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I've been meaning to make this for a few weeks now, hoping to give everyone who cares to read an update on the wiki and recent happenings. The most exciting event of recent months has to be the return of beloved CPWN Staff member Seahorseruler in late February. Since then, he has helped us with many improvements and quality of life changes, including the wiki's search function being fixed. The Patroller right has also returned, after being disabled six years ago; Patrollers can delete and undelete pages, but not block users, and they can also "patrol" wiki edits, hence the name. It should be useful for Project:Delet this, which brings me to the next update. Sea has also made a new page namespace, Archive, for pages that would otherwise be deleted so that users could see their old page revisions. The admins are still deciding how best to use this new namespace and what grounds to set, but you can see Sea's announcement about it here. Delet this is starting to pick up some speed again, as I began looking through LQAs recently, and will continue to do so in the near future, though their fate between being deleted or added to the Archive namespace is yet to be determined.

Multiple plugins have also been added. One plugin has updated viewing files on pages to be like Wikipedia, letting you view files on the page its on instead of sending you to a file's page when it's clicked. Another plugin has added the option to hide user creation from the recent changes, which is very helpful thanks to all the pesky spambots. Though it's still in the sitenotice as I write this, you can enable this feature by going to the "Recent Changes" section of your user preferences, and checking off the box that says "Hide user creation log entries in recent changes". Very good quality of life changes for the wiki, if you ask me, and I appreciate Sea work to give us a better experience on the wiki.

Not to toot my own horn, but I was also added to the wiki's Wall of Fame a few months ago. Though I hardly feel deserving of such a high honor, I appreciate it nonetheless.

You might have also noticed things were a bit different on April 1st, such as the sitenotice and main page being in the comic sans font, and a different logo on the wiki. I also had the pleasure of changing and mixing up the links in the sidebar, thanks to input from Mario Rk, although I might have fooled myself more than anyone else with how many times I clicked "Recent changes" out of habit. I also took a while to change up our inactive To-do list, and while many of you might not have seen it I wanted to point it out because I was proud of and happy with it. Feel free to check it out in the page history; I threw in some wiki tropes and other things I found entertaining. Fun fact: the "Write crucial canon articles like Country Preserves and Crutches" objective was based on my early CPW days, how I made those pretty useless articles and they were later deleted, although another one I just thought of was "Postcard stamp" or something to that effect.

So, things are looking pretty good, hopefully delet this keeps moving forward and we all keep creating new things! Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts about anything I mentioned, feel free to comment on this post's talk page. --CKAdmin 15:22, 10 April 2019 (UTC)

P.S. - March 30 to April 2 also marked the 10th anniversary of the Great Darktonian Pie War!

TL;DR- Sea is back, revived the Patroller user right, made a new namespace, added plugins like the media viewer plugin and one to hide account creation in the recent changes. Thanks Sea! Delet this is slowly progressing, and we're working out how the new Archive namespace will be used. April Fools happened and I fooled myself a bunch with the Recent Changes link in the sidebar.