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Inspiration(s) RSnails, Screenhogs
Developer Unknown (possibly Icarius SadCo)
Publisher Arcade manufacturer
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in Dorkugal
Additional info
Genre Third-person shooter
Platform Arcade console
Rating "E" for Everyone (RB);
"H" for Holy (MVBR)

Really Ticked Off R-Snails is the greatest selling and highest grossing arcade console in the history of Antarctican gaming. Found in arcades all over the continent and abroad, the game rakes in untold millions of coins and tokens.
If the official story is to be believed, the game was submitted to a small arcade company by an anonymous Dorkugese Penguin in early 2010 and was given teh licensing green light by Snowtendo after the company was overwhelmingly impressed. In conspiracies are to be believed, the game was developed in hi Con, and various minions of Mister Icarius placed arcade machines throughout Antarctica. When nerds and no-lifes flooded the arades the next morning, they found it, and made it a new smash hit... emphasis on smash.


According to the intro screen on the arcade game, the plot centers around multiple greedy Screenhogs that were jealous of the ability of RocketSnails to use advanced and speedy methods of travel, while they were left in the dust, literally and figuretively, using nothing but their feet.

Screenhog- THE Screenhog, not a Screenhog -devises a cunning plan to level the playing fields. In the dead of night, he orders whole armadas of little piggies to swipe the propulsion from the sleeping snails. They wake up in the morning to realize they could no longer move like they once could. Their rockets were untied, their steam engies shut, the uranium moved, and the solar panels stripped.

RSnail- THE RSnail, not a RSnail -immediately took measures to mobilize his own group of RocketSnails to counter the theft of the Screenhogs. Since snails were so slow, the Screenhogs erected fortresses, ramparts, and great walls to separate themselves from any retaliation.

RSnail sought the help of Dara, who concocted a sinisterly sadistic idea for breaking through. They were going to use a catapult. (It's miserable for the snails and the swine.)

Now, armed with a ridiculously painful weapon and a determination like no other, the player's job is to throw RocketSnails at walls and hope that their collisions will take out the Screenhogs within. No, really: that's it.


The arcade game features a few buttons, a slider, and a joystick.

Players control the RocketSnail's catapult. Using the big joystick, they calibrate the catapult's angle of trajectory (e.g. high, low, in the middle). Using the slider, they adjust the strength of the catapult: it can throw it with all its might or make a lesser toss. Pressing the yellow button to the right of the joystick fires the slingshot and unleashes the poor RocketSnail.



This will be VERY painful!

Name Image Description Parody
RocketSnail The generic RocketSnail. Does nothing but hit stuff. Red
Snellville Elder The Elder is three times the size of a normal RSnail, but other than his sheer weight, he does nothing different. Terence
Snell-Libro When they collide with the target(s), they explode! (The real Snell-Libros were very offended by their role.) Bomb
Solar RocketSnail An energy-efficient and ligher RSnail. These travel faster and penetrate deeper into whatever they hit. Chuck
CartSnail A very rare find. CartSnails, instead of being thrown, are just activated. The only RocketSnail breed with their old propulsion, they ram themselves into the first block they hit with immense force, and then disappear. N/A
The RSnail Not a RSnail, THE RSnail! Players are given two uses of THE RSnail. Pressing the black button on the console summons him to destroy the level and forfeit it, skipping to the next level. Mighty



Name Image Description Parody
Screenhog It's just a Screenhog. He just sits there. Kill him. Generic pig
Big Screenhog Exactly what it says on the tin. It's a big Screenhog. Kill him. Big pig
Screenhog with a Firewall A Screenhog with a wireless router sitting on top of him. This makes him harder to kill. Pig with a COMBAT HELMET on him
Classy Screenhog A brown Screenhog with a mustache, top hat, and monacle. Can only be killed by a direct collision with a RSnail. Pig with a mustache
THE Screenhog The one and only. THE Screenhog is actually a penguin, making him intolerably difficult to kill. GLORY AND POWER TO THE PIG KING
Dara Oh, you thought Dara would make a game and not put herself in it? AU CONTRAIRE. The actual final boss of the game, she stuck herself in there and made herself stronger, simply for the Lulz. In her level, one is given a set time limit and a limitless amount of RocketSnails. The object is to hit her enough and fast enough to lower her HP to zero. N/A


The object of the game is to rack up points. It's one hundred points per structure block, five thousand per Screenhog, ten thousand for all RocketSnails not fired, and one hundred thousand for THE ScreenHog. (Using THE RSnail forfeits the level with zero points and skips to the next one.)

Although players could theoretically rack up a high score in just a few levels, the only real way to ensure oneself on the list is to play the entire game.

The game is over if a player runs out of RocketSnails fourteen times. There are one hundred levels and oppurtunities for one-ups throughout.


The money was immense, the praise was immense, and the reception was immensely positive... unless one is a RocketSnail or a Screenhog. It is needless to say that these two groups despise this game. (After all, it is a universal fact that RocketSnails and Screenhogs are harmoniously friendly to each other.)

Penguins for the Ethical Treatment of Fish routinely protest outside arcades when they install a copy of Quackerpingu/Sandbox/Angry, but like always, they are ignored, or, in some places, gunned down- with tasers and gas -by riot police.

Commentary and reviews[edit]


  • This game is a parody of the insanely popular Angry Birds game: a touch-screen oriented game that throws cute little birds at structures built by equally adorable little pigs. Seriously.
  • Despite what one may think, the highest score on any RTORS game is actually Fred 676. The game mainly involves angles of trajectory; this is a skill that Fred mastered as a little chick. (Veranda is in second.)

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254px-Angry birds loading.png
Inspiration(s) Penguins who are angry
Developer Roger Lopez and a whole bunch of his friends.
Publisher Same as the developers.
Release dates
Release in the USA
June 21th 2012
Release in Dorkugal
July 4th, 2011
Additional info
Genre Penguin shooting
Platform Snowtendo 3DS, IcePhone, IcePod Tap, IcePad, PC, Peachintosh
Rating E for Everyone

Mad Penguins is a game for the Snowtendo 3DS, the IcePhone, IcePod Tap, and the IcePad, as well as computers. Mad Penguins has its own trilogy spread over a various series of Mad Penguins Games. It's extremely popular all over Antarctica, especially in Club Penguin.


One day, the penguins of Club Penguin Island we're having a big lunch with pies. But then, the Darktonian army came to avenge its former leader, and stole the pies. It is now up to the penguins to destroy the Darktonian army and retrieve thier pies!


At the left of the level's screen, there will be multiple Penguin characters that the player has chosen to destroy the Darktonian army. At the right, the Darktonian Army will be defended by multiple buildings and objects that the player must destroy to annihilate the enemy. Each level will allow a certain number of Penguins to choose and use. To destroy the buildings, the player must use the penguins special ability, by touching the Penguin and doing a certain movement. Each penguin can only be used once. The level will be failed if the player isn't able to destroy all enemies before he/she runs out of birds.


Add yourself if you want to!

  • Starter:2/2
  • Unlockable:1/10
  • Hidden:3/10
  • Downloadable:2/Infinite
Character Appearance Special Availability Explanation
Mad Penguin A penguin of various colors with a mad face. No special. It just shoots with a slingshot. Starter This Mad Penguin is mad, not because his pies got stolen, but because he doesn't have a special. True story.
Fish Tosser A penguin of various colors with a fish in his flippers. Tosses three fishes at the buildings, that hit with a very strong impact. Starter What this penguin doesn't notice that he could eat the fish instead of pie.
X-Treme Penguin A blue penguin on a X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz. Rams X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz into buildings, destroying anything not matter how hard it is. Hidden Everyone hated X-Treme Penguin. But finally his X-Tremeness has come to a use!
Roger Lopez He goes in Full Demon mode, grabs his Guitar Axe on flames, and smashes the first thing he finds in front of him into pieces. Hidden You can steal a penguin's pie. But never try to do it if that penguin has a demon inside.
Amigopen An orange penguin with blue goggles and a grey shirt A banhammer starts circling around Amigopen which can break stone bricks with ease. Hidden He is the world's heaviest penguin, yet the smallest of his kind.
Gordon Ramses Gordon starts throwing hundreds of kitchen utensils to the enemies. Unlockable He cooked those pies. He gets them back. VIOLENTLY.
David2453 David2453 starts throwing hundreds of electronic devices such as laptops, IcePhones, Snowtendo 3DS' etc. Unlockable Always use David's special power or else he is useless and he will kill YOU!!!
Fooly8 A stupid green penguin He is super bouncy and kind of strong. He bounces off anything it hits. Unlockable Fooly never knew that the pies where stolen. He just wanted to do it.
Gyc (Roger's Dragon) A big brown dragon Gyc comes down from the sky and eats the whole level. Downlodable Never steal Gyc's pie. Or you will feel how the pies you stole feel after your lunch.
Slidur A large dark blue penguin. He can grow up to 50 meters and turn into a plasma cyclone and destroy everything. Downloadable If you eat his pie,you'll faint for a month due to a toxic that's only good to him.


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Angry Terns
Angry Terns logo.png
The first logo of the game.
Type App
Effects Happiness.
Source Rover Games
Cost to buy 100 coins

Angry Terns is the #1 app selling in Peach Inc.'s app store on icePod, icePhone, and icePad. It was created by an unnamed penguin (who is known to live in Yow Kingdom) and was published by Rover Games. It is a very popular game, with many spinoffs and products.


Angry Terns was first thought of by an unnamed penguin, who lived in Yow Kingdom. He knew how to make apps, and was taking an app class at his school. He had an assignment to make an app, any kind of app. His friend was a tern, and his friend gets angry very easily. So the penguin created Angry Terns, which was a puzzle game. The story was that a group of walruses stole the terns' eggs, and the terns wanted revenge. So they built a large cannon, and fired it at the walruses' fortress. The game was really fun, and got the unnamed penguin an A+.

His classmates said he should make it a real app, so he did. He sent the idea to Rover Games, which at the same time was in trouble. The unnamed penguin sent them the designs, and showed them everything. With no hesitation Rover Games bought rights to Angry Terns in 2008, and started to further create the app in 2008.

In 2009 Angry Terns appeared in Peach Inc.'s App Store, and had 50 downloads the first week. The next week the app had 200 downloads, and the third week had 700 downloads. Suddenly Angry Terns became the fifth top ten app, then suddenly become number one.

The app was very famous, and demands for more versions were needed. So Rover Games had more versions made, including Angry Terns Seasons.

In 2011 merchandise for the game popped up in stores all across Antarctica. The first merchandise were stuff terns, and walruses. Soon cups, key chains, shirts, plates, and more merchandise were made. During the time the time the merchandise were made, Rover Games was loosing money due to a court session.


In the game multicolored terns' eggs are stolen by hungry walruses. Players must fire the terns out of a cannon, and try to hit the walruses who have sheltered themselves in forts. The forts are in all sorts of different shapes, and sizes. The forts are built from wood, or ice, or stone. Wood is easiest to destroy. Players can destroy walruses by either hitting them directly, or causing debris to fall down on them.

At the beginning of the game, only the red tern is used. But further into the game players unlock different terns. There are red terns, blue terns, yellow terns, green terns, black terns, white terns, and orange terns.

Some walruses are harder to destroy than others. For instance small walruses are destroyed with one hit, and larger walruses take two hits. Some walruses protect themselves by wearing armor, and others wear crowns and take several hits. In some levels there are bombs, and rocks that help destroy the walruses.


Angry Terns has won many, many awards. They got rated #1 App in Antarctica, the Rover App Gold Medal, and Commercial Product of The Century. Angry Terns has won so many awards, that a special museum had to be built to hold all the trophies and medals. The museum was built in Nilo, and it receives many tourists. However in the last few months of 2011, another app has been rising. Angry Terns didn't pay attention to their new competition, until in September 2011 they lost to the new competition. The new app was named Mad Cows, a complete rip-off of Angry Terns.

Other Kinds of Media[edit]

Since 2011, merchandise for Angry Terns has been sold throughout Antarctica. The first merchandise to appear were toy versions of the terns, which came in small and large. Then key chains, cups, figures, pillows, and more came out.

The merchandise were created when Rover Games was loosing money, to a law suit. They were sued for copyright infringement, by a guy who obviously just sue for money. However the judge called Rover Games guilty, and that they had to pay a fine of 250,000 gold coins. To save themselves from going bankrupt, Rover Games pulled a stunt. They borrowed two million coins from a Yowien bank, and paid local factories to start assembling Angry Tern toys. The toys were put into stores two days after Rover Games paid a company to make the toys.

Theme Song[edit]

The theme song, and some of the other songs, are actually songs from F Summer Tunes. Rover Games had bought rights to the album, after Feey1 quit the music business. The main theme song is "Walk In the Park", which seemed just right for the theme song. Before they could make the song officially the theme song, they had to ask for Feey1's permission. Being the kind sport he is, Feey1 let rover Games use the song.


  • This is a parody of Angry Birds.
  • Many companies want to buy Angry Terns.
    • A illegal betting website has been created, for companies to try to out pay each other. This is sort of like practicing for the greedy companies.

See Also[edit]

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Angry Terns Holidays
Angry Terns Seasons logo.png
The official logo of the game.
Type App
Effects Happiness.
Source Rover Games
Cost to buy 125 coins

Angry Terns Holidays is a spinoff game of the popular app: Angry Terns. It was once again created by the unnamed penguin, and published by Rover Games in fall of 2010. It received better ratings than the original, and excited fans of the game. In the game, players must use the terns to stop the walruses from destroying different holidays. The game had more of a storyline to it, and is said to have a better foundation than the first one.


Since the release of Angry Terns in 2009, Rover Games and the unnamed penguin had been discussing a sequel to the game. The unnamed penguin, who now had been going by the name of Oculto, was given the task of creating the next Angry Terns game. Oculto had been thinking about creating a holiday special of Angry Terns, but he was stuck on deciding which holiday to pick. Eventually he decided to make a game that involved all the major holidays, so that he wouldn't have to go through the stress of choosing one holiday.

The next month, September, Oculto finished creating concept art and a group of test levels for the game. He showed Rover Games the designs, and had them play the test level. The company agreed that it was smart to include all of the major holidays in the game, and thus Angry Terns Holidays came of age. Production on the game started on September 27, starting with the Christmas levels. Oculto and his team were pressured to finish the game before October 20, which would be a highly difficult task.

Eventually, Angry Terns Holidays was released on October 25. It featured Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, and April Fool's Day. It received many good ratings; however, the gameplay was a bit poor. Players complained about the screen freezing a lot, their status being deleted, and the app "killing" their device. Because of this, Oculto and a group of technicians had to spend a month fixing the glitches they looked over. By December 14, the app was completely fixed.


In the game, like the original, players shoot multi-colored terns out of a cannon; in an attempt to take back eggs from hungry walruses. This time, however, players can purchase and gain upgrades for the cannon. Upgrades make the cannon aim better, shoot faster, and even an automatic aiming system.

In the Christmas levels of the game, the walruses throw snowballs in some levels. When terns collide with these snowballs, they fall out of the sky. This makes it more difficult for the player to aim correctly. The same thing happens in the other levels; however, instead of snowballs, the projectiles are objects that best resemble the holiday.


Here is a list of holidays featured in Angry Terns Holidays (each holiday has 10 levels, besides Christmas; which has 25 levels):

  • New Years
  • April Fool's Day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas


Angry Terns Holidays received many good ratings, nearly as much as the original game. Players liked it because there was more storyline, and the levels were harder to defeat. In the month that it was released, Angry Terns Holidays was the #1 App of the Month in Antarctica. Because the game received such good ratings, Rover Games decided to update the app every now and then; adding more/updating the levels. Rover Games also hired some computer coders to make an online version of the game, which allowed more to play the game. It also made Angry Terns Holidays the second app to have an online version.

Theme Song[edit]

The theme song to Angry Terns Holidays is not precise. Rover Games decided to make a theme song for each holiday; therefore, the game had multiple theme songs. The most popular was the New Years theme song, which can be listened to below.


  • Feey1 Pie's music was not used in Angry Terns Holidays, or any future Angry Terns games.

See Also[edit]

Angry Terns CP is a game made by Rover Games. The idea for it was created long back when Angry Terns Seasons was released, but after a month of work, the scripts broke and the game was cancelled. In late 2010, Rover was called by a penguin reminding them about Angry Terns CP, and soon, in 2011, it was scheduled to come out on 2012. It wasn't released in 2012 because of errors. But, in late 2012, it was once mentioned in a sneak peek for a bunch of new stuff and a new game, and in January 23, 2013, the game was finally released.

Inspiration(s) Puffles
Developer Puffio
Publisher Chill n' Go
Release dates
Additional info
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Puf-fling Holidays!

Puf-fling! is a new Club Penguin Game with easy and addictive gameplay. It is the first game with power-ups which you do not have to catch: You can just press the corresponding power-up buttons.


All of the wild puffles were happily playing in the forest. Suddenly, they all got hungry and noticed something terrible: The O-berry bushes where all empty! Soon they found out that the O-berries where scattered all over Club Penguin! They decided to catch all of the berries by using a ridiculously gigantic slingshot!


Using your controller, pull the slingshot backward, and release! Different puffles can break certain things and they all have special abilities, which are activated by clicking on the screen.


  • Puffle Stuffie= It's the first puffle you use, it does nothing. It is very weak and can only break one block. (Red Bird)
  • Blue Puffle= Flings 3 snowballs at a desired direction, very efficient destroying ice and blue wood planks. (Han Solo Bird)
  • Red Puffle= Uses its telescope to locate the nearest O-berry and once it finds it, it goes toward it, very efficient destroying logs and red wood planks. (Homing Bird)
  • Pink Puffle= Throws a lasso to the direction that is tapped, pulling and spinning around what it caught, very efficient destroying rubber and pink wood planks. (Jar Jar Binks Bird)
  • Black Puffle= Makes a small fiery explosion, very efficient destroying stone and black wood planks. (Black Bird)
  • Green Puffle= Flies in a wiggly trajectory with its propellor cap and then it throws two pies where you tap, changing its trajectory, very efficient destroying plastic and green wood planks. (Boba Fett Pig)
  • Yellow Puffle= Paints nearby planks in a selected color,bounces off them in great speed and colors more other planks.Very efficient destroying paper and yellow wood planks. (Yoda Bird + few original touches)
  • Purple Puffle= Makes bubbles that trap items inside, making them float and the fall when the bubbles explode. Very efficient destroying rubber and purple wood planks. (Pink Bird)
  • White Puffle= Freezes blocks, very efficient destroying ice and white wood planks. (Ice Bird)
  • Orange Puffle= Rides a box straight forward in a slightly increased speed, very efficient destroying plastic and orange wood planks. (Jewel+Blu)
  • Brown Puffle= Can destroy blocks with an atomic energy shock, very efficient destroying brown wood planks and logs. (R2D2 Egg)
  • Rainbow Puffle= Uses sparkly fart to go way faster, very efficient destroying clouds, rainbows and red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple planks. (Yellow Bird)
  • Gold Puffle= Drops TNT, very efficient destroying gold, rocks and yellow planks. (White Bird)

Features in the game[edit]

Ice, Water and Gas: Ice blocks can be changed if a white or black puffle touches it. In it's gassy form it floats and pushes other blocks while it is going upwards and in it's liquid form it can make objects float (not stone, though).

Cookies: Catch one of these to be taken to its unlockable level! (It is NOT needed to get the cookie to pass a level)

Klepto Levels: In these levels, you don't have any berries in the game, but you have to beat Klepto, which is inside a modified Aqua Grabber. There are many types, which include Flight, Ground, Digger, Portal, Floaty, Snow-throw, Magnetic and Squirty Aque Grabbers.


Puffles have to collect all of the O-berries to win. To collect the berries, a block or puffle must hit the berry.


  • Stuffed Rain= Puffle Stuffies rain from the sky!!!
  • Target Lock= One puffle will get a pair of Scanning Goggles, which tell the puffle where it will land.
  • Extra Puffle= One Giant Stuffie appears in your slingshot. This Giant Stuffie destroys everything and has no weaknesses.
  • Level Skip= A mega Rare Power-up. You have 1 out of 999999 chance to get it.
  • Mega Puffle= The puffle you are flinging will become larger.
  • Royal Flinger= The flinger gets upgraded, and Puffles launch farther.
  • PuffQuake= Causes the buildings to become wobbly. Can be used at any time.
  • Mighty Puffle= Completes the level for you.
  • Wingman= Calls a rainbow Puffle to hop in the slingshot.
  • ShockFlame= Calls a ShockFlame puffle to hop in the slingshot. Can be used freely in the level, "Temple Tantrum".



  • This game has its own televsion series called Puf-fling Toons!. It is about the puffles protecting three o-berries, with the crabs trying to steal them.
  • It is an obious parody of Angry Birds and its derivative games.
  • It is extremely popular, and #1 app in most countries of Antartica.
    • Due to this, it is a popular source of parodies.
      • Wait, parodies of a parody of a game? My mind is confused.
  • Becuase orange puffles are the hungriest ones and they are used in most of the levels, they are the official mascots of Puf-fling!
Inspiration(s) Puffles
Developer Puffio
Publisher Chill n' go
Release dates
Additional info
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Puf-fling in Space!

Puf-fling Holidays! is the Sequel to Puf-fling!. It is themed about different holidays.


Same as in the original Puf-fling!, but with more seasonal items, surprises and extras!


  • Trick or Treat (Halloween)
  • Break the Halls (Christmas)
  • Squeaky New Year (New Years' Eve)
  • Love is in the Air (Saint Valentines' Day)
  • Tricks and Traps (April Fools)
  • Egg-celent! (Easter)
  • Lucky as a Ducky (St. Patrick's Day)
  • Slapshot Slingshot (Major Hockey League Special Edition)
Inspiration(s) Puffles
Developer Puffio
Publisher Chill n' go
Release dates
Additional info
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB for Everyone
Puf-fling Medieval!

Puf-fling in Space! is the third addition on the Puf-fling! Series. It has all-new gameplay.


In a stormy day, the puffles where trying to find their berries and saw some alien crabs steal them. They also had weird O-berries that glowed in a green tone (obiously not of this world). The Puffles got mad when they saw the crabs use a UFO to get to space. The Puffles flinged themselves into sky. In the clouds, they got electrified and ended up getting cool superpowers! They also meet a lime alien puffle along the way.


  • Giant Stuffed Puffle: Semi-brute Force
  • Power Blue Puffles: Separate into 5 different puffles, that go faster and break more.
  • Lightning Red Puffle: When this puffle finds a berry, it will zap it and the o'berry will go automaticlly to the puffle!!
  • Mental-Powered Pink Puffle: Uses telekinesis to round up blocks that follow the puffle.
  • Flaming Black Puffle: Melts every single thing that it touches. Then does a massive explotion.
  • Lazer Green Puffle: Goes into the direction you choose.
  • Electricity Purple Puffle: Shocks nearby items with electric bubbles.
  • Super Yellow Puffle: Has a larger paint radius.
  • Icy White Puffle: Freezes objects in a larger radius. If the forzen objects reach outer space, they explode.
  • Mighty Orange Puffle: Eats everything in it's way until it crashes into the ground
  • Scientific Brown Puffle: Now Shrinks large objects and makes small objects Grow.
  • Ultra Rainbow Puffle: Goes at the speed of light.
  • Great Gold Puffle: Everything goes towards it, and then it releases a mighty tnt blast!
  • Alien Puffle: Has a small gravitational pull.
  • Blast Triceratops Puffle: Horns have more power.
  • Mighty Stegosaurus Puffle: Now rolls around longer.
  • Roaring T-Rex Puffle: Roars loudly and swings tail.
  • Playful Blue Border Collie: Flies and goes after bone.
  • Puffy Orange Tabby Cat: Grows rapidly and explodes in big furball.
  • Snowman Puffle: Nose flies farther.
  • Ghost Puffle: Same as Puf-fling!
  • Crystal Puffle: Explodes in crystal shards.


All of the original physics, but now it is in the vaccum of space. Gravitational pulls are all around.

Release dates
Additional info

Puf-fling Medieval!, commonly referred as Ye Olde Puf-fling!, is the 4th Puf-fling! game made. It is based on the Magic Puffles.


  • Uses Magic Puffles instead of regular ones.
  • Instead of Slingshot, uses Fairy Branch Slingshot.
  • Background Changes
  • Music Changes
  • Potions added!!


  • Chicken Puffle: Lays explosive egg in mid-air, which falls down and explodes in contact with anything (except for rubber and other puffles, which bounce the egg off them.)
  • Reindeer Puffle: Pulls an indestructible sled, and then you can tap somewhere so that the reindeer puffle flys and pulls the sled, destroying stuff.
  • Bat Puffle: Flies where you tap, even though gravity still affects them slightly.
  • Cat Puffle: Sways its tail in front of itself, destroying anything in contact.
  • Bird Puffle: This puffle shouts "Koo-Koo!" In a high pitched voice which destroys fradgile blocks nearby.
  • Dragon Puffles: The Blue one shoots one blue fire ball and the green one shoots two green fire balls. The blue fireball is equally strong as 2 green fireballs together, the as the green dragon puffle shoots 2 fireballs, they are equally strong.
  • Unicorn Puffles: Both of them launch boomerang horseshoes. The white one throws it in an average-distanced and extremely precise trajectory, while the black one throws it at a longer distance and the horseshoe boomerangs AROUND the target, sometimes missing it entirely when it is too small.


Now you can make potions to change the puffle on the Fairy Branch to another one. You can sometimes change it into a classic Puf-fling! or Puf-fling in Space! Puffle.


  • You can earn in-game coins to buy virtual potion ingridients, which you can then mix
  • This Puf-fling specificly slightly parodies Angry Birds Star Wars II, with the potions.