Valley Island

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Valley Island
Valley Island Flag.png
The flag of Valley Island.
Valley Island.png
The map of Valley island
Key details
Type Island
Level Unknown
Location Islands of Sub-Antarctic
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles, terns, etc.

Valley Island is an island state owned by the USA, as a state that is located in the isles of the Sub-Antarctic. The island has been through a lot in the past, and half of the west side of the island is unknown to the public and many have died to try to reach there. However, the west side is accessible and has a neighboring island full of wild Puffins and an iceberg, colder than most.



While it is unknown when it was discovered as a state, Valley Island was most likely discovered in 1941, by High Penguin explorers. At that time, it was a city based on many mine and gold runs, looking for precious gold. At that time, the main leader, who has an unknown name, described in his journal as the following: I have no idea what to name the first town here, so I shall call it, The Valley of the Penguins!. And thus, the Valley of the Penguins was formed. However, in 1961, an epidemic happened on the island happened, leaving everybody without no food or water, nor even equipment. Luckily, a rescue boat took a small number of members to help and get their health back. The island stayed mostly as a huge ghost town with no other buildings around, just abandoned igloos and buildings.

The Valley was near the valley mountains, and near the famous, Pacific Bay, where they got their water, but because of this epidemic, and that a huge mountain exploded, and magma and lava was thrown into the sea, making a wall of dried lava. And this time, the water dried out. The mountain, not noticed by the settlers, was known as Mount Moratango, now no longer active but in the past it was. Many citizens were famous through the Valley, with explorers going around the island. They encountered three landmarks, quite too dangerous never the less. The first was the Anomas Rainforest, with tropical trees in a very unusual place, since the weather was freezing cold, just like the rest of Antarctica. It was labeled dangerous for dangerous animals and poisonous plants. Next is the Dark Caverns, with its steep and dank corners, the explorers had to use a boat since the exit was a lake, connected to the sea. Also while traveling, they found a place, although not too dangerous, it was labeled "The Forbidden Desert", since everything was just snow dunes.

However, their most dangerous finding was a canyon, only known as many as... Nightmare Canyon. Now, the name behind is pretty reasonable. Dangerous animals, penguins, and what not.

1983 rediscovery[edit]

In 1983, a now-defunct company named "Expansion Cleaners" came to the island and basically excavated a lot and replaced it with new igloos, and new citizens. At that time not that many citizens came, as they only found it as a place to do is do stupid things. Yes, stupid things. Then, in 2005, it was being sold for only 5 coins, and someone bought it, and most of his friends lived there.


The Valley of the Penguins is actually quite small, as the only landmarks there is a Grab'N Go store, where they pretty much their food and everyday equipment there, in a little, pawnshop or thrift store themed building, and two huge rocks of a strange formation. The second rock, named Cayuga Rock, sits right in and next to the Lake known as Lake Cayuga. The Anomas Rainforest and Nightmare Canyon are still up today, but Mount Moratango, is no longer active. The only inhabitants are the buyer and his friends now living there.

The island known as Puffin Island have cannibalistic Puffins who eat anyone who trespasses their island. They worship a green penguin and his friend. Near the two islands is an iceberg.

USA Ownership[edit]

In 2013, the USA had an agreement with the buyer that it will turn into an island state, in which the island was now part of the USA.