Verun Island

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Verun Island
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Country United States of Antarctica
Population 24,951 (2015)
Inhabited species Penguin, Puffle
General information
Demonym Verun Islander
Founded 1892

Verun Island, also simply known as Verun Island, is an island located in the Sub-Antarctic Islands near the border with Weddell. Despite that, the native culture of the island is heavily influenced by Japaland culture. It is a fishing port with a booming economy, but is also known as a popular tourist destination for gamblers, attracting numerous Japalandese gamblers to its casinos since gambling is illegal in Japaland.

The island was founded as Verun Island in 1892. Over the next hundred years it would switch ownership, from the High Penguin Confederacy to Sherby Hoodwounds to the United States of Antarctica. The island was known as a hot fishing island until the 1970s, when the Verun Casino (also known as the Amizo Casino) was built. It soon after became the largest casino in the Sub-Antarctic Islands and changed into a vacation destination due to the climate. In 1999, the V2V Project went underway, renaming Verun Island to V2V Island (which stood for Verun 2 Verun) and all businesses from Verun to V2V, as well as restoring a lot of the older buildings. It was similar to the CPIP. Many casinos have been built on the island since the 1970s, but the Amizo is still the most popular on the island, and the largest casino in the Sub-Antarctic. In the mid-2010s the island's name was changed back to Verun Island.


Verun Island has an advanced agricultural sector specializing in fishing and aquaculture, with mackerels, tuna and sardines being the most commonly caught seafood. Its lands are also very fertile and suitable for growing rice and wheat.

In the urban areas, most people are either employed in the manufacturing sector or service industry. Verun Island has a small manufacturing industry which specializes in manufacturing textiles, as well as ship-building. It also has a strong service sector supported by the island's numerous casino resorts and banks.


  • It is partially a parody of Hokkaido and Okinawa.

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