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Vii Logo
Manufacturer Snowtendo
Type Video game console
Generation Seventh generation
Release date November 19, 2006
Introductory price 230 pebbles
Units shipped Nationwide: 300.38 million (as of 2011)
Media Standard 6 GB Game CD discs
CPU 800 GHz
Storage capacity 512 MB RAM
Graphics Snowtendo Standard 2nd gen Video Card
Controller input Viimote
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Online services Vii Server 1 and 2
Best-selling game Super Antics Galaxy 2 (2010)
Airlanders:Dyro's Adventures (2011)
Predecessor GameSphere
Successor Snowtendo Vii N

The Snowtendo Vii is a home video game console. It is one of the most popular game consoles in Antarctica and is created by Snowtendo.


The Snowtendo Vii was designed to succeed Snowtendo's highly popular game console line, the GameSphere. It was also designed to compete against the up coming PengStation 3. Snowtendo completely redesigned the console from the ground up. For starters, it used upgraded hardware, like a better CPU and RAM. The most revolutionary design change was the brand new Viimote. The Viimote functioned as the game controller of the Vii. Like the PengStation 3's controller, it was wireless. Unlike it, however, it does not use a directional pad or a control stick. Instead, the Viimote relied on several gadgets, including gyroscopes and accelerometers, to be controlled. To play a game on the Vii, the player would have to physically move their hand to select an option on the screen. This would promote more interactivity with the player and the game.

The Vii was released on November 19 2006. The launch was simultaneous around several locations, including the USA, Ninja Archipelago and UnitedTerra. It was met with wide success, especially with the many games released for the system. Today, the Vii is one of the most popular gaming consoles and is used by many.

Known games[edit]


  • A Vii can come in three colors - black; white; and orange. (In comparison, the Wii is in black, white and red (Super Mario Bros special edition).)
  • Amigopen is one of the few penguins to own a orange Vii.
  • An exact copy, Nii was created in Zhou, the only exception is that it's much more expensive than the Vii and has only 1 sell.
  • Snow owns a Vii, and it is the color orange. This particular one was exclusive to the Snow's return celebration, as a prize from the raffle.
    • Snow also owns an exclusive game... Yeah... Let's move on...

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The Vii is a parody on Nintendo Wii. There is also a real Vii however as said by the user Aqua Jet. The real Vii is a clone of the Wii.