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Wait, Haikyuu is the basketball anime, right?
— This dorp right here on Wednesday, September 21st 2016, seconds before the entire classroom gets triggered
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make an account for dropbox here i don't even remember what this does for me but please do it anyway

About this page[edit]

hi my name is star/ulsk/whatever and i used to be an admin here. idk


Ulsk avatar.png Current Status: probably in better health than this wiki (TCY)

Sometimes you might find me on IRC, but my timezone is GMT+9 which basically equates to you'll probably never see me ever, but if you do, my IRC nick is usually *insert some sort of prefix here* + SK12

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there used to be a list here but just click here tbh



Star kirby12 is a Christian.

tbh none of the other ones matter but i don't feel like wiping them so i threw them in a dropdown list

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