Veranda's Tables

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Veranda's Tables
Inspiration(s) Veranda
Developer Aunt Keziah
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
January 2011
Release in the UTR
Late March 2011
Additional info
Genre Action puzzle
Platform Snowtendo WaddleBoy (but forwards compatible with Snowtendo 3DS)
Rating "H" for Holy (MVBC);
"E" for Everybody (RBA)

Veranda's Tables is an eight-bit WaddleBoy game made forwards compatible for the Snowtendo 3DS and DS consoles. Inspired by Veranda Grimom, the game is seen as a cult classic that, while barely breaking even profit-wise, has garnered an immense fan base amongst a small group. It is the only puzzle game of its kind, and was released in 2011, designed by Rocket Slug's aunt.



According to the manual, the game's story reads:

Veranda Grimom has been a loyal customer for the Pizza Parlor since she was able to waddle, even if she does live in South Pole City. However, she finds one day that she doesn't have enough money to eat there. Grudgingly, the gamer girl lays aside her console and takes on a new job elsewhere in Club Penguin. She's assigned to stacking junk that shouldn't belong and placing it on the outgoing Bean Counters truck. Can you help Veranda stack enough junk to earn her coveted pizza?


Players control Veranda at the bottom of the screen. At the top, different types of junk fall onto the playing field. Moving Veranda left and right under four tables, players switch said tables' places so that the falling junk matches the existing junk. If two identical junk fall on each other, they are removed.

Additionally, there are two halves of a skull that appear every now and then: a top and a bottom. If any junk is placed between these two halves, the top of the skull will crush through to the bottom half and rack up bonus points.

Completely clearing all four tables (and thus the whole playing field) of junk advances the player a level. Each level is progressively harder and faster, and the player is given more rows of junk to start the level with. Also, in one player mode, the player faces off against the first boss (Amy) on the fifth level, the second boss (Rocket Slug) on the tenth, and the final boss (Xet) on the fifteenth. Battling the bosses is like playing the two player mode.

The object of the game is to rack up as many points as possible. If junk piles all the way to the top of the playing field, the game is over.

There was also a two player mode, in which Player Two controlled Rocket Slug. To win, one player had to survive until the other's field was filled to the top, or, one player had to clear all their junk from their field first.


Different junk in the game give Veranda different amounts of points, and they fall at different speeds. The more they are worth, the faster they fall.

Item Picture Points
Yoshi box pig.png
100 1
Yoshi box moose.png
200 1
Yoshi box pizza.png
300 1
Soda can
Yoshi box soda.png
400 3
Yoshi box sye.png
500 4
Yoshi box cereal.png
700 6
Nightmare World
Yoshi box melted antarctica.png
2000 8
Skull (top) N/A 3
Skull (bottom) N/A 3


The game may have not sold very many copies or been that popular, but it did receive huge praise for its music, though the fan base actually said that was the worst part of the game, because it was "too happy for someone like Veranda". Yet, the mainstream reviewers adored the music. Go figure!


Rocket Slug: "Single best game I've ever played in my life! But, I'm too nice to be a boss!"

Keziah: "What the heck? This game is so confusing? And why is it called Veranda's Tables? Why not Keziah's Tables, 'cuz I helped in designing!"

Veranda: "I beat it in thirty minutes."

Sye: "For a girl like Veranda, I must say, she makes one epic video game character. So does Rocket Slug, but she's a crazy person." After this part, RS throws a brick at him, breaking his glasses.

Random Guy: "Sye has a big beak!"


  • This game is a parody of the game Yoshi. Not the character, by the way, the game that shares his name... it's just called "Yoshi".
    • The game's description my be complex. If the concept can't be grasped in text, here's a game play example from the real deal:
  • The game is available in limited supply at GoodyMart, but is primarily sold in Emo Fashionz.
  • Obviously, the creature with the current highest score on Veranda's Tables is Veranda Grimom herself. She has reportedly reached a score of 10,500,200 and passed level two hundred, meaning she battled the bosses dozens and dozens of times as well.

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