Vai Island

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Vai Island
Flag of Vai Island
MottoNever never never give up!
AnthemNever never never give up!
Official languages English, Japanese
Recognised regional languages Vainesian
Species  Penguin, Puffle
Demonym Shopper, Vainesian
Membership Shops Democratical Legistlature
 -  President Lavender
Legislature Shops Bureaucracy
 -  Upper House Bureaucracy
 -  Lower House Administration
Colony of Shops Island
 -  2013 estimate 650 
 -  2013 census 850 
Currency Wiki-Buck$ (WB$)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 587

Vai Island (politically know as The Shopper colony of Vai Island, and formerly known as The Republic of Vai Island) is a Shopper colony located slightly west of the Yowien Sea, and is one of Shops' most distant possessions, outdone only in isolation by Love Island. Vailand has a quite tropical culture, and is Shops' most tropical destination, and a popular venue for tourists.


Ancient History[edit]

Vai Island was inhabited thousands of years ago by an ethnic group called the Vais. The Vais were brown-colored penguins who only had primitive technology, and lived in total isolation for centuries upon centuries. These primitive penguins had their own language, called "Vainesian", which is a rare, yet cultural language still spoken in some parts of the island.

Vai Island was once colonized by both the Japalandese and the Puffish at one point or another, due to the fact that these languages were also spoken in some places when Vailand was discovered by the Shoppers.

The Japalandese had control of the island from 1812 to 1817, before being pushed out by the natives. The Puffish took Vailand in 1901 and kept it unchallenged (due to their superiority) until 1915 when the Khanzem Third Reich tried to take Vailand for themselves. The Puffish ended up pushing them out, but the Puffish themselves, because of their loss of force after the battles on the island, were pushed out by the natives. It remained controlled by the natives until Shops took it for themselves in 2013.

Shopper History[edit]

In April 2013, during the events of The Great Yowien War, Shopper forces spotted the island during an SIA Drone transport mission from Plutonium Bay to the Old Barbearer Islands. Military officials logged the location, and bookmarked it as a place to consider colonizing in the future. On August 2, 2013, Shopper forces occupied the area and crowned it as a Shopper colony, partly to scare Snowiny in a prank pulled by Shops, UnitedTerra, and the Seal Islands. To this day, Vailand is still a colony of Shops Island.


Vai Island's culture is mainly centered around the ancient Vainesian tribes that have lived in the area for thousands of years. These include ancient rituals, food, and common ceremonies. Japalandese culture is also prominent (no, not the Redneck culture) in Vailand. There are many Japalandese style buildings scattered around the island. The two main languages of Vailand are English and Japanese, with Vainesian being recognized too, just not as widely. Most natives knew how to speak at least some English or Japanese before the Shopper occupation. Vai Bears (2% to extinction) also inhabit the island.


Almost everyone on the island has a long family history on the island. Originally just the "Vais" were on the island, but each time the island was colonized more of the foreigners would move onto the island. Currently, the largest ethnic group is penguins of Japalandese descent (at 55%), but that percentage might go down in years to come as more Shoppers move to the island.


The island is not very vast with wildlife like other islands. It contains penguins, dark blue puffles (Which is what blue puffles originate from), and a few other creatures.

The most notable species on the island is the critically endangered Vai Bear. The bears flourished on the island in ancient Vai Island history, and are often depicted on ancient Vai igloo paintings living peacefully among the penguins. Unfortunately, the bears have become critically endangered due to poaching. The first known mass poaching of this species was when the Puffish colonized the island. Not only did they poison the native Vai penguins, but they also hunted the Vais Bears for their skins (to show as "war trophies"). The population grew slowly after the Puffish stopped mass hunting the bears, but the population as a species was still only about half of it's original numbers when the mid-2000s came around (hundreds of years after Puffish colonization). In the 2000s, when news spread across Antarctica about extremely dangerous bears, the citizens feared that the Vai Bears would become just as dangerous (even though the bears are a peaceful species), so they began to poach the bears. By the time the citizens were stopped, there were only approximately 250 bears left in the wild. As for the fear that the bears would become dangerous, the remaining bears were forced to move to a large secure sanctuary, to keep them safe while also keeping the penguins safe. The sanctuary doubles as a research facility, due to scientists constantly coming in to study the bears, and compare them to others.


Vailand's economy mainly consists of minimal tourism revenue from the many animal habitats which sprout over the island. Vailand also has a healthy fruit-producing industry. The island produces many pineapples, oranges, and apples, which get sent to Shops, with the remainder being sent to the Antarctic mainland and Club Penguin. Vailand heavily competes with Fruit Island for the title of producing the most tropical fruit in Antarctica.


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