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Hey, what's up! It's me, Tails! I became a member today, so if you want to talk to me, go here! Now I'm a Bureaucrat!

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Secret Page[edit]

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Found my secret page!


I have so many articles! Here's are few I like and started.



I decided to start a fanfic due to a blog post I made.

Tails6000: Triple Hero Trouble


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People that I met from here[edit]

  • Explorer 767
  • PogoPunk32
  • Lovebirds211
  • Metalmanager
  • Triskelle3
  • Spy Guy Pers
  • Flystar55555
  • Snowman 1001 (Sharkbate)

nickname list[edit]

Here is a list of names you can call me by but if you have a new name I will write it down

  • Dr.T
  • Tails
  • Fox kid
  • Tails6000
  • Peter (Bugzy only)
  • T6000
  • Yellow Blur

that's pretty much it.


here are soe questions I got ramblings of

If I was my sonic fan-character who would be my true love?
Please vote below.
There were 5 votes since the poll was created on 10:43, 23 February 2013.
poll-id 4B34AFF8F9B51D7771481EC53515B93B

You know, no matter how many votes shade is under, I will still love her as myt sonic fancharacter's girlfriend :D

Which name should be the parody of the bonanza brothers mobo and robo?
Please vote below.
There were 2 votes since the poll was created on 10:43, 23 February 2013.
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Game character review[edit]

Here I will talk about mainly game characters that feel great or horrible here based of Speedasher's thing message me on your request on my talk

Without further ado I give my first reviews

Mighty the Armadillo

Mighty was forgotten after Knuckles Chaotix but most people have fan art of him. Most people make sonic fan art about him he might return in the olympic winter games. It might be an ammount of time

Cream the Rabbit She is HORRIBLE her annoying voice of sonic heroes annoys me every single time but she was pretty serious in sonic X.She is the most cheapest character in Sonic advance 2 (Beaten it with her by the way)

Bowser One of the best mario villains of the series he appeared in both Olympic games So far he is still a power type he is the best fire breathers of all time

Metal Sonic None is much known of him be the news is spread so he is in the winter olympic games he will prove once and for all who is the real sonic he is a great racer made as an unlockable in Sonic R if you collected to sonic tokens on Resort Island

Luigi Best Mario character ever. He jumps higher than Mario,is taller than him,mainly he is a good hero like him a coward but a great hero In Mario & Luigi Bowser's inside story (Not yet released) He was filled by sweets to do the sweet basket move.

'Bass: Not the bass fish, the bass guitar, this megaman character was created like shadow, but he rebels against his creator, dr. wily, he somewhat does this or his own reasons, playable in megaman and bass, megaman battle and chase, megaman the power battle, megaman 2; battle and fighters, and the most recent Megaman 10

more coming soon

My concpt art of chu chu rockets mice and kapu-kapu

meet the parodies :D[edit]

Parodys of the team fortress meet the class

meet the armyman!

if fighting is to result in zoos then you must fight! some zookeeper said that and I say he knows a little more about zookeeping than you do pal because he invented it then he farmed it so that no living man could best him in the ring of farming. then he used his paycheck to buy 2 of every puffle on earth then herded them into a boat, and kicked every one of them into a lake! and from that day forward anytime a bunch of puffles are together in one place it's called A CAGE! UNLESS IT'S A PET SHOP


thumb|300px|right|This video is a Sonic Short I found. ITS HILARIOUS! Knuckles sounds like Newman!

thumb|300px|right|RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

thumb|300px|right|Heh, they ruined the anthem.

thumb|300px|right|I like too much Futurama (If you ask about that figure thats the robot named Bender)

thumb|300px|right|1 word...FUNNY

thumb|300px|right|A montage based off the best moments of fry. I liked the parts with him being hit (Drums play by those)

thumb|300px|right|A song I heard from Futurama

thumb|300px|right|TV show intros ni brawl do your best to guess each one.


thumb|300px|right|I'll take care of this!

thumb|300px|right|For Explorer,TS,me,Speeddasher, any kirby fan, IT'S THE KIRBY MARCH!

thumb|300px|right|Fun is when you...FUN's like...t's kinda...sorta like uhhh...what is fun???? hmm lemme spell it for you.....WITH THE POWERS OF TEAM FORTRESS!