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This user has been classified as an absolutly pwnsome, over the top user that pwns you.



100px Wowee! Yorkielvr333CP has discovered a Secret Page (not telling)!!! Amazing!

Secret.PNG Shame! Yorkielvr333CP has discovered Explorer's Secret Page (not telling where), but he/she cheated!!! Drat you!

Explorerphreak.GIF Yorkielvr333CP is an Explorer 767 fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{ExplorerFan}}!
Hat Pop image.png Yorkielvr333CP is a Hat Pop Fanatic! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{Hatpopfanatic}} NOW SCREAM HAT POP RULES! !
Ben hun image.PNG GADZOOKS! Yorkielvr333CP Has discovered Ben Hun's Secret Page! Great Job! Amazing!
Yorkielvr333CP supports User:Sk8rbluscat in his quest for freedom! Please help him!!!

Updated Manny Peng Poster.png
Mabel image.jpg Yorkielvr333CP is a Mabel fan! If you are, put this on your user page too using {{Mabelfan}}.!
Manny Peng shoop.jpg Yorkielvr333CP Hates this guy.

Yorkielvr333CP has found Corai's secret page!
Typical Mwa Mwa Penguin.png Yorkielvr333CP is ANTI Mwa Mwa Penguin. and seeks the down fall of this horrible subspecies of penguin.
Flywish.png Yorkielvr333CP is a Flywish fan and supports him in his quest for his PWNage of the villains! If you think Flywish is a PWNsome penguin put this on your page! NOW BOW TO FLYWISH!!!!!!!!!!!! !
SovietBugzy.jpg Yorkielvr333CP supports Bugzy in his quest for PWNAGE!

Yorkay Porkay's Signature[edit]

--YorkayPorkay RAWR!Talk to meh here!

MY Signature[edit]

--YorkaySmiley.gifTheSmiley.gifPorkaySmiley.gif 17:43, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

Pages Started By Me[edit]

  1. Yorkay Porkay
  2. Jasper
  3. TAGP
  4. X-Penguins (I rewrote this page, I didn't actually create it.)
  5. Mwa Mwa Attackers
  6. PorkayYorkay X
  7. Xasper