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Songbird has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.

Vital statistics
Gender Female
Location Australia
Leader of My cat
Best Known for Music
Wikis Just CPFW
Book.png Songbird currently has school/education on.
They may not be as active as usual.
Top secret stamp.png Songbird found Quackerpingu's secret page!

Wikipenguino45.png Songbird is a Wikipenguino45 fan! If you also think Wikipenguino45 is a gr8 penguin, put this on your page using {{Wikipengfan}}! NOW FEEL THE AWESOMENESS!!!
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Hello and welcome to this lost bird's page.

I am just another user on this wiki. If you want to talk to me, chances are that I'm most likely asleep since I live in the Land Down Under! I am quite good at writing, singing, music and school in general, which means I'll have quality articles coming soon!! If I'm suddenly gone, I'll usually come back and disappear again.

I am currently attending school so I will be slightly inactive.

Anyway I hope you do come to enjoy any article I write, and in the meantime, have fun on this wiki!!

About Me[edit]

  • I played on Club Penguin (RIP) as Jess3822. Note that Jess is not my real name.
  • I am writing several articles, but they are still in progress.
  • In real life I go to a pretty nice school where I usually hide in the practice rooms to play piano.
  • I love music; I am learning music theory.
  • Feel free to look at my characters, and give me any constructive criticism! I am always working on my writing.
Female This user is female.