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Shadhema has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.


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About this userpage[edit]

Greetings, everyone. This is Shadhema, or Kittysweet9 in CP.

I'm just starting out here.

I may not be on this site often, so please bear with me.

Random Facts about me[edit]

  • I registered three accounts on CP. Two of them symbolised quitting(for a while.)
  • I blew my chance to meet a lot of people on this wiki, since I joined late.
  • I was easily manipulatable when I was a child. Today? Most likely not.
  • My birthday is on May 29th. Just so you know.
  • I am a picky eater and dislike a lot of vegetables.

Pages I created[edit]

Mwa Mwa Tower Defense (Moved from the Fandom!Wiki) (The page might be deleted soon)


Relationships with others[edit]

None yet.



Female This user is female.
Book.png Shadhema currently has school/education on.
They may not be as active as usual.

Quizzes and Games[edit]

History.png Shadhema passed Patrick Tea's amazing quiz. Patrick Tea has never seen someone so amazing in the history of Antarctica. This award shows Shadhema is a very clever penguin. A very smart one.. Very full of knowledge. But most important of all, very full of imagination. You imaginate this universe. You remembered it. This award means you remembered it, Shadhema. The times of Khanzem, the time of PreTerra. You remembered it. You know it. You rock at history. And good job, the sixth time again...
EPF Logo.png This user passed Rogue's quiz! This user knows a lot about the EPF! Jolly good show! This user must be recognized for they know a lot about the EPF! This user is awesome! And Rogue was kind enough, that she gave this user a template to show that he/she passed her quiz!

Secret Pages[edit]