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7h3 UL71m473 N07-8r34k48l3 V1ru5-Fr33 N07-Pr0707yp3 R0807 3000
Robot 3000.
Title Robot
Race Robot
Health Unlike the name says, the robot breaks quite often, so the health is possibly bad.
Level unknown
Status Active
Location The EQF HQ
Death date It's alive
Occupation Being a robot
Friends Quackerpingu
Enemies QuaXerpingu

The Ultimate Not-Breakable Virus-Free Not-Prototype Robot 3000, commonly known as Robot 3000, and sometimes known as 7h3 UL71m473 N07-8r34k48l3 V1ru5-Fr33 N07-Pr0707yp3 R0807 3000 or R0807 3000 (mostly while he is broken), is a robot that works for the EQF.


The robot was built by Gary in 2011. Gary intended it to be a robot that wouldn't break. However, it soon broke, and Gary decided to scrap it to avoid it becoming evil. However, Gary didn't scrap the robot, as Quackerpingu decided to buy it.


After Quackerpingu bought the robot, it joined the EQF.


Robot 3000 has been involved in some of the EQF's missions.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

One of Robot 3000's abilities is that it is very good at breaking, which is not useful at all. It is also good at being broken. Its biggest weakness is that it is afraid of being scrapped, and it will run away as soon as someone tries to do that.


  • "Beep beep."
  • "BEEP 833P 1 4M 8R0K3N!"
  • "BEEP 833P 1 4M 57UP1D!"



  • He often acts like a robot version of Kektus.

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