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The Transmarine Confederacy


Capital Winsburg, Ventides
Government Confederation
 -  2074 - 2095 Sava Augustus
 -  2095 - 2155 Sava Tertius
 -  2155 - 2171 Sava Herstulus
Historical era 21st Century
Today part of United Provinces

The Transmarine Confederacy of the United Provinces and Candvia (Serbian: Transmarinska Konfederacija Ujedinjenih Provincija i Kandvije, Latin: Confoederatio Transmarina Provinciarum Unitarum et Candviae, Pennese: Eieśtehotei Etjonoita taListeśta-Hoteś ke taCandóva) is the confederation between the United Provinces of Snowiny and Candvia that will be created by the Treaty of Ventides in 2074, creating a confederation with Emperor Augustus at its helm. In 2121 the country would reform into the Transmarine Federation, also known as simply the Federation.

After the collapse of Shops Island, the authoritarian right started rising across the world. This was particularly seen in the United Provinces in 2034, when Candvian-born 46 year old Salvador Augustus Victorian Adolphus, nicknamed Sava, came to be elected President of the United Provinces after nearly a decade of attempts to woo the masses and gain power. By 2040 he had consolidated his power and abolished elections.

Sava gained an international following. He held rallies all the time, was a handsome person and very charismatic. He exploited the fall of Shops Island to his gain - he promised change, hope and promised to destroy and tear up the political system. He operated worldwide and not just in the United Provinces - that country was just the first domino to fall to him. During the 2030s he completely crushed all opposition in the United Provinces and ruled as he saw fit. His reforms resulted in unemployment falling to ten-year low and wages rising high - the population was happy, and he used this to present a picture of himself as if he were a demigod.

However, the situation was rapidly improving everywhere in the late 2030s and it seemed Sava was on the losing end when it comes to foreign policy. However, he decided to use Candvia and bring it under his helm. He orchestrated a coup and brought down the government of Candvia. Days after the coup, he sent the army and navy of the United Provinces to Candvia to seize power. Immediately after this was done, he entered the Candvian capital Ventides and organized a rally at which Candvians glorified him as a hero and a liberator, stating he intervened "to save Candvia from destruction and war".

By the mid-2050s he put Candvia entirely under his helm. He had a referendum held in Candvia with the question "Should Great General and Liberator of the People Salvador Augustus Victorian Adolphus be proclaimed King of the Kingdom of the Candvians?", to which 97% of the voters at 54% turnout responded yes in a heavily controlled vote, with lots of voter suppression issues.

He used the next two decades to consolidate his power. He gradually improved the rights of the Pennese people in Penland and he helped repopulate Penland with the Pennese people. Whenever he was in Penland, he received a hero's welcome, and he was treated as the saviour of the nation. In 2074, he signed a treaty with local Candvian authorities, creating officially a confederation between the United Provinces and Candvia.