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Wait, Haikyuu is the basketball anime, right?
— This dorp right here on Wednesday, September 21st 2016, seconds before the entire classroom gets triggered
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About this page[edit]

Hi! I'm Star kirby12 (also known as ULSK12 or Star). I've been here for over 3 years, and if you need anything, just ask! The wiki is one of my favorite pastimes when I have the time.

My siggy:

ULSK12TalkContribsAdmin or no admin, I'm ULSK! I WANT TO BE SPECIAL.jpg

Currently Playing: Bravely Second, RPG Maker MV

Random Facts About Me[edit]

  • I've been banned from the old wiki by a Wikia Staff member.
  • I prefer writing fun stories over dark, twisted ones.
  • I don't not read wars because they're bloody. I don't read them because they're too long.
  • Looking at some history, the page Star Kirby12 was created in December 2011. Explorer 767 quit the wiki around a month later, and then I officially joined a month after that. So I practically blew my chance to meet him by hanging on to the old wiki.
  • I forgot that I had made an account on this wiki and created User:Star kirby12(seriously the totally real). Biggest blunder of my life.
  • I have a Youtube channel.
  • I didn't know what the Twin Towers was until September 11th, 2014. Ironically, it happened two months and 29 (28?) days after I was born.
  • I'm an admin. Though you probably know that already.
  • I enjoy writing about the Multiverse Collision series. I once made a Creative Writing fictional story based on it.
  • City-wise, Korea > America. Almost EVERYTHING related to social relationships and video games, America > Korea.
  • You didn't know I listed exactly 10 facts about me before this one.
  • You counted the ten facts.

IRC Names[edit]

  • Star_Kirby12
  • ULSK12
  • Shinobimaru, or anything similar, including:
    • Dragomaru
    • Dumpmaru
    • Byunmaru
    • Wanmaru
    • Rodeomaru
    • Paonmaru
    • UFOmaru
    • Surfermaru
    • Lion_Ha-Ojo
    • Dinomaru
    • Hououmaru
    • Seiryuumaru
    • Genbumaru
    • Byakkomaru
    • Pandamaru
    • Magoimaru
    • Shurikenjin
    • Bison_King
    • Lion_HaOh
    • Gekiatsu_DaiOh

Pages I created[edit]

Relationships with other users[edit]

  • Swiss Ninja- Awesome!: Swiss Ninja has been teaching me ways to become a good editor, as well as a few suggestions.
  • Amigopen- Awesome!: Amigopen and I have been working on the Super Smash Mates series, and she has been a very good friend.
  • Feey1- Great!: Feey was blocked by Swiss Ninja, but has been unblocked, and blocked again. While he was blocked, he had been keeping the CPAW a good place.
  • TurtleShroom- Great!: At first he seemed a little mean. Now he seems nicer and explains things. He's getting some pressure by other users though... Poor TS.
  • Fooly8- Awesome!: Fooly and I have been working together since December 2012. Together we usually are able to make amazing stories, like this one, this one, this one, and this one.
  • TheBroMaster- Great! Bro and I met in Club Penguin Shops. He helped me with my career there, and in return I helped him liftoff into the Fanon Universe. While we're now going in polar opposite directions, we're still on good terms.


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