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Harold Ponty "Veggie" Bob
Title Veggie Bob
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction DORPZ!!1
Health NOT RLY
Level IT'S OVAR 9000!!!!
Status Eating a golden carrot!
Location Winsburg, Snowiny
Birth date February 29, 1995 (1995-02-29) (age 24)
Occupation Veggie Emporium manager (and all that good stuff)
Salary OVER 90000 COINS A WEEK!!1
Friends He always says his friend is the "whole world". So who is that?
Enemies He has no enemies!
Archetype EVIIIL! Just kidding, he is the nicest thing that exists.

Harold Ponty Bob, also known as Veggie Bob, is a complete DORP who is crazy and obsessed with vegetables. He runs the famous Snowinian company Veggie Emporium, known for making penguins like veggies. He is not normal. He also likes to eat apples sometimes. Also, he is not normal.

Did we mention he is not normal?

No, we didn't. So... did you know he is not normal?

Anyway, back to the point. Veggie Bob is very topsy turvy and he is obsessed with vegetables. He is not really vegetarian; he eats meat too, but his main focus is ALWAYS vegetables. He is so obsessed with vegetables he opened a hit restaurant in Antarctica called Veggie Emporium when he was in university.

Behind just food, Veggie Bob is pretty obsessed with music. He loves listening to music, especially classic music, which he ADORES.


Veggie Bob was born upside-down in a barn in Thaming (we don't know why he was born in the barn! we tell you, we just know he was!). He was a clumsy child. He was not like all off his classmates at school. He was pretty topsy-turvy. He wasn't interested in school. He was weak in all subjects. Everybody thought he would live like a hobo in the future. He also was obsessed with veggies, especially carrots and salad, which made most of his classmates dislike him and avoid him.

School Times[edit]

Veggie Bob enjoyed school, even though he was bullied almost every day. One time, a big penguin picked him up and threw him into an apple tree, where he was left stuck to his shirt! Everybody mocked him and laughed at them, but he chuckled and took an apple from the tree, and ate it. It seems he enjoyed being bullied throughout most of his times.

Moving to Winsburg[edit]

When he grew up, he moved to Winsburg and lived in an apartment. He did not like apartment at all. He kept screaming to his mom how he wants to move back to his farm, but the parents refused. He was forced to stay in Winsburg and go to a new school.

When he entered middle school, on cooking class, he mixed some vegetables and bread, and he made vegetarian pizza. Everyone liked in the class, despite most of them disliking vegetables. He liked what he did and decided to make more vegetable food that have good taste, according to his classmates.

He grew to be the most popular kid in school and he had straight A's in cooking class.


He signed up for the Snowinian National Culinary Academy, where he did perfect. Everyone liked his food. He mostly made vegetarian food, but he also made many non-vegetarian food. He, since the middle school, always wanted to be a cook. His dream came true when he founded Veggie Emporium, a restaurant made for not just vegetarians, but also those who wanted to taste some "good vegetables".

Veggie Emporium[edit]

See main article: Veggie Emporium

In the beginning times, VE wasn't very successful. Many penguins were disgusted with vegetables and hated them. However, he showed more people the food and everyone liked it. Everyone, including his classmates, shared their thoughts about the VE. It got so popular, even the president of UnitedTerra demanded locations open in UTR. People all over Antarctica demanded for VE and it came, and Veggie Bob got so rich he was happy forever.

Personality and Appearance[edit]

Veggie Bob is a rather clumsy person. He is topsy turvy and he is always nice. He never was ever mad at anyone and always speaks at a peaceful tone.

Veggie Bob usually wears an orange shirt and a purple propeller cap. He is green.


  • Some carrots over there... and over there... then some salad... and voila! It's a VEGETARIAN PIZZA!!!



  • He is a famous penguin Antarctica-wide.
  • He founded Veggie Emporium, a famous restaurant with chains all over Antarctica!

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