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Veggie Emporium
Type Public
Industry Restaurants
Founded December 2, 2006
Headquarters Winsburg, United Provinces
Number of locations 4,000+ worldwide
Area served Antarctica, UnitedTerra
Key people Veggie Bob
Products Fruit & veg
(broccoli • salad • apples • carrots • sandwiches)
Revenue USP; 2.5 million (2009)
Operating income USP; 1 million (2009)
Net income USP; 3000 (2009)
Employees 1,000+

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Veggie Emporium is a huge chain of vegetarian-themed sit-down restaurants, founded and based in Winsburg, United Provinces. It is the only restaurant of its type to serve completely vegetarian dishes and snacks. Veggie Emporium sells high quality non-fat vegetables and fruit; some of which include broccoli, salad, apples, carrots and more. Commonly known colloquially as The Emporium or Veggie Emps, the Emporium is massively popular with vegetarian penguins and creatures that do not consume foods such as fish and squid.

It has over 50 chains across the whole of United Provinces. Soon after its years of popularity, 30 branches were shared across the United States of Antarctica and 70 branches in UnitedTerra, after popular demand by the president Ninjinian. Altogether the Veggie Emporium now have over 1,000 branches around the whole of the penguin circuit. Moreover, it was one of the first UP-based food branches. The popularity of Veggie Emporium caused more tourist attraction towards the United Provinces themselves.

The veggie restaurant was first founded in December 2006 and the first location was unveiled a few days before Christmas. Naturally, the restaurant was an instant success, mainly due to the lack of restaurant corporations in the United Provinces itself, and also due to it being the festive holidays at the time of opening. It quickly became incredibly popular among the vegetarian community, and it was even proclaimed "Snowiny's Greatest Start-Up, 2007" and subsequently also visited by President Geronimo Stanling. Some radical vegetarians proposed all restaurants in Antarctica be closed down and replaced with Veggie Emporiums.


Back then, in 2006, Veggie Bob wanted to form a restaurant which serves everything non-fat, everything healthy that may save your life. He then formed Veggie Emporium as there is hardly any (or none) restaurant in Antarctica serving vegetables and healthy food. The restaurant was immediately popular among the vegetarian community, but the non-vegetarian community reacted with disgust and mocked the restaurant. The restaurant was regularly vandalized by anti-vegetarians, and the windows of the restaurant were often sprayed with various anti-vegetarian and anti-vegan insults.

However, months passed and anti-vegetarians got tired of vandalizing the restaurant for no reason. More chains opened, the chain was all over the news in the country and the first restaurant was visited by President Geronimo Stanling himself in 2008. He exclaimed the food is of great taste and can be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The restaurants' popularity then boomed sharply, its revenue started increasing rapidly, and chains were opened all across the continent.

By 2017, Veggie Emporium had gotten over 119 restaurant chains worldwide and became one of McDoodle's and Burger Khan's top competitors. McDoodle's tried to have it shut down many times and alleged that its food actually does contain fat and that many people die yearly because of it, not knowing that the fat is actually from this restaurant. Veggie Emporium denied this and many health inspections have proved that the claims by McDoodle's are indeed completely fake. Veggie Bob attempted to sue McDoodle's for their comments about Veggie Emporium in 2016, but the lawsuit was dropped.


The products are very healthy, which is the whole point of the restaurant - to serve only healthy, non-genetically modified food and to give penguins delicious food which they can enjoy. They have succeeded in their job as their food proved to be very delicious and regular inspections that take place every month determined that the food remains healthy and penguins continue to enjoy it. Here are some of the products that are sold in the restaurants:

  • Saladburger - literally a burger made out of salad, and various things
  • The Bundish - like a fruit salad only tons of vegetables like tomato, salad, etc.
  • Frankterran Fries - made 100% out of potato with no genetically modified organisms.
  • Carrot Soup - a soup made out of carrots. Very nutritious and healthy.
  • Minestrone Soup - a soup of Ligurian origin, includes beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock and tomatoes.
  • Seaweed Salad - rated the healthiest consumable in the entire restaurant. Penguins love it.
  • Carrot Juice - self explanatory. Popular with kids.

Branches & serving areas[edit]

Branches & serving areas

United Provinces (49)[edit]

  • Winsburg: 13
  • Greenfield: 8
  • Doriath: 5
  • Snowy City: 4
  • Dolphinas: 4
  • Thaming: 3
  • Crossroad City: 3
  • Penn City: 3
  • Lathen: 2
  • Harper: 1
  • Shallow Crossroads: 1
  • Casper: 1
  • Simae: 1

United States of Antarctica (26)[edit]

  • South Pole City: 8
  • Shiverpool: 4
  • Pengu Town: 4
  • Enderby City: 3
  • Blizzardville: 3
  • Penguville: 2
  • Inland: 2

UnitedTerra (43)[edit]

  • New Club Penguin: 17
  • Other: 26

Tropicalis (1)[edit]

  • Tropicapolis: 1

Duck Island (10)[edit]

  • New Duck City: 5
  • Duck City: 3
  • Peng City: 1
  • Peng Island City: 1

Andèra (5)[edit]

  • New Annonia City: 1
  • Annonia City: 3
  • Pinguville: 1


Hundreds of thousands of coins were spent on advertising. The restaurant chain was advertised on every possible medium - it was advertised on cable television, in the newspaper, in the radio, on billboards, and with advertisements on trees and buildings, and various other places. The advertising campaign was successful as it portrayed Veggie Emporium's food as very healthy and also very delicious in contrast to what some penguins might think about vegetables. They promoted a healthy, nutritious cuisine for a healthier, nutritious life.

The advertising has been greatly successful in both attracting customers and in attracting new employees. Employees were promised very good wages and a great working environment. The restaurant hired chefs, cashiers and managers for every restaurant chain and taught them how to do their job and made perfect employees out of them. This led to a great deal of both customer and employee satisfaction. Veggie Emporium's effective advertisement campaign earned it a lot of praise thanks to the illustrations on them.


As mentioned earlier, Veggie Emporium was criticized sharply by anti-vegetarians who claimed that vegetarians were unnatural and that it is a sin for penguins not to eat fish, "for penguins have been created to eat fish by nature". There were small protests of less than 200 penguins in the Old Town against vegetarians, insulting vegetarians and calling them cowards - vegetarians then formed a counter-protest in the same area, calling for support for PETF and calling for a ban on eating fish - the anti-vegetarians then attacked the vegetarians, throwing rocks and signs at them, after which riot police had to intervene to stop the mess.

President Geronimo Stanling unequivocally condemned this "vigorous display of hatred" and vowed to fight for justice for everybody wounded in this battle in the Old Town. The President was largely ignored by the anti-vegetarians who resumed their activities covertly. They formed a group called Penguins for Orthodoxy (PFO) and spread anti-vegetarian propaganda, deeming not eating fish as unorthodox and completely wrong by any given moral standards. The group disbanded in 2013, after 6 years of having less than 400 supporters and a lack of coverage.

The chain was criticized by some vegetarians for not having even more vegetarian food and for having all of the same products. It was also criticized for not having too much basic food with little to no other ingredients or vegetables on them. The saladburger has also been characterized by some as "very unpleasant in look" and children were crying because of the look of their food. The chain was also criticized for not having holiday discounts - something that upset a lot of people. That policy of no discounts changed in 2017.

Restaurant reception[edit]

The restaurant received very good reviews. The site "Cool Eateries" rated the restaurant chain 72%, and the penguins, while penguins in the "personal review section" rated it 61%. Most of the criticism was about the food not being representative of vegetarianism enough and not about it being vegetarian. Approximately 8% of the reviews were anti-vegetarianism. The restaurant became extremely popular in the United Provinces but it wasn't the case elsewhere - it also became popular in the UnitedTerra, Margate, Club Penguin and Ninja Archipelago but not in nations like Shops Island, where, when the opening of a Veggie Emporium restaurant was announced, there were massive protests of about 2000 penguins in every major city, with signs saying "vegetarianism equals socialism" and "keep your hands off my fish".



  • As a result of anti-vegetarianism in Shops Island, a chain never opened there. Veggie Bob was apparently deeply saddened by this and cried about it all night long.
  • PETF endorsed this restaurant and called for locations to be opened worldwide.
  • Herbert also endorsed this restaurant and called for the Everyday Phoning Facility to be demolished and a location to be opened in its place.

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