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Vesper Anator
Vesper image.png
Gender Female
Race High Penguin
Health 100%
Location Wandering
Birth date June 21, 1817 (1817-06-21) (age 202)

Vesper Anator is Luce's sister, and the daughter of Darktan. They now share a bitter sibling rivalry, mostly involving light switches. One likes the lights off, the other likes the lights on. Vesper is a gardener, though she only works by night. Vesper is different in the fact that her magical powers are limited, a trait inherited from her Mother, a maenad (Maenads do not have many abilities), while Luce inherited her Father's magical genes.


Vesper was born on June 21, 1817 (the first day of winter, the brightest day of the year), in the Capital City of he High Penguin Confederacy. Unlike her sister, she did not have the same magical abilities, so she took to gardening. Luce was tought magic, while Vesper grew plants. They eventally grew to dislike each other; many because Luce was the "favourite", and Vesper felt that she was ignored. When their Mother died, they drew close to each other again.

After Vesper grew up, she moved away from Luce. Vesper moved to the Antarctic Peninsula, where she opened up a gardening business. Vesper lived there until the 1990s, when she moved to Archet. She relocated her buisness to the town of Chetwood. When the Great Darktonian Pie War broke out, Vesper went to fight. She helped in the defenses of South Pole City, envious of Luce who got to fight Darktan, who she found out was her missing Father. After the war, she moved back to Archet with her Father and they reopened the business.


Vesper currently is working in her gardening business. Rumour has it she is growing bored of her quiet life, and has been looking for marriage. This has a lot of the eligible bachelors of Archet in an uproar, much to her Father's dismay.


  • Her plants grow quick and large, which is attributed to her singing.
  • Vesper is a very good singer.
  • Amdir has a crush on her. When he visits Chetwood, he usually makes an effort to bring her something from one of his adventures.

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