The Venturous Three

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The Venturous Three
Venturous Three logo.png
The emblem of the trio.
Name The Venturous Three
Type Adventurers
Location Club Penguin
Head Wikipenguino45
Job Exploring
Members Wikipenguino45
Falco Hochstadt
Terry Van Furry
Headquarters Club Penguin

The Venturous Three are a trio of two penguins and one puffle known for their many adventures and misadventures fighting villains, discovering previously undiscovered locations or venturing into dangerous waters throughout the Antarctican continent.


  • Wikipenguino45 - Often acting as leader of the trio, Wikipenguino is responsible for forming plans, strategies and is known for his adventurous attitude.
  • Falco Hochstadt - Literally the firepower of the group, Falco's fire-based abilities, cunning ninja tactics and excellent agility have proven useful for the three. He's often able to get into places the others normally can't, and often assists the team with secretive tasks and undercover missions.
  • Terry Van Furry - Terry often works around the clock and behind the scenes with technology to provide the trio with updates, scans and information on recent events and happenings that help the group on their adventures.




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