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"He's a bit too spontaneous because his attitude always changes and he's always too overexcited about everything" - CK

"This just shows how ignorant you are, and adds another fact to a list of reasons why you aren't fit" - Slender

"Most of us are at our wit's end with you. You refuse to cooperate. You refuse to change your ways regardless of how beneficial to you it will be." - TheBroMaster

"He overreacts WAY too much, and he's way too crazy." - Chill57181

Hi everybody, welcome to my userpage!

EuropeFlag.png Penstubal is a European user/citizen/descendant. He/she may or may not be from a country that's a part of Europe. They even could be of European ancestry.
SlavicStates.jpg Penstubal is a Slav! That means they come from or is a descendant of a Slavic country.


Why have IRL friends when you can have fanon friends? (Bold = best friends)

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  • Ninjinian
  • Nicktang10
  • SlenderXP
  • Wonderweez
  • Cp kid
  • TheBroMaster
  • Chill57181
  • Mario Rk
  • Snowstormer
  • EDFan12345
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  • Agent Rogue Bloodshedder