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Gonna be busy so may not make a lot of contributions or be as active as usual. If I'm away, you now know why :)

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The Contributions of Wikipenguino45
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User Wikipenguino45
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Wikis This one.

Hey there!

I'm Wikipenguino45, a user on this wiki since July 14, 2016 and welcome to my user page! I love drawing, artwork, reading, dubstep, futuristic stuff, space, science fiction, memes, and creating stories. You can call me Wikipenguino, Wiki, Wikipeng, Wikipen, or just WP. If I do anything wrong (break rules, articles starting to become mary-sueish, etc.) please let me know so I can correct my mistakes. You'll usually find me lurking around in the wiki's IRC channel most of the time if you need to talk to me or just inform me on my talk page.

My current signature: ayyy fam Wikipenguino (talk | contribs | articles) memes Ring Ring! Bananaphone!

Friend/Acquaintance List[edit]

(Don't take offence if you're not on here, I may be too lazy to update it)

Found you, Tails!

IRC Nicknames[edit]

  • Wikipenguino
  • Wikipenguino45
  • WP45
  • AFKpenguino45 (when AFK)

'Bout Myself[edit]

  • I play CP Rewritten, you can find me there as Wikipeng.
  • I also play Geometry Dash,, Undertale, Terraria, Bloons and Minecraft (my user name on Minecraft and on most games is Octomod).
  • Please don't ask me stuff like my exact location or country, I prefer to keep it private. UTC+8 is all I'll give ya.
  • I normally use Firefox but sometimes I use Google Chrome.
  • My Club Penguin username was Agent92966 (until it was shut down).
  • I am a Christian, but I will not judge you if you have a religion.
  • I currently use a Mac.
  • I can actually type quite normally with my eyes closed.
  • I'm also a big Star Wars fan (Episode VIII was total, utter garbage, by the way).
  • I don't think books are boring.
  • I love drawing/reading comics.
  • Actually, like my user character, I have a red hoodie in real life somewhere...
  • I love pizza. Who doesn't?
  • Internet memes are dank.
  • I don't tolerate discrimination or racism.
  • Green is my favourite colour.
  • For me, The dress is blue and black, I don't see it as white and gold.
  • I am also an astronomy fanatic.
  • I like pie. No really, I like pie.
  • Wikipenguino45 and Jawa Snowski are based of my real life Club Penguin accounts.
  • I am a big fan of Undertale music.

My Contributions[edit]

Articles/projects/collaborations that I created/like/adopted/hold OOC rights over/improved/worked on/helped with/am proud of.
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My personal gallery of random images that I've made, best works, think are cool, etc.