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Vital statistics
User Poplover101
Gender Female
Location New Jersey.
Leader of nothing yet...
Best Known for My kindness,being very shy, doing taekwondo,like to write,can't be mean to anyone,and making sure no one messes with my friends.
Wikis Here
Poplover101 is a Christian.

Poplover101 has partially quit. This means that Poplover101 is either not as active as before, or is still deciding if they are going to quit.

Sorry I can't be on the wiki alot because of school. I won't quit and I'll be on when I'm not in school or not busy

Mabel image.jpg Poplover101 is a Mabel fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{Mabelfan}}.!

I'm a Mabel fan. Gotta problem with that?