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Welcome to this mess of a sandbox where I usually dump every idea my crowded and disorganized brain can think of every so often

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Character Ideas[edit]

  • Malice - An evil Power4U Super Penguin that can fly, has telekinetic and energy projection powers.
  • Daphne Lagoidis - A distant cousin of the Lagois Family.
  • Tophat - A Power4U Super Penguin with areokinetic abilities. Tophat always dons his infamous shiny black top hat.
  • Blaze - Power4U penguin with fire-based powers.
  • Dr. Chrono - A time-traveling villain with time-based powers and time manipulation.
  • Thunder - Power4U Super Penguin with powerful vibration and shockwave-like powers. Often accompanied by his twin brother, Lightning.
  • Lightning - The twin brother of Thunder and a Power-4U Super Penguin. Owns electrical powers.
  • Disaster - A penguin who possesses varying destructive powers.
  • Xalco - The X-Antibody of Falco who is also a member of the Avionumbra.
  • Puppetmaster - Manipulative mastermind who uses Telekinesis and other psychological abilities to influence other's emotions and even mind control them. A major adversary to The Venturous Three.
  • Dystopian Wikipenguino - An alternate future version of Wikipenguino45 who travelled back to the past, seeking to prevent his timeline from ever existing. Often acts as a guide to The Venturous Three.
  • Raymond Romanarch III - A revolutionary (possibly from Glaw, other former occupied countries or even a future divided nation such as North and South Tropicalis?)
  • Galliard the Great - Tropicalian hero and knight.
  • Agent Francis - Deputy commander of Special Intelligence Division.
  • Nate Plover - Time traveller?
  • Orange Sensei
  • MEK - Half robot, half penguin samurai. Hates ninjas with a passion.
  • Draco the Dark - Former wielder of the Shadow Amulet. Was imprisoned underground (in ice? If so, probably by Caspian) a for almost 1000 years.
  • Crimson - Rogue Air Ninja, leads the Ninja Syndicate.
  • Caspian - Full name Caspian di Angelo, a Viking Penguin and a hero remembered only in myths and legends. Lived around the 11th century and was once a keeper of the Light/Ice Amulet, which he uses to defeat Draco the Dark.


Ideas for stories I have in mind. Whether or not they make it to mainspace is undecided.

  • Wikipenguino's Wacky Weekend - After accidentally revealing how to get into the BoF, Wackypenguino follows his host's moves in the correct order and gains access to the Bureau where he uses Director Benny's computer to create a dimension of paradise for himself and the Mwa Mwa Penguins. After Wikipenguino suddenly discovers this, he must journey to find Wackypenguino and stop his plans to turn everywhere into a Mwa Mwa Utopia (especially before Director Benny finds out). Will he be able to stop him? Or will Club Penguin succumb to the madness of Mwa Mwas?
Characters: Wikipenguino, Wackypenguino
  • Battle for Adelia/Third Tropicalian Civil War - Wikipenguino X plots the downfall of Tropicalis' government and forcefully tries to seize it by assembling all of the S.H.A.R.K. members from all over the continent creating a large army to attack. The Venturous Three must assemble their allies and find a way to stop the country from it's doom.
  • Possible adventure revolving around the Lagois family (The Lagois Bros?) - The story of the travels of Wikipenguino, Cheddarbox, William, Kenny, Dimitri, Lachlan and Pablo Lagois as they encounter all sorts of unexpected trouble when on holiday after they discover the villainous plans of S.H.A.R.K. commander Lieutenant Drone.
  • WP & Falco, Agents of the EPF - Shortly after his antibody's appearance, Wikipenguino must learn the ways of the EPF and defend the continent from the evil plans of his X-Antibody.
  • Time-travelling story - Lance X. Penguin recruits a crew of penguins to help him establish peace over the time-line and put an end to the efforts of time-travelling criminals and the work of the mysterious time-travelling villain only known as "Dr. Chrono". Might possibly use Dystopian Wikipenguino.
  • possible story written from WP X's PoV view -
  • Falco's Journey - Shortly after returning from an adventure, Falco mysteriously loses his pyrokinetic abilities and has them replaced with ice powers and learns that he is slowly turning into ice. In an attempt to get rid of them and restore his old powers, he goes in search of the fire amulet, the original source of his powers while a hidden enemy quietly follows him and his progress. Will Falco be able to replenish his powers or will he be doomed to a bone-chilling fate?
  • Beyond the Fourth Wall -
  • On The Run/Public Enemy Number One - Puppetmaster frames Wikipenguino45 several misdeeds, prompting a continent-wide hunt for him. His close friends and allies are either taken into custody, forced into hiding or interrogated about him and his whereabouts. While everyone is distracted from these events, Puppetmaster initiates his plan. Wikipenguino struggles to stay out of sight (maybe Wikipenguino X offers him help?).
  • Villains For Hire
  • Wiki and the Penguinos

Possible Future Projects & Other Ideas[edit]

  • Possibly something to due with the Multiverse and alternate universes, most likely involving Lance X. Penguin (maybe he becomes a dimension hopper?).
  • A "grand finale" between The Venturous Three and S.H.A.R.K..
  • Rework Wikipenguino's history, involving his disappearance in 2027.
  • Wikipenguino replaces his lightsaber with a yellow one after losing it during a fight and adopts a new look.
  • Penguinas - Large city-building project starting in 1988 showcasing the city's most modern/futuristic buildings, high tech, etc.
  • Negative Wikipenguino's defeat/deletion/redemption and true backstory.
  • Wikipenguino X is kicked out of S.H.A.R.K. and becomes an anti-hero at some point.


Born Reuben Stewart Snowington
November 19, 1990 (1990-11-19) (age 27)
Colonial Antarctica
Residence Club Penguin
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Other names Agent Reuben
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Citizenship Antarctican
Education Unknown
Years active 2010 - present
Notable works Unknown
Title Agent
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Unknown
Military service
Allegiance FlagEPF.png EPF (2010 - present)
USA flag.PNG
Service/branch EPF
Years of service 2010 - present
Rank Agent
Unit Weaponry Development Division
Battles/wars Operation: Blackout
Operation: Puffle
Antarctic War on Terror
Awards Unknown

Reuben Snowington is an agent of the Elite Penguin Force who primarily operates in the Weaponry Development Division as a tech specialist. Reuben spends most of his time in the EPF developing new tech, fixing gadgets and computers, keeping track of enemy activity or sometimes working with backup or support teams during special operations or planned assaults.



Reuben is a purple-feathered penguin without any hair. He wears the full EPF agent tech set (Optic Headset, Tech Satchel, Tech Coat and Tech Book 3000) and can often be seen with two or more additional computers, holograms or other devices.


Reuben is a generally calm person and very loyal to the EPF and the Director, always following and never disobeying orders.


See Also[edit]


Born ????
High Penguin Confederacy
Gender Male
Other names The Mastermind
Years active Unknown

"Puppetmaster" is a self-proclaimed mastermind and a mysterious penguin rumoured to have always been secretly in control of certain people, places and events and the actual cause of several misfortunes and ordeals that transpired in order to comply with his master plan. Nothing much is known about him at all, and his past and identity remains hidden.

Dr. Kamiya[edit]

Kelvin Kamiya
Born Kelvin Seymour Kamiya
November 30, 1987 (1987-11-30) (age 30)
Honk Gong
Gender Male
Nationality FlagOfJapaland.png Japalandese
USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Education Unknown
Occupation Scientist
Title Doctor

Dr. Kelvin Kamiya is a scientist who specializes in medicine, genetics and chemistry. Renowned for his expertise and achievements, Kamiya currently lives in South Pole City where he works at his lab.


Vision Inc.
Founder(s) Alfonso de Guin, George Martinfisher, Jordan Samguin Seasung
Headquarters Vision Complex, Penguinas, Northern Tropicalis, Tropicalis
Area served Tropicalis, USA
Key people Alfonso de Guin (CEO, Chairman, Founder)
  • VisionOS
  • iScreen
Subsidiaries Vision USA, Vision Technologies

Vision Incorperated, otherwise known as Vision Inc. or stylized as VISION is a Tropicalian multinational corporation founded in 1985 in Penguinas, Tropicalis. The company was founded by Alfonso de Guin, who also acts as the CEO and chairman. It is well known in Tropicalis, with many of their products such as computer software, holographic technology and other IT tech being commonplace there. Vision Inc. also owns businesses outside of the country.


Vision was founded by three Southern Kanta Penguins, Alfonso de Guin and his two other colleagues, George Martinfisher and Jordan Samguin Seasung in the summer of 1985. At the time, the three had just recently moved from Pengstado City to the outskirts of Penguinas to start a business after coming together to form the idea for the company. With some basic tech brought over from Pengstado City, blueprints for new inventions and some supplies from the few hardware stores around the small neighbourhood, the trio started working on their new protoype computers. The team then opened up spots for hiring, allowing others to gradually join the company.


Penguinas city.png
Country Tropicalis
Area Greater Penguinas, Northern Tropicalis
Mayor Nathan Salmonholme
Population 300,000
Inhabited species Southern Kanta Penguins
Emperor Penguins
Galapagos Penguins
Adelie Penguins
General information
Founded 1980s
– Founder Tropicalian Government

Penguinas, officially The City of Penguinas is a city in Northern Tropicalis renowned for its more unique building shapes and designs and widely considered to be the technological capital of the country, with technology such as holograms, automatic robotic systems and even some Hoverboards being most prevalent. Penguinas is a planned city, having been in development since 1980 with many of its buildings and districts still being under development.


Crimson logo.png

Crimson in his signature outfit.
Born Turben Scirocco Ventus
January 4, 1988 (1988-01-04) (age 30)
Floating Islands, Weddell Sea, Water Kingdom
Gender Male
Other names クリムゾン忍者
Ethnicity Dark-Emperor Penguin
Occupation Ninja
Years active 2010-present
Notable works None
Home town Floating Islands, Weddell Sea
Known for Being cast out of the Air Ninjas, learning and mastering Windjitsu, forming and spearheading the Ninja Syndicate
Title The Crimson Ninja
Opponent(s) Air Sensei
Parents Unknown

Crimson (クリムゾン忍者; real name Turben Scirocco Ventus, or simply "Ben") is a renegade ninja, the leader of the Ninja Syndicate and a former member of the Air Ninjas. Striving for a ninja-dominated continent, Crimson wants all ninjas to renounce their secrecy, form their own country and rebel against all other nations, planning to take advantage of the Pectosphere's power to do this. Seen as an outcast and a danger for his unorthodox and increasingly aggressive behaviour by the other Air Ninjas, Crimson was banished from the Floating Islands and expelled from their society.

Being a former Air Ninja, Crimson is very adept in the art of Windjitsu. However, he is rumoured to have obtained the powers of Fire Ninjas, Water Ninjas, Snow Ninjas and even Shadow Ninjas despite Air Ninjas knowing incredibly little of other martial arts. Though this remains unconfirmed, he is believed to have acquired these powers through "illegitimate" means.



Crimson's egg was found abandoned on the shores of the Antarctic continent in 1988 by an Air Ninja. Far from any nearby town or city at the time and left at the mercy of the rising tide, the ninja decided to take the egg and bring it back to the Floating Islands. After it hatched, the Air Sensei then made the decision to keep the chick, allowing it to stay with the ninjas where it could grow up and train with the rest of them. Crimson grew up alongside the other chicks and trained with them alongside the Air Sensei's niece, Denise. Most other students were often impressed by how adept Crimson was at manipulating the air around them and often asking him to show them tricks.

As Crimson grew older, he became increasingly annoyed by how the Air Ninjas had to keep themselves a secret, often questioning other ninjas or the Air Sensei as to why they remained hidden and when they would reveal themselves. After almost always being answered in return with the explanation that the outside world was no place for them, Crimson started to tolerate "outsiders" less and less. Eventually, when Crimson was old enough, he was sent on spy missions, usually alongside other Air Ninjas. His increasing disregard and lack of sympathy for outsiders often lead to group missions being difficult as Crimson would often suggest or attempt to use them in ruthless ways to accomplish missions. Occasionally, when told not to, he would disobey orders and try to provoke or act bitter towards them.

Expelled From the Air Ninjas[edit]

His attitude during missions often led to arguments, especially with the Air Sensei and other ninjas who disagreed with his ways. As the arguments worsened, the Air Sensei and others were heavily considered banishing him. Soon enough, in early 2010, Crimson was arguing with other ninjas, leading to a small fight where one of the ninjas ended up moderately injured. Feeling sorry but given no other choice, Air Sensei exiled Crimson from the Floating Islands, ending his time as an Air Ninja and becoming the first and only person to have been expelled. Angry and bitter, Crimson vowed to succeed in his plans for the outside world and get revenge on the Air Ninjas for banishing him.

Crimson would disappear from civilization as a whole, never to be seen again for another 7-8 years. Unbeknownst to the Air Ninjas or anyone else, Crimson would go on a long quest of discovery and learning about ancient myths and legends, typically related to Card-Jitsu. He would go on to discover the Amulet of Absorption, an old amulet forged by power-hungry ninjas hundreds of years ago to absorb energy, especially Pectospheric energy. Hidden away for safekeeping by a previous Sensei of Ninjas, Crimson was able to locate and rediscover it in an old dojo by following old myths and studying the topic of Card-Jitsu and ninja history. He would later use this amulet to his advantage, often using it to gain temporary control of certain elements or types of energy after absorbing them. He would also use the amulet to boost his air-based powers by absorbing the air around him or combining other powers with Windjitsu, giving him enhanced control over the art.

Forming the Syndicate[edit]


Ninja Syndicate[edit]



As his name implies, Crimson primarily dons dark red clothing, including a garnet-coloured cloak and a dark grey hood. He wears a reddish ninja mask almost akin to that of a fire ninja's mask. He also wears a suit very similar to a standard elemental ninja's coat with the exception of the coat lacking a left sleeve, being coloured dark red and having been embroidered with a reddish-white lightning pattern. Under his usual clothing, he is half Dark Penguin half Emperor Penguin giving him somewhat darker-than-usual green feathers. Only a small handful of penguins have actually seen the colour of his feathers while an even smaller handful have seen him without his outfit, all of them being Air Ninjas. His feather colour usually isn't visible (except for around the eyes and flippers) as it is mostly concealed by his outfit and his cape (which keeps Crimson's sleeveless flipper hidden). Crimson often attempts to stay out of sight whenever and however possible, usually lurking around secluded, well-hidden or shrouded areas to avoid attention.



Shocktopus Lee[edit]

Admiral Shocktopus Lee

The Grand Admiral.
Born Unknown
Hotololo Island Reef, Coral Archipelago, Tropicalis
Nationality Tropicalian
Other names Admiral Lee
Ethnicity Shocktopus
Citizenship Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Years active 2008-present
Title The Grand Admiral of Tropicalian Navy
Military service
Allegiance Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis (2008-present)
Service/branch Tropicalian Military Flag.png Tropicalian Navy (2008-present)
Rank Grand Admiral
Commands Entirety of Tropicalian Navy
Awards Unknown

Grand Admiral Shocktopus Lee of the Tropicalian Navy, better known as Admiral Shocktopus Lee is a military leader and the head of the entire Tropicalian navy.

Zephaniah's Mystery[edit]

Zephaniah's Mystery
Zephaniah's Mystery.png
Start August 19, 2013
End August 26, 2013
Prerequisites Wikipenguino45 finds Zephaniah's journal
Location Antarctic Ocean
Rewards A potential clue leading to Zephaniah's disappearance is revealed.
Wikipenguino and Falco, Agents of the EPF Tales of the Venturous Three

For nearly a century, Zephaniah Lagois has been missing, having vanished on one of his many journeys. While many explorers and navigators, Zephaniah's son Arcturus included, have searched for the lost adventurer, none have returned successful. When his great-great nephew Wikipenguino45 discovers Zephaniah's journal detailing one of his expeditions before his disappearance, a potential clue points into the direction of solving Zephaniah's Mystery.
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