Valeria Livingston

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Valeria Livingston
Title Valeria Livingston
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Health Good.
Level Teacher.
Status Active.
Location lives in Revisata and works in Citadelle, Bakunyumoria
Birth date Citadelle, Bakunyumoria
Occupation Teacher
Interests Teaching, Reading Books
Enemies Unknown.
Archetype Good Guy

Valeria Livingston is the wife of Xavier Livingston and the mother of Kimberly, Brad, and Faith. She works at a teacher in the city of Citadelle, her former home town.



Valeria was born as Valeria Fellex in the city of Citadelle, Bakunyumoria, to a Japalandese mother and a Frankterran in a small Japalandese neighborhood that had been her mother's family home since they immigrated to Bakunymoria back in the late 1800's. Valeria grew up loving to read books ever since she began to read at the age of six. Book reading became one of her most favorite hobbies, and she even began collecting different types of books for her "library". Unlike most of her siblings, who would usually be playing outside or watching TV, Valeria would be reading quietly in her room. One would think that she would want to be a librarian when she grew up, but that was not the case. Valeria was not only interested in books, but also in education, which she seemed to stuff herself with all the time while reading books. Valeria, especially, loved to read biographies of famous penguins or puffles, or penguins and puffles who have taken part of significant events. Valeria was one of the smartest children in her class, though not very popular due to her obsession with reading.


Valeria graduated High School with a 4.0 GPA. She was still not very popular, but she was very intelligent, and she even earned a scholarship to go to school in the capital city of Revisata.


Valeria moved to Revisata and began going to College and University, persuing her dreams on becoming a teacher. That was when she met Xavier while strolling around town, and they fell in love. After they graduated College and University, they married, and Valeria moved to Revisata to live with her newlywed spouse. However, she became a teacher at her old elementary school back in Citadelle. She and Xavier ended up having three children, whom she continues to care for lovingly.