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♣SuperDopplerMuffin's Page!♣
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I'm SuperDopplerMuffin! Long username, huh?

  • Call me Doppy, Muffy, Soupy, or Soup
  • I don't know much about this site, I'm learning!
  • I ♥ Technology!
  • Favorite Colors: Any warm colors!
  • I like making fake Club Penguin comics in real life

That's pretty much it! I don't know how to put paint drawings up here, so yeah. I found out how! =D

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I'm back! It's been a while since I've edited. I'm thinking of a last name for my new "Surprise" character. I will cross out any done updates. Well, ♣ℳuƒƒ♣ out!

Awards (That I won)[edit]

History.png SuperDopplerMuffin passed Patrick Tea's amazing quiz. Patrick Tea has never seen someone so amazing in the history of Antarctica. This award shows SuperDopplerMuffin is a very clever penguin. A very smart one.. Very full of knowledge. But most important of all, very full of imagination. You imaginate this universe. You remembered it. This award means you remembered it, SuperDopplerMuffin. The times of Khanzem, the time of PreTerra. You remembered it. You know it. You rock at history. And good job, the sixth time again...
EPF Logo.png This user passed Rogue's quiz! This user knows a lot about the EPF! Jolly good show! This user must be recognized for they know a lot about the EPF! This user is awesome! And Rogue was kind enough, that she gave this user a template to show that he/she passed her quiz!


Update 1, June 06, 2013: Due to storms and other problems, I will currently be on BRB! I'll be back soon!
Update 2, June 13, 2013: I was gone for about a week, and I am VERY sorry about my inactivity. To make it up to you, I will make a "SECRET SUPRISE" article for you guys. Doppy is back, and back in action! =)

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