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Victor Trevon Malkov
Victor, dawning his green cloak.
Title The Traitor/The Fallen
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Evil, Chaos
Health Excellent
Level Level 100 of the WhiteBlood Inner Circle
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Birth date January 19th, 1978, Unknown
Occupation Military Leader of the WhiteBlood/The Traitor
Interests Dark Arts, Totalitarianism, Chaos
Friends Chaotic Evil in general
Enemies Anything good, Joseph Yslenski
Archetype Antagonist

Victor Trevon Malkov is the former President of Munijoch and, due to his betrayal of his country, known as The Traitor, or The Fallen. He was seen once as a person who could be trusted, and was by several people in power across the country. When he descended into Chaos, however, it was the time where he lost every bit of hope for penguin-kind, life, and the sanity of others. He betrayed the mass of people he gained trust in and was vanquished into unknown places, or so thought. He made a return, per a sense that Joseph Yslenski had, and is currently either hiding or plotting his next move.


Victor had a troubling childhood to begin with, and the descent into madness began when he lost everyone he knew.

Chick years[edit]

Victor was hatched on January 19th, 1978, in a currently unknown area of Antarctica. He was born into a household on madness already, with his brother off in war and debt, his mother running away frequently due to his father, frequently yelling at others for going against what he believed in. He also clobbered his head into a wall during those times, making him have mental instabilities and frequent anger issues. When asked about his childhood, he only replied that he was raised in, and with two countries, fourteen different homes, eight adoptive fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, and one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother. This implies that his father finally had enough and left to follow his own path.

Due to this, he had an extremely miserable childhood, and is sensitive about his mother, or any insults regarding mothers. He commonly is seen trying to relax in order to prevent outrage to others if they speak negatively of mothers.


After being able to go out on his own in school, Victor frequently caused mayhem and havoc in school-grounds, resulting in multiple suspensions, expulsions, detentions, and extra work. Despite all of this, he was still an excellent school student and took the punishment with pride. A teacher once said:

If you were to take the corruption from Victor, and leave the nice in him, he would hold some sense of power in him...
— School Teacher

Victor took pride in himself to get work done on time, as it was the only time he could escape the tortures of life at home. His favorite subject then was science, and presented a diagram that showed the making of a hyper-jet with multiple weapons. This earned him 1st place, but also a trip to the Principal's office for violent thoughts and idea processing.

At home, he moved frequently. No one he met ever got to see him for more than a year or so. Due to this, many locations around Antarctica have reports on him. These however, are kept locked up at risk of him going after them in anger.

Teenage Years[edit]

By now, Victor had outgrown (mostly) his troubled past and moved on to do greater things with himself. He was doing well, academically, in school, and earned top honors. Due to his introverted thoughts, however, he didn't not make friends easily. The penguins did not see him as one of them, and frequently shunned him out of conversations, activities, and other stuff. He was mad, and took it out on his then-family. This lead him to be into several correctional facilities.

At this time, he found out he had a miraculous ability to operate machinery, among this, jets and tanks. He enlisted after High School in an unnamed military, and was doing good, until they found out about his mental issues, and swiftly kicked him out. Victor proceeded to have a strong hatred for the world at this point, and wanted to start somewhere fresh. He moved to the Northern part of Antarctica and ran a small scale cargo plane operation, until he met up with his brother, Zescore Malkov.

Adult Life[edit]

Victor was persuaded by his brother to start an expedition with a friend of his, Eric Slavistoski. He accepted immediately, and flew by helicopter to the island. When he landed, he saw all sorts of opportunity for expeditions across it. While there, Eric told him about what the locals called "Munijoch Vision," in which they gain ocular powers from either Celestial Objects or an aforementioned crystalline structure. Immediately interested, Victor sought out articles on such until he identified a forbidden way to create his own "power." Desiring a type known as the "Fallen Angel," he sought out a Shadowcaster, a Time-visionary, and a Fire-visionary to reconstruct it.

After taking their DNA samples, Victor created the Elixir of Darkness, a dark black liquid that granted him the powers he desired, however, with several effects, including possible blindness. Knowing the risks, he ingested the elixir and began gaining his powers born from Alchemy.

WhiteBlood Takeover[edit]

Victor was in the middle of the action as acting president of the hidden resistance during the WhiteBlood take over. Under his command, he recruited people whom wanted in on the action to regain Munijoch. After 10 years, he met Joseph Yslenski after Joseph single handedly took down the WhiteBlood Training Center in a state of fury. The two became fast friends, and together they took back Munijoch in 2013.

Unbeknownst to Victor, however, the WhiteBloods had an ulterior motive for him.

Defending from Insurgents[edit]

Victor and Joseph were deployed to Finipines to deal with the WhiteBloods replacing the entire government for their own agenda. After Joseph struck down the Centauri Blood, Victor came in with his latest toy, the MJ-680 and took the WhiteBloods prisoner. A sleeper cell WhiteBlood agent, however, implanted a curse inside Victor, scheduling Victor to turn evil when the Omnipotent Blood demands his will be done.

Eventually, Victor did turn against Joseph, eventually having Eric's ghost spring back to life due to the use of dark magic. Eric declared Joseph president and disappeared with Victor to the Shadowlands, a spiritual graveyard for evil spirits.


WhiteBlood agents, taking location of the Infinite Engine, used it's power to turn back time and save Victor from his death, offering him a position in the agency. He declined, but with the Frosian War going on, he took it as an opportunity to get revenge on Munijoch for evicting him of his home.

After dueling with Joseph, however, he took refuge in Darktan's Realm, seeking to regain his energy.

Special Ability[edit]

Victor has the special ability to become really angry, causing him to fire weapons more powerfully and with increased accuracy. He also ignores pain completely and goes after the target with a burning hatred inside him. He has done several missions by activating this ability, and seems to have a general control over it.

Along side this, he has the companion of the Fallen Gladiator's vision, that being the Fallen Angel's vision. What this does is that it grants him the ability to summon black and white flames that burn until their target is incinerated completely. It is manifested by the eyes and can be summoned with the left eye. The right eye allows him to manipulate the flames into solid tentacles or tendrils from the ground, using it offensively or morphing it into a shield.

There are a total of five stages, each with it's own eye pattern:

  • First Stage (Origin's Plea): The eye goes white with 3 triangles surrounding the pupil. Each melee hit has a burning sensation on the target.
  • Second Stage (Mortality's Embrace): The eye gains a ring of black around the pupil where the triangles were. Black and White flames surround the fists and the ground around him, but only with slightly more noticeable effects.
  • Third Stage (Time's Endowment): The eye obtains a fiery ring pattern around the pupil as flames are able to manifest on control for a short distance. Flames are more noticeable and levitation is possible.
  • Fourth Stage (Space's Blessing): The eye gets a more noticeable fiery ring pattern as flames can fly and last longer. Manipulation is possible but at the cost of severe exhaustion.
One of the final patterns of the eye while in the Fallen Angel's vision.
  • Fifth Stage (Dimension's Strength): The eye gets an inferno style pattern as the maximum power potential is reached. The voice echos as the person speaks and flames can travel long distances and last as long as need be. Manipulation takes a lot less effort to achieve. Black and white feathered wings can sprout if wanted or called upon at the cost of a lot of energy.

This ability can be triggered with ease and when desired, however, the price is severe. The more it is used, the more the darkness of it's power consumes the light of it's purpose, meaning that they go blind if used often enough. The effects are irreversible and can be traumatic. There is no way to repent the effect, and the person must live with it for the remainder of their lives.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Victor is able to ignore all sense of pain by cauterizing his wounds in fire to prevent blood flow. As well as this, he can use his eyes to gain an upperhand in battle.

In contrast, Victor is unable to use his eyes in a short timespan, at risk of ruining his eyesight, as well as his energy.


  • Stop resurrecting me, fool!
  • No rest for the angry dead?