. Her nemesis is Candypopolous, who she regards to be "a galoot".
  • Candypopolous - Arch-enemy and nemesis to Penxuinxuffdude, she regards Candypopolous to be a stupid, so-called "villain". He is, however, quite clever, but can be somewhat immature. This is why he wears a paper boat on his head and not a top hat, or something.
  • Beta Hat Penguin - Allegedly the first penguin to receive a beta hat, and the owner of the last, aforementioned beta hat that is in pristine condition, even though he wears it all the time. Because of this, he had become a fashion celebrity in his own right, and is continuously pestered by huge crowds of wannabes, thieves, fans, etc., trying to get close enough to him to steal his hat/get an autograph/take a photo. What a miserable life...
  • Silent Lee - Lee is absolutely not silent. He was only silent as a chick, and the nickname stuck like cheese on chewed-up gum. He promotes the Pizza Parlour whilst wearing a childish pizza costume, and he is definitely not silent when he does this. In fact, he screams when he does this, annoying passers-by. He says that "DIS IS DA TAKTEEK DA GET DA PENGWEENS INTA DA STOWAH!!!", but actually, it just scares away penguins, as many think that the screaming will be audible inside the store. He is, however, despite his annoyingness, inability to spell and make proper sentences, a nice penguin with good intentions.
  • Daredevil Reeze - Real name Peter Pands, Reeze is an absolute daredevil who is often compared to X-Treme Penguin.
  • Haunted Pizza - The legends are true. Haunted pizzas exist!
  • Lost Penguinsky - "Somebody help me get outta here!!" - A random lost penguin who wanders around the island, who can't find his way round anywhere. He claims he's from the Province of Sand, Slushia, but since he speaks in a beautifully-rendered Puffish accent, it's highly doubtful. He carries a map around with him, but it never helps because he doesn't seem to realise that it's upside-down. Talk about "slow on the uptake"!
  • Kwikcakes - Carrying it on from User:XTUX345! Kwikcakes and his sidekick Long John go on really wacky adventures, accompanied by Kwickcake's twirling nose and John's height that never stays still!
  • Cornstarch391 - A friendly, kind enterprising businessman who resides in Willow Island. He makes and sells costumes, honey and various other helpful items. He is humble and naïve too, meaning that he has a lot of friends. In remembrance of my last friend on Club Penguin, who was with me, in the Coffee Shop, down to the last minute.
  • Boot of Pengleighton - Officially the Arch-Boot of Pengleighton, Sir Nylon 2nd, he was discovered when Napoley Bonapart was conquering a cave somewhere, but the boot has been PWNing him and his greatest foe Penghis Khan ever since. Parody of the Duke of Wellington - who defeated the real Bonapart at the Battle of Waterloo - and Admiral Nelson - who PWNed his navy - in an epic mash-up.
  • Richard Tycross - The infamous trickster-outlaw brother of Dirk Tycross, the founder of Fragile Things Inc..