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I Love Eating Breakfast and seeing PASCAR.
Pirate Jet AKA Armando
This is me.
Gender Male
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Level 34
Birth date 4/14/04
Place of birth Club Penguin Island
Interests Making cryptids, books, characters, etc.
Weaknesses Ocean
Friends User:Quackerpingu, User:CK

yo wassup, I make articles about cryptids. You know, when it comes to cryptids living in different areas, archipelagos, islands and so around penguin lands. Feel free to comment on he discussion page leave messages and on and questions and answers. P.S You can call me Armando or my street name, Pirate Jet, but really hats what I call my self, and by street name, my nickname. this is RealMax, signing out. max 00:19, 21 February 2018 (UTC)RealMax™

U can use this

PASCAR racers and cars[edit]

Addition to the pascar page.

Bobby Hendrickson.png Bobby Hendrickson's Car.png

Carlaa Benitezz.png Carla Benitez's Car.png

Chad Duane.png Chad Duane's Car.png Chad Duane's Old Car.png

Gabe.png Gabe's Car.png

Greg Howie.png Greg Howie's Car.png

Koby Stafford.png Koby Stafford's Car.png

Lonny M.png Lonny M.s Car.png

Myron Xavier.png Myron Xavier's Car.png

Rollo Pierce.png Rollo Pierce's Car.png

Tyrone Isadore.png Tyrone Isadore's Car.png

Campbell Flannery.png Campbell Falnery's Car.png

Jervis Tobias.png Jervis Tobias Car.png

RM2.png Ralph meriwethers Car.png

John Lebanon.png John Lebanons Car.png

Derrek Nemmeso.png Derrek Nemmesos Car.png

Eric Almonrolla.png Eric Almonrolla's Car.png

James Enton.png Jame Enton's Car.png JamesPeachCar.png

Jason Rodger.png Jason Rodger's Car.png

Brenden Sean.png Brenden Sean's Car.png BrendenSeanUpdated.png

Lucy Coghlan.png Lucy Coghlan's Car.png Lucy Coghlan's Truck.png

Salvador Cisneros.png Salvador Cisneros' Car.png

Taewon Lee.png Taewon Lee's Car.png

Pauly Penard.png Pauly Penard's Car.png

Gaben Fordsmen.png Gaben Fordsmen's Car.png

David Peers.png David Peers' Car.png David Peers Updated.png

Ron the Crab.png RonCar.png

George Reddings.png George Reddings' Car.png

Chickenchaser Bill.png CCBill's Car.png

Matthew White.png Matthew White's Car.png

Caesar.png Caesar's Car.png File:Caesar's Truck.png

D4NNY.png D4nny c4r.png

Ed.png EdCar.png

Brad Reed.png Brad Reed's Car.png

Billyyy.png BillyCar.png

Ford's Uniform.png Fordniture.png

Maverick Jett.png Maverick Jett's Car.png

Random Images[edit]

Penguin Sizes.png

Elephant's Foot.png

Mr McGee.png SLLogo.png