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Hi... You should create the Explorer 767 account aswell, to keep the previous edits Dancing Penguin 15:02, 31 October 2010 (PDT)

Well, the edits are imported along with articles, everything you've done (edit count, contribs) is in the Explorer 767 account. Dancing Penguin 16:40, 31 October 2010 (PDT)

Well you can create "Explorer 767" (keeping your old edits) and ask Sea to "re-name" it to just Explorer. Dancing Penguin 16:46, 31 October 2010 (PDT)


RE: Hugo Chavez[edit]

I'll deliver the portraits to you soon. --TurtleShroom 17:28, 31 October 2010 (PDT)

Requesting Importation Powers[edit]


It's The Leader. I'd like to request my Rollback and Importing powers. Cheers,--The Leader 09:23, 3 November 2010 (PDT)

I would also like to request import powers alongside The Leader. Alex001 23:31, 3 November 2010 (PDT)

Excuse me...[edit]

Thanks to the latest bug my account was deleted, and thus I lost my rollback and import powers.

I request that you please give them back to me, or at least just the import powers if you think I do not need to be a rollback. --XTUX [[User Talk:XTUX345|is on teh job! 08:31, 4 November 2010 (PDT)


IT IS WRITTEN! --TurtleShroom 10:24, 5 November 2010 (PDT)


Hey, Explorer. I need a few favors. Mind if I got my admin powers now? And also Import. I can't figure out how the heck to import. --Austin8310 05:59, 6 November 2010 (PDT)

Happy Belated Birthday![edit]

I meant to give you this actually a Year ago, but I forgot to upload it and send it to here it is.

Birthday Card.png

Yeah, It's a really old image I made. Swiss Ninja's feathers were still black before I decided them to be blue...

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 23:22, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

The Image bot[edit]

So....when is that bot going to transport the images? (I heard it was broken, but i'm not sure if that's true....)

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 23:56, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

Well, if the USA dies, then Freezeland and Dorkugal could depend on Snowzerland and United Terra as well. Snowzerland would become the economic center of Antarctica then, just like it's Parodee.

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 00:34, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

Snowzerland a trade hub? No! That's not what I said. I wanted Snowzerland to be a ECONOMIC Hub. Like Wall Street, New York. And trust me, the Hochstadt Gang will mend the holes.....and once the SPC is rebuilt by the free republics, it will become the FR's new capital, and will once again be the main trade hub.

You need to get glasses, or get new ones..... :P

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 21:41, 7 November 2010 (UTC)


I can't really fathom it myself. I do have a lot of time on my hands though - I only have 3 days of "school" anyway; Mondays / Wednesdays / Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays I get days off, including weekends. Not to mention after 2nd December I get a huge 10 week Christma- holiday.

Might be impatience too, I hate it when big things like Final Solution and article importing go slow. It diverts attention from content, and everyone knows how zealous I am when it comes to content. Zone 01:25, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Canon roll[edit]

I agree completely. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Sannse, don't you want to kiss the seat of my pants? I DOMINATE! ――–――――― 23:28, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Importing[edit]

Yes, but I am making changes to everything I import. To the articles which I won't change, I'm going to use Special:Import. -- N-Sig.PNG ¤ (User page!) (The Cookie Master, bow!)

RE: Court systems in Antarctica[edit]

Yes, I'm working on the court hierarchy.

In other words, the Leader is CREATING AWESOMENESS and expanding on EBUL: please check out his big USECP article, and my follow-up, USECP v. EBUL V!!

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) HE'S FEELING GREAT, WITH HIS GRAPEFRUIT-SIZED PROSTATE! I DOMINATE! ――–――――― 22:13, 13 November 2010 (UTC)

CHAT LOG[edit]

[2010-11-13 17:27:07] [INFO] Now logging to <file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Mozilla%20Firefox/chatzilla/logs/freenode/users/SnoopingGil.2010-11-13.log>.

[2010-11-13 17:27:07] [INFO] Query view for ``SnoopingGil'' opened.

[2010-11-13 17:27:07] <SnoopingGil> It was really crowdd back there.

[2010-11-13 17:27:08] === SnoopingGil <[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.> ``''

[2010-11-13 17:27:08] === SnoopingGil: member of #wikia-CPFW

[2010-11-13 17:27:08] === SnoopingGil: attached to ``London, England''

[2010-11-13 17:27:08] --- End of WHOIS information for SnoopingGil.

[2010-11-13 17:33:57] <SnoopingGil> ....

[2010-11-13 17:34:44] <TurtleShroom> :|

[2010-11-13 17:34:52] <SnoopingGil> Okay then.

[2010-11-13 17:34:57] <SnoopingGil> What was your idea for the hierachy?

[2010-11-13 17:35:02] <SnoopingGil> Starting at the top, please.

[2010-11-13 17:35:09] <TurtleShroom> Oh, at the top?

[2010-11-13 17:35:12] <TurtleShroom> The SPC.

[2010-11-13 17:35:19] <SnoopingGil> SPC is judicial?

[2010-11-13 17:35:20] <TurtleShroom> ...-but they rarely hear it.

[2010-11-13 17:35:20] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 17:35:27] <SnoopingGil> I thought it was a legislature.

[2010-11-13 17:35:30] <SnoopingGil> A national legislature.

[2010-11-13 17:35:34] <TurtleShroom> They /could/, or, specifically Judge Xavier could.

[2010-11-13 17:35:39] <SnoopingGil> And a very ineffictive one, too.

[2010-11-13 17:35:51] <SnoopingGil> I guess the judicial branch is the part that writes most laws.

[2010-11-13 17:35:53] <TurtleShroom> Their law is all that can override the laws of court.

[2010-11-13 17:36:01] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:36:03] <TurtleShroom> They don't write as much law as you'd think...

[2010-11-13 17:36:09] <SnoopingGil> Yeah.

[2010-11-13 17:36:10] <TurtleShroom> ...-because they apply to the whole nation.

[2010-11-13 17:36:22] <SnoopingGil> A bit like Supreme Court and Congress...

[2010-11-13 17:36:23] <SnoopingGil> ...combined?

[2010-11-13 17:36:25] <TurtleShroom> Court precedent is only enforced where the court has jurisdiction.

[2010-11-13 17:36:29] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:36:36] <TurtleShroom> SPC law is nationwide bar none.

[2010-11-13 17:36:40] <SnoopingGil> But they can't be appealed to.

[2010-11-13 17:36:43] <SnoopingGil> That would make them a Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:36:48] <SnoopingGil> ...and TEH SUPREME COURT IS A LIE.

[2010-11-13 17:36:50] <TurtleShroom> Right. They can't be appealed too.

[2010-11-13 17:37:01] <TurtleShroom> They can call a court case to them, but not vice-versa.

[2010-11-13 17:37:06] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:37:09] <TurtleShroom> Again, though Xavier can.

[2010-11-13 17:37:17] <SnoopingGil> Moving downwards...

[2010-11-13 17:37:20] <SnoopingGil> ...the Big Three.

[2010-11-13 17:37:22] <TurtleShroom> Moving down...

[2010-11-13 17:37:23] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:37:26] <SnoopingGil> District Courts.

[2010-11-13 17:37:30] <TurtleShroom> There are three reigonal federal supreme courts.

[2010-11-13 17:37:34] <SnoopingGil> West Antarctica, East Antarctica, and Nautical Antarctica.

[2010-11-13 17:37:40] <TurtleShroom> Under them are three federal courts of appeal for each supreme.

[2010-11-13 17:37:48] <TurtleShroom> That's a total of twelve federal courts.

[2010-11-13 17:37:48] <SnoopingGil> GourdZoid Council should be the Supreme Court of West Antarctica.

[2010-11-13 17:37:53] <TurtleShroom> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 17:38:01] <TurtleShroom> That's actually not that bad an idea!

[2010-11-13 17:38:08] <SnoopingGil> So each Supreme Court has three appellate courts?

[2010-11-13 17:38:08] <TurtleShroom> ...-but they're so biased it's not funny.

[2010-11-13 17:38:13] <SnoopingGil> Meh.

[2010-11-13 17:38:14] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:38:17] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:38:22] <SnoopingGil> And each appellate court serves...

[2010-11-13 17:38:25] <TurtleShroom> Under that are the state supreme courts.

[2010-11-13 17:38:29] <SnoopingGil> Are they on the same level?

[2010-11-13 17:38:33] <SnoopingGil> Or are they on a hierarchy>

[2010-11-13 17:38:35] <TurtleShroom> Then the state appeals circuit.

[2010-11-13 17:38:38] <TurtleShroom> Hmm?

[2010-11-13 17:38:47] <SnoopingGil> Are the district appellate courts on the same level?

[2010-11-13 17:38:50] <TurtleShroom> No, each federal appeal, below one of the Big Three, are on the same level.

[2010-11-13 17:38:52] <SnoopingGil> Or are they on a hierarchy?

[2010-11-13 17:39:01] <TurtleShroom> Just like USA Courts of Appeal.

[2010-11-13 17:39:03] <SnoopingGil> But there are three appellate courts for each supreme court.

[2010-11-13 17:39:06] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 17:39:10] <TurtleShroom> Those are the three.

[2010-11-13 17:39:13] <SnoopingGil> Are those three appellates on the same level?

[2010-11-13 17:39:17] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:39:25] <TurtleShroom> Let's say we have Reigonal Nautical Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:39:38] <TurtleShroom> Under RNSC is three courts of appeal.

[2010-11-13 17:39:39] <SnoopingGil> Supreme Court of Nautical Ant.

[2010-11-13 17:39:49] <SnoopingGil> Appellate Courts.

[2010-11-13 17:39:52] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:39:58] <SnoopingGil> Appellate sounds better than Court of Appeal IMO.

[2010-11-13 17:40:02] <TurtleShroom> These three preside over three reigons in Nautical Antarctica.

[2010-11-13 17:40:07] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 17:40:18] <SnoopingGil> Weddell another...

[2010-11-13 17:40:19] <SnoopingGil> Sub-Antarctica is one.

[2010-11-13 17:40:22] <TurtleShroom> Under these three federals, is the State Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:40:28] <SnoopingGil> ...and the rest are free republics.

[2010-11-13 17:40:28] <TurtleShroom> Each state has one.

[2010-11-13 17:40:34] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:40:41] <SnoopingGil> Cases in free republics...

[2010-11-13 17:40:48] <TurtleShroom> Are soverign.

[2010-11-13 17:40:53] <SnoopingGil> ?

[2010-11-13 17:40:59] <TurtleShroom> They all have their own precedents.

[2010-11-13 17:41:02] <SnoopingGil> Can't they go to a District Appellate?

[2010-11-13 17:41:11] <SnoopingGil> A special District Appellate?

[2010-11-13 17:41:12] <TurtleShroom> If two Dorkugese sue, they go to Dorkugese courts.

[2010-11-13 17:41:14] <SnoopingGil> For Free Republics?

[2010-11-13 17:41:21] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 17:41:29] <SnoopingGil> What if a Dorkugese sues someone from CP?

[2010-11-13 17:41:30] <TurtleShroom> I count Free Republics as independent nations. I always have.

[2010-11-13 17:41:32] <SnoopingGil> Or vice-versa?

[2010-11-13 17:41:39] <SnoopingGil> They are represented in the SPC.

[2010-11-13 17:41:42] <TurtleShroom> Then it's up for the decision of the two battled.

[2010-11-13 17:42:01] <SnoopingGil> Hm.

[2010-11-13 17:42:02] <TurtleShroom> Back to state supreme courts.

[2010-11-13 17:42:05] <SnoopingGil> Okay.
2010-11-13 17:42:17] <TurtleShroom> Under the state is any number of  appeal courts there.

[2010-11-13 17:42:19] <TurtleShroom> SA has three.

[2010-11-13 17:42:19] <SnoopingGil> Each State Supreme Court has...

[2010-11-13 17:42:24] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:42:30] <SnoopingGil> Three appellates?

[2010-11-13 17:42:31] <TurtleShroom> Eastshield... I don't know yet.

[2010-11-13 17:42:35] <SnoopingGil> Eastshield?

[2010-11-13 17:42:36] <SnoopingGil> Meh.

[2010-11-13 17:42:38] <SnoopingGil> A bunch.

[2010-11-13 17:42:49] <TurtleShroom> West Pengolia has one.

[2010-11-13 17:42:58] <SnoopingGil> Lol.

[2010-11-13 17:43:04] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:43:09] <SnoopingGil> Are there any special courts?

[2010-11-13 17:43:13] <TurtleShroom> Trans-Antarctica has four.

[2010-11-13 17:43:14] <SnoopingGil> Like Juvenile, Family...

[2010-11-13 17:43:16] <TurtleShroom> Oh...

[2010-11-13 17:43:17] <TurtleShroom> Uh...

[2010-11-13 17:43:21] <SnoopingGil> ...Water...

[2010-11-13 17:43:23] <SnoopingGil> ...stuff like that.

[2010-11-13 17:43:23] <TurtleShroom> I haven't considered that.

[2010-11-13 17:43:40] <SnoopingGil> And what about pointless bureaucratic stuff?

[2010-11-13 17:43:41] <TurtleShroom> Admirality courts would probably have something to do with Dan's CNIC.

[2010-11-13 17:43:45] <TurtleShroom> No, courts are efficient.

[2010-11-13 17:43:52] <SnoopingGil> Like courts LOWER than an original court.

[2010-11-13 17:43:52] <TurtleShroom> Except when it's trans-national.

[2010-11-13 17:43:53] <SnoopingGil> Or something.

[2010-11-13 17:44:00] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 17:44:08] <TurtleShroom> ...-and specialty courts have problems.

[2010-11-13 17:44:30] <SnoopingGil> So, take a case up through the system for me.

[2010-11-13 17:44:34] <TurtleShroom> Bellow state appealate courts are courts of original entry.

[2010-11-13 17:44:35] <SnoopingGil> Starting at the lowest level.

[2010-11-13 17:44:38] <TurtleShroom> Which state do you want?

[2010-11-13 17:44:46] <SnoopingGil> Trans-Antarctica.

[2010-11-13 17:44:49] <TurtleShroom> So be it.

[2010-11-13 17:44:58] <TurtleShroom> A miner has a problem with another miner.

[2010-11-13 17:45:03] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 17:45:12] <TurtleShroom> Mainly, he hates how this miner's daughter listens to loud music at night.

[2010-11-13 17:45:16] <SnoopingGil> LOL

[2010-11-13 17:45:18] <TurtleShroom> His down has no noise law.

[2010-11-13 17:45:26] <TurtleShroom> His /town/, pardon.

[2010-11-13 17:45:28] <TurtleShroom> He sues.

[2010-11-13 17:45:40] <SnoopingGil> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 17:45:49] <TurtleShroom> As the legal owner of the chick (custody) the miner's parents go to court against him.

[2010-11-13 17:45:58] <TurtleShroom> We start in point of original entry.

[2010-11-13 17:46:06] <SnoopingGil> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 17:46:07] <TurtleShroom> Miner wins. Parents appeal.

[2010-11-13 17:46:16] <TurtleShroom> Court of appeal in their reigon.

[2010-11-13 17:46:18] <SnoopingGil> So they go from a municipal court to...

[2010-11-13 17:46:25] <TurtleShroom> Miner wins. Parents appeal.

[2010-11-13 17:46:26] <SnoopingGil> ...the corresponding Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 17:46:29] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:46:31] <SnoopingGil> Then they go to....

[2010-11-13 17:46:36] <TurtleShroom> State Supreme.

[2010-11-13 17:46:39] <SnoopingGil> State Supreme Court?

[2010-11-13 17:46:41] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:46:42] <TurtleShroom> Miner wins, parents appeal.

[2010-11-13 17:46:45] <TurtleShroom> Cue long wait.

[2010-11-13 17:46:48] <SnoopingGil> They go to the...

[2010-11-13 17:46:53] <SnoopingGil> District Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 17:46:54] <TurtleShroom> Federal district appealate.

[2010-11-13 17:46:56] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:47:03] <TurtleShroom> Miner wins. Parents appeal.

[2010-11-13 17:47:06] <SnoopingGil> The West Antarctica District Appellate Court...

[2010-11-13 17:47:07] <SnoopingGil> ...then...

[2010-11-13 17:47:11] <TurtleShroom> Long wait.

[2010-11-13 17:47:17] <TurtleShroom> Up to the Big Three.

[2010-11-13 17:47:19] <SnoopingGil> West Antarctica District Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:47:24] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:47:25] <SnoopingGil> No, first at the District Court.

[2010-11-13 17:47:41] <SnoopingGil> If the losing side wants to appeal, they take it to another district.

[2010-11-13 17:47:49] <SnoopingGil> So the miner wins...

[2010-11-13 17:47:59] <SnoopingGil> ...and the parents appeal to the East Antarctica District Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:48:01] <TurtleShroom> Actually, let's say Miner loses in reigon supreme.

[2010-11-13 17:48:05] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 17:48:08] <TurtleShroom> No, they go to their reigon.

[2010-11-13 17:48:12] <TurtleShroom> It's straight up.

[2010-11-13 17:48:24] <SnoopingGil> No, after the District case.
[2010-11-13 17:48:31] <TurtleShroom> Parents won TA-district. Miner appeals.

[2010-11-13 17:48:39] <SnoopingGil> Wait.

[2010-11-13 17:48:39] <TurtleShroom> The second of the Big Three is the loser's choice.

[2010-11-13 17:48:44] <SnoopingGil> Wait...

[2010-11-13 17:48:56] <TurtleShroom> You need picture?

[2010-11-13 17:48:58] <SnoopingGil> Doesn't an appellate court send a case BACK down the line?

[2010-11-13 17:49:03] <TurtleShroom> Not here.

[2010-11-13 17:49:05] <SnoopingGil> If they change the verdict.

[2010-11-13 17:49:07] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 17:49:21] <SnoopingGil> I guess that makes it easier, then.

[2010-11-13 17:49:24] <TurtleShroom> Although, that might be better.

[2010-11-13 17:49:39] <SnoopingGil> So the parents appealed to the West Antarctica District Appellate Court...

[2010-11-13 17:49:41] <SnoopingGil> ...and WON.

[2010-11-13 17:49:41] <TurtleShroom> Yeah, let's say they one of the three federal reigon appeals send them back to State Supreme.

[2010-11-13 17:49:43] <SnoopingGil> Then what?

[2010-11-13 17:49:47] <TurtleShroom> If they lose.

[2010-11-13 17:49:52] <TurtleShroom> ...-but the miner here didn't/

[2010-11-13 17:50:00] <SnoopingGil> Wait, what level are we talking here?

[2010-11-13 17:50:03] <TurtleShroom> He won state and the next up, so he went to his Big Three.

[2010-11-13 17:50:03] <SnoopingGil> District Appellate?

[2010-11-13 17:50:06] <SnoopingGil> Or District Supreme?

[2010-11-13 17:50:14] <TurtleShroom> Dsitrict Supreme is where we are now.

[2010-11-13 17:50:18] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 17:50:30] <SnoopingGil> So the miner LOST at the W Antarctica Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:50:30] <TurtleShroom> Big Three = District Supreme (but I prefer the B3 to be Reigon Supreme).

[2010-11-13 17:50:33] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:50:45] <TurtleShroom> The loser, if he appeals, chooses the next circuit.

[2010-11-13 17:50:48] <SnoopingGil> So the losing side gets to pick the second district supreme court.

[2010-11-13 17:50:52] <TurtleShroom> He'll take Nautical.

[2010-11-13 17:50:53] <SnoopingGil> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 17:50:58] <TurtleShroom> He wins.

[2010-11-13 17:51:03] <TurtleShroom> Now it's 1-1.

[2010-11-13 17:51:07] <SnoopingGil> That requires them to go to the final court.

[2010-11-13 17:51:10] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:51:15] <SnoopingGil> E Antarctica District Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 17:51:18] <SnoopingGil> It's in SPC.

[2010-11-13 17:51:19] <TurtleShroom> East Reigon Supreme. Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:51:30] <TurtleShroom> Parents win.

[2010-11-13 17:51:36] <SnoopingGil> Parents WIN.

[2010-11-13 17:51:38] <TurtleShroom> So it's finished.

[2010-11-13 17:51:50] <TurtleShroom> By majority of the two majority court's majorities...

[2010-11-13 17:51:55] <TurtleShroom> It's Parents' victory.

[2010-11-13 17:51:57] <SnoopingGil> The parents win.

[2010-11-13 17:51:58] <SnoopingGil> BUT...

[2010-11-13 17:52:05] <TurtleShroom> There is ONE option.

[2010-11-13 17:52:09] <SnoopingGil> ...what if the SP Council decides to take up the case?

[2010-11-13 17:52:14] <TurtleShroom> If Judge Xavier sees the case as extremely important...

[2010-11-13 17:52:17] <SnoopingGil> What's the term for that?

[2010-11-13 17:52:19] <TurtleShroom> He can bring it to himself.

[2010-11-13 17:52:21] <SnoopingGil> Appeal by invitation?

[2010-11-13 17:52:27] <TurtleShroom> There is no RL word.

[2010-11-13 17:52:30] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 17:52:32] <SnoopingGil> We'll call it that.

[2010-11-13 17:52:34] <TurtleShroom> You'd have to find it online.

[2010-11-13 17:52:38] <TurtleShroom> It probably exists.

[2010-11-13 17:52:49] <TurtleShroom> Really, Xavier's Summons is better sounding to me.

[2010-11-13 17:53:01] <TurtleShroom> (He was granted Xavier's Summons.)

[2010-11-13 17:53:02] <SnoopingGil> The SPC would be called the National Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 17:53:09] <TurtleShroom> No, it's still SPC.

[2010-11-13 17:53:18] <SnoopingGil> No, that's the judicial function of the SPC.

[2010-11-13 17:53:22] <TurtleShroom> Except it's South Pole Court.

[2010-11-13 17:53:27] <SnoopingGil> OOOOH....

[2010-11-13 17:53:34] <SnoopingGil> South Pole National Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 17:53:44] <TurtleShroom> The Chief Justice (Xavier) is the only judge on the panel.

[2010-11-13 17:53:51] <TurtleShroom> ...-and he's famous for total impartiality.

[2010-11-13 17:53:52] <SnoopingGil> The delegates are juries?

[2010-11-13 17:53:56] <SnoopingGil> Wow.

[2010-11-13 17:53:59] <TurtleShroom> No, juries are for weenies. :P

[2010-11-13 17:54:04] <SnoopingGil> Oh, right.

[2010-11-13 17:54:08] <SnoopingGil> Appellate courts have no jury.

[2010-11-13 17:54:14] <TurtleShroom> No court in Antarctica has trial by jury, Explorer.

[2010-11-13 17:54:20] <SnoopingGil> WHAT

[2010-11-13 17:54:20] <TurtleShroom> It's the judge's decision.

[2010-11-13 17:54:28] <TurtleShroom> They have /Grand/ juries, though.

[2010-11-13 17:54:35] <SnoopingGil> Can the jury be reduced to an advisory panel?

[2010-11-13 17:54:37] <TurtleShroom> No.

[2010-11-13 17:54:40] <SnoopingGil> WHY NOT.

[2010-11-13 17:54:44] <TurtleShroom> It's the lawyers trying to win the judge.

[2010-11-13 17:54:49] <SnoopingGil> They don't decide the case.

[2010-11-13 17:54:53] <TurtleShroom> ...-becuase this is a Krytocracy.

[2010-11-13 17:54:55] <SnoopingGil> They just advise the judge....

[2010-11-13 17:54:57] <TurtleShroom> Rule by judges.

[2010-11-13 17:54:58] <SnoopingGil> ....oh, right.

[2010-11-13 17:55:00] <SnoopingGil> ERGH

[2010-11-13 17:55:08] <SnoopingGil> No wonder the judiciary branch has so much power.

[2010-11-13 17:55:09] <TurtleShroom> Yeah, USA law's tough, isn't it?

[2010-11-13 17:55:12] <TurtleShroom> Right!

[2010-11-13 17:55:14] <SnoopingGil> LOL

[2010-11-13 17:55:17] <TurtleShroom> You forgot about that!

[2010-11-13 17:55:32] <SnoopingGil> Hmm, interesting.

[2010-11-13 17:55:46] <SnoopingGil> Want me to save this?

[2010-11-13 17:55:47] <TurtleShroom> Of course, the Constitutional Writing Squad made a pretty obvious error.

[2010-11-13 17:55:57] <TurtleShroom> Can you guess it?

[2010-11-13 17:55:58] <SnoopingGil> I installed an add-on that lets me save webpages.

[2010-11-13 17:56:04] <SnoopingGil> No checks and balances?

[2010-11-13 17:56:11] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 17:56:15] <TurtleShroom> ...-but specifically, what?

[2010-11-13 17:56:16] <SnoopingGil> Of course.

[2010-11-13 17:56:27] <SnoopingGil> The executive's just a figurehead...

[2010-11-13 17:56:29] <TurtleShroom> In the court system without a jury, what's the issue?

[2010-11-13 17:56:36] <SnoopingGil> Oh...

[2010-11-13 17:56:43] <SnoopingGil> ...the citizens don't get a say?

[2010-11-13 17:56:49] <SnoopingGil> Because jurors are citizens.

[2010-11-13 17:56:56] <TurtleShroom> Well, yeah, but I'm focusing on the judges here.

[2010-11-13 17:57:04] <SnoopingGil> Absolute judge power?

[2010-11-13 17:57:18] <TurtleShroom> Yes, but I'm focusing on the actual creature in the robes.

[2010-11-13 17:57:22] <SnoopingGil> Um...

[2010-11-13 17:57:26] <SnoopingGil> ...non-impartiality?

[2010-11-13 17:57:30] <TurtleShroom> BINGO.

[2010-11-13 17:57:32] <SnoopingGil> Ah.

[2010-11-13 17:57:37] <TurtleShroom> While it's traditional to be non-partial...

[2010-11-13 17:57:42] <TurtleShroom> ...there is no mandate to do it.

[2010-11-13 17:57:53] <TurtleShroom> Look at /USECP v. EBUL V/.

[2010-11-13 17:57:57] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 17:58:01] <SnoopingGil> I saw.

[2010-11-13 17:58:14] <SnoopingGil> The judges for the Sub-Antarctic State Supreme Court are...

[2010-11-13 17:58:16] <SnoopingGil> ...biased....

[2010-11-13 17:58:23] <SnoopingGil> I agree with the male guy.

[2010-11-13 17:58:26] <TurtleShroom> The only rules the judges have to follow are that they can rule by evidence.

[2010-11-13 17:58:30] <SnoopingGil> EBUL may be unfair...

[2010-11-13 17:58:33] <TurtleShroom> They can't make something up.

[2010-11-13 17:58:35] <SnoopingGil> ...but they are necessary.

[2010-11-13 17:58:39] <SnoopingGil> Necessary evil.

[2010-11-13 17:58:47] <TurtleShroom> The majority concurrence had to rule on evidence.

[2010-11-13 17:58:52] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 17:59:01] <TurtleShroom> While they were biased, they couldn't have said yes if there wasn't /evidence/ to show it.

[2010-11-13 17:59:08] <TurtleShroom> (That's why grand juries still exist in USA.)

[2010-11-13 17:59:15] <SnoopingGil> Heh heh.

[2010-11-13 17:59:34] <TurtleShroom> Besides, all judges have to pass tests to get their license...

[2010-11-13 17:59:41] <SnoopingGil> Heh heh.

[2010-11-13 17:59:44] <TurtleShroom> ...-and even then, you have to get a seat in a court.

[2010-11-13 17:59:47] <SnoopingGil> You need to make an article for this.

[2010-11-13 17:59:54] <SnoopingGil> "Judiciary of the USA"

[2010-11-13 17:59:59] <SnoopingGil> And list the hierarchies.

[2010-11-13 18:00:00] <TurtleShroom> Of course, with all of the courts in Antarctica... that's not the hardest thing in the universe.

[2010-11-13 18:00:07] <TurtleShroom> Take Rad, for example.

[2010-11-13 18:00:10] <SnoopingGil> South Pole National Appellate Court...

[2010-11-13 18:00:19] <SnoopingGil> ....District Supreme Courts...

[2010-11-13 18:00:24] <SnoopingGil> ...District Appellates...

[2010-11-13 18:00:34] <SnoopingGil> ...State Supreme...

[2010-11-13 18:00:37] <SnoopingGil> ...State Apellate...

[2010-11-13 18:00:41] <TurtleShroom> District Supreme is Reigon Supreme, for ease of recall.

[2010-11-13 18:00:42] <SnoopingGil> ...what's the lowest level called?

[2010-11-13 18:00:47] <SnoopingGil> Region, TS.

[2010-11-13 18:00:52] <TurtleShroom> Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:00:54] <SnoopingGil> Besides, district sounds nicer.

[2010-11-13 18:00:55] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:00:59] <SnoopingGil> Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:01:06] <TurtleShroom> Some courts are higher than others in the point of entry.

[2010-11-13 18:01:15] <TurtleShroom> Original jurisdiction may vary.

[2010-11-13 18:01:28] <SnoopingGil> Also, have you seen White Point Light?

[2010-11-13 18:01:32] <SnoopingGil> The article on the Lighthouse.

[2010-11-13 18:01:44] <TurtleShroom> For example, the so-called "Level Zero" courts (like in Treasure Giving Statute) are so tiny, that they actually are funnelled into bigger courts of original entry.

[2010-11-13 18:01:44] <SnoopingGil> I emailed you a draft and posted the article a few hours later.

[2010-11-13 18:01:50] <SnoopingGil> Hah!

[2010-11-13 18:01:55] <SnoopingGil> Level Zero?

[2010-11-13 18:01:56] <TurtleShroom> Mattress Village's courthouse is so small that it's in the town hall.

[2010-11-13 18:02:04] <SnoopingGil> So Level Zero courts...

[2010-11-13 18:02:10] <SnoopingGil> ...where do you appeal from there?

[2010-11-13 18:02:15] <TurtleShroom> Are so low that they are practically a city council.

[2010-11-13 18:02:16] <SnoopingGil> A municipal court?

[2010-11-13 18:02:21] <TurtleShroom> Maybe.

[2010-11-13 18:02:28] <TurtleShroom> If you're far enough...

[2010-11-13 18:02:32] <SnoopingGil> Then you go to State Apellate and so on.

[2010-11-13 18:02:34] <TurtleShroom> There's the equivalent of country courts.

[2010-11-13 18:02:41] <TurtleShroom> I mean county.

[2010-11-13 18:02:45] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:02:46] <TurtleShroom> Yoenah, for example.

[2010-11-13 18:02:47] <SnoopingGil> Wait...

[2010-11-13 18:02:53] <SnoopingGil> Level 0..

[2010-11-13 18:02:56] <SnoopingGil> ...then Municipal...

[2010-11-13 18:02:57] <TurtleShroom> Yoenah has no municipal or level zero court.

[2010-11-13 18:03:01] <SnoopingGil> ...then County...

[2010-11-13 18:03:05] <SnoopingGil> ...then State Apellate....

[2010-11-13 18:03:06] <TurtleShroom> They have to go for county.

[2010-11-13 18:03:11] <TurtleShroom> Actually, it's...

[2010-11-13 18:03:16] <SnoopingGil> Shouldn't State Apellates serve multiple counties?

[2010-11-13 18:03:16] <TurtleShroom> Zero,

[2010-11-13 18:03:24] <TurtleShroom> Count,

[2010-11-13 18:03:27] <TurtleShroom> Municipal,

[2010-11-13 18:03:34] <SnoopingGil> County, THEN Municipal>

[2010-11-13 18:03:34] <TurtleShroom> State Appeal,

[2010-11-13 18:03:35] <SnoopingGil> ?

[2010-11-13 18:03:38] <TurtleShroom> State Supreme,

[2010-11-13 18:03:42] <TurtleShroom> Federal Appeal,

[2010-11-13 18:03:49] <TurtleShroom> Federal Supreme (x3),

[2010-11-13 18:03:51] <SnoopingGil> District Apellate...

[2010-11-13 18:03:52] <TurtleShroom> SPC.

[2010-11-13 18:03:56] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:04:00] <TurtleShroom> IN THAT ORDER.

[2010-11-13 18:04:04] <SnoopingGil> SPNAC.

[2010-11-13 18:04:10] <TurtleShroom> County courts preside over swaths of unincorprated land.

[2010-11-13 18:04:15] <SnoopingGil> Also, should the federal and state systems be divided?

[2010-11-13 18:04:18] <SnoopingGil> Like in the real USA?

[2010-11-13 18:04:19] <TurtleShroom> They are funneled to the nearest city.

[2010-11-13 18:04:21] <TurtleShroom> Huh?

[2010-11-13 18:04:34] <SnoopingGil> The idea I got was that there are two systems of court in the real USA...

[2010-11-13 18:04:36] <TurtleShroom> Well, if you exhaust the state, you head to federal.

[2010-11-13 18:04:37] <SnoopingGil> ...state and federal.

[2010-11-13 18:04:46] <TurtleShroom> UNLESS the law is already federal.

[2010-11-13 18:04:48] <SnoopingGil> If you exhaust the state, you go straight to Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 18:04:54] <SnoopingGil> That's the impression I got.

[2010-11-13 18:05:02] <SnoopingGil> Meh.

[2010-11-13 18:05:08] <SnoopingGil> That would make it confusing.

[2010-11-13 18:05:10] <TurtleShroom> Well, if the law is multi-state, you /start/ in federal.

[2010-11-13 18:05:15] <TurtleShroom> Interstate commerce, ya know.

[2010-11-13 18:05:15] <SnoopingGil> Let's stick with what we have.

[2010-11-13 18:05:22] <TurtleShroom> CP, for example...

[2010-11-13 18:05:23] <SnoopingGil> Also, what about people suing from different states?

[2010-11-13 18:05:25] <TurtleShroom> Has no courts.

[2010-11-13 18:05:35] <TurtleShroom> So you start in State Appeal.

[2010-11-13 18:05:39] <SnoopingGil> So you go straight to the State Appellate level.

[2010-11-13 18:05:40] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:05:50] <SnoopingGil> But what if people suing each other are from different DISTRICTS?

[2010-11-13 18:05:53] <TurtleShroom> Some courts have original jurisdiction, and some special cases go weird areas.

[2010-11-13 18:06:01] <TurtleShroom> Districts?

[2010-11-13 18:06:18] <TurtleShroom> Like we have one guy in Sub-Antarctica 1 suing a guy in SA3?

[2010-11-13 18:06:19] <SnoopingGil> If people suing each other are from different states, they go to the District Appellate, right?

[2010-11-13 18:06:31] <TurtleShroom> Hmm... I didn't think of that. Hold on a moment...

[2010-11-13 18:06:39] <SnoopingGil> But what happens when a guy from Eastshield sues a guy from Amery Island (which is Nautical)?

[2010-11-13 18:06:50] <SnoopingGil> Which District Court do they go to?

[2010-11-13 18:07:02] <TurtleShroom> I guess the defendant's choice.

[2010-11-13 18:07:09] <TurtleShroom> Since he's being forced to go.

[2010-11-13 18:07:17] <TurtleShroom> While the plaintiff is willingly entering.

[2010-11-13 18:07:21] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:07:30] <SnoopingGil> So the option is between either District Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 18:07:34] <TurtleShroom> If one is summoned, in RL and here, they /have/ to go.

[2010-11-13 18:07:41] <SnoopingGil> That's entering on the Federal Supreme level.

[2010-11-13 18:07:43] <TurtleShroom> Of course, there's a problem about krytocracy.

[2010-11-13 18:07:54] <TurtleShroom> When a court writes a law...

[2010-11-13 18:07:57] <TurtleShroom> By precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:08:01] <SnoopingGil> Mmmhmm.

[2010-11-13 18:08:14] <TurtleShroom> That law is in effect only under the jurisdiction of the court.

[2010-11-13 18:08:30] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:08:35] <TurtleShroom> A Level Zero court governs its area, who answer to one above, and so on... each having supremacy over 
the other.

[2010-11-13 18:08:45] <SnoopingGil> Oay.

[2010-11-13 18:08:47] <SnoopingGil> Okay*

[2010-11-13 18:08:58] <TurtleShroom> Except the Big Three, where the majority opinion applies nationally.

[2010-11-13 18:09:06] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 18:09:19] <SnoopingGil> Well, only if you appeal to multiple district courts.

[2010-11-13 18:09:22] <TurtleShroom> ...-and the SPC, which effects any place with a delegate.

[2010-11-13 18:09:43] <SnoopingGil> If you end the appellation process at one District Supreme Court, it's just that district.

[2010-11-13 18:09:49] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:09:57] <TurtleShroom> ...-but if you take another, you have to go all the way.

[2010-11-13 18:09:59] <SnoopingGil> But when you get other districts tied in...

[2010-11-13 18:10:02] <SnoopingGil>'s national.

[2010-11-13 18:10:05] <TurtleShroom> It can't be 1-1, it must be 1-2.

[2010-11-13 18:10:33] <TurtleShroom> Of course, there's one problem I see in trans-district cases.

[2010-11-13 18:10:35] <SnoopingGil> Two District Courts have to agree with the case.

[2010-11-13 18:10:47] <TurtleShroom> Right, on the B3/Supreme level.

[2010-11-13 18:10:54] <SnoopingGil> B3 level.

[2010-11-13 18:11:06] <TurtleShroom> Of course, there's one problem I see in trans-area cases.

[2010-11-13 18:11:10] <SnoopingGil> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 18:11:22] <TurtleShroom> The krytocracy stuff is fine if the suit involves two from the same place.

[2010-11-13 18:11:33] <TurtleShroom> CP resident v. CP resident and up each district in a straight line.

[2010-11-13 18:11:35] <SnoopingGil> Same district.

[2010-11-13 18:11:41] <TurtleShroom> Any law a judge chooses to make effects both equally.

[2010-11-13 18:11:48] <SnoopingGil> But if it's trans-district?...

[2010-11-13 18:11:52] <TurtleShroom> ...-but if it's a TA resident versus Eastshield...

[2010-11-13 18:11:59] <TurtleShroom> Things get tricky for my mind.

[2010-11-13 18:12:09] <SnoopingGil> Hmm..

[2010-11-13 18:12:10] <TurtleShroom> Or, even lower, one city versus another, or a county versus a city.

[2010-11-13 18:12:17] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 18:12:24] <TurtleShroom> I mean, if they're not in the same district...

[2010-11-13 18:12:30] <TurtleShroom> Then what if a judge writes a law?

[2010-11-13 18:12:37] <SnoopingGil> What happens with a state government suing a person from another district?

[2010-11-13 18:12:52] <SnoopingGil> Or governments and corporations in general?

[2010-11-13 18:12:58] <TurtleShroom> Not there yet.

[2010-11-13 18:13:04] <TurtleShroom> I'm still on individuals.

[2010-11-13 18:13:08] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:13:13] <SnoopingGil> So...

[2010-11-13 18:13:20] <TurtleShroom> So, if we have an Eastshieldian guy against a TA guy...

[2010-11-13 18:13:26] <SnoopingGil> ...say a miner in TA is suing a power company over in Inland.

[2010-11-13 18:13:29] <TurtleShroom> Whose court does it get?

[2010-11-13 18:13:35] <SnoopingGil> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 18:13:38] <SnoopingGil> The defendant gets to choose.

[2010-11-13 18:13:45] <TurtleShroom> ...-and what happens if the judge sees the need to not just rule, but write precedant?

[2010-11-13 18:13:59] <SnoopingGil> It should apply to all districts involved.

[2010-11-13 18:14:03] <SnoopingGil> Or nationally.

[2010-11-13 18:14:16] <SnoopingGil> This is why a seperate federal system might be nice.

[2010-11-13 18:14:17] <TurtleShroom> Does an Eastshieldian judge have the right to write a new law into his jurisdiction that doesn't invlove him?

[2010-11-13 18:14:34] <TurtleShroom> I mean, if a Pengolian sues SA, and the case is in Pengolia...

[2010-11-13 18:14:43] <TurtleShroom> ...-and the battle is nautical...

[2010-11-13 18:14:50] <SnoopingGil> Ergh.

[2010-11-13 18:14:54] <TurtleShroom> What in the world would State Supreme of Pengolia know about boats?

[2010-11-13 18:14:58] <SnoopingGil> We need a separate system to handle this.

[2010-11-13 18:15:06] <SnoopingGil> See, this is why a SUPREME COURT is a good idea.

[2010-11-13 18:15:09] <TurtleShroom> (...-and by the way, Pengolia is all Penghis, so he sits on his State Supreme.)

[2010-11-13 18:15:16] <TurtleShroom> That's what B3 is for.

[2010-11-13 18:15:16] <SnoopingGil> But we can't have a Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 18:15:24] <SnoopingGil> Yes, but the districts are divided!

[2010-11-13 18:15:37] <TurtleShroom> The 2-1 opinion of those three is national.

[2010-11-13 18:15:40] <SnoopingGil> No one district can write precedent for another district!

[2010-11-13 18:15:44] <TurtleShroom> Correct.

[2010-11-13 18:15:53] <SnoopingGil> So...

[2010-11-13 18:15:59] <SnoopingGil> ...wait a minute.

[2010-11-13 18:16:04] <TurtleShroom> Well, maybe there's a special sub-circuit.

[2010-11-13 18:16:06] <SnoopingGil> If the case is trans-district...

[2010-11-13 18:16:11] <TurtleShroom> If the case is trans-district...

[2010-11-13 18:16:22] <TurtleShroom> Maybe the judges have to go to a meet-in-the-middle sort of thing./

[2010-11-13 18:16:24] <SnoopingGil> ...the case goes to the defendant's choice of district court.

[2010-11-13 18:16:28] <SnoopingGil> BUT...

[2010-11-13 18:16:37] <SnoopingGil> ...if the presiding judge wants to write precedent...

[2010-11-13 18:16:38] <TurtleShroom> So, all judges involved have to make a decision as one, majority.

[2010-11-13 18:16:43] <SnoopingGil> ...THEY HAVE TO TAKE IT TO THE SPC.

[2010-11-13 18:16:49] <TurtleShroom> No, BETTER IDEA.

[2010-11-13 18:16:52] <SnoopingGil> ....

[2010-11-13 18:17:04] <SnoopingGil> What is it, then?

[2010-11-13 18:17:07] <TurtleShroom> If the judge wants to write precedent in a trans-district case...

[2010-11-13 18:17:20] <SnoopingGil> Say, Pengolian sues CP-er.

[2010-11-13 18:17:23] <TurtleShroom> They have to get the judge of his corresponding level to come.

[2010-11-13 18:17:26] <TurtleShroom> So, Pengolia sues CP.

[2010-11-13 18:17:30] <TurtleShroom> (Residents.)

[2010-11-13 18:17:39] <SnoopingGil> The case enters on the ____ level.

[2010-11-13 18:17:50] <SnoopingGil> The defendant's choice, right?

[2010-11-13 18:17:53] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:18:05] <TurtleShroom> It enters on the state level.

[2010-11-13 18:18:08] <TurtleShroom> State appeals.

[2010-11-13 18:18:09] <SnoopingGil> How about entering it on the District Appellate first?

[2010-11-13 18:18:13] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 18:18:23] <TurtleShroom> Now, if the judge just rules this case as one-time...

[2010-11-13 18:18:27] <SnoopingGil> ...State Appellate.

[2010-11-13 18:18:30] <TurtleShroom> ...there's no problem.

[2010-11-13 18:18:43] <TurtleShroom> ...-but if the state appeal judge wants to make precedent...

[2010-11-13 18:18:57] <TurtleShroom> He'll need the permission of the other applicable state judge(s).

[2010-11-13 18:19:04] <SnoopingGil> The defendant gets to choose which state appellate, right?

[2010-11-13 18:19:08] <SnoopingGil> Um...

[2010-11-13 18:19:11] <SnoopingGil> ...oh.

[2010-11-13 18:19:17] <TurtleShroom> In this case, the SA's nearest state appeal and Pengolia's nearest state appeal.

[2010-11-13 18:19:30] <SnoopingGil> So the CP resident chooses the first Sub-Antarctic State Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 18:19:36] <SnoopingGil> The judge wants to write precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:19:42] <SnoopingGil> So he has to meet with...

[2010-11-13 18:19:44] <TurtleShroom> Yes, and that judge will meet with the Pengolian state appeal judge.

[2010-11-13 18:19:47] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:19:50] <TurtleShroom> So that they can rule together.

[2010-11-13 18:20:01] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:20:08] <SnoopingGil> And the ruling applies to...

[2010-11-13 18:20:10] <TurtleShroom> There are special "meet in the middle" courts for that.

[2010-11-13 18:20:13] <TurtleShroom> All districts involved.

[2010-11-13 18:20:16] <TurtleShroom> ...-and under.

[2010-11-13 18:20:18] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 18:20:22] <SnoopingGil> ALL THE DISTRICTS?

[2010-11-13 18:20:31] <TurtleShroom> Yes, at that level and under.

[2010-11-13 18:20:32] <SnoopingGil> But that would require a District Appellate judge!

[2010-11-13 18:20:39] <TurtleShroom> Well, not so fast!

[2010-11-13 18:20:52] <TurtleShroom> There's two options.

[2010-11-13 18:20:58] <TurtleShroom> For trans-district.

[2010-11-13 18:21:18] <TurtleShroom> You can get each of your nearest applicable judges to meet together and rule your case...

[2010-11-13 18:21:28] <TurtleShroom> (If precedent is needed.)

[2010-11-13 18:21:33] <TurtleShroom> OR... or if no precedent is needed...

[2010-11-13 18:21:35] <SnoopingGil> Judges on the state level?

[2010-11-13 18:21:36] <TurtleShroom> You can go higher.

[2010-11-13 18:21:39] <TurtleShroom> On any level.

[2010-11-13 18:21:41] <SnoopingGil> Or the District Appellate?

[2010-11-13 18:21:56] <SnoopingGil> But a state appellate judge can't apply his precedent to the ENTIRE DISTRICT.

[2010-11-13 18:22:09] <TurtleShroom> He can only apply it on what is under him.

[2010-11-13 18:22:14] <SnoopingGil> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:22:15] <TurtleShroom> ...-and his area.

[2010-11-13 18:22:19] <SnoopingGil> So it applies ONLY to the states involved.

[2010-11-13 18:22:22] <TurtleShroom> ...-and the same with the other person.

[2010-11-13 18:22:31] <SnoopingGil> If the case gets taken higher...

[2010-11-13 18:22:32] <TurtleShroom> Or if smaller, only to the districts involved, and what's under them.

[2010-11-13 18:22:41] <TurtleShroom> It will slowly suck in more and more people.

[2010-11-13 18:22:52] <SnoopingGil> Wait.

[2010-11-13 18:23:08] <TurtleShroom> Trans-national cases involve two people, right?

[2010-11-13 18:23:12] <TurtleShroom> In this context.

[2010-11-13 18:23:16] <SnoopingGil> Should trans-district cases go directly to State Supreme?

[2010-11-13 18:23:18] <TurtleShroom> No.

[2010-11-13 18:23:22] <TurtleShroom> Just hear me out.

[2010-11-13 18:23:25] <TurtleShroom> Trans-national cases involve two people, right?

[2010-11-13 18:23:26] <SnoopingGil> But if they enter on State Appellate...

[2010-11-13 18:23:31] <SnoopingGil> ...if they want to appeal to a higher court...

[2010-11-13 18:23:38] <SnoopingGil> ...and the Supreme Court wants to write precedent...

[2010-11-13 18:23:42] <SnoopingGil>'s redundant...

[2010-11-13 18:23:43] <TurtleShroom> Just hear me out.

[2010-11-13 18:23:45] <TurtleShroom> Trans-national cases involve two people, right?

[2010-11-13 18:23:46] <SnoopingGil> ...oh wait, no it's not.

[2010-11-13 18:23:50] <SnoopingGil> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:23:52] <SnoopingGil> Sometimes.

[2010-11-13 18:23:58] <TurtleShroom> Now, these two people have nearby judges, right?

[2010-11-13 18:24:01] <TurtleShroom> On any level.

[2010-11-13 18:24:06] <SnoopingGil> Um...

[2010-11-13 18:24:13] <SnoopingGil> ANY level?

[2010-11-13 18:24:18] <TurtleShroom> Well, yeah...

[2010-11-13 18:24:25] <SnoopingGil> The selected judges should be from the corresponding level.

[2010-11-13 18:24:35] <SnoopingGil> If the case is on the State Appellate...

[2010-11-13 18:24:36] <TurtleShroom> A guy in Yoenah has a county judge near him, and a guy in SPC has a municipal judge.

[2010-11-13 18:24:37] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:24:40] <SnoopingGil> ...State Appellate judges.

[2010-11-13 18:24:44] <TurtleShroom> Everyoen else is dragged up to that.

[2010-11-13 18:24:53] <TurtleShroom> To start.

[2010-11-13 18:25:07] <SnoopingGil> ....?

[2010-11-13 18:25:17] <TurtleShroom> Let me start over. Just answer what I ask.

[2010-11-13 18:25:22] <TurtleShroom> Trans-national cases involve two people, right?

[2010-11-13 18:25:28] <SnoopingGil> Sometimes.

[2010-11-13 18:25:42] <TurtleShroom> These two people have nearby courts with judges, right?

[2010-11-13 18:25:51] <SnoopingGil> What do you mean?

[2010-11-13 18:26:01] <TurtleShroom> Everyone has access to every level in some way.

[2010-11-13 18:26:09] <SnoopingGil> Uh...

[2010-11-13 18:26:10] <SnoopingGil> ?

[2010-11-13 18:26:10] <TurtleShroom> If I'm in county, I can get to city.

[2010-11-13 18:26:23] <TurtleShroom> If I'm in city, I can get to state appeals.

[2010-11-13 18:26:25] <SnoopingGil> Yes, but wouldn't you start at the lowest level FIRST?

[2010-11-13 18:26:27] <TurtleShroom> YES.

[2010-11-13 18:26:32] <SnoopingGil> Wait, county comes BEFORE city?

[2010-11-13 18:26:34] <TurtleShroom> YES.

[2010-11-13 18:26:36] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 18:26:41] <SnoopingGil> I thought cities MADE UP counties.

[2010-11-13 18:26:42] <TurtleShroom> All counties are sucked in to the nearest city.

[2010-11-13 18:26:50] <SnoopingGil> Nearest MAJOR city.

[2010-11-13 18:27:00] <TurtleShroom> The nearest Municipal Court.

[2010-11-13 18:27:05] <SnoopingGil> But...

[2010-11-13 18:27:06] <TurtleShroom> Major cities normally have one.

[2010-11-13 18:27:11] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:27:17] <SnoopingGil> So only major cities get municipal courts.

[2010-11-13 18:27:19] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:27:19] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:27:30] <TurtleShroom> Let's say we have two penguins.

[2010-11-13 18:27:35] <TurtleShroom> One lives in Yoenah.

[2010-11-13 18:27:40] <TurtleShroom> One lives in South Pole City.

[2010-11-13 18:27:53] <SnoopingGil> Mmmhmmm.

[2010-11-13 18:28:00] <TurtleShroom> If Yoenah was to take a Yoenah to court... he'd go to county or level zero.

[2010-11-13 18:28:09] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:28:25] <TurtleShroom> If SPC was to take SPC to court, he'd start in Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:28:33] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:28:47] <TurtleShroom> If Y was to start in SPC, he'd go to Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:29:00] <TurtleShroom> I mean take.

[2010-11-13 18:29:00] <SnoopingGil> So if a Yoenah-er took a SPC-er to court...

[2010-11-13 18:29:04] <TurtleShroom> Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:29:07] <SnoopingGil> ...they'd go to Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:29:16] <TurtleShroom> Right, and now they're on the same level.

[2010-11-13 18:29:19] <TurtleShroom> Let us continue.

[2010-11-13 18:29:24] <SnoopingGil> Because Municipal is the lowest level that covers both areas.

[2010-11-13 18:29:29] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:29:32] <TurtleShroom> Yes!

[2010-11-13 18:30:03] <TurtleShroom> Now, let us say we have one guy from an Eastshieldian city and one from some city in SA.

[2010-11-13 18:30:07] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:30:11] <SnoopingGil> Like CP.

[2010-11-13 18:30:12] <TurtleShroom> E has a beef with SA.

[2010-11-13 18:30:17] <TurtleShroom> ...-and E sues.

[2010-11-13 18:30:22] <SnoopingGil> Inlander vs. CP resident.

[2010-11-13 18:30:34] <TurtleShroom> SA will choose which municipal court will hear him,.

[2010-11-13 18:30:35] <SnoopingGil> The lowest level that covers them both is...

[2010-11-13 18:30:38] <TurtleShroom> E's or SA's.

[2010-11-13 18:30:43] <SnoopingGil> Municipal court?

[2010-11-13 18:30:45] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:30:46] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:30:57] <TurtleShroom> Now, the one he chooses hears the case.

[2010-11-13 18:30:59] <SnoopingGil> So Inland Municipal VS. SA State Appellate.

[2010-11-13 18:31:07] <SnoopingGil> (Because CP has no municipal court. Heh.)

[2010-11-13 18:31:13] <TurtleShroom> True, but I wasn't using CP.

[2010-11-13 18:31:19] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:31:25] <SnoopingGil> SA State Appellate.

[2010-11-13 18:31:32] <TurtleShroom> No, no, we're still on city.

[2010-11-13 18:31:41] <TurtleShroom> It's still E's city court and SA's city court.

[2010-11-13 18:31:43] <SnoopingGil> Okay, then Inland Municipal.

[2010-11-13 18:31:50] <TurtleShroom> The defendent has the choice of city court.

[2010-11-13 18:31:57] <SnoopingGil> Yes, but CP has no city court.

[2010-11-13 18:31:59] <TurtleShroom> He can take either one, but nothing else.

[2010-11-13 18:32:03] <TurtleShroom> SA city is not CP.

[2010-11-13 18:32:04] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 18:32:08] <SnoopingGil> Fine.

[2010-11-13 18:32:09] <TurtleShroom> Make some city up for the example.

[2010-11-13 18:32:25] <TurtleShroom> Now, back to where I was.

[2010-11-13 18:32:28] <TurtleShroom> The defendent has the choice of city court.

[2010-11-13 18:32:34] <TurtleShroom> He can take E's or his.

[2010-11-13 18:32:42] <TurtleShroom> So they go before the judge.

[2010-11-13 18:32:43] <SnoopingGil> His will probably favor him.

[2010-11-13 18:32:46] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:32:47] <TurtleShroom> So they go before the judge.

[2010-11-13 18:32:54] <TurtleShroom> The case is made.

[2010-11-13 18:32:57] <SnoopingGil> Judge wants to write precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:33:03] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:33:11] <TurtleShroom> Sicnce the case is trans-district...

[2010-11-13 18:33:21] <TurtleShroom> The judge can't just write like he could if it was in the came.

[2010-11-13 18:33:23] <SnoopingGil> He has to call the OTHER municipal judge.

[2010-11-13 18:33:30] <TurtleShroom> City judge of E is going to have to meet city judge of SA.

[2010-11-13 18:33:32] <TurtleShroom> EXACTLY.

[2010-11-13 18:33:43] <SnoopingGil> But what jurisdiction does the new precedent cover?

[2010-11-13 18:33:43] <TurtleShroom> They'll have to meet together and re-hear the case as one panel.

[2010-11-13 18:33:48] <TurtleShroom> Both cities!

[2010-11-13 18:33:51] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:33:58] <SnoopingGil> Say E loses.

[2010-11-13 18:34:01] <SnoopingGil> What if he appeals?

[2010-11-13 18:34:01] <TurtleShroom> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:34:05] <SnoopingGil> To whom will he appeal?

[2010-11-13 18:34:17] <TurtleShroom> Then the loser has the choice of what's above city.

[2010-11-13 18:34:22] <TurtleShroom> State Appeal.

[2010-11-13 18:34:26] <SnoopingGil> State Appellate.

[2010-11-13 18:34:28] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 18:34:39] <SnoopingGil> ...and E chooses an Eastshieldian State Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 18:34:47] <TurtleShroom> So, he can choose his State Appealate judge, or SA's.

[2010-11-13 18:34:48] <SnoopingGil> The judge there wants to overwrite precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:34:53] <TurtleShroom> Right,.

[2010-11-13 18:35:01] <TurtleShroom> They meet in the middle again, and judge as one.

[2010-11-13 18:35:15] <SnoopingGil> Which state appellate judge(s) do(es) he choose?

[2010-11-13 18:35:17] <TurtleShroom> The result applies only to the two appealate districts, not the whole state(s).

[2010-11-13 18:35:20] <SnoopingGil> Does*

[2010-11-13 18:35:25] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:35:30] <SnoopingGil> The corresponding appellate district.

[2010-11-13 18:35:31] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:35:40] <SnoopingGil> Say SA loses.

[2010-11-13 18:35:41] <TurtleShroom> Each person is given the choice of the judge they'd see if it was a same district case.

[2010-11-13 18:35:44] <SnoopingGil> He appeals even higher.

[2010-11-13 18:35:49] <TurtleShroom> State Supreme.

[2010-11-13 18:35:52] <SnoopingGil> He chooses the Sub-Antarctic Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 18:35:59] <SnoopingGil> That covers entire states.

[2010-11-13 18:36:03] <TurtleShroom> Right!

[2010-11-13 18:36:09] <TurtleShroom> Now you're getting it!! :D

[2010-11-13 18:36:13] <SnoopingGil> So the judge there wants to write precedent...

[2010-11-13 18:36:20] <TurtleShroom> Both states must convene as one.

[2010-11-13 18:36:24] <SnoopingGil> ...and he has to call the Eastshieldian Supreme Court judge.

[2010-11-13 18:36:30] <TurtleShroom> YES YES YES... :)

[2010-11-13 18:36:36] <SnoopingGil> E loses.

[2010-11-13 18:36:42] <SnoopingGil> He takes it to District Appellate.

[2010-11-13 18:36:45] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:36:53] <SnoopingGil> District Appellate judge wants to..

[2010-11-13 18:36:56] <TurtleShroom> ...-and so on and so on...

[2010-11-13 18:36:59] <TurtleShroom> Exactly.

[2010-11-13 18:36:59] <SnoopingGil> ..okay, you know what he wants to do.

[2010-11-13 18:37:04] <SnoopingGil> He has to call..

[2010-11-13 18:37:06] <TurtleShroom> Finally, it's up to B3.

[2010-11-13 18:37:13] <SnoopingGil> ...the corresponding District Appellate.

[2010-11-13 18:37:16] <SnoopingGil> No, B3 is two levels up.

[2010-11-13 18:37:21] <SnoopingGil> First to District Supre-

[2010-11-13 18:37:30] <SnoopingGil> Yeah, District Supreme.

[2010-11-13 18:37:32] <SnoopingGil> NOW...

[2010-11-13 18:37:35] <TurtleShroom> No, above State Supreme is Federa/Districtl Appealate.

[2010-11-13 18:37:36] <SnoopingGil> ..this is the tricky part.

[2010-11-13 18:37:38] <TurtleShroom> THEN the B3

[2010-11-13 18:37:50] <SnoopingGil> Well, in a NORMAL case, TS...

[2010-11-13 18:37:55] <SnoopingGil> ...first is District Supreme.

[2010-11-13 18:37:57] <SnoopingGil> That's one court,

[2010-11-13 18:38:07] <SnoopingGil> After that, the B3 level is the combined decisions of all three courts.

[2010-11-13 18:38:12] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:38:14] <SnoopingGil> But in a trans-district case like this...

[2010-11-13 18:38:19] <TurtleShroom> Two districts.

[2010-11-13 18:38:24] <SnoopingGil> ...the District Supreme and B3 levels are MIXED.

[2010-11-13 18:38:29] <TurtleShroom> The two districts.

[2010-11-13 18:38:35] <SnoopingGil> (If the judge wants to write precedent.)

[2010-11-13 18:38:38] <TurtleShroom> Not so.

[2010-11-13 18:38:41] <SnoopingGil> So the two districts convene...

[2010-11-13 18:38:42] <SnoopingGil> ...OH.

[2010-11-13 18:38:48] <SnoopingGil> It only affects the districts involved.

[2010-11-13 18:38:50] <TurtleShroom> RIGHT!

[2010-11-13 18:38:54] <SnoopingGil> They really DO have to take it to the final court.

[2010-11-13 18:38:56] <SnoopingGil> Wait...

[2010-11-13 18:38:59] <TurtleShroom> Yes, B3.

[2010-11-13 18:39:06] <SnoopingGil> let's say SA lost the District Supreme trans-district case.

[2010-11-13 18:39:11] <SnoopingGil> He wants to take it to B3.

[2010-11-13 18:39:12] <TurtleShroom> A trans-national case can't stop until they go the whole B3.

[2010-11-13 18:39:18] <SnoopingGil> They just go to the final court?

[2010-11-13 18:39:25] <SnoopingGil> West Antarctica?

[2010-11-13 18:39:28] <TurtleShroom> They go straight to all three B3s.

[2010-11-13 18:39:32] <SnoopingGil> Ah.

[2010-11-13 18:39:39] <TurtleShroom> They can't stop at one, because that'd only write one reigon.

[2010-11-13 18:39:45] <SnoopingGil> All the District Supreme Courts write national precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:39:46] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:39:49] <SnoopingGil> Sounds good.

[2010-11-13 18:39:59] <TurtleShroom> Unless, of course, the people are in the same B3 reigon.

[2010-11-13 18:40:06] <SnoopingGil> There are no B3 regions.

[2010-11-13 18:40:11] <SnoopingGil> That's the whole nation.

[2010-11-13 18:40:23] <TurtleShroom> If two ever find themselves in the same court, it becomes a straight-up case.

[2010-11-13 18:40:40] <TurtleShroom> ...-and the judge doesn't have to convene another judge.

[2010-11-13 18:40:42] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:40:49] <SnoopingGil> So...

[2010-11-13 18:40:53] <SnoopingGil> ...what about Free Republics?

[2010-11-13 18:40:56] <TurtleShroom> (e.g. two cities sue upwards, once the hit state supreme, it's straight.)

[2010-11-13 18:41:13] <SnoopingGil> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:41:13] <TurtleShroom> (assuming the two cities don't share state appeals)

[2010-11-13 18:41:24] <TurtleShroom> (or the two counties don't share city, etc.)

[2010-11-13 18:41:26] <SnoopingGil> The trans-region cases require convention...

[2010-11-13 18:41:30] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:41:37] <SnoopingGil> ....until they hit a level that covers both regions.

[2010-11-13 18:41:40] <TurtleShroom> RIGHT!!

[2010-11-13 18:41:46] <SnoopingGil> That's a good idea.

[2010-11-13 18:41:46] <TurtleShroom> Then it's like a normal straight-up case.

[2010-11-13 18:42:02] <SnoopingGil> So what happens if a Dorkugese sues a CP resident?

[2010-11-13 18:42:15] <SnoopingGil> Which court system?

[2010-11-13 18:42:18] <SnoopingGil> USA or Dorkugal

[2010-11-13 18:42:19] <SnoopingGil> ?

[2010-11-13 18:42:24] <TurtleShroom> The defendent chooses a court /system/ of preference..

[2010-11-13 18:42:27] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:42:31] <TurtleShroom> Which gets tricky.

[2010-11-13 18:42:38] <TurtleShroom> Dorkugal's noocratic state.

[2010-11-13 18:42:39] <SnoopingGil> So they can choose to be tried in a USA court or a Dorkugese court.

[2010-11-13 18:42:43] <SnoopingGil> Yikes.

[2010-11-13 18:42:47] <SnoopingGil> What does that mean?

[2010-11-13 18:42:48] <TurtleShroom> ...-and its courts aren't leveled like USA.

[2010-11-13 18:42:52] <SnoopingGil> They try you with an IQ test?

[2010-11-13 18:42:56] <SnoopingGil> The smarter one wins?

[2010-11-13 18:43:04] <TurtleShroom> No, in Dorkugal...

[2010-11-13 18:43:12] <TurtleShroom> There are no judges.

[2010-11-13 18:43:17] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 18:43:19] <TurtleShroom> Random citizens are pulled off the street.

[2010-11-13 18:43:22] <SnoopingGil> Do they poll the people?

[2010-11-13 18:43:24] <SnoopingGil> OOH.

[2010-11-13 18:43:29] <SnoopingGil> So it's rule by jury.

[2010-11-13 18:43:30] <TurtleShroom> ...-and are put in robes... given gavels...

[2010-11-13 18:43:33] <TurtleShroom> ...-and they hear it out.

[2010-11-13 18:43:39] <TurtleShroom> Liek a jury.

[2010-11-13 18:43:43] <SnoopingGil> Wow.

[2010-11-13 18:43:53] <TurtleShroom> ...-but the jury has total power over, as a USA judge would.

[2010-11-13 18:44:05] <SnoopingGil> Well, in a normal country, that would be a bad idea...

[2010-11-13 18:44:11] <SnoopingGil> ....but Dorkugese are smart.

[2010-11-13 18:44:13] <TurtleShroom> That's in the Googolplex.

[2010-11-13 18:44:14] <TurtleShroom> RIGHT.

[2010-11-13 18:44:18] <SnoopingGil> I guess they'd make good judges.

[2010-11-13 18:44:22] <TurtleShroom> It's assuming all jurors are geniuses. :P

[2010-11-13 18:44:25] <SnoopingGil> LOL

[2010-11-13 18:44:37] <TurtleShroom> They usually do, but we're not talking Dorkugal.

[2010-11-13 18:44:40] <SnoopingGil> Or maybe they just gave everyone the judge's exam in high school.

[2010-11-13 18:44:53] <TurtleShroom> No, just like jury duty, nearest guy off street.

[2010-11-13 18:44:56] <SnoopingGil> Okay...

[2010-11-13 18:45:05] <TurtleShroom> Provided they're old enough to think and decide.

[2010-11-13 18:45:09] <SnoopingGil> I think the CP resident would rather be tried in a USA court.

[2010-11-13 18:45:12] <SnoopingGil> Heh heh.

[2010-11-13 18:45:17] <TurtleShroom> Right, and Dorkugal in his, normally.

[2010-11-13 18:45:22] <TurtleShroom> ...-but the option is his.

[2010-11-13 18:45:23] <SnoopingGil> Mmm-hmm.

[2010-11-13 18:45:31] <TurtleShroom> ...-and there have been reversals.

[2010-11-13 18:45:31] <SnoopingGil> This is a really detailed system...

[2010-11-13 18:45:35] <SnoopingGil> ...I like it. =)

[2010-11-13 18:45:37] <TurtleShroom> YES, YES IT IS. :D

[2010-11-13 18:45:39] <SnoopingGil> BTW...

[2010-11-13 18:45:49] <SnoopingGil> know how you broke my laptop?

[2010-11-13 18:45:52] <SnoopingGil> I'M EDITING FROM IT.

[2010-11-13 18:45:56] <TurtleShroom> Good for you. :)

[2010-11-13 18:46:00] <SnoopingGil> Laptop recovered. =D

[2010-11-13 18:46:01] <TurtleShroom> Now, onwards!

[2010-11-13 18:46:12] <SnoopingGil> So, what else is there to discuss?

[2010-11-13 18:46:15] <TurtleShroom> The problem with multi-/national/ systems...

[2010-11-13 18:46:24] <TurtleShroom> Hold up.

[2010-11-13 18:46:34] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:46:35] <TurtleShroom> Judges can't write precedent multi-national.

[2010-11-13 18:46:40] <SnoopingGil> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:46:42] <SnoopingGil> International.

[2010-11-13 18:46:47] <SnoopingGil> So...

[2010-11-13 18:46:51] <SnoopingGil> it the same as the USA courts?

[2010-11-13 18:46:53] <TurtleShroom> Dorkugese judges don't have the authority to precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:47:01] <TurtleShroom> So the USA judge can't use his, either.

[2010-11-13 18:47:02] <SnoopingGil> The judge convenes with a Dorkugese jury?

[2010-11-13 18:47:09] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 18:47:17] <TurtleShroom> No, because the Dorkugses rule by king's decree, remeber?

[2010-11-13 18:47:21] <SnoopingGil> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:47:25] <SnoopingGil> How about...

[2010-11-13 18:47:28] <TurtleShroom> The nerd judges do what RL judiciaries do.

[2010-11-13 18:47:31] <SnoopingGil> ...the case gets run through BOTH systems!

[2010-11-13 18:47:31] <TurtleShroom> Interpret the law alone.

[2010-11-13 18:47:35] <TurtleShroom> No, that's too hard.

[2010-11-13 18:47:42] <TurtleShroom> They choose one or the other.

[2010-11-13 18:47:46] <TurtleShroom> Then go through that.

[2010-11-13 18:47:54] <SnoopingGil> Only if the judge wants to write precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:47:54] <TurtleShroom> Now, if the case is USA v. another nation...

[2010-11-13 18:48:06] <SnoopingGil> That would be international court, TS.

[2010-11-13 18:48:07] <TurtleShroom> The system they are tried in has priority.

[2010-11-13 18:48:14] <SnoopingGil> That's a WHOLE different thing.

[2010-11-13 18:48:24] <TurtleShroom> A mean a resident of one nation versus another resident, I mean.

[2010-11-13 18:48:29] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:48:40] <TurtleShroom> So the system they are tried in has priority.

[2010-11-13 18:48:46] <SnoopingGil> If the judge wants to write precedent...

[2010-11-13 18:48:53] <TurtleShroom> If USA is chosen, each has to obey USA judicial codes.

[2010-11-13 18:48:54] <SnoopingGil> ...they would have to run it through with the other nation.

[2010-11-13 18:49:02] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:49:09] <TurtleShroom> Which means nerd jurors convene.

[2010-11-13 18:49:20] <TurtleShroom> (Or if not in the tower, the other types of judiciary in Dorkugal)

[2010-11-13 18:49:23] <TurtleShroom> Ect.

[2010-11-13 18:49:26] <SnoopingGil> ?

[2010-11-13 18:49:28] <TurtleShroom> ...-BUT...

[2010-11-13 18:49:35] <SnoopingGil> So if the case is tried in the USA...

[2010-11-13 18:49:38] <TurtleShroom> If Dorkugal is chosen, all obey /Dorkugese/ protocol.

[2010-11-13 18:49:43] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:49:55] <SnoopingGil> And each nation has to follow whatever precedent is written by the other?

[2010-11-13 18:50:03] <TurtleShroom> Not really.

[2010-11-13 18:50:09] <TurtleShroom> The nation doesn't...

[2010-11-13 18:50:14] <TurtleShroom> ...unless they want to.

[2010-11-13 18:50:18] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:50:20] <TurtleShroom> Dorkugal doesn't HAVE precedent at all.

[2010-11-13 18:50:22] <TurtleShroom> USA does.

[2010-11-13 18:50:36] <TurtleShroom> If in the Dorkugese circuit, that'd never come up.

[2010-11-13 18:50:51] <TurtleShroom> In the USA circuit, it would.

[2010-11-13 18:50:51] <SnoopingGil> We're going soon.

[2010-11-13 18:50:53] <SnoopingGil> Party.

[2010-11-13 18:50:54] <TurtleShroom> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:51:01] <SnoopingGil> One of my dad's favorite boxers.

[2010-11-13 18:51:05] <SnoopingGil> Manny Pacquiao.

[2010-11-13 18:51:07] <TurtleShroom> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:51:12] <SnoopingGil> I think I spelled his name right...

[2010-11-13 18:51:15] <TurtleShroom> Sounds foreign.

[2010-11-13 18:51:20] <SnoopingGil> He's Filipino.

[2010-11-13 18:51:29] <TurtleShroom> Let's not mess with multinational trials.

[2010-11-13 18:51:33] <TurtleShroom> We'll set that later.

[2010-11-13 18:51:34] <SnoopingGil> Yeah...

[2010-11-13 18:51:40] <SnoopingGil> ...just stick with what we have.

[2010-11-13 18:51:48] <SnoopingGil> So what canon article do you plan to write next?

[2010-11-13 18:51:49] <TurtleShroom> Right now, let's talk other levels.

[2010-11-13 18:51:57] <TurtleShroom> Remember Lichenblossom?

[2010-11-13 18:52:01] <SnoopingGil> Hmm...

[2010-11-13 18:52:10] <TurtleShroom> ...-and how they have a district attorney?

[2010-11-13 18:52:17] <SnoopingGil> Yeah.

[2010-11-13 18:52:21] <SnoopingGil> What does a DA do, anyway>

[2010-11-13 18:52:23] <TurtleShroom> That's an example of when the nation uses its own law.

[2010-11-13 18:52:26] <SnoopingGil> Is that judicial or police?

[2010-11-13 18:52:35] <TurtleShroom> Well, a DA represents the state.

[2010-11-13 18:52:41] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:52:45] <TurtleShroom> If I challenged a state law, it'd be me versus the DA.

[2010-11-13 18:52:47] <SnoopingGil> So like, the state government's lawyer.

[2010-11-13 18:52:50] <SnoopingGil> Neat.

[2010-11-13 18:52:50] <TurtleShroom> RIGHT.

[2010-11-13 18:53:08] <TurtleShroom> So is true with USA, except subtract the attorney.

[2010-11-13 18:53:17] <TurtleShroom> If a court precedent or SPC law is challenged...

[2010-11-13 18:53:25] <TurtleShroom> It's one penguin or group versus the judge.

[2010-11-13 18:53:26] <SnoopingGil> You go to the court that wrote it.

[2010-11-13 18:53:38] <TurtleShroom> ...which obviously means they usually use.

[2010-11-13 18:53:40] <TurtleShroom> Lose.

[2010-11-13 18:53:45] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 18:53:53] <SnoopingGil> Wait, the judge judges his own trial?

[2010-11-13 18:53:55] <SnoopingGil> UNFAIR.

[2010-11-13 18:53:55] <TurtleShroom> HOWEVER, the workaround is obvious.

[2010-11-13 18:54:07] <TurtleShroom> Court cases can reverse old ones.

[2010-11-13 18:54:27] <TurtleShroom> New precedent is written a lot, and just a simple non-precedent ruling can STILL overturn precedent.

[2010-11-13 18:54:37] <TurtleShroom> All old cases are taken into account in new ones.

[2010-11-13 18:54:46] <SnoopingGil> What if a judge on the state appellate level...

[2010-11-13 18:54:52] <SnoopingGil> ...say he sues someone else.

[2010-11-13 18:54:55] <TurtleShroom> Take USECP v. EBUL V.

[2010-11-13 18:55:02] <TurtleShroom> A judge suing another can not preside.

[2010-11-13 18:55:04] <SnoopingGil> And the case ends up getting taken to the same state appellate court.

[2010-11-13 18:55:10] <TurtleShroom> Judges can't preside their own court.

[2010-11-13 18:55:11] <SnoopingGil> Who presides then?

[2010-11-13 18:55:15] <TurtleShroom> A substitute.

[2010-11-13 18:55:18] <SnoopingGil> Oh.

[2010-11-13 18:55:19] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:55:24] <SnoopingGil> VICE JUDGE, GO!

[2010-11-13 18:55:27] <TurtleShroom> LOL

[2010-11-13 18:55:29] <TurtleShroom> Okay.

[2010-11-13 18:55:53] <SnoopingGil> Anyway...

[2010-11-13 18:56:00] <SnoopingGil> I plan to write Server next.

[2010-11-13 18:56:02] <SnoopingGil> Oh, right.

[2010-11-13 18:56:03] <TurtleShroom> ...-but if the precendent is challenged directly...

[2010-11-13 18:56:05] <SnoopingGil> I need to save all of this.

[2010-11-13 18:56:12] <TurtleShroom> The judge CAN preside his own trial.

[2010-11-13 18:56:17] <TurtleShroom> ...-which means losing is common.

[2010-11-13 18:56:22] <SnoopingGil> But he has to act on evidence.

[2010-11-13 18:56:26] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:56:26] <SnoopingGil> Not personal bias.

[2010-11-13 18:56:33] <TurtleShroom> ...-but he can be biased with what he sees.

[2010-11-13 18:56:35] <SnoopingGil> Because the losing side CAN appeal...

[2010-11-13 18:56:42] <TurtleShroom> Right.

[2010-11-13 18:56:47] <TurtleShroom> You've got this nailed.

[2010-11-13 18:56:59] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 18:57:14] <TurtleShroom> The losing side can appeal, and then the precedent can be overturned with new precedent or simple ruling.

[2010-11-13 18:57:19] <SnoopingGil> Heh heh.

[2010-11-13 18:57:25] <SnoopingGil> This is neat.

[2010-11-13 18:57:30] <TurtleShroom> ...-and don't forget, a court can always refuse to hear a lower case.

[2010-11-13 18:57:39] <TurtleShroom> ...-restricting any precedent to just that area.

[2010-11-13 18:57:46] <SnoopingGil> Wow.

[2010-11-13 18:57:49] <TurtleShroom> Like in USECP v. EBUL.

[2010-11-13 18:57:51] <SnoopingGil> So say...

[2010-11-13 18:57:57] <TurtleShroom> The federal stopped it at state.

[2010-11-13 18:58:00] <SnoopingGil> ...say a CP resident sued another CP resident.

[2010-11-13 18:58:02] <TurtleShroom> Only SA has that law now.

[2010-11-13 18:58:17] <SnoopingGil> They went to the SA First Appellate Court.

[2010-11-13 18:58:19] <TurtleShroom> Now let's talk non-precedent rulings.

[2010-11-13 18:58:30] <SnoopingGil> The losing side tried to appeal to the SA Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 18:58:41] <SnoopingGil> But the SA Supreme Court turned it down.

[2010-11-13 18:58:54] <SnoopingGil> So would they have to take it to another Appellate Court?

[2010-11-13 18:58:54] <TurtleShroom> If there is no precedent written, the ruling isn't forgotten.

[2010-11-13 18:58:57] <SnoopingGil> State Appellate*

[2010-11-13 18:59:01] <TurtleShroom> No, they can't , Explorer.

[2010-11-13 18:59:12] <TurtleShroom> They're halted unless the one right above them changes its mind.

[2010-11-13 18:59:13] <SnoopingGil> Then they're just stuck with it?

[2010-11-13 18:59:14] <SnoopingGil> Hah.

[2010-11-13 18:59:15] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 18:59:23] <SnoopingGil> Don't like this ruling?

[2010-11-13 18:59:28] <SnoopingGil> WELL, YOU CAN SUCK UP THIS TORCH.

[2010-11-13 18:59:34] <TurtleShroom> That way, really weird cases don't effect the whole nation.

[2010-11-13 18:59:43] <SnoopingGil> Good...

[2010-11-13 18:59:51] <TurtleShroom> Just all reigons they're halted at.

[2010-11-13 18:59:57] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 19:00:05] <TurtleShroom> USECP v. EBUL only effects SA.

[2010-11-13 19:00:06] <SnoopingGil> You should write the article for the judiciary.

[2010-11-13 19:00:17] <TurtleShroom> ...-and only SA judges will use USECP v. EBUL in future cases.

[2010-11-13 19:00:20] <SnoopingGil> And a walkthrough case to explain.

[2010-11-13 19:00:34] <TurtleShroom> Or they can do it up or down. Which is why I need to talk about non-precedent cases.

[2010-11-13 19:00:34] <SnoopingGil> Or several walkthrough cases.

[2010-11-13 19:00:40] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 19:00:42] <SnoopingGil> Go on.

[2010-11-13 19:00:48] <TurtleShroom> If a judge decides NOT to make law...

[2010-11-13 19:00:54] <TurtleShroom> His ruling is still noted.

[2010-11-13 19:00:56] <SnoopingGil> It's dry ruling.

[2010-11-13 19:00:58] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 19:00:59] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 19:01:02] <SnoopingGil> But it's not official law.

[2010-11-13 19:01:05] <SnoopingGil> It's just used as support.

[2010-11-13 19:01:14] <TurtleShroom> No, it's just used for future judges, exactly like RL.

[2010-11-13 19:01:14] <SnoopingGil> That gives it lower priority, right?

[2010-11-13 19:01:18] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 19:01:26] <TurtleShroom> The Supreme Court uses existing law and other cases, ect.

[2010-11-13 19:01:32] <SnoopingGil> So it can't be enforced by the executive branches.

[2010-11-13 19:01:34] <TurtleShroom> Remember, RL judiciary interprets law.

[2010-11-13 19:01:46] <TurtleShroom> Only if it's so specific that it could.

[2010-11-13 19:01:48] <SnoopingGil> But it can be used by a judge in the same area.

[2010-11-13 19:01:50] <TurtleShroom> ...-and that's rare.

[2010-11-13 19:01:51] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 19:02:01] <TurtleShroom>  Or a judge below the area.

[2010-11-13 19:02:02] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 19:02:23] <TurtleShroom> Except the B3, who can use any court's rulings for their choice.

[2010-11-13 19:02:29] <TurtleShroom> Now for one more thing.

[2010-11-13 19:02:31] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 19:02:40] <TurtleShroom> In RL, federal courts have a panel of judges, not just one.

[2010-11-13 19:02:48] <SnoopingGil> And appellates, too, right?

[2010-11-13 19:02:53] <TurtleShroom> In USA, a court can have unlimited judges on any level.

[2010-11-13 19:02:54] <SnoopingGil> With no jury.

[2010-11-13 19:03:04] <TurtleShroom> The choice of the court and district.

[2010-11-13 19:03:10] <SnoopingGil> Okay.

[2010-11-13 19:03:13] <TurtleShroom> (This is a time the people have a say.)

[2010-11-13 19:03:29] <TurtleShroom> They can choose how many judges will be in their court.

[2010-11-13 19:03:44] <TurtleShroom> Yoenah's county court is a weird example.

[2010-11-13 19:03:48] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 19:04:00] <TurtleShroom> There are seventeen judges in its county court, but the nearest municipal court has one.

[2010-11-13 19:04:09] <SnoopingGil> Whoa.

[2010-11-13 19:04:24] <TurtleShroom> Mattress Village has another weird example.

[2010-11-13 19:04:31] <TurtleShroom> The mayor is ex officio the judge.

[2010-11-13 19:04:37] <SnoopingGil> TSGGG?

[2010-11-13 19:04:39] <SnoopingGil> YIKES.

[2010-11-13 19:04:41] <TurtleShroom> Yes.

[2010-11-13 19:04:49] <SnoopingGil> Brb.

[2010-11-13 19:04:54] <SnoopingGil> I have to brush mah teeth.

[2010-11-13 19:05:21] <TurtleShroom> ...of course, you can't grasp the true form of him at the bench, because there's a curtain in front 
of him, so the creatures suing don't get mortified.

[2010-11-13 19:05:29] <TurtleShroom> They just hear his voice.

[2010-11-13 19:05:42] <TurtleShroom> Also, judges can't write precedent about judges.

[2010-11-13 19:05:43] <SnoopingGil> Lol.

[2010-11-13 19:05:56] <TurtleShroom> That's one of the few times a legislature exists.

[2010-11-13 19:06:02] <TurtleShroom> ...-and only on small levels.

[2010-11-13 19:06:17] <TurtleShroom> It's not even a real legislature, more like a council.

[2010-11-13 19:07:18] <TurtleShroom> The council can convene at the petition of enough creatures to form their respective court.

[2010-11-13 19:07:21] <SnoopingGil> Back.

[2010-11-13 19:07:32] <TurtleShroom> It's much harder the higher you go.

[2010-11-13 19:07:37] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 19:08:05] <TurtleShroom> Any non-B3 court can be altered by a council of laymen if enough signatures are obtained.

[2010-11-13 19:08:07] <TurtleShroom> It's much harder the higher you go.

[2010-11-13 19:08:15] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 19:08:18] <TurtleShroom> Each time requires 7% of all in the district.

[2010-11-13 19:08:25] <TurtleShroom> In Yoenah, that's easy.

[2010-11-13 19:08:31] <TurtleShroom> Or in Mattress Village, ect.

[2010-11-13 19:08:40] <TurtleShroom> In the ten year history of the USA...

[2010-11-13 19:08:49] <TurtleShroom> Only one Federal Appealate has ever been altered.

[2010-11-13 19:09:02] <SnoopingGil> Appellate.

[2010-11-13 19:09:07] <TurtleShroom> ...-the State Supreme has several times, and the lower, the more frequent.

[2010-11-13 19:09:18] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 19:09:26] <TurtleShroom> The SPC can also alter certain courts at whim.

[2010-11-13 19:09:42] <TurtleShroom> ...-but they can't just throw numbers around.

[2010-11-13 19:09:49] <SnoopingGil> Hmm.

[2010-11-13 19:09:58] <TurtleShroom> This is one of the few real powers of the President.

[2010-11-13 19:10:06] <SnoopingGil> You should try some of those iCivics games.

[2010-11-13 19:10:14] <SnoopingGil> You would probably do great at some of them.

[2010-11-13 19:10:20] <TurtleShroom> The President must approve any SPC court altering.

[2010-11-13 19:10:29] <SnoopingGil> Like CourtQuest -- you can guide citizens to the right court.

[2010-11-13 19:10:37] <TurtleShroom> I'm going to eventually scrap the USA Constituion and retroactively write a superior one.

[2010-11-13 19:10:40] <SnoopingGil> Or LawCraft -- you have to make a bill that works.

[2010-11-13 19:10:44] <SnoopingGil> ....seriously?

[2010-11-13 19:10:50] <TurtleShroom> Probably.

[2010-11-13 19:10:53] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 19:10:55] <TurtleShroom> I mean, listen to all I've said here.

[2010-11-13 19:10:59] <SnoopingGil> Good point.

[2010-11-13 19:11:00] <TurtleShroom> This isn't in the Constitution.

[2010-11-13 19:11:06] <SnoopingGil> The judicial branch is supposed to have more power than this.

[2010-11-13 19:11:07] <TurtleShroom> I MAY consider pulling a Britain.

[2010-11-13 19:11:08] <SnoopingGil> BTW...

[2010-11-13 19:11:12] <SnoopingGil> Britain?

[2010-11-13 19:11:14] <TurtleShroom> ...Britain has no constitution.

[2010-11-13 19:11:19] <SnoopingGil> WHOA.

[2010-11-13 19:11:19] <TurtleShroom> The Parliament can do ANYTHING.

[2010-11-13 19:11:23] <SnoopingGil> That could get BAD.

[2010-11-13 19:11:23] <TurtleShroom> Mostly.

[2010-11-13 19:11:34] <SnoopingGil> But the SPC needs to be limited.

[2010-11-13 19:11:38] <TurtleShroom> ...and the Queen does NOTHING (to my knowledge).

[2010-11-13 19:11:42] <SnoopingGil> They can't become a Supreme Court.

[2010-11-13 19:11:44] <SnoopingGil> Or something.

[2010-11-13 19:11:57] <TurtleShroom> Right, that's why the Chief Justice can only call to him.

[2010-11-13 19:12:12] <SnoopingGil> Seriously, TS, you should try playing one of the iCivics games...

[2010-11-13 19:12:15] <TurtleShroom> ...-and he can't call everything because, well, he's busy

[2010-11-13 19:12:22] <TurtleShroom> Maybe sometime. 

[2010-11-13 19:12:27] <SnoopingGil> They're fun...

[2010-11-13 19:12:34] <TurtleShroom> Right now, I'm smoothing out a legal system no one cares about.

[2010-11-13 19:12:38] <SnoopingGil> ...and they're loaded with civics.

[2010-11-13 19:12:56] <TurtleShroom> Of course, without a Constitution, what would the Revolution write?

[2010-11-13 19:13:01] <TurtleShroom> That's a problem.

[2010-11-13 19:13:06] <TurtleShroom> I'm too lazy to write a new Consitution.

[2010-11-13 19:13:08] <SnoopingGil> Yeah.

[2010-11-13 19:13:13] <TurtleShroom> ...-but I'm not scrapping awesomeness.

[2010-11-13 19:13:15] <SnoopingGil> Right now, though...

[2010-11-13 19:13:24] <SnoopingGil> ...I think you should focus a bit on canon.

[2010-11-13 19:13:26] <TurtleShroom> I guess I can ask some Commonwealth folks.

[2010-11-13 19:13:31] <SnoopingGil> I can't revamp all of that alone.

[2010-11-13 19:13:34] <TurtleShroom> What is the supreme law of Britain?

[2010-11-13 19:13:35] <SnoopingGil> EBUL was your idea.

[2010-11-13 19:13:41] <SnoopingGil> And you're also my main creative consultant.

[2010-11-13 19:13:45] <TurtleShroom> That's what I'll ask them.

[2010-11-13 19:13:57] <TurtleShroom> Maybe I should build the court system in reverse from what I usually do.

[2010-11-13 19:14:01] <TurtleShroom> Ground up, not top-down.

[2010-11-13 19:14:02] <SnoopingGil> ...?

[2010-11-13 19:14:10] <SnoopingGil> Well...

[2010-11-13 19:14:14] <TurtleShroom> I'll write articles for various notable courthouses.

[2010-11-13 19:14:16] <SnoopingGil> ...ground up is the path of a real case.

[2010-11-13 19:14:26] <SnoopingGil> But the top ones are more important.

[2010-11-13 19:14:30] <TurtleShroom> Each State Supreme Court gets an article as does the type.

[2010-11-13 19:14:46] <TurtleShroom> Each type of court gets an article.

[2010-11-13 19:14:57] <TurtleShroom> ...-and on extremely entertaining occasions, so do judges.

[2010-11-13 19:15:09] <TurtleShroom> (Otherwise, they just get profiles on their court page if at all.)

[2010-11-13 19:15:14] <SnoopingGil> Heh.

[2010-11-13 19:15:14] <TurtleShroom> I make names up as I go.

[2010-11-13 19:15:29] <TurtleShroom> Notice that all of the SSCOSA judges are female except one.

[2010-11-13 19:15:47] <TurtleShroom> That's because I couldn't think of a realistic CP username outside of "bieber".

[2010-11-13 19:15:55] <TurtleShroom> So I rolled with it. :|

[2010-11-13 19:16:01] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 19:16:09] <SnoopingGil> Now THAT...

[2010-11-13 19:16:12] <SnoopingGil> creepy.

[2010-11-13 19:16:23] <TurtleShroom> The P-whatever  was because I ran out of names.

[2010-11-13 19:16:29] <SnoopingGil> Lol.

[2010-11-13 19:16:36] <TurtleShroom> RL CP assigns P# to unnamed penguins.

[2010-11-13 19:16:46] <SnoopingGil> Huh.

[2010-11-13 19:16:47] <TurtleShroom> So poor Judge P# was never named.

[2010-11-13 19:16:49] <SnoopingGil> Neat.

[2010-11-13 19:16:52] <TurtleShroom> (He was CP born.)

[2010-11-13 19:16:52] <SnoopingGil> Lol.

[2010-11-13 19:17:01] <TurtleShroom> (CP trivia: all names must be approved.)

[2010-11-13 19:17:02] <SnoopingGil> So that's the naming system, eh.

[2010-11-13 19:17:09] <TurtleShroom> Elsewhere, though, they don't have to be.

[2010-11-13 19:17:27] <SnoopingGil> So...

[2010-11-13 19:17:31] <SnoopingGil> ...I plan to write server.

[2010-11-13 19:17:36] <SnoopingGil> Sometime in the future.

[2010-11-13 19:17:39] <TurtleShroom> If you analyzed CP as a real country, you'd go O_O at the Orwellian traits of CP.

[2010-11-13 19:17:41] <SnoopingGil> If I have spare time.

[2010-11-13 19:17:52] <SnoopingGil> Any advice?

[2010-11-13 19:17:55] <SnoopingGil> Suggestions?

[2010-11-13 19:17:56] <TurtleShroom> I mean, names have to be approved, speech is suppressed...

[2010-11-13 19:18:00] <TurtleShroom> No, not really, Explorer.

[2010-11-13 19:18:01] <SnoopingGil> I'll include all four layouts of CP...

[2010-11-13 19:18:08] <TurtleShroom> I'll try and tag along on what I know, though. :)

[2010-11-13 19:18:10] <SnoopingGil> stuff...

[2010-11-13 19:18:19] <SnoopingGil> ...protocol for entering and exiting.

[2010-11-13 19:18:35] <TurtleShroom> You know, if you analyzed CP as a real country, you'd go O_O at the Orwellian traits of CP.

[2010-11-13 19:18:37] <TurtleShroom> I mean, names have to be approved, speech is suppressed...

[2010-11-13 19:18:46] <TurtleShroom> You can find buddies anywhere.

[2010-11-13 19:18:52] <SnoopingGil> O_O

[2010-11-13 19:19:01] <TurtleShroom> I KNOW RIGHT?

[2010-11-13 19:19:12] <TurtleShroom> I really need to write "Player Card".

[2010-11-13 19:19:16] <SnoopingGil> Yes.

[2010-11-13 19:19:19] <SnoopingGil> Player card tech.

[2010-11-13 19:19:23] <TurtleShroom> What can it do elsewhere that's not CP?

[2010-11-13 19:19:28] <SnoopingGil> Well...

[2010-11-13 19:19:34] <SnoopingGil> ...they store an inventory, basically.

[2010-11-13 19:19:37] <TurtleShroom> Stories have already decreed that you can use the locate feature for anyone on the buddy list anywhere.

[2010-11-13 19:19:43] <SnoopingGil> They can also be used to communicate and locate friends.

[2010-11-13 19:19:57] <TurtleShroom> Remember when a friend looked up Explorer when he was in Khanzem?

[2010-11-13 19:19:59] <SnoopingGil> How would the ignore feature work, though?

[2010-11-13 19:20:04] <TurtleShroom> "Explorer is on an adventure!"

[2010-11-13 19:20:09] <SnoopingGil> Lol.

[2010-11-13 19:20:20] <TurtleShroom> The teleporter feature could only take one home if it's close enough.

[2010-11-13 19:20:32] <TurtleShroom> Remember that long-distance teleporting is illegal.

[2010-11-13 19:20:41] <SnoopingGil> Right.

[2010-11-13 19:20:45] <SnoopingGil> Teleporters have limits.

[2010-11-13 19:20:48] <TurtleShroom> Postcards when not on CP must run the mail system.

[2010-11-13 19:20:55] <SnoopingGil> Mmmhmm.

[2010-11-13 19:20:56] <TurtleShroom> The player card just prints them for you.

[2010-11-13 19:21:00] <TurtleShroom> YOU have to mail them.

[2010-11-13 19:21:00] <SnoopingGil> The Itinerod needs to be updated.

[2010-11-13 19:21:03] <TurtleShroom> NO

[2010-11-13 19:21:05] <SnoopingGil> Not only does it carry mail...

[2010-11-13 19:21:07] <TurtleShroom> It's perfect as-is.

[2010-11-13 19:21:09] <SnoopingGil> carries goods.

[2010-11-13 19:21:12] <SnoopingGil> That's all.

[2010-11-13 19:21:15] <TurtleShroom> It's not meant for passengers.

[2010-11-13 19:21:19] <SnoopingGil> I know.

[2010-11-13 19:21:21] <TurtleShroom> No, there are other train routes.

[2010-11-13 19:21:24] <SnoopingGil> You can only carry a few.

[2010-11-13 19:21:27] <SnoopingGil> No...

[2010-11-13 19:21:30] <TurtleShroom> (Even though passengers use it all the time.)

[2010-11-13 19:21:42] <SnoopingGil> ...the Itinerod Circuit is the only one going through the Trans-Antarctic Mountains.

[2010-11-13 19:21:47] <TurtleShroom> Oh come on, you really think the Itinerod is the /ONLY/ train route in ALL OF ANTARTICA?

[2010-11-13 19:21:53] <TurtleShroom> NO.

[2010-11-13 19:21:54] <SnoopingGil> NOT THE ONLYONE.

[2010-11-13 19:22:01] <TurtleShroom> Itinerod is a closed circuit.

[2010-11-13 19:22:02] <SnoopingGil> But it's the only practical one for trade.

[2010-11-13 19:22:13] <TurtleShroom> All other goods can't use Itinerod.

[2010-11-13 19:22:18] <SnoopingGil> The stuff is delivered by truck.

[2010-11-13 19:22:22] <TurtleShroom> Consider it a beauracratic oppression.

[2010-11-13 19:22:24] <SnoopingGil> How about a separate track...

[2010-11-13 19:22:28] <TurtleShroom> Itinerod = mail only.

[2010-11-13 19:22:30] <SnoopingGil> ...operated separately...

[2010-11-13 19:22:37] <SnoopingGil> ...but laid out RIGHT NEXT TO THE ITINEROD.

[2010-11-13 19:22:46] <TurtleShroom> ...-because the SPC wasn't thinking at the time.

[2010-11-13 19:22:48] <SnoopingGil> Remember, that's why the IC was built in the first place.

[2010-11-13 19:22:53] <SnoopingGil> To ease TRADE.

[2010-11-13 19:22:58] <TurtleShroom> No, to ease MAIL.

[2010-11-13 19:23:00] <TurtleShroom> MAIL.

[2010-11-13 19:23:01] <SnoopingGil> And speed up commerce.

[2010-11-13 19:23:03] <TurtleShroom> MAIL.

[2010-11-13 19:23:05] <SnoopingGil> IT SAYS SO IN THE ARTICLE.

[2010-11-13 19:23:07] <TurtleShroom> It was for MAIL.

[2010-11-13 19:23:08] <SnoopingGil> COMMERCE AND COMMUNICATION.

[2010-11-13 19:23:30] <TurtleShroom>  /The Itinerod Postal Circuit, commonly known as the Itinerod, is an important mail train circuit that crosses the Trans-Antarctic Mountain Range to deliver mail to and from South Pole City. /

[2010-11-13 19:23:35] <SnoopingGil> Okay, fine.

[2010-11-13 19:23:40] <TurtleShroom> MAILMAILMAILMAILMAIL

[2010-11-13 19:23:44] <TurtleShroom> :P

[2010-11-13 19:23:47] <SnoopingGil> NO, I MEANT IN THE HISTORY SECTION.

[2010-11-13 19:23:50] <TurtleShroom> Now, everything else...

[2010-11-13 19:23:56] <SnoopingGil> And that's why I wanted to UPDATE IT.

[2010-11-13 19:23:59] <TurtleShroom> Uses road and rail and winding stuff.

[2010-11-13 19:24:03] <TurtleShroom> NO.

[2010-11-13 19:24:05] <TurtleShroom> MAILMAILMAILMAILMAIL

[2010-11-13 19:24:09] <SnoopingGil> Fine then.

[2010-11-13 19:24:12] <TurtleShroom> GOOD.

[2010-11-13 19:24:16] <SnoopingGil> Due to a miscommunication...

[2010-11-13 19:24:25] <SnoopingGil> ...they accidentally built more tracks than they needed.

[2010-11-13 19:24:37] <SnoopingGil> The other two tracks were set aside and operated seperately.

[2010-11-13 19:24:41] <TurtleShroom> No, the Iitinerod isn't connected or followed by ANYTHING.

[2010-11-13 19:24:47] <TurtleShroom> No, that'd be OOC.

[2010-11-13 19:24:49] <SnoopingGil> So while the Itinerod Mail Circuit runs by the Postal Service...

[2010-11-13 19:24:52] <SnoopingGil> Ahem.

[2010-11-13 19:24:56] <SnoopingGil> I'm the OOC rights holder.

[2010-11-13 19:25:00] <TurtleShroom> Kwiksilver only saw ONE mail track./

[2010-11-13 19:25:03] <SnoopingGil> I can retcon it.

[2010-11-13 19:25:04] <TurtleShroom> ...-but you never decreed it.

[2010-11-13 19:25:06] <SnoopingGil> IT'S IN THE ARTICLE.

[2010-11-13 19:25:15] <TurtleShroom> KHH takes precedence.

[2010-11-13 19:25:19] <TurtleShroom> As does the Itinerod items.

[2010-11-13 19:25:26] <TurtleShroom> All of those act on ONE TRACK.

[2010-11-13 19:26:08] <SnoopingGil> Back on topic.

[2010-11-13 19:26:17] <TurtleShroom> IRC disconnected me. :(

[2010-11-13 19:26:23] <TurtleShroom> ...-but I'm back.

[2010-11-13 19:26:33] <TurtleShroom> KHH takes precedence.

[2010-11-13 19:26:36] <TurtleShroom> As does the Itinerod items.

[2010-11-13 19:26:40] <SnoopingGil> WAIT

[2010-11-13 19:26:48] <TurtleShroom> All of those act on ONE TRACK.

[2010-11-13 19:26:55] <SnoopingGil> THAT'S STILL OOC.

[2010-11-13 19:27:02] <TurtleShroom> MAILMAILMAILMAILMAIL

[2010-11-13 19:27:04] <SnoopingGil> KHH was written AFTER the Itinerod article.

[2010-11-13 19:27:08] <SnoopingGil> THERE ARE FIVE LANES.

[2010-11-13 19:27:11] <TurtleShroom> Yes, but it was accepted.

[2010-11-13 19:27:12] <SnoopingGil> And I can update it right now.

[2010-11-13 19:27:15] <TurtleShroom> There are NOT five lanes.

[2010-11-13 19:27:18] <SnoopingGil> No one accepted anything.

[2010-11-13 19:27:22] <SnoopingGil> FIVE LABES.

[2010-11-13 19:27:23] <SnoopingGil> FIVE

[2010-11-13 19:27:26] <TurtleShroom> ...-and I'll file seizure if you do!


[2010-11-13 19:27:32] <TurtleShroom> MAILMAILMAILMAILMAIL

[2010-11-13 19:27:38] <SnoopingGil> Three for mail.

[2010-11-13 19:27:40] <SnoopingGil> Two for TRADE.

[2010-11-13 19:27:41] <TurtleShroom> ONE TRACK FOR MAIL AND NOTHING ELSE.

[2010-11-13 19:27:48] <TurtleShroom> MAILMAILMAILMAILMAIL

[2010-11-13 19:27:51] <SnoopingGil> TRADE.

[2010-11-13 19:27:56] <TurtleShroom> MAIL.

[2010-11-13 19:27:57] <SnoopingGil> The SABER can't carry everything!

[2010-11-13 19:28:02] <TurtleShroom> THEN MAKE ANOTHER ROUTE.

[2010-11-13 19:28:04] <SnoopingGil> TRADE.

[2010-11-13 19:28:07] <TurtleShroom> MAIL.

[2010-11-13 19:28:10] <SnoopingGil> THAT REQUIRES MORE RETCONNING.

[2010-11-13 19:28:13] <TurtleShroom> SO BE IT.

[2010-11-13 19:28:14] <SnoopingGil> AND MORE TANGLING.

[2010-11-13 19:28:22] <TurtleShroom> SABER isn't used much yet anyway.

[2010-11-13 19:28:24] <TurtleShroom> Itinerod is.

[2010-11-13 19:28:35] <TurtleShroom> ...-and the one-track model is already in several articles.

[2010-11-13 19:28:40] <SnoopingGil> CITE.

[2010-11-13 19:28:42] <TurtleShroom> ...-and the purpose written.

[2010-11-13 19:28:45] <TurtleShroom> All right.

[2010-11-13 19:28:46] <SnoopingGil> CITE!

[2010-11-13 19:28:50] <SnoopingGil> I know the purpose written.

[2010-11-13 19:28:52] <TurtleShroom> Okay, okay!

[2010-11-13 19:29:04] <SnoopingGil> And we're about to leave, anyway.

[2010-11-13 19:29:06] <SnoopingGil> GOTTA GO.

[2010-11-13 19:29:08] <SnoopingGil> BYE.

[2010-11-13 19:29:10] <SnoopingGil> AND REMEMBER.

[2010-11-13 19:29:10] <SnoopingGil> FIVE.

[2010-11-13 19:29:11] <SnoopingGil> TRADE.

[2010-11-13 19:29:13] <SnoopingGil> DEAL WITH IT.

[2010-11-13 19:29:15] <TurtleShroom> Oh.

[2010-11-13 19:29:15] <TurtleShroom> NO.

[2010-11-13 19:29:17] <TurtleShroom> THAT'S STUPDI.

[2010-11-13 19:29:28] <TurtleShroom> ONE MAIL.


[2010-11-13 19:29:52] <TurtleShroom> (This is going to make ME go postal...)

There you go. My finmgers hurt from hours of all this non-stop typing... -but it was worth it!

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) HE'S FEELING GREAT, WITH HIS GRAPEFRUIT-SIZED PROSTATE! I DOMINATE! ――–――――― 00:44, 14 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Eternal Penguin (again)[edit]

Close, but no cigar. Benny and Mayor McFlapp are not the final boss(es). Zone 12:35, 15 November 2010 (UTC)

Your a great writer[edit]

I love your Explorer767 article. Your a very good writer. I wish I could write articles as good as america 02:26, 16 November 2010 (UTC)


ban the on the old and in the reason, put link to new site

as for edits, still importan --refractor this is a thing 14:50, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

I have an idea.[edit]

Why not just lock-up the entire old site and emblazon a huge template on top of every page, telling people to go to the new site.

If I had my way I'd rather make the whole site automatically redirect to our new wiki, but I am suspicous that wikia would undo that. --XTUX is on teh job! 15:37, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

P.S. I have the Internet Explorer 9 beta and belive me, it is faster then even the beta chrome and the current firefox. Although the next release of Firefox is said to be just as fast...

RE: Wikia[edit]

What's wrong with mocking Wikia? They can't touch us here, and that cesspool does it all the time. -TS

No, I do not want to be like those idiots, but I do like making fun of Wikia. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) HE'S FEELING GREAT, WITH HIS GRAPEFRUIT-SIZED PROSTATE! I DOMINATE! ――–――――― 21:29, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

about edit count[edit]

Edits will be assigned to Explorer 767, not just Explorer. If you want your old edit count, rename yourself back to your old name and then rename yourself to whatever. --refractor this is a thing 22:34, 18 November 2010 (UTC)


Look here, instead of deleting half her articles, suggest ways to improve them. Maybe even help her with her background.--Sir Kwiksilver of TARDIS-Ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire. 22:43, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

well, we won't always be on. You have to do your part as well. All it takes are a few kind words, some advice and encouragement.--Sir Kwiksilver of TARDIS-Ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire. 23:04, 18 November 2010 (UTC)


It might have to do with global prefs installed (prefs the same on every wiki) - file a ticket on the requester, but mark it a defect and describe the problem. andrew will get to your complaint as fast as possible. --refractor this is a thing 11:51, 20 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Mail (I got it)[edit]

I guess I took that literally. I've had the phone beside me for hours, waiting roy YOU to call ME.

Please wait... dialing...

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) HEY YOU DANG WOODCHUCKS; QUIT CHUCKIN' MAH WOOD!! I DOMINATE! ――–――――― 21:09, 20 November 2010 (UTC)


Just to let U know, I was testing out what a transparent logo would look like on our wiki.

It failed epicly.

I have decided that we need a new logo and fast, as our current logo is pethetic and looks horrid compared to the CPW's.

Oh, and by the way who's working on the current wiki's skin? It REALLY needs to be fixed, and soon if we are to be able to attract new users, and I don't care if we get Monaco or not (though it would be nice), I just think we need to get this wiki's skin fixed!

If nobody does it soon, I request that I'm may try and work on our theme (not the logo), and get it fixed.--XTUX is on teh job! 21:12, 20 November 2010 (UTC)


I think you're right on this, and as much as I respect and amire TS, I now see that you're right. I'm going to fix this right away and make this story just the way I wanted to. Like TS, I too become overeager with new story ideas. Heh. I even rushed on the story Gold for Thanksgiving that I was able to finish it way before the actual day! (which is in a couple of days!) I just need to keep my head in the game and stay focused!

I never thought I'd say this, but Thanks Explorer!

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 03:10, 22 November 2010 (UTC)


Explorer, I don't really think CP canonically speaking is supposed to be a large trade hub crowded with ships, but rather a famous and peaceful community. Take a look at this image:

Water Dojo Forshadow.png

As a view from the Dojo, we can see most of CP. In it only sees the simple town, plaza, snow forts, stadium, and a rather SMALL cluster of igloos on the southern shore of the island. Now, this is only ONE of the many servers of CP, so CP obvioulsy all together has that population that's over a million penguins. But just in one server, there are only a cluster of igloos. Here's what I see and devise from CP:

CP is not a city. It acutally has two municipalities, the Town and the Village. The Town is home to most of everything, including the Plaza, Snow Fts., Stadium, the Town Center, and the igloos. The Village is only composed of the Ski Lodge, the Ski hill, and the EPF. I'm not sure if the Lighthouse is part of either of them.....

Or it's a possibility that the Ski VILLAGE could be a borough of CP. Just to point it out.


Oh, ok. I think I'm understanding with where you are going. So It's like some things are there but not there, right? Like Temporal Pockets! So would CP's servers be in a Temporal Pocket as well?

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 00:15, 23 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Writ of certori[edit]

You are correct. The USA/CPFW courts do not HAVE to hear the appeal. They choose to. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) HEY YOU DANG WOODCHUCKS; QUIT CHUCKIN' MAH WOOD!! As I always say... ――–――――― 00:43, 23 November 2010 (UTC)

P.S.: Have you seen my new racket-a-licious project?

RE: Music that sounds like a jazzy waltz[edit]

No. -TS


The News blog is currently in planning (The one where all the wikis work together). It will be in full use this week. --Seahorseruler <staff /> (Talk Page) (Contribs) 16:45, 25 November 2010 (UTC)


We've gotta get one of the admins or wiki staff to sign up all of our wikis to Google and Bing webmaster tools, which help the search ranking and show ways to improve the site's internal layout in order to improve our ranking on search engines. I would do this, but the staff and site admins are better suited to the job, plus they access the things required to get us signed up.

Please at least consider trying this, as it could give our google and bing rankings a huge boost.

--XTUX is on teh job! 17:58, 25 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Last edits[edit]

These are all pop-ins, and until either late Friday or Saturday, so they will remain.

I will still see what I can do.

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Dubya dubya dubya dot... As I always say... ――–――――― 18:52, 25 November 2010 (UTC)

P.S.: It's this time of year hat I submit one hand-drawn item to this site. Expect that, too. Ask fellow Wiki users if they have a request. E-mail me when that's done, and I'll draw that: I can check my phone.< br /> you saw my thought of importing :/ man your good, thanks for the tip never saw the tool yet. but still sorry Tails6000 01:15, 27 November 2010 (UTC)

Gift box[edit]

I decided to give some gifts. Enjoy!

What do you think?

--XTUX is on teh job! 03:47, 27 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Beach[edit]

I guess you could just tell me what you had in mind. If not, you can just edit it, but please reply saying you're doing it. Thanks. --Chub 777 was here!Talk to MAH 09:51, 27 November 2010 (UTC)

Three-Revert Rule[edit]

You have broken a policy of the Three Reverts a Day ruke. This is an official warning. Good day!--Agent Johnson |  You... 21:05, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

I know. I did that to annoy you.--Agent Johnson |  You... 21:09, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

English plox.--Agent Johnson |  You... 21:12, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

Not American English, British English. Please, just do it in a way the average guy would understand, not the nerd's way.--Agent Johnson |  You... 21:14, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

The Sapie Brothers[edit]

Hey, Explorer?

For my next story, can I use the Sapie Brothers? I would like them to return to the human world briefly and share the information to the FBI, which still keep this a secret. It will be EPF Agents' Dave, Clovis, and Rookie's mission to make sure that the existence of civilization in antarctica is not revealed to the world. This is only one of the many missions of that story...

What do you say?

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 04:04, 29 November 2010 (UTC)

Well, ok. Revised Sapie Brother plan 2:

The Sapie Brothers return with the information to Harvard University, and decide to keep the information classified. The FBI intercepts the information, and the Sapie Brothers escape back to Antarctica before they can get arrested. The EPF agents then deal with it there.

How bout that?

--User:Swiss Ninja Come Talk to me. Don't Worry, I'll Respond....Eventually.Swiss Siggy Bureau.png 01:09, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Staff get back[edit]

I don't care what those backstabbing wretches do to me. The Leader posted the betrayel, the Staff carried it through. I have never been angrier online. EVER. -TS



Can you please explain to me what is going on with this "radical change" thing? I'm trying to grasp the situation by getting everyone's POV. If you could please respond as soon as possible! Go raibh míle maith agat (a thousand thanks)!

-- Triskelle3 Athshealbhaígí an Phoblacht! Reclaim the Republic! 22:33, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

RE: Defending RRO on my IRC Committee talk page[edit]

Thank you Explorer, thank you. No one else seems to get the extent of what I'm giving up to appease them.

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Dubya dubya dubya dot... As I always say... ――–――――― 22:25, 1 December 2010 (UTC)

P.S.: I'm sick of all this.

Bless your soul, Explorer. You are a true friend. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Dubya dubya dubya dot... As I always say... ――–――――― 22:32, 1 December 2010 (UTC)

P.S.: This has kept me going today, You'll love it.

Yzmopolis, my metropolis! -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Dubya dubya dubya dot... As I always say... ――–――――― 22:46, 1 December 2010 (UTC)


IT'S THE QUENCHIEST!! -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Dubya dubya dubya dot... As I always say... ――–――――― 23:59, 1 December 2010 (UTC)

P.S.: [1]

Swiss Ninja Impersonations[edit]

Hello. Swiss has started impersonating again. The victims? You and TS. He's been upset that I won't accept his apology and while I was asleep he used your name and pmed me saying I will be banned for the channel being muted. Although HatPop had locked it. --Ben 100022 12:01, 3 December 2010 (UTC)


You will be contacted later than normal (per your own request), some time between two and four o'clock. :D - TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) You know, until I came along, this was just a one-llama town. THERE'S NO STOP-OLIS. ――–――――― 18:13, 4 December 2010 (UTC)


I heard you are good with making infoboxes. You have two options:

1. Teach me how to make infoboxes.
2. Make an infobox.

If you choose option two, could you please make a "railway line" infobox? If you have enough time, could you also make a "spacecraft" infobox? I know you're busy with the importing and all, but when you find time. Thanks.

--Chub 777 was here!(Please leave a message after the beep!) 10:23, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

RE: Dropbox[edit]

I saw it as soon as you deposited it. So far, it looks good. :) -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Drink cactus juice; it'll quench ya! People pirate Phineas and Ferb episodes like a spanish galleon. ――–'――――― 23:15, 9 December 2010 (UTC)


First of all, I find the entire mass demotion impractical and honestly an unintelligent idea, this being because if you have too many admins, getting rid of every single one will only create more problems (i.e, admins won't be around when needed). Reserve admins; admins that are promoted when needed. You know where I, Kwiksilver, Zone and Agent Johnson are from (there are more but these are the main ones), we are in a different time zone, and people like you aren't on when I am most active (such as right now as I write this message).

I am fine with being demoted, but to be told I could stay then OOP I'm staying as admin then OOP I'm reserve admin. Well, OOP, GUESS WHAT. I am also not import. Which is just stupid, since the decision has been made that it should be default.

But, what even sparked this mass demotion? Demote about 4 admins and maybe some crats and we're fine, but no, we have to demote mostly all our staff? I am calling it staff because I have been a worker, not a user, worker here since I joined. This is not an insult, it just means I take it seriously. You know I have the proper experience to be good, I was bureaucrat for most of the time on this wiki (not site, wiki) and the rest was spent as admin. The reasons for demotion are also incredibly incompitant. "Did not use powers". Really? So it's my fault I couldn't find anything to do? I have said many times before, I cannot force myself into a situation where I must use my powers.

This is not a plea for re-promotion, I find my demotion fair, but ending up with no import? And also, the mass demotion plan is completely corrupt and impractical. I will finish with this.

It's not how many admins you have now, it's many little admins you'll have after this is finished.

(I have sent this to TurtleShroom also.)

--Metalmanager 14:22, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

I also sent it to TS. I need to move the TS one to Leader and your one to ZW. --Metalmanager 18:31, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

Rollback Powers[edit]

Hi, Explorer. It's Flystar. I was just wondering if I could get my rollback powers back from the old wiki. Thanks!--Flystar55555 00:33, 11 December 2010 (UTC)


I do not understand why I was demoted. I'm perfectly fine with it, just out of intrest I wish to know.--Agent Johnson |  You... 00:56, 11 December 2010 (UTC)

PS: My IP has been hacked on IRC so I'm banned globally. Won't be able to come on.

PSS: If I've been demoted like Triskelle may I have Patroller rights?

This made me think of Gil[edit]


-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Drink cactus juice; it'll quench ya! People pirate Phineas and Ferb episodes like a spanish galleon. ――–――――― 21:52, 11 December 2010 (UTC)

RE: RRO[edit]

I've already read the Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia only explains the history and origins of the book, and what it's designed for. It does not quote pages from the book, it simply states that it is used for parliamentary authority in the United States. I'd go buy the book, but because this is more of an American book I doubt they sell it in Australia.

That's why it strikes me as suspicious, we have to follow a book that very few have read about. Zone 00:03, 18 December 2010 (UTC)

I can't always tell me I'm not in the "group" for importing. Love, Ponyo Fan 18:29, 19 December 2010 (UTC)


When trying to import Icey XD, I received a message with a bunch of code I couldn't understand. I believe I read Zone saying the same thing. Is there any way to stop it? Love, Ponyo Fan 18:35, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

YES, I PROMISE NOT TO USE COPY AND PASTE. Love, Ponyo Fan 18:38, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

An idea for magic 4th wall manipulation[edit]

Well, I just had an idea for how some 4th wall manipulation works, and it is besically interfering with the 4th wall powers of others.

An (bad) example would be that Explorer is going on an adventure, and suspensful music is playing for the audience. Explorer, being a 4th wall breaker hears the music and knows that danger is awaiting and is cautious.

However, Witchypenguin, being able to manipulate the 4th wall casts a hex on Explorer. So now Explorer hears happy cheery music and thinks that there is no danger so is unprepared on the danger that's coming.

Well, that's my idea, and magic hasn't really gone mainsteam in CPFW, so that's just a thought.

Mectrixctic DADT is HISTORY! HOORAY! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Crazy Kwanza, Wild Yuletide and Super Solstice! 18:45, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

Well messing up DJX's machines would be manipulating the 4th wall. And if you may, explain what magic does so far.

RE: IRC[edit]

I can't. I am at my grandparent's house, and they do not have a proper IRC. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Look out, Santa Claus is peeping around the corner at you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Saint Kris Nicholas, tell me, then: did you NOT look at my client, as her child sat on her lap, and called out to her not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES, 'HO'?! ――–――――― 19:17, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

RE: IRC[edit]

I'll come on some time ound or shortly after 3:00 PM. Unless something comes up beyond my control, THIS, I SWEAR! -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Look out, Santa Claus is peeping around the corner at you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Saint Kris Nicholas, tell me, then: did you NOT look at my client, as her child sat on her lap, and called out to her not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES, 'HO'?! ――–――――― 19:34, 22 December 2010 (UTC)

RE: IRC[edit]

I'll come on some time around or shortly after 3:00 PM. Unless something comes up beyond my control, THIS, I SWEAR! -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Look out, Santa Claus is peeping around the corner at you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Saint Kris Nicholas, tell me, then: did you NOT look at my client, as her child sat on her lap, and called out to her not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES, 'HO'?! ――–――――― 19:34, 22 December 2010 (UTC)

Furry Flats[edit]

A few months ago I adopted the article and changed some of the member (namely the puffle ones) to The Young Shadows for major expansion. Me and Ninjinian are working on it but is it ok if this happens. When I did it, you said that you needed users to adopt the articles you weren't working (the Troublesome Trio etc).--Agent Johnson |  You... 17:55, 24 December 2010 (UTC)

IRC wha?[edit]

When I log on this happens:

[22:37] == Usermode change: +i
[22:37] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
[22:37] -NickServ- You have 30 seconds to identify to your nickname before it is changed.
[22:37] == gateway/web/freenode/ip. is now your hidden host (set by syn.)
[22:38] -NickServ- You failed to identify in time for the nickname chub
[22:38] == Chub has changed nick to Guest76757

How do I identify myself? I'm still a noob at the IRC, so...

PS: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The meeting never happened, and you won't see me on the public IRC for several days, most likely. I humiliated myself brutally and am not showing my keyboard there for a good long while. In the meantime, feel free to e-mail me, use the talk page, and use IRC Private Chat. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) THAT WAS DELICIOUS. Never burn money, and especially don't nuke it. ――–――――― 21:47, 28 December 2010 (UTC)


Sorry! Didn't realise I was reverting votes, I thought you just reverted my reason for voting/rant. Good news is, this is the most active the wiki's been in a long-o time! Happy New Year.

-- Triskelle3 The Carthaginians are coming over the Alps on Elephants! My contributions. 23:09, 28 December 2010 (UTC)

RE: QA Overhaul[edit]

Hey, Happy New Years Eve - first of all, it was originally Agent Johnson's idea, this whole thing, but then I took charge of it and I dunno where he's gone. I was planning on writing a guide too, but in all this commotion I forgot, and remember that I've been doing this thing all by myself since AJ left it. Soo I guess us two will have to do it together. I agree with writing a guide. Now we just need to agree what an LQA, AQA, HQA and a UQA are looking for. -- Ninj Xmas Sig.PNG ¤ (User page!) (The Cookie Master wishes you a Happy New Year!) 14:21, 31 December 2010 (UTC)

HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![edit]


Starrypop10 is not here, leave a mesage to the djinni

RE: RE: Bubblopia[edit]

First of all... THIS SECTION IS AN LOL MOMENT!!! Second, Bubblantis... ummm... yeah I loved the old name. and third, I was not happy with the change. fourth, i only yelled because i have know idea what to do now that the name is changed... because i would have to change every reference to bubblantis with the new name, change pop cat's race and stuff like that. I am pretty sure you would be mad if i renamed USA to The galaxy of know i wont do that because i would get chased by an angry mob AND THEN GET BANED FOR 7 YEARS.-Starrypop10

RE: IRC (and what is to come)[edit]

I would, but I am in my mother's bed on a laptop that probably lacks an IRC console.

Coming this new year:
  • MSB parody: Miss Frizzle and class.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog parody. (Before your time)
  • Redlinks to be written.
  • Hopefully, ZK will roll out BlazBlue.
  • Expansion of TurtleShroom's Family.
  • Midas and Herb go at it again.
  • At least one story I started will be finished by 2012.
  • Snowzerland will be integrated into continuity as much as it can, and SN will receive an Auld Lang Syne parody.
  • You will watch Jimmy Two Shoes and help me continue Metaling in Chi Con. Maybe.
  • We will do some sort of Making Fiends tale with Faida and Greenville. Why? It's Faida and Greenville. Tee hee.
  • Expansion of Explorer's Family!! Among filling out Explorer I's posterity, let's get Eeez and her two pranking, parodic children written. I want hammers and I want them now!
  • All nineteen Mabels will need to be written. It just has to.

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) The new year dawns!!! Lest old aquaintence, be forgot, and never brought to mind! ――–――――― 03:25, 1 January 2011 (UTC)

P.S.: I saw this anthromorpic banana on Courage the Cowardly Dog. He was selling top secrets and reminded me far too much of Julian Assange: "Hey kid. 'Wanna buy a top secret?"

RE: TeleNet[edit]

I've posted a reply on Talk:TeleNet. Thoughts?--Sir Kwiksilver of TARDIS-Ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire. POH-KAY-MAAHNN!! 10:42, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Wikia demotions?[edit]

I've heard that all the admins on the oldwiki were demoted. Was there anybody left out?----Icmer In Nyc (Don't eat the yellow snow!) 19:32, 12 January 2011 (UTC)


Explorer, we're one step closer to our goal. Victory is almost upon us, but we must STILL push forward!


-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Oh biscuits. HI AL GORE! ――–――――― 02:57, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

/MemoServ SEND SnoopingGil EXPLORER, I am this close to ushering in the Bus and have written MOM. Fraz is nearly upon us.
-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Oh biscuits. HI AL GORE! ――–――――― 03:03, 16 January 2011 (UTC)


Can you put an announcement on the sitenotice about Help talk:Recordings? Cheers, I can't, I'm no administrator.

-- Triskelle3 You know yer Irish when... 04:41, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

Your ears will eventually bleed[edit]

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Oh biscuits. HI AL GORE! ――–――――― 23:17, 16 January 2011 (UTC)

P.S.: Please see the messages above this. You have new ones.

News article: 4/15/2010, NASA[edit]

Neil Armstrong breaks his silence and teams up with Apollo 17 and 13 to attack Obama... -but Buzz Aldrin sides with Obama! Read the outdated but still mega-epic story here.

This was written before Obama turned NASA into a tool for buttkissing.

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :|  :( "Nullification... means insurrection and war; and the other states have a right to put it down." When push comes to shove, you've got to do what you love, even if it's not a good idea. ――–――――― 02:05, 27 January 2011 (UTC)

Please respond[edit]

I left a role-play invitation on your character's talk a while ago for my Expedition 3FR00TS story, but you never responded. Perhaps you never noticed, but now I need your word to use your character or not. ----Icmer In Nyc The best way to eat pie is to throw it at someone's face. My contributions 18:05, 6 February 2011 (UTC)

The Internet showing of the Phineas and Ferb episode, it was very good, yah.[edit]

I enjoyed the Phineas and Ferb show you sent me. Hopefully, the ones you wanted me to see were "Make Play" and "Candace Gets Busted".


-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) He had the gall to write his name on my mother! ...-but forget about that. Now we shall make play by doing the typing of the articles, yah! ――–――――― 11:39, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

So I will now be typing the messages on your page of talk with an annoying accent that breaks the English language very very much. Oh, how much fun this will be! -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) He had the gall to write his name on my mother! ...-but forget about that. Now we shall make play by doing the typing of the articles, yah! ――–――――― 11:44, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

After you left, Dusty OS began pulling an Egypt... then Andrew/Tux swore and got away with it, and now they all want to oust me! NULLIFICATION IS RAMPANT!![edit]

After you left, Dusty OS began pulling an Egypt... then Andrew/Tux swore BIG TIME and got away with it, and now they all want to oust me! Following up, Dusty is trying to stir an IRC rebellion and he has no idea what is really going on.


Will this be the end of decency... for the fifth time?


Oh, and Dusty seems to be trolling and/or bullying me. He's pushing every button, hitting me perfectly with each attack, almost as if he's intending to get me ticked off.

Like ZK said, seeing me rage is fun. I AM the ultimate Lulz Cow..........

[2011-02-13 21:09:51] <DustyOS> Hey there TS!
[2011-02-13 21:10:07] <TurtleShroom> Good evening, DustyOS.
[2011-02-13 21:10:12] <TurtleShroom> YOU FIXED YOUR GRAMMAR! :D
[2011-02-13 21:10:20] <DustyOS> Me?
[2011-02-13 21:10:25] <TurtleShroom> Now, what did you want to know?
[2011-02-13 21:10:45] <DustyOS> I did not want anything what are U talking about grammer?
[2011-02-13 21:10:46] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +v DustyOS by TurtleShroom
[2011-02-13 21:10:54] <TurtleShroom> You had a question for me?
[2011-02-13 21:11:02] <DustyOS> No who ever said I did?
[2011-02-13 21:11:08] <XTUX345> I did
[2011-02-13 21:11:09] <XTUX345> Sorry
[2011-02-13 21:11:11] <TurtleShroom> Oh, I thought you did.
[2011-02-13 21:11:15] <DustyOS> Thats alright
[2011-02-13 21:11:18] <TurtleShroom> By the way, that new image is AMAZING.
[2011-02-13 21:11:23] <XTUX345> I know
[2011-02-13 21:11:30] <TurtleShroom> Next Speeddasher, maybe?
[2011-02-13 21:11:31] <XTUX345> He just got Photoshop
[2011-02-13 21:11:31] <DustyOS> Umm.....thank U
[2011-02-13 21:11:46] -->| Penguin-Bot ([email protected]) has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:11:46] <XTUX345> He may be
[2011-02-13 21:11:53] <DustyOS> Maybe that would be a good idea
[2011-02-13 21:11:57] <XTUX345> XD
[2011-02-13 21:11:59] |<-- Penguin-Bot has left freenode (Changing host)
[2011-02-13 21:12:00] -->| Penguin-Bot ([email protected]/Frozen-Wind) has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:12:00] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +v Penguin-Bot by ChanServ
[2011-02-13 21:12:07] <TurtleShroom> That image on the DustyOS article is really cute as well.
[2011-02-13 21:12:25] <XTUX345> DustyOS, you should improve it with Photoshop sometime
[2011-02-13 21:12:30] <XTUX345> Make it sheer awesomeness
[2011-02-13 21:12:31] |<-- Penguin-Bot has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[2011-02-13 21:12:38] -->| Penguin-Bot ([email protected]) has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:12:41] <DustyOS> Thanks TS
[2011-02-13 21:12:47] <TurtleShroom> You're welcome.
[2011-02-13 21:12:57] <TurtleShroom> Explorer messed with my mind this morning.
[2011-02-13 21:13:09] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +o Tux by ChanServ
[2011-02-13 21:13:13] <Tux> not a walrus
[2011-02-13 21:13:24] <TurtleShroom> It's a proven fact that your mind is more suspectible to some things when you are up at dawn and really tired.
[2011-02-13 21:13:29] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon -o Tux by Tux
[2011-02-13 21:13:32] <XTUX345> !say I am a queen
[2011-02-13 21:13:36] <XTUX345> JK
[2011-02-13 21:13:46] <XTUX345> Guess Penguin-bot is immune to that
[2011-02-13 21:13:49] |<-- AeroNachos has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[2011-02-13 21:13:53] <DustyOS> I know grammar quite well I just need to go over my stories 
[2011-02-13 21:13:55] <TurtleShroom> So when Explorer handed me a link to some new Phineas and Ferb episode, I got this darn song stuck in my head the rest of the day.
[2011-02-13 21:14:02] <DustyOS> :o
[2011-02-13 21:14:06] <XTUX345> ROFL
[2011-02-13 21:14:14] <TurtleShroom> I mean, that song even had /chanting/ .
[2011-02-13 21:14:22] <TurtleShroom> Do you know what CHANTING does to you at dawn?
[2011-02-13 21:14:24] <TurtleShroom> ALL. DAY. LONG.
[2011-02-13 21:14:32] <XTUX345> I had "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose" stuck in my head after church
[2011-02-13 21:14:36] <TurtleShroom> I had an urge to even shout that out myself.
[2011-02-13 21:14:44] <HatPop> Candace Party! Candace Party!
[2011-02-13 21:14:46] <TurtleShroom> I still sort of want to do it. O_O
[2011-02-13 21:14:50] <TurtleShroom> Hat Pop! NO!
[2011-02-13 21:14:51] <XTUX345> XD
[2011-02-13 21:14:55] <TurtleShroom> It's like the Hypnotoad.
[2011-02-13 21:15:05] <TurtleShroom> You do it too much and- CANDACE PARTY! CANDACE PARTY!
[2011-02-13 21:15:10] <HatPop> o_O
[2011-02-13 21:15:11] <TurtleShroom> CANDACE PARTY! CANDACE PARTY!
[2011-02-13 21:15:16] <DustyOS> ..........
[2011-02-13 21:15:17] <HatPop> Oopsies
[2011-02-13 21:15:25] <DustyOS> He can if he wants
[2011-02-13 21:15:30] <DustyOS> I suppose 
[2011-02-13 21:15:37] <TurtleShroom> ...-and if you aren;t careful- CANDACE PARTY! CANDACE PARTY!
[2011-02-13 21:15:43] <XTUX345> :|
[2011-02-13 21:15:43] <DustyOS> LOL
[2011-02-13 21:15:53] <HatPop> What's really hypnotizing is "My Name Is Doof"
[2011-02-13 21:15:55] <DustyOS> But more :| then LOL
[2011-02-13 21:16:05] <DustyOS> :O
[2011-02-13 21:16:07] <DustyOS> really?
[2011-02-13 21:16:11] <TurtleShroom> No, no, the other one is- CANDACE PARTY! CANDACE PARTY!
[2011-02-13 21:16:20] <DustyOS> ....
[2011-02-13 21:16:21] <TurtleShroom> CANDACE PARTY! CANDACE PARTY!
[2011-02-13 21:16:24] <DustyOS> ......
[2011-02-13 21:16:25] <HatPop> If I hear it I'll be singing it all day
[2011-02-13 21:16:42] <XTUX345> Stop saying that
[2011-02-13 21:16:44] <DustyOS> Glad I only know the words to it
[2011-02-13 21:16:51] <DustyOS> Know kidding
[2011-02-13 21:16:59] <DustyOS> Its getting a wee anoying
[2011-02-13 21:17:03] <TurtleShroom> ...-and it gets worse because now I'm going to have to stuff that song in some writing somewhere..........
[2011-02-13 21:17:20] <TurtleShroom> CURSE YOU EXPLORER, CURSE YOU!
[2011-02-13 21:17:20] <DustyOS> Why?
[2011-02-13 21:17:26] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, you might dislike the image that I'm working on
[2011-02-13 21:17:27] <XTUX345> It'
[2011-02-13 21:17:28] <DustyOS> :O
[2011-02-13 21:17:38] <XTUX345> It's not gory or COC
[2011-02-13 21:17:41] <DustyOS> Why, XTUX?
[2011-02-13 21:17:44] <TurtleShroom> Well, whenver I get something stuck in my head, I eventually write about it.
[2011-02-13 21:17:50] <XTUX345> Just a little, well, disturbing
[2011-02-13 21:17:54] <TurtleShroom> :\
[2011-02-13 21:17:55] <DustyOS> Hehe
[2011-02-13 21:17:58] <XTUX345> Though not too much
[2011-02-13 21:18:03] <DustyOS> The puffle one?
[2011-02-13 21:18:07] <XTUX345> Yes
[2011-02-13 21:18:11] <DustyOS> Hahah its freaky
[2011-02-13 21:18:14] <XTUX345> Why'd you give it away?
[2011-02-13 21:18:15] <TurtleShroom> Naomi and the SkyBound series are examples of this.
[2011-02-13 21:18:17] <DustyOS> Nothing wrong with it
[2011-02-13 21:18:22] <DustyOS> Sorry
[2011-02-13 21:18:29] <XTUX345> That's OK
[2011-02-13 21:18:32] <TurtleShroom> An older example is the Ministry of Witches' Affairs.
[2011-02-13 21:18:37] <DustyOS> Didn't mean to spoil it 
[2011-02-13 21:18:38] <TurtleShroom> That was the same issue.
[2011-02-13 21:18:42] <XTUX345> That's OK
[2011-02-13 21:18:48] <DustyOS> :)
[2011-02-13 21:19:25] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, why is no religion allowed on the fanon?
[2011-02-13 21:19:32] <XTUX345> I know it is offensive to some
[2011-02-13 21:19:36] <XTUX345> And I respect that
[2011-02-13 21:19:41] <TurtleShroom> It's so we don't start any fights either way.
[2011-02-13 21:19:42] <DustyOS> Oh by the way XTUX and TS, DustyOS is no longer a computer programmer but a pirate 
[2011-02-13 21:19:46] <XTUX345> OK
[2011-02-13 21:19:49] <TurtleShroom> Iamred is an example of what it can do.
[2011-02-13 21:19:50] <TurtleShroom> Aww...
[2011-02-13 21:19:58] <DustyOS> TS thats wrong
[2011-02-13 21:20:00] <TurtleShroom> Hey! Maybe he should be a computing pirate!
[2011-02-13 21:20:06] <XTUX345> Yeah
[2011-02-13 21:20:15] <DustyOS> we should always alow religon 
[2011-02-13 21:20:19] <DustyOS> allow*
[2011-02-13 21:20:21] <TurtleShroom> Especially with Wockhopper.
[2011-02-13 21:20:27] <XTUX345> Wockhopper
[2011-02-13 21:20:34] <XTUX345> Tehehehehehe
[2011-02-13 21:20:38] -->| Iamredimposter ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:20:40] <Flyboy7> back
[2011-02-13 21:20:44] =-= Iamredimposter was booted from #clubpenguinfanon by YOU (Iamredimposter)
[2011-02-13 21:21:00] <XTUX345> TortoiseStool kicks Iamred to the moon!
[2011-02-13 21:21:07] <XTUX345> He rubbs his sore bottom through his space suit
[2011-02-13 21:21:21] <DustyOS> TS I like your idea with DustyOS becoming a space pirate 
[2011-02-13 21:21:22] <TurtleShroom> Dusty OS, what we mean by that is that we can't have our characters adhere to faiths. We just cut it all out completely so that we don't anger anyone or cause wiki-killing flame wars.
[2011-02-13 21:21:23] <XTUX345> And his butt's so brused you can see it through his spacesuit
[2011-02-13 21:21:41] <TurtleShroom> Dusty OS, I meant a computer pirate, with Torrents and software violations.
[2011-02-13 21:21:51] -->| XTUXimposter ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:21:56] <TurtleShroom> Sort of like what Zone claims to do.
[2011-02-13 21:21:57] <XTUX345> XTUXimposter?
[2011-02-13 21:22:00] <TurtleShroom> O_O
[2011-02-13 21:22:03] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +b *!*@gateway/web/freenode/ip. by TurtleShroom
[2011-02-13 21:22:05] =-= XTUXimposter was booted from #clubpenguinfanon by YOU (XTUXimposter)
[2011-02-13 21:22:06] <XTUX345> Must be Iamred
[2011-02-13 21:22:39] <XTUX345> Hmmm...
[2011-02-13 21:22:51] <XTUX345> Space pirates WOULD be cool
[2011-02-13 21:23:08] <XTUX345> In fact, a few years back I drew pictures of space pirate penguins
[2011-02-13 21:23:15] <DustyOS> TS, the hole world is doing this and now cause of it, there are WAY more atheists people who have a religion. Who ever said it was bad to discuss religion any way? It will only bring flaming wars if your inmature about it  
[2011-02-13 21:23:18] <Tux> No, that's Icmer.
[2011-02-13 21:23:43] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, all it is is a war. It's not the place of this site to be a war of faith.
[2011-02-13 21:23:56] <TurtleShroom> You can't win souls online.
[2011-02-13 21:23:58] <Flyboy7> anyone watching Family Guy right now?
[2011-02-13 21:24:01] <TurtleShroom> It's banned. Period.
[2011-02-13 21:24:07] <XTUX345> DustyOS, it does not really matter if the CPFW has religion
[2011-02-13 21:24:19] <XTUX345> We can discuss it on the IRC
[2011-02-13 21:24:27] <XTUX345> But we don't have it on the fanon
[2011-02-13 21:24:32] <TurtleShroom> Faith can be discussed within limits here and on the user talk pages.
[2011-02-13 21:24:32] <DustyOS> Who banned it? 
[2011-02-13 21:24:38] <XTUX345> Right
[2011-02-13 21:24:44] <TurtleShroom> I did, in early 2008.
[2011-02-13 21:24:52] <DustyOS> Very wrong
[2011-02-13 21:24:59] <DustyOS> VERY I am very against this
[2011-02-13 21:25:05] <TurtleShroom> The first act of being promoted in the /original/ CPW was to instate a decency code.
[2011-02-13 21:25:06] <XTUX345> I was planning on having a reference to heaven in Explorer's Ultimate Disaster Story
[2011-02-13 21:25:10] <TurtleShroom> Nope
[2011-02-13 21:25:15] <XTUX345> But I guess that'd be breaking the COC
[2011-02-13 21:25:29] <TurtleShroom> No Heaven or Hell existis in the CPFW.
[2011-02-13 21:25:35] <XTUX345> Sadily
[2011-02-13 21:25:47] <TurtleShroom> ...HOWEVER, we do have an Underworld (but they're mortal down there).
[2011-02-13 21:25:51] <XTUX345> If everyone were christains, then it would be allowed
[2011-02-13 21:26:04] <XTUX345> The Underworld is populated by villains
[2011-02-13 21:26:05] <TurtleShroom> XTUX, there's still a chance that someone could come on that isn't.
[2011-02-13 21:26:12] <DustyOS> I could make one JK but I suppose of people are to inmature to talk about religion that what ever doesn't need to be on the CPFW
[2011-02-13 21:26:16] <TurtleShroom> So a complete ban is mandated.
[2011-02-13 21:26:25] <XTUX345> Unfourtainately
[2011-02-13 21:26:37] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, you just contradicted yourself. It doesn't need to BE on the CPFW.
[2011-02-13 21:26:57] <DustyOS> Yeah so?
[2011-02-13 21:27:12] <TurtleShroom> No faith, no exceptions. Penguins can't pray or read scripture and the only afterlife is an optional "Ghost Pass" or some zombie-like idea.
[2011-02-13 21:27:29] <TurtleShroom> We CAN use similar things.
[2011-02-13 21:27:39] <DustyOS> Little things such as this lead to bigger things
[2011-02-13 21:27:49] <DustyOS> Such as in real life
[2011-02-13 21:27:57] <XTUX345> Zombies are funny
[2011-02-13 21:28:00] <TurtleShroom> The BOF has a few godly powers, and The Ones are a lot like dieties, for example, but we can't push it or else we'll have a big flame war.
[2011-02-13 21:28:07] <XTUX345> Right
[2011-02-13 21:28:18] <TurtleShroom> In Chinese mythology, zombies can only move by jumping.
[2011-02-13 21:28:23] |<-- Flyboy7 has left freenode (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[2011-02-13 21:28:27] <XTUX345> XD
[2011-02-13 21:28:48] <TurtleShroom> No, it's true. Chinese hopping zombies. They even have a name and are considered their own sort of thing.
[2011-02-13 21:29:06] <TurtleShroom> I have it right here.
[2011-02-13 21:29:21] <XTUX345> You played Plants VS Zombies?
[2011-02-13 21:29:58] <XTUX345> It's hilarous
[2011-02-13 21:31:06] <TurtleShroom> They're called "Jiang Shi".
[2011-02-13 21:31:13] <TurtleShroom> Don't ask me to pronounce that.
[2011-02-13 21:31:30] <XTUX345> Why can't we make fictional religions on the fanon?
[2011-02-13 21:31:51] <TurtleShroom> It's just... insulting.
[2011-02-13 21:31:59] <XTUX345> How so?
[2011-02-13 21:32:01] <TurtleShroom> I don't want a penguin being crucified upside down to atone for sins.
[2011-02-13 21:32:10] <DustyOS> Hey
[2011-02-13 21:32:12] <XTUX345> Not like that
[2011-02-13 21:32:15] <TurtleShroom> It's a religious thing. You don't go around mocking gods or God.
[2011-02-13 21:32:15] <DustyOS> Thats blaspheming
[2011-02-13 21:32:19] <DustyOS> Thats blaspheming
[2011-02-13 21:32:21] <DustyOS> Thats blaspheming
[2011-02-13 21:32:22] <TurtleShroom> Exactly.
[2011-02-13 21:32:27] <DustyOS> Dont say it
[2011-02-13 21:32:32] <DustyOS> Thats very wrong
[2011-02-13 21:32:33] <TurtleShroom> That's why we can't write forged deities.
[2011-02-13 21:32:35] <XTUX345> I do not mean mocking god
[2011-02-13 21:32:47] -->| Swiss_Ninja ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:32:52] <TurtleShroom> Cults are free reign, though.
[2011-02-13 21:32:56] <Swiss_Ninja> Hi TS!
[2011-02-13 21:32:57] <XTUX345> The chronicles of Narnia have alsan, who represents god
[2011-02-13 21:32:58] <Swiss_Ninja> Hey,
[2011-02-13 21:33:00] <TurtleShroom> Just emphasize their ideas are fake, and go crazy.
[2011-02-13 21:33:01] <XTUX345> Is that wrong?
[2011-02-13 21:33:08] <TurtleShroom> That whole thing was symbiolc.
[2011-02-13 21:33:13] <Swiss_Ninja> Hello, TS.
[2011-02-13 21:33:13] <DustyOS> No
[2011-02-13 21:33:15] <DustyOS> its not
[2011-02-13 21:33:16] <Swiss_Ninja> Hey, can i have Old town?
[2011-02-13 21:33:18] <TurtleShroom> Aslan wasn't God. He REPRESENTED God.
[2011-02-13 21:33:20] <DustyOS> It was grear
[2011-02-13 21:33:23] <TurtleShroom> It's yours.
[2011-02-13 21:33:25] <DustyOS> It was great*
[2011-02-13 21:33:28] <Swiss_Ninja> Thanks.
[2011-02-13 21:33:35] <XTUX345> Aslan IS god in the chronicles of narnia
[2011-02-13 21:33:36] <TurtleShroom> I read the book. I saw the movie, and loved the latter.
[2011-02-13 21:33:45] <DustyOS> ???
[2011-02-13 21:33:56] <XTUX345> The chronicles of narnia potrays Aslan as god in Narnia and the real world
[2011-02-13 21:34:00] <Swiss_Ninja> I want to fix it since it's a waste of an article.
[2011-02-13 21:34:01] <ZONEsama>
[2011-02-13 21:34:02] <Swiss_Ninja> I mean really,
[2011-02-13 21:34:10] <ZONEsama> >my face when I only got 30 out of 90 correct
[2011-02-13 21:34:11] <TurtleShroom> No, he isn't a god. He's a talking, cuddly looking lion that leads the resistance against the Ice Witch.
[2011-02-13 21:34:26] <TurtleShroom> He dies and revives in a Jesus-like fashion.
[2011-02-13 21:34:27] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, you've got it wrong
[2011-02-13 21:34:33] <XTUX345> Also, cuddly-looking
[2011-02-13 21:34:45] <XTUX345> What do you think he is, webkinz?
[2011-02-13 21:34:45] <DustyOS> He is a god in NARNIA WHAT PART OF THAT DONT U GET?
[2011-02-13 21:34:46] <Swiss_Ninja> why would you want to make an article of an abandoned town that no one lives in?
[2011-02-13 21:34:47] <TurtleShroom> The creator, a Christian, used a lot of religious symbolism and allsuions in his tale.
[2011-02-13 21:34:51] <TurtleShroom> He ISN'T a god.
[2011-02-13 21:34:54] <Swiss_Ninja> Yes.
[2011-02-13 21:34:56] <TurtleShroom> I read the book!
[2011-02-13 21:35:00] <DustyOS> HE IS
[2011-02-13 21:35:05] <Swiss_Ninja> Aslan is C. S. Lewis's perspecive of God.
[2011-02-13 21:35:07] <DustyOS> I DID
[2011-02-13 21:35:07] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, Aslan isn't webkinz
[2011-02-13 21:35:10] <XTUX345> GOT THAT?
[2011-02-13 21:35:15] <DustyOS> Thank U SN
[2011-02-13 21:35:31] <XTUX345> Swiss_Ninja, that is correct
[2011-02-13 21:35:32] <Swiss_Ninja> In a sense he treats others like Jesus would to us.
[2011-02-13 21:35:35] <ZONEsama> why dont you all calm down and click this link;
[2011-02-13 21:35:40] <TurtleShroom> Exactly, SN.
[2011-02-13 21:35:42] <DustyOS> Some ppl need to be more respectful
[2011-02-13 21:35:44] <ZONEsama> i want to see how many everyone else gets ^^
[2011-02-13 21:35:49] <TurtleShroom> Symbolic, but not God Himself.
[2011-02-13 21:35:58] <DustyOS> :O blaspheming
[2011-02-13 21:36:04] <TurtleShroom> He represents the good traits of God, but he isn't God. He is symbolic.
[2011-02-13 21:36:07] <DustyOS> wait no
[2011-02-13 21:36:11] <DustyOS> Thats not
[2011-02-13 21:36:21] <Swiss_Ninja> Aslan is wise, he's helpful, and according to himself: "He does not tell anyone else's story but their own."
[2011-02-13 21:36:28] <XTUX345> Right
[2011-02-13 21:36:37] <DustyOS> Right
[2011-02-13 21:36:38] <Swiss_Ninja> Well yes, Aslan is only symbolic of God's riteousness and care.
[2011-02-13 21:36:42] <TurtleShroom> Exactly.
[2011-02-13 21:36:46] <Swiss_Ninja> He isn't a god.
[2011-02-13 21:36:51] <ZONEsama> and now everyone is arguing about fiction vs more fiction
[2011-02-13 21:36:54] <ZONEsama> I've lost them ;_;
[2011-02-13 21:36:57] <DustyOS> In Narnia he is SN
[2011-02-13 21:37:00] <TurtleShroom> The entire thing had Christian allusions. That kid that ate the Turkish Delight represented Judas.
[2011-02-13 21:37:09] <Swiss_Ninja> yeah.
[2011-02-13 21:37:12] <XTUX345> No, he represents us
[2011-02-13 21:37:16] <TurtleShroom> The killing on that stone table = Crucifixtian.
[2011-02-13 21:37:16] <DustyOS> Us yes
[2011-02-13 21:37:17] <XTUX345> We sinned
[2011-02-13 21:37:34] <DustyOS> Yes that was TS correct
[2011-02-13 21:37:36] <TurtleShroom> Aslan not actually dying = Ressurection.
[2011-02-13 21:37:44] <DustyOS> He is dying
[2011-02-13 21:37:46] <XTUX345> He DID die, TS
[2011-02-13 21:37:51] <DustyOS> for the sins for his ppl
[2011-02-13 21:37:54] <Swiss_Ninja> In the story "The Horse and his boy" also hase a refference to the reappearance of god.
[2011-02-13 21:38:03] <TurtleShroom> Aslan forgiving the kid = Jesus taking back Peter
[2011-02-13 21:38:04] <DustyOS> Yes he created nanria
[2011-02-13 21:38:09] <XTUX345> Nope
[2011-02-13 21:38:10] <TurtleShroom> No, that isn't in the book.
[2011-02-13 21:38:12] <DustyOS> Nope
[2011-02-13 21:38:14] <DustyOS> WRONG
[2011-02-13 21:38:16] <DustyOS> VERY
[2011-02-13 21:38:18] <XTUX345> Jesus forgiving us
[2011-02-13 21:38:18] <TurtleShroom> He isn't God. He has no Godly powers.
[2011-02-13 21:38:20] <XTUX345> NOT peter
[2011-02-13 21:38:23] <Swiss_Ninja> No.
[2011-02-13 21:38:24] <DustyOS> No
[2011-02-13 21:38:25] <Swiss_Ninja> I mean,
[2011-02-13 21:38:27] <DustyOS> thats wrong
[2011-02-13 21:38:30] <TurtleShroom> Have you READ the book?
[2011-02-13 21:38:31] <Swiss_Ninja> that reappearance after his death thing...
[2011-02-13 21:38:32] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, he DOES have godly powers
[2011-02-13 21:38:37] <XTUX345> I have read the book
[2011-02-13 21:38:40] <XTUX345> AND studied it
[2011-02-13 21:38:45] <DustyOS> Yes and is a god in narnia
[2011-02-13 21:38:50] <Swiss_Ninja> No, it's that "Feel My paws" thing.
[2011-02-13 21:38:53] <Swiss_Ninja> remember?
[2011-02-13 21:38:56] <Swiss_Ninja> Eh, nevermind.
[2011-02-13 21:38:58] <TurtleShroom> OTHER than the revival off the Table?
[2011-02-13 21:39:01] <Swiss_Ninja> let's talk OLD TOWN.
[2011-02-13 21:39:03] <DustyOS> TS U should maybe read the book again and try getting the FULL meaning of it correct
[2011-02-13 21:39:06] <TurtleShroom> Old Town is abandoned.
[2011-02-13 21:39:11] <TurtleShroom> That's the point.
[2011-02-13 21:39:12] <Swiss_Ninja> Can I have it?
[2011-02-13 21:39:18] <Swiss_Ninja> It's a waste of an article.
[2011-02-13 21:39:20] <XTUX345> Old Town is where TurtleShroom lives in real
[2011-02-13 21:39:21] <TurtleShroom> Well, if you honor the original creator's intent.
[2011-02-13 21:39:24] <TurtleShroom> :|
[2011-02-13 21:39:27] <Swiss_Ninja> ok.
[2011-02-13 21:39:31] <Swiss_Ninja> :)
[2011-02-13 21:39:34] <Swiss_Ninja> Hehehehehe.
[2011-02-13 21:39:38] <XTUX345> Old Town is where people are cavemen with internet
[2011-02-13 21:39:38] <TurtleShroom> I mean, it must remain abandoned.
[2011-02-13 21:39:40] <ZONEsama> i live downtown
[2011-02-13 21:39:41] <XTUX345> JK
[2011-02-13 21:39:45] <Swiss_Ninja> Why?
[2011-02-13 21:39:51] <TurtleShroom> Maybe SN could put troops in there.
[2011-02-13 21:39:54] <ZONEsama> everyone come to downtown zonetown
[2011-02-13 21:39:55] <Swiss_Ninja> No.
[2011-02-13 21:39:57] <TurtleShroom> Frist off, Hurricane Diana destroyed it.
[2011-02-13 21:40:04] <Swiss_Ninja> SN is not going to put troops there.
[2011-02-13 21:40:04] <XTUX345> Zonetown
[2011-02-13 21:40:05] <XTUX345> XD
[2011-02-13 21:40:06] <TurtleShroom> Secondly, that's what the writer wanted.
[2011-02-13 21:40:06] <Tux> :|
[2011-02-13 21:40:06] <Swiss_Ninja> CAstilla is going to take it.
[2011-02-13 21:40:14] <Swiss_Ninja> rename it to Ciudad Viejo...
[2011-02-13 21:40:19] <Swiss_Ninja> and become a major trading place.
[2011-02-13 21:40:24] <TurtleShroom> No no no!
[2011-02-13 21:40:27] <Swiss_Ninja> i already have a new place for Snowzerland.
[2011-02-13 21:40:33] <TurtleShroom> Old Town was destroyed and destroyed it must remain!
[2011-02-13 21:40:33] <Swiss_Ninja> it's oging to be a parody of Duloc.
[2011-02-13 21:40:43] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, 1234567891 is correct
[2011-02-13 21:40:45] <TurtleShroom> AWESOME, the Duloc idea, THAT'S AWESOME.
[2011-02-13 21:40:46] <Swiss_Ninja> ......
[2011-02-13 21:40:51] <XTUX345> So is Swiss Ninja
[2011-02-13 21:40:58] <Swiss_Ninja> Duloc is Snoss area.
[2011-02-13 21:41:02] <Swiss_Ninja> Old Town will be Castillan.
[2011-02-13 21:41:07] <TurtleShroom> No no no!
[2011-02-13 21:41:08] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, stop trying to make us old-fashioned
[2011-02-13 21:41:12] <TurtleShroom> NO NO NO!
[2011-02-13 21:41:13] <Swiss_Ninja> Yeah.
[2011-02-13 21:41:14] <ZONEsama> XTUX345: the fact that Iamred was banned over a personal issue makes me giggle
[2011-02-13 21:41:19] <Tux> Me too.
[2011-02-13 21:41:22] <Swiss_Ninja> Why, why is it that we must have this old junk here?
[2011-02-13 21:41:24] <DustyOS> TS we need changes
[2011-02-13 21:41:30] <XTUX345> Iamred still stinks
[2011-02-13 21:41:34] <DustyOS> We dont have to be so old fashond
[2011-02-13 21:41:36] <Swiss_Ninja> DOWN WITH MUBARAK!
[2011-02-13 21:41:43] <Tux> The wiki does not revolve around you, TurtleShroom.
[2011-02-13 21:41:45] <XTUX345> Iamred needs a bath
[2011-02-13 21:41:47] <ZONEsama> hmmm
[2011-02-13 21:41:48] <Swiss_Ninja> Exactly.
[2011-02-13 21:41:52] <XTUX345> And some deoderant
[2011-02-13 21:41:54] <Swiss_Ninja> We need new ideas.
[2011-02-13 21:41:57] <DustyOS> Yes tux xorrect
[2011-02-13 21:42:01] <DustyOS> correct*
[2011-02-13 21:42:07] <TurtleShroom> Yes we do need to maintain the status quo, and no the wiki doesn't revolve around me.
[2011-02-13 21:42:07] <DustyOS> New things
[2011-02-13 21:42:08] <XTUX345> LOL
[2011-02-13 21:42:10] <ZONEsama> I think I may have thought of the reason why people have started to abandon the rules and make somewhat violent articles.
[2011-02-13 21:42:16] <TurtleShroom> I know, I know.
[2011-02-13 21:42:17] <ZONEsama> its because everyones starting to grow up :3
[2011-02-13 21:42:22] <TurtleShroom> AAAAAAAAGH.
[2011-02-13 21:42:23] <Swiss_Ninja> Yes, true Zone.
[2011-02-13 21:42:24] <Tux> Personal matters warrant a ban? o.o How stupid.
[2011-02-13 21:42:25] <Swiss_Ninja> very true.
[2011-02-13 21:42:30] <XTUX345> And because nobody likes Dictators
[2011-02-13 21:42:31] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +v Swiss_Ninja by TurtleShroom
[2011-02-13 21:42:32] <DustyOS> Yeah true
[2011-02-13 21:42:41] <Swiss_Ninja> We cannot be living in the past.
[2011-02-13 21:42:42] <XTUX345> Noboy except dictators themselves
[2011-02-13 21:42:43] <TurtleShroom> Dusty OS, please don't try and mount a coup.
[2011-02-13 21:42:47] <Swiss_Ninja> for what use would Old town be...?
[2011-02-13 21:42:51] <TurtleShroom> SN, XTUX, don't join him.
[2011-02-13 21:42:51] <Swiss_Ninja> Old town is abandoned.
[2011-02-13 21:42:52] <XTUX345> We're not cavemen
[2011-02-13 21:42:54] <Swiss_Ninja> no one lives there.
[2011-02-13 21:42:57] <Swiss_Ninja> OK.
[2011-02-13 21:43:00] <ZONEsama> lol a coup
[2011-02-13 21:43:00] <DustyOS> What are U saying TS?
[2011-02-13 21:43:01] <Swiss_Ninja> but Castilla will take Old Town.
[2011-02-13 21:43:03] <ZONEsama> been there done that
[2011-02-13 21:43:08] <TurtleShroom> Explorer isn't here to back me up.
[2011-02-13 21:43:11] <Swiss_Ninja> And they will Hispanify it.
[2011-02-13 21:43:12] <Tux> ZONEsama: pm
[2011-02-13 21:43:12] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, I wouldn't coup you
[2011-02-13 21:43:14] <ZONEsama> and I of course won it
[2011-02-13 21:43:16] <TurtleShroom> It's four against one, if I count ZK.
[2011-02-13 21:43:22] <TurtleShroom> ZK kicked my butt.
[2011-02-13 21:43:28] <TurtleShroom> At least twice.
[2011-02-13 21:43:29] <ZONEsama> pfft I wouldn't participate in it
[2011-02-13 21:43:37] <Swiss_Ninja> Civic Virtue.
[2011-02-13 21:43:47] <Swiss_Ninja> perhaps that's one thing this wiki should adopt.
[2011-02-13 21:43:49] <TurtleShroom> I've learned to let ZK do what he wants and look the other way unless it's REALLY unholy.
[2011-02-13 21:43:52] <XTUX345> ZK kicks everyone's butt if needed
[2011-02-13 21:43:57] <Swiss_Ninja> Civic Virtue and the care for the common welfare.
[2011-02-13 21:44:06] <TurtleShroom> Isn't that what our decency laws are for?
[2011-02-13 21:44:10] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, I wouldn't coup you
[2011-02-13 21:44:16] <TurtleShroom> The ones people are NULLIFYING?
[2011-02-13 21:44:17] <Swiss_Ninja> Alright.
[2011-02-13 21:44:24] <Swiss_Ninja> my Russian Dumplings are awainting for me.
[2011-02-13 21:44:28] <ZONEsama> TurtleShroom: its not that, I just wanted you to think more about everyone else
[2011-02-13 21:44:28] <XTUX345> I'd only have you become a rollback
[2011-02-13 21:44:29] <Swiss_Ninja> I must eat dinner!
[2011-02-13 21:44:30] <DustyOS> We are simply telling the need and truth TS 
[2011-02-13 21:44:32] <TurtleShroom> Well, I can't just ban Dusty for conspiracy to coup.
[2011-02-13 21:44:34] <Swiss_Ninja> bye.
[2011-02-13 21:44:37] <ZONEsama> personally I could give less than a rats about what happens to me on the site
[2011-02-13 21:44:37] <DustyOS> be
[2011-02-13 21:44:38] <TurtleShroom> This isn't Egypt.
[2011-02-13 21:44:50] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, this isn't Egypt.
[2011-02-13 21:44:56] <DustyOS> Indeed
[2011-02-13 21:45:00] <XTUX345> And you shouldn't be Egypts's evil leader, TS
[2011-02-13 21:45:04] <TurtleShroom> I don't want one kid throwing out the status quo because he doesn't like it.
[2011-02-13 21:45:05] <XTUX345> Stop playing the part
[2011-02-13 21:45:16] <XTUX345> He couldn't coup you on his own
[2011-02-13 21:45:19] <TurtleShroom> You SO didn't just compare me to Murabak.
[2011-02-13 21:45:19] <DustyOS> No one likes it
[2011-02-13 21:45:21] <XTUX345> Neither could I
[2011-02-13 21:45:24] <XTUX345> But with enough users
[2011-02-13 21:45:31] <DustyOS> Yes
[2011-02-13 21:45:32] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, you don't know anything about this site, and now you want to run it?
[2011-02-13 21:45:33] <DustyOS> and we have all
[2011-02-13 21:45:34] <XTUX345> Murabak?
[2011-02-13 21:45:43] <DustyOS> Who said I wanted to run?
[2011-02-13 21:45:47] <DustyOS> Ts?
[2011-02-13 21:45:48] <DustyOS> who said that?
[2011-02-13 21:45:51] <XTUX345> I do not
[2011-02-13 21:45:58] <XTUX345> I would have ZONEsama rule
[2011-02-13 21:46:06] <XTUX345> Or Explorer
[2011-02-13 21:46:08] <DustyOS> Good! TS stop trying making things up then
[2011-02-13 21:46:16] <TurtleShroom> You have no idea how this site  is run and you shouldn't go about stirring revolution for the fifth time.
[2011-02-13 21:46:25] <XTUX345> I know how the site is run
[2011-02-13 21:46:31] <XTUX345> And it truely stinks
[2011-02-13 21:46:31] <DustyOS> I am only helping
[2011-02-13 21:46:37] <XTUX345> Of Turtle Poop
[2011-02-13 21:46:46] <TurtleShroom> By destroying me and what little reputaion I have?
[2011-02-13 21:46:47] <XTUX345> Turtle Crap*
[2011-02-13 21:46:51] =-= XTUX345 was booted from #clubpenguinfanon by YOU (XTUX345)
[2011-02-13 21:46:59] <ZONEsama> lol
[2011-02-13 21:47:16] <DustyOS> TS why did U do that? U have no athority a
[2011-02-13 21:47:17] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, if you want to help this site, CONTRIBUTE.
[2011-02-13 21:47:17] <ZONEsama> I'd be a terrible ruler imo.
[2011-02-13 21:47:23] <DustyOS> I am 
[2011-02-13 21:47:30] <TurtleShroom> Revolt isn't a contribution, by the way.
[2011-02-13 21:47:33] <DustyOS> U should maybe not think U own the site
[2011-02-13 21:47:36] <ZONEsama> merely because I would not care what happens and let people do their own thing
[2011-02-13 21:47:44] <TurtleShroom> I don't. You're not getting the whole story.
[2011-02-13 21:47:46] <DustyOS> Every ONE WANTS A CHANGE EVEN I KNOW THAT
[2011-02-13 21:47:47] -->| XTUX345 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:47:47] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +v XTUX345 by ChanServ
[2011-02-13 21:47:49] <XTUX345> As I said before, I'm not attempting a coup
[2011-02-13 21:47:52] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, you're not getting the whole story!
[2011-02-13 21:47:58] <DustyOS> Neither are U
[2011-02-13 21:48:05] <DustyOS> Its the wiki vs TS
[2011-02-13 21:48:06] <TurtleShroom> Go talk to Explorer before you go all Egypt on me.
[2011-02-13 21:48:07] <XTUX345> I'm just not happy with the way things are currently going
[2011-02-13 21:48:14] <DustyOS> the wiki users vs TS
[2011-02-13 21:48:21] <DustyOS> I am not the only one TS
[2011-02-13 21:48:22] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, you don't know that.
[2011-02-13 21:48:25] <TurtleShroom> Austin isn't here/
[2011-02-13 21:48:28] <DustyOS> I do
[2011-02-13 21:48:29] <TurtleShroom> Explorer isn't here.
[2011-02-13 21:48:30] <Tux> TS is not the ruler of all wikis.
[2011-02-13 21:48:32] <TurtleShroom> The staff aren't here.
[2011-02-13 21:48:32] <XTUX345> I do
[2011-02-13 21:48:38] <Tux> They are too.
[2011-02-13 21:48:39] <TurtleShroom> ...-and I'm NOT asserting myself as ruler.
[2011-02-13 21:48:41] <XTUX345> TS isn't dictator
[2011-02-13 21:48:43] <DustyOS> Yeah but XTUX is TS
[2011-02-13 21:48:54] <DustyOS> He has power
[2011-02-13 21:48:56] <XTUX345> Well, TS, you sure act like ruler
[2011-02-13 21:48:57] <TurtleShroom> The IRC isn't the same as the CPFW.
[2011-02-13 21:49:08] <DustyOS> Its part
[2011-02-13 21:49:11] <XTUX345> I have little power
[2011-02-13 21:49:12] <DustyOS> A big part
[2011-02-13 21:49:13] <TurtleShroom> On the IRC, I am, though Explorer is technically the appointed governor.
[2011-02-13 21:49:16] <ZONEsama> i find that a bit funny because IRC seems to follow same CPFW protocol
[2011-02-13 21:49:18] <ZONEsama> same rules etc.
[2011-02-13 21:49:28] <DustyOS> Ys
[2011-02-13 21:49:31] <DustyOS> yes*
[2011-02-13 21:49:35] <TurtleShroom> He just tends to side with anything I do.
[2011-02-13 21:49:35] <DustyOS> Indeed Zone
[2011-02-13 21:49:42] <DustyOS> Who?
[2011-02-13 21:49:45] <DustyOS> Zone?
[2011-02-13 21:49:47] <XTUX345> Zonesama is win
[2011-02-13 21:49:48] <TurtleShroom> Go on the CPFW and try to find the same warfare you perceive.
[2011-02-13 21:49:49] <ZONEsama> lol
[2011-02-13 21:49:53] |<-- Penguin-Bot has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[2011-02-13 21:49:54] <TurtleShroom> XTUX, that's a common fact.
[2011-02-13 21:50:04] <XTUX345> We find plenty warfare
[2011-02-13 21:50:05] <XTUX345> Tales of Memory
[2011-02-13 21:50:11] <DustyOS> TS I am only like this to U. U think U own this wiki 
[2011-02-13 21:50:12] <TurtleShroom> Tell me exactly what's wrong and I'll look into it.
[2011-02-13 21:50:14] <XTUX345> XTUX and his lead bullets
[2011-02-13 21:50:15] -->| Flyboy7 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:50:21] <TurtleShroom> I haven't edited that yet, XTUX.
[2011-02-13 21:50:21] <XTUX345> Real swords
[2011-02-13 21:50:25] <ZONEsama> well just got off phone with mummy dearest so now you have my full attention lol
[2011-02-13 21:50:29] <TurtleShroom> TOM is untouched by my pen of censorship so far.
[2011-02-13 21:50:40] <TurtleShroom> Do you HAVE to have those, XTUX?
[2011-02-13 21:50:45] <DustyOS> XTUX can explain need things
[2011-02-13 21:50:55] <DustyOS> Ooops
[2011-02-13 21:50:55] <TurtleShroom> Why do you have the holy right to nullify anything you don't want?
[2011-02-13 21:50:56] <ZONEsama> but TS, weapons are used with almost all characters
[2011-02-13 21:51:00] <TurtleShroom> What if I began nullification?
[2011-02-13 21:51:01] <ZONEsama> like
[2011-02-13 21:51:05] <XTUX345> TS, why do you?
[2011-02-13 21:51:05] <ZONEsama> Speeddasher uses shurikens
[2011-02-13 21:51:10] <ZONEsama> Zone uses katanas
[2011-02-13 21:51:11] <TurtleShroom> Well, if the weapon is instanteneous, it's fine/
[2011-02-13 21:51:12] -->| Penguin-Bot ([email protected]) has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:51:14] <ZONEsama> Darktan and Nightmare use swords
[2011-02-13 21:51:23] <TurtleShroom> Remember that it must be non-descriptive and non-gory.
[2011-02-13 21:51:27] <ZONEsama> (although I envisioned Nightmare using a sawblade but gkjsdghkhfkjsdhkfjs)
[2011-02-13 21:51:28] <Tux> I upgraded my password <censored>
[2011-02-13 21:51:29] <XTUX345> XTUX uses lead bullets
[2011-02-13 21:51:32] <TurtleShroom> Swordfighting is different from stabbing.
[2011-02-13 21:51:33] <DustyOS> TS DO U NOT SEE THAT ITS THE HOLE WIKI VS U!!!!!!
[2011-02-13 21:51:41] <TurtleShroom> NO SWEARING
[2011-02-13 21:51:42] <DustyOS> Not just me
[2011-02-13 21:51:47] =-= Tux was booted from #clubpenguinfanon by YOU (Tux)
[2011-02-13 21:51:47] <DustyOS> I am not swearing
[2011-02-13 21:51:47] -->| Tux ([email protected]/Frozen-Wind) has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:51:47] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +v Tux by ChanServ
[2011-02-13 21:51:52] <ZONEsama> like say Nightmare has like a ghostly saw-blade in her hand
[2011-02-13 21:51:52] <DustyOS> are U kidding me
[2011-02-13 21:51:53] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon -v Tux by TurtleShroom
[2011-02-13 21:51:53] <Tux> bingo.
[2011-02-13 21:51:54] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, alot of the rules of the wiki are being broken because you have gone too far
[2011-02-13 21:51:59] <ZONEsama> so she ghost slices people and stuff
[2011-02-13 21:52:01] <DustyOS> yes
[2011-02-13 21:52:03] =-= Mode #clubpenguinfanon +v Tux by ChanServ
[2011-02-13 21:52:05] <Tux> Oh lol
[2011-02-13 21:52:13] <XTUX345> The readers of the fanon are not toddlers
[2011-02-13 21:52:15] <XTUX345> They can handle swords
[2011-02-13 21:52:17] <TurtleShroom> Tux, why in the WORLD did  you swear?!
[2011-02-13 21:52:18] <Flyboy7> Allo
[2011-02-13 21:52:21] <ZONEsama> mmm
[2011-02-13 21:52:31] <TurtleShroom> WHY ARE ALL OF YOU AFTER ME?!
[2011-02-13 21:52:38] <Tux> Tux: My nature. I am a UNCPer.
[2011-02-13 21:52:43] * ZONEsama sighs
[2011-02-13 21:52:43] <TurtleShroom> What is wrong with obeying rules that have been just fine?
[2011-02-13 21:52:47] <ZONEsama> I think I get it now
[2011-02-13 21:52:47] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, I normally belive in just editing
[2011-02-13 21:52:48] <Tux> AT LEAST I HAVE THE SWEAR BOT
[2011-02-13 21:52:51] <TurtleShroom> OH JOY. THE STAFF HATES ME TOO.
[2011-02-13 21:52:53] <DustyOS> Where all after U cause your the person that doesn't want change
[2011-02-13 21:52:59] <XTUX345> But TurtleShroom has taken it too far
[2011-02-13 21:53:03] <DustyOS> Yes
[2011-02-13 21:53:09] <TurtleShroom> I haven't done anything I've done before.
[2011-02-13 21:53:10] <XTUX345> He needlessly censors
[2011-02-13 21:53:14] <DustyOS> And is qutie rude
[2011-02-13 21:53:15] <ZONEsama> guys
[2011-02-13 21:53:17] <ZONEsama> Chill out
[2011-02-13 21:53:19] <TurtleShroom> It's not needless, it's complying with site doctrine.
[2011-02-13 21:53:24] <ZONEsama> relax
[2011-02-13 21:53:27] <ZONEsama> calm yourselves
[2011-02-13 21:53:30] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom got mad that XTUX uses knives
[2011-02-13 21:53:30] <TurtleShroom> ZK, they won't shut up, so I have to deal with this.
[2011-02-13 21:53:31] <XTUX345> FAIL
[2011-02-13 21:53:33] |<-- Penguin-Bot has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[2011-02-13 21:53:34] <ZONEsama> smoke some grass if need be
[2011-02-13 21:53:37] <TurtleShroom> :/
[2011-02-13 21:53:38] <DustyOS> TS, U are not seeing clearly
[2011-02-13 21:53:45] <XTUX345> TurtleShroom, I would take your pills
[2011-02-13 21:53:46] <TurtleShroom> Dusty, YOU are not seeing clearly.
[2011-02-13 21:53:48] <XTUX345> I took mine
[2011-02-13 21:53:51] <TurtleShroom> I do take medicine.
[2011-02-13 21:53:58] <TurtleShroom> I took it twenty four minutes ago,.
[2011-02-13 21:54:00] -->| Penguin-Bot ([email protected]) has joined #clubpenguinfanon
[2011-02-13 21:54:01] <DustyOS> No U aren't ask any one
[2011-02-13 21:54:02] <XTUX345> No, your vitimin B
[2011-02-13 21:54:07] <DustyOS> LOL
[2011-02-13 21:54:09] <XTUX345> It calms you down
[2011-02-13 21:54:09] <TurtleShroom> I get off in six minutes, so have fun with your coup.
[2011-02-13 21:54:20] <XTUX345> ROFL
[2011-02-13 21:54:21] <ZONEsama> Maybe you should all stop insulting TS and he might listen to what you have to say ;)
[2011-02-13 21:54:23] <XTUX345> Coup>?
[2011-02-13 21:54:25] <DustyOS> Yeah well will see about this TS
[2011-02-13 21:54:28] <XTUX345> Coup?
[2011-02-13 21:54:34] <TurtleShroom> I won't even bother giving my cheesy little goodbye mantra.
[2011-02-13 21:54:40] <TurtleShroom> I am OUT.
[2011-02-13 21:54:45] [INFO] Disconnecting from IRC.  Click close again to exit now.
[2011-02-13 21:54:45] [QUIT] Disconnected from irc://freenode/ (irc:// [[Reconnect][Reconnect to freenode][reconnect]

...-and atheists think I was insulting their faith in reference to what Iamred said about me.


By they, I mean Dusty! Zone is fine, and SN seems stable, but XTUX is getting rowdy and Dusty said everything except "throw me out".

Will the wiki stand by the time I go back online long after 1:00 PM?

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) He had the gall to write his name on my mother! ...-but forget about that. Now we shall make play by doing the typing of the articles, yah! ――–――――― 03:04, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

Excuse me...[edit]

DustyOS just has the wrong idea about TurtleShroom. He is sortof mad that he rejected me logo and DustyOS is really close to me. He also does not understand why we do not religion on the site, as in his eyes not having it is blasphemous. I'd go easy on DustyOS if I were you, and yes I did go too far (and I feel guilty), but I do advocate change. I don't mind TS, and he is a good friend, but some of his censorship and rules are unneeded in my eyes.--XTUX345: "May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose! May an elephant caress you with his toes!" 03:10, 14 February 2011 (UTC)

You think THAT was win? Then...[edit]

...have you seen the Fraz additon to Absurd Mission?

It's the first CPFW use of Fraz. I had a ball writing that, so much so, in fact. that it took most of yesterday's evening after church. I managed to shut the addition at 9:50 PM!

Also, it seems that you've seen the parody song's source movie (Nightmare Before Christmas). I'm glad I pleased you! :D

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Infidels don't know 'bout my nukes. I have OFFICIALLY DECIDED that poet Anne Sexton is emo. ――–――――― 15:14, 21 February 2011 (UTC)

P.S.: I can't think of anything in regards to Mecha Baron, but I got your note and will try and give it a shot after I take a rest.
P.P.S.: I will expand Nuke Island as soon as I can. There will be portraits, and the royal governor will look like Mahmond Aminjeenihad, the President of Iran. SN hates that guy and we ALL know he has nukes. He just DOES.
P.P.P.S.: Happy Presidents' Day!

Whatcha Think?[edit]

Sorcerer's Skyscraper was released yesterday. Its pretty good I think , and I put alot of brainstorming into it. Obviously its not done. But I Wanted to ask what you think of it, ideas for it?, any tips? And please dont do that thing where you completely ignore this message, go on editing, and dont replie to this until days later, ive gotten alot of that lately. Anyhow, hope you like it. A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 14:09, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

OOC Report[edit]

Yeah, not sure but i'm guessing this has got some OOC in it about one of your characters:Lacey_Lee.A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 14:50, 24 February 2011 (UTC)

RE:RE: Wizards not Welcome[edit]

Its clearly stated in the Magic article, that Magic is a Universal Preservation item. Thus, people other than its users generally dont know about it. This means, having a character whoes entire life revolves around magic, just isint a good idea. A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 21:36, 26 February 2011 (UTC)

Anyhow, like you said magic is only known about its users, wizards. Thus the general public doesent know about it. So, having my character who is a wizard involved in stories, and other things, becomes complicated. Its just not a good idea to have ones character centered around Magic. A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 22:08, 26 February 2011 (UTC)

No one. But, when EVERYTHING someone does revolves around something, they generally want everyone to know. Or else, anyone who saw Diosus would just say "Hey look, its that guy that doesent do anything.". Any obviously, I cant do that :3. Plus, a wizard character just isint that good in the CPFW universe. My characters awfull. And I dont mind rewriting my article again, it wont affect any other articles seeing as Diosus isint involved in anything yet. A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 22:20, 26 February 2011 (UTC)

Silver Skier[edit]

Basically a parody of the Silver Surfer which I'm making as a present for my return from skiing; is it ok that I make him a level 6 fourth wall breaker as the parodee is able to manipulate matter and to do that in the CPFW universe, you need to be a high level fourth wall breaker. Is it ok if I give him that (note: I won't make him obessively overpowered that he turns into the Gary-Stu Marvel. I'll try get to the level of Captain Antarctica).--Agent Johnson |  I'm Brit-ish and cause of that, I'm Liberal. 21:49, 26 February 2011 (UTC)

Shout Box[edit]

Is it gone for good? A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 22:56, 26 February 2011 (UTC)


Well you sure are quick to respond to other people's messages. Anyhow, incase you werent reading, this was included in my last and now reverted message to TurtleShroom.

"Besides, Explorer has no proof of this vote that everyone apparently had to delete it anyway.Thus making his action illegal.

Mhmm. --A Wizard is never late he arrives precisely when he means to! 22:57, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Fail Cat[edit]

Explorer, if I don't honor my word to that little twerp, he's going to lable me a liar the rest of my days. Honor and promise-keeping over the stupidity of this fail of an article. I'm afraid that we're going to have to let one of the worst articles in Wiki history stand. I promised Ben Hun that I'd keep Fail Cat, and I refuse to back on my honor, especially if he keeps calling my an untrustworthy liar. I am not Governor Scott Walker; I can not handle people attacking my personal character easily. If I don't have my honor, I have little left, because I rampantly and sinisterly defy my parents every day. -- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Infidels don't know 'bout my nukes. I have OFFICIALLY DECIDED that poet Anne Sexton is emo. ――–――――― 23:05, 2 March 2011 (UTC)


Thank you thank you I'll be here all week tip your waitress and try the veal.png

Everyone's favorite pun murderer has finally been parodied.

That is all.

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Life's a bowl of cherries, and nobody's merrier than me! GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER IS TEH ÜBERZ ――–――――― 02:27, 5 March 2011 (UTC)


Hello, new friend. My name is Fred. The words you hear are in my head. I say, I said, my name is Fred.

-And I've been... very NAAAAAUUGGHHTY.
— Freaky Fred, introudction (as narrator)

From a show so long ago,
That made me smile so very so,
The things they showed, only Lord knows...
I plan a...

Now this show may predate your years,
...-but I can't let you miss all the crazy jeers.
So meet a barber that many feared.
A barber that's...

You'll understand why every line,
Ends with a long and drawn out time.
The answer and reason to this rhyme...

From this show, a tale I'll make.
...-but without you, why'd I partake?
It'll unnerve you and make you quake...
'Cause it's...

A little info, if I may,
So you'll be prepared for what they say.
A show that's unnerving, come what may...
It's an...

The skinny man is Euastace Bag,
A moron and a greedy hag,
Demanding and quite a nag,
THE TRITAGONISSSSSSSSSSST. (Who is often comically injured or attacked.)

The old lady with hair so white,
A smile so nice and always in a plight,
Her name's Muriel, and she's always in sight...
THE DEUTERAGONISSSSSSSSSSSSST. (Who is usually a damsel in distress.)

Then we have the titular guy,
A dog that saves his owner's lives,
Courage's his name and here is why...

A spawn of Nineteen Nineties world,
What you see 'bout to unfurl,
Is a show that took me for a whirl...
With my...

The episode if Freaky Fred,
So grab a seat and cover your head,
Unless being bald ain't what you dread,
'Cause Fred's...

Or, let me sum it up this way. Freaky Fred is a barber that speaks in rhyme and is creepy in general.

You are going to be presented with the entire episode he starred in without edit.

This cartoon is intended to be unnerving, but I could handle it at six, and I've seen much worse.

Are you ready for the NAUGHTY?

-- TurtleShroom™! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!!  :)  :) Life's a bowl of cherries, and nobody's merrier than me! GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER IS TEH ÜBERZ ――–――――― 02:33, 10 March 2011 (UTC)

P.S.: My Asiain friend, I am good at rhyme. I say my rhymes all the darn time. Now if you can spare me a dime, I'll write another that's prime!

RE:RE:Rant on user page[edit]

It's worth coming back for, I've been wanting to say that for months, and now that I've quit, I have no reason to refreign. -Metalmanager

RE: The file[edit]

THE FILE. I LOVEZ IT. -- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) STROM THURMOND Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? ――–――――― 20:29, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

Can we use the old format?[edit]

Hey guys, I'm Railfan1. I just moved here from the old wiki, and I was wondering if we could use the old format from it? Or at least something close? It has a new background by the way, and I designed it. Go and have a look. It's just a suggestion, but I think this one looks too much like wikipedia, while the old one looked really cool and colourful (With my update of course). Just a suggestion, but I think it would be really cool! --Railfan1 22:02, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

My computer's down[edit]

My computer is shut down, currently installing Windows Seven Service Pack One. It'll be off for the rest of the night. Right now, I'm typing from the school laptop.

-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) STROM THURMOND Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? ――–――――― 00:41, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Check your Social Profile... -- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) STROM THURMOND Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? ――–――――― 17:15, 17 March 2011 (UTC) <br /.


I am having a japanese themed party for the survivors of the earthquake at my igloo on ice box on CP right now! please come!--Railfan1 03:41, 17 March 2011 (UTC)


I have to go out so my party will be later

RE: The Great Purge[edit]

Explorer, what they are doing is completely legal under the Glorious People's Entitlements. By the law, we must allow the vote to stand. Due to that crap passing, they have full rights and authority to perform this action. You can NOT delete this, by site law.

Just vote no.

The GPE states that no petition or vote can be deleted. Period.

Let the Marxists kill me if they want. I'll be a martyr, then.

-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) STROM THURMOND Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? ――–――――― 21:15, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Explorer, it is my duty as a ruler to obey the laws I write, and the duty as a ruler to obey the ones I don't like. If a law I hate comes to pass, I still must obey it anyway, unless it is an upfront violation of my core beliefs. I have always held that all insurrection, civil disobediance, insubordination (except in DUH cases like being told to kill), picketing, and protest is, without exception, a sin. (Petitioning is not.)
If I don't allow SN and Sancho's corruption to be carried out so long as it does not violate the law- which, according to the laws they wrote to allow this, is legal -I am not a pure man, and my words mean nothing. This is like my real life: I tell my mother I love her and address her with all rendered titles of endearment, but because I do not obey, it is but words and gum flapping.
This is a true test of my character. If I do not seek revenge, I will be the better man, and I can forever be known to this wiki as a person that stuck by his word. Without honor and trust, I have little else.
I can not nullify or ignore these rules, lest I become corrupt myself. The vote must come to pass. Should I survive, I may choose to press charges against Sancho, Swiss, and maybe even Refractor... if I feel up to it. Frankly, I feel drained and saddened. I don't really feel like putting any effort into opposing reform right now. After all, with a victory as sweeping as this, what am I but a figurehead? The entitlements have de facto made me powerless. If the Masses are idiotic enough to make it de jure, what can I do except find another hobby?

Thank you for understanding.
-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) STROM THURMOND Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? ――–――――― 21:46, 17 March 2011 (UTC)


EXPLORER, the ballot is superior to consensus in every way. The Glorious Peoples' Entitlements completely permit any and all petitions and votes of change. STOP DELETING THE VOTE. No matter how controversial, their "freedom of speech" and "freedom of petition and protest" GUARENTEE the ability to destroy me. you have absolutely no right to violate them of this, and with whatever power I have left, I ORDER that you cease deletion NOW. THIS VOTE IS VALID. PERIOD. I WANT THIS VOTE TO REMAIN.

-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) STROM THURMOND Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket? ――–――――― 21:59, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Why are you deleting my article?[edit]

Explorer, why do you keep deleting my article about pookies? have I done something wrong?

TurtleShroom is driving me crazy![edit]

TurtleShroom is changing everything I do. HE EVEN SAID RAILFAN1 IS A BAD NAME!

How do I create Templates?[edit]

Explorer, I was wondering how to create a Template? I saw yours and it is really cool and I wanna make my own one!

Which one? I might be able to help. --Happy Too does not wear a tootoo! 06:02, 22 March 2011 (UTC)

Thanks Happy Too[edit]

Like maybe one that says "If you think Railfan1 PWNS Sky Mafias, put this on your page!" --FOR CLUB PENGUIN, TRANSFORMERS, LEGO, TRAINS, YUUSHA, AND GUNDAM! 22:41, 22 March 2011 (UTC)

Mop Goon[edit]


I just thought you'd like this quick little portrait I whipped up. It's Mop Goon, and he is NOT ripped straight off of a "Phineas and Ferb" screenshot. The dissenters that say otherwise do not even have control over themselves! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!

-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) This article is DELETED Don't restore Don't look at me, I'm just a pitiful little patroller! ――–――――― 13:59, 23 March 2011 (UTC)

You won the Railfan1 award![edit]

You are cool Explorer 767!

Can I ask you a question?[edit]

TurtleShroom said that he has a problem with my character Angel Kitten getting cat ears. do you have a problem with that? Or can I do it? --FOR CLUB PENGUIN, TRANSFORMERS, LEGO, TRAINS, YUUSHA, AND GUNDAM! 01:41, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

Sorry Explorer 767[edit]

Look, I didn't know that you're not allowed to copy from Wikipedia, And I thought it was okay because I (and XTUX) changed some things. But that's okay, next time I will try to make him more original. --FOR CLUB PENGUIN, TRANSFORMERS, LEGO, TRAINS, YUUSHA, AND GUNDAM! 03:28, 1 April 2011 (UTC)



Here's my final for Gerald. This one could be used in the article.

Thoughts/comments/critiques/changes/suggestions? --Austin8310 Bow ties are COOL. 12:25, 2 April 2011 (UTC)

Somewhat slow block _  :P[edit]

If I was still an Administrator, he would have already been taken off the gallows and stored away, ready for the next vandal. You just now got around to blocking him.



-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) King of CP now possesses the so-called 'Amulet of All'. We're pretty sure you know what that means. Hi Corai! ――–――――― 00:42, 4 April 2011 (UTC)

P.S.: I kid! You did adequately. :)


Sorry. I will work on it on my own.

Humor Issue[edit]

My articles are so stupid because my humor sense involves like gay people and stuff. But I was doing stuff like that because I didn't want to go too far and get blocked. sorry. {{SUBST:Johnny}} 02:18, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

TS banned me....[edit]

...from IRC due to a joke made by Austin which led TS to believe that I had been swearing behind his back. Please unban me, cos I did nothing wrong. Thanks.

--THE SHEEP! |FIGHTTHEPOWER! Crazy sheep.gif (Stuff I did and stuff) 22:29, 27 April 2011 (UTC)

Block =/= problem solver[edit]

Hey man;

I noticed you blocked an IP, went to have a check at the revisions and it kinda looked like he wanted to contribute rather than vandalize. Should of shown him the ropes instead of just out-right blocking him, might of gotten a potential user there. Remember; newcomers have no idea how we work or what we expect, and the block function should ONLY be used as a last resort. If it were say, an IP that blanked pages or swore then you should block. Not going off at you or anything; just saying you shouldn't be too trigger-happy with the block function :P Zone 17:36, 3 May 2011 (UTC)

Check Fred 676's talk page.[edit]

He has a new message. --FOR CLUB PENGUIN, TRANSFORMERS, LEGO, TRAINS, YUUSHA, AND GUNDAM! 03:49, 6 May 2011 (UTC)

Dislike Lady Gaga? YOU SLAVEHOLDER![edit]

According to Ben's logic...

   * [16:28]	<FondortheGagaFan>	Y'know you're part of a minority. The Minority of Gaga Haters, MoGH for short.
   * [16:28]	<FondortheGagaFan>	I'm part of the MoGL
   * [16:28]	<FondortheGagaFan>	(Majority of Gaga Lovers)
   * [16:28]	<FondortheGagaFan>	Barely anyone hates Gaga
   * [16:29]	<FondortheGagaFan>	Or, at least, if they don't show their hate, they at least watch her
   * [16:30]	=-=	FondortheGagaFan is now known as Fondor
   * [16:51]	<TurtleShroom>	Please stop flooding the IRC with smut.
   * [16:51]	<TurtleShroom>	...and my entire church despises Lady Gaga.
   * [16:51]	<TurtleShroom>	...-and my entire family changes the channel.
   * [16:52]	<TurtleShroom>	...-and I'm betting that if I took a survey RIGHT NOW, my county would mostly despise Lady Gaga.
   * [16:52]	<TurtleShroom>	You're not in the Deep South.
   * [16:52]	<TurtleShroom>	Down here, we have taste.
   * [16:53]	<Fondor>	So, now you're saying the South is better than the North? Are you trying to bring BACK the CSA?
   * [16:53]	<TurtleShroom>	If Lady Gaga couldn't sing, she'd probably go and become a "Inappropriate Term".
   * [16:53]	<TurtleShroom>	First off, where did you get the CSA?
   * [16:54]	<Fondor>	Confederate States of America -_-
   * [16:54]	<TurtleShroom>	Secondly, I said large chunks of the South doesn't like Lady Gaga
   * [16:54]	<TurtleShroom>	The fact that we still have some taste in music does NOT equal the Confederacy.
   * [16:54]	<TurtleShroom>	Third, I KNOW what CSA means. I just find it odd that you brought the Civil War up.
   * [16:55]	<Fondor>	You pretty much said the South was better than the North you slave lover
   * [16:55]	<TurtleShroom>	..........
   * [16:55]	<TurtleShroom>	Kid, please don't fail at life any harder.
   * [16:55]	<Fondor>	You say I fail at life?
   * [16:55]	<Fondor>	You're almost 18 and have no job, and live with your parents!
   * [16:55]	<TurtleShroom>	You called me a slave lover and said I support the CSA.
   * [16:56]	<TurtleShroom>	All of this because I don't like that "Inappropriate Term"?
   * [16:56]	<Fondor>	She's not a "Inappropriate Term", "Inappropriate Term" get payed to have "Inappropriate Term", which is your current occupation you gigolo.
   * [16:56]	<TurtleShroom>	She dresses like a "Inappropriate Term".
   * [16:56]	<Fondor>	She dresses like "Inappropriate Remark"?
   * [16:56]	<TurtleShroom>	............
   * [16:57]	<Fondor>	Goodbye :)
   * [16:57]	<TurtleShroom>	Good gosh, kid, you really need to stop being such a failure. A jo momma joke out of context is the epitome of fail.

So remember kids: if you despise women with no regards for morality, you would love owning people like property! Laughter is the best medicine. Have a wonder pill, Explorer, and wash it down with some "Jo Momma" jokes.

-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) Grow up, shut up, time to be a man! I just called the surgeon, his name is "Doctor Shnip", it's only rare occasions, where he accidently slips! ――–――――― 20:58, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

Concerning Conlangs[edit]

I've got a fair amount of the grammar done on Valnorian, now I'm mainly working on vocabulary. Anyway, over the weekend, I started writing down words and eventually I wrote another grammar system... for another language! The vocabulary I find is somewhat similiar to Norwegian and Afrikaans/Dutch/Germanic languages. I was thinking that perhaps it could be used as a Westron of sorts (we could call it "Southron" or something like that). Or, it could be a minority or ancient language, probably used in rural places, isolated islands, areas like Archet, and other things. What say you?

-- Triskelle3 Talk to me! 23:51, 29 May 2011 (UTC)




-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) DEMAND TO SEE LIFE'S MANAGER SQUEE! ――–――――― 17:52, 4 June 2011 (UTC)


oh no I saw a trailer with the 4 player thing too, so it is the kirby wii game and ebsides... bandana waddledee :P Tails6000 (THE RED TEAM MARCHES ON!!!!) 02:26, January 2, 2011 (UTC) 21:20, 10 June 2011 (UTC)

THATS THE ONE :D and there is metaknight too! and you can hanle everyone and shoot them at an enemy (it was in the end of the trailer against whispy woods) and NEW POWERS Tails6000 (THE RED TEAM MARCHES ON!!!!) 02:26, January 2, 2011 (UTC) 17:29, 11 June 2011 (UTC)

Spammer attack[edit]

What do you think of it? Are we dealing with a dedicated, veteran wiki troll, or just some noob with nothing better to do at the weekend?

I think it's somewhere in the middle, and I think our troubles are not over yet. We must remain vigilant.

--THE SHEEP! |FIGHTTHEPOWER! Crazy sheep.gif (Stuff I did and stuff) 13:05, 17 July 2011 (UTC)

I think it's those spammers with huge botnets testing the waters. They won't get much further with accounts or spam links, we have more defenses there. Andrew (The devil is down in Georgia) (Product of human clones) 12:55, 17 July 2011 (UTC)

I'm not so sure. The messages were riddled with spelling mistakes and the like. Didn't look like the work of a bot.

Then again, there were the multiple IPs, the randomness of the attack, and the sheer relentlessness of the spammers.

I dunno.

--THE SHEEP! |FIGHTTHEPOWER! Crazy sheep.gif (Stuff I did and stuff) 13:08, 17 July 2011 (UTC)

RE: IRC[edit]

Sadly, no. The computer I am using at Myrtle Beach does not possess the capabilities to conduct a real IRC conversation.

In other news, I'm sure you saw Insane Chibi and her unorthodox main character. It's great to have new characters, and I'm trying to begin working with her by adding onto her articles. She's a macrabe woman, that's for sure, but hey, it takes all kinds, am I right? :P

Vacation is going outstandingly for me. I'm having a ball. I will see you, Chibi, and all the rest of the Wiki when I get home late next Saturday.

Warm regards,
-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) PART OF THE SHIP PART OF THE CREW I ONCE GAVE UP KRABBY MIKE'S; IT WAS THE WORST HOUR OF MY LIFE. [1] ―――――</big> 00:06, 21 July 2011 (UTC)



-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT PASSES THE HOUSE -BUT HARRY REID IS BRAIN DEAD! [1] ―――――</big> 01:31, 2 August 2011 (UTC)

RE: How dare you?[edit]

When I read that, I thought you were genuninely angry with me. I mean, I thought I did something horrible to the Yow forum. Thankfully, you were just venting about Azula. :P

-- TurtleShroom! Jesus Loves You and Died for You!! :) :) My mojo! It's all fun and games until someone brings out the Flesh Behemoth. __[1]_ ―――――</big> 23:39, 6 September 2011 (UTC)


The Geek Empire is really a paeody of well…the greek empire. In a high tech fashion. But greece itself means more than that. (To contrast, i could have the RL Greece parody with less technology, as well as bankruptcy, and being under Snoss Control because of bankrupcy.

I mean, the Geek Empire doesnt have Chobani Greek Yogurt or Feta Cheese. :|

Besides, this is more a parody of modern greece.

--Swiss Ninja Signature.png User Talk SN.png 20:45, 10 September 2011 (UTC)


The Geek Empire is really a paeody of well…the greek empire. In a high tech fashion. But greece itself means more than that. (To contrast, i could have the RL Greece parody with less technology, as well as bankruptcy, and being under Snoss Control because of bankrupcy.

I mean, the Geek Empire doesnt have Chobani Greek Yogurt or Feta Cheese. :|

Besides, this is more a parody of modern greece.

--Swiss Ninja Signature.png User Talk SN.png 20:45, 10 September 2011 (UTC)

It wont be a country but a colony. it is an important One too.

--Swiss Ninja Signature.png User Talk SN.png 20:53, 10 September 2011 (UTC)

Queen Anne's Revenge Part 2[edit]

In Dancing Penguin and G the queens anne revenge doesnt make sense it says but enalor and finishes, can u make it make sense please

Uh... hi.[edit]

Hi Explorer. I'm a new user(well I guess I can't say that anymore, it's been some time since I joined the new wiki). I know that you quit, but I just wanted to give you this picture before you go. (Btw, the wiki isn't really dead anymore)


And I made up a vehicle for Explorer: the Explorer Pie Tank. He takes the form of a robot and a double-shooter Pie Tank.


Hope you do well in further life. Sir, I am in need of assistance!~Fixerbot.jpg 09:46, 17 April 2012 (UTC)

Oh and here's your other character Fred.


Hello, my name is Star Kirby12. Chat first, ask questions later. Then let's do something!Tobot?Some challenges?A few drafts and stuff?Explorerpietank.png 09:34, 5 June 2012 (UTC)