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Swiss Ninja has quit the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. While they may return, it is unlikely.


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This user is a truly great editor and is featured on the Wall of Fame!

The Contributions of Swiss Ninja


Swiss Ninja is a Christian.

UnitedStates.png Swiss Ninja is an American user/citizen. Stars and stripes forever!
Soviet Union Flag.png Swiss Ninja likes the Soviet Union! Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!

EuropeFlag.png Swiss Ninja is a person who lives in Europe, traces their origin to the continent or otherwise identifies with it.
SlavsHere.jpg Swiss Ninja is a Slavic person! That means they are ethnically Slav, live in a Slavic country or descend from a Slavic country.
Swiss Ninja Background.png Swiss Ninja is a Swiss Ninja fan! If you truly are (or not), put this on your awesome user page too using {{SwissNinjaFan}}!
TurtleShroom (penguin) image.PNG Swiss Ninja is a TurtleShroom Fanatic! If you're a TurtleShroom Fanatic as well, put {{Tsfanatic}} on your user page! SIG HEIL TEH SHROOM!
Explorerphreak.GIF Swiss Ninja is an Explorer 767 fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{ExplorerFan}}!
Flywish.png Swiss Ninja is a Flywish fan and supports him in his quest for his PWNage of the villains! If you think Flywish is a PWNsome penguin put this on your page! NOW BOW TO FLYWISH!!!!!!!!!!!! !
NewMetalmanager.png Swiss Ninja is a Metalmanager fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{MetalFan}}!
WWCoA.png Swiss Ninja is a friend of Wonderweez.

RTF template logo.PNG Swiss Ninja is a rollback.

FanonBall.png This user LOVES FanonBall!

Objection Sayings[edit]

[[1]] --See This!

[[2]] --See This!

[[3]]--And This!

[[4]]-- And This!

Swiss Ninja
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Vital statistics
User Swiss Ninja
Gender Male
Location SoCal!
Leader of Me, Myself, and I
Best Known for annyoing other users (just for fun,) but also known for being serious at times, eating almost anything and visiting Europe.
Wikis the Swiss Ninja wiki- an epic fail. don't visit it.

Awards and Achievements[edit]

3000 Star.png This user has edited a lot and has over 3000 edits! Well done!

1000.jpg This user is a great contributor and has reached beyond 1000 edits! Amazing!

Win.png This user has won the Austin8310 Award. They must be epic!

WOW! Swiss Ninja has won the GOLD XTUX AWARD!. Swiss Ninja is truely awesome!This award may have been given out for being incredible at editing, giving good advice, being good at image editing, not liking the Unnderground Clubb Phengin Weekee, not having a huge ego, etc.
If Swiss Ninja is awesome, they must not choose to do so. Swiss Ninja cannot choose, because that would a major shame and disgrace to the Human race. Should Swiss Ninja feel awesome (like they should), it must be their decision to do so.

Swiss Ninja has got the Corai award! If your lucky, Corai shall give it to you to!
Secret.PNG Shame! Swiss Ninja has discovered Explorer's Secret Page (not telling where), but he/she cheated!!! Drat you!

Jsudsu9988.png I, Archduke Jsudsu9988, highly acknowledges Swiss Ninja as a honored guest to Snowzerland, granting trust in this great penguin.
Swiss Ninja.png His royal majesty, Emperor Swiss Ninja honors this penguin for supporting him.
This user is recognized by Penstubal as a totally EPIC user!

Dancing Orin.gif Swiss Ninja has earned a
Dancing Orin from

WormZ 4.png PWNsome!!! Swiss Ninja has earned Abdul54's PLATINUM award. This user is really PWNsome as much as the PWNguins and just 2 user(s) has this award!

Feey1.JPG Swiss Ninja won a round of Feey1's Fun Stuff and Challenges, and is really awesome.
Topsecret.jpg Swiss Ninja has discovered Penstubal's secret page, but he/she cheated! >:(((

Doors image.PNG Amazing!!! Swiss Ninja has recieved Isai's Gold AWARD!!! This user is amazing and only two users has this award!

SN French Tree Trophy.png SN Dutch Tree Trophy.png SN German Tree Trophy.png SN Swedish Tree Trophy.png SN Italian Tree Trophy.png

See Swiss Ninja for the character.

How many edits do I have? Here they are:

920 This user has made 920 edits on this Wiki.


My schedule varies from different times of the year.

Summer Months[edit]

I will be very active and will be checking on the wiki daily on my iTouch and the Regular Computer. The only time when i'm less available is when i am on vacation away from home and there is little to none wifi access. Weekends are the same as regular days.

Fall Months[edit]

Due to athletic activities, I don't get back till 4-5:00. And i still have homework to do. Consider these to be the least active months of the year. Weekends and days off go by the summer schedule.

Cool and Stupid Pictures[edit]

My Gallery of pictures I have made, adjusted, or like.


Sorry! Because of the move, my videos have been moved to Here!

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Please see my Social Profile.