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RealMax has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

So, as I work on other projects, this account is to be incarcerated within my own grasp! Yes, I know, i'm leaving and it's sad (for some) but no worries, I shall be active, however, some articles shall be put on the cutting floor, some for being unfinished, and some go down as low quality articles. So, in my little minecraft boat, I shall sail away, as a fond memory left in dust. I'm not saying I hate you guys, i'm just saying that I am leaving. It's not like im shooting rainbows in the dark, making it "I swear," not picking my destiny, or hey!, mind as well jump! I'm just leaving, and thus, another user leaves.

I might return, however it would be rare and unlikely.

comeback update 9/8/2019 - thx red man you made ya self popular

you can follow me on these accounts below

My other accounts[edit]

DeviantArt account -

FanFiction account -

Ooohhh were halfway there, oooh!!!, leaving from a site!, take my hand, we will make it i swear, ooohhh!!!, leaving from a site

that was joke. okay guys, bye.