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Vince Last Form.jpeg
Title Physical Entity of Darkness, Interdimensional Emperor
Gender Male
Race Humanoid (formerly High Penguin)
Faction Himself, Dark Fire Ninjas
Health Absolute Immortality
Level OVER 9000!
Status Planning his next battle, mobilizing his troops, training his Dark Fire Ninjas
Location His domain and realms
Birth date 16 October 1980
Occupation Governor (formerly), General (formerly), Fire Sensei, Physical Entity of Darkness, Warlord, Sith Lord
Interests Universal Domination
Friends Innumerable
Enemies Innumerable
Archetype What part of Physical Entity of Darkness don't you understand?!

This is Vince's future.

As a Sith Lord[edit]

As Vince got more powerful in the Dark Side, his appearance drastically changed. He became more humanoid and dark flame began to replace his own blood. Eventually, Vince got so powerful that he can't even be considered a penguin anymore.

In order to hide his new "apperance", the Sith Lord created a Mask with Black Magic, allowing him to remain normal. This technique is also used by Emperor Pengvintine. He also created an amulet that enhance his own powers.

Duel with Penquino[edit]

In 2031, a few years after the Shops Civil War, Vince thought that he was powerful enough. He decided to kill Penquino.

Vince, donning his Sith robes, his trusty Deathsaber/Darksaber and his red Keysaber, set off for the Jedi Temple. Another thing that Vince took with him is a sword made with Sith Alchemy that resembled the one used by himself in Fall of Nexon.

As the Sith Lord launched a Force Blast at the entrance, it was destroyed. He walked in, only to find the complex empty. In anger, Vince blasted Force Blast all around him, nearly destroying the complex. He walked in to find some Jedi Padawans, who he easily defeated.

Before Vince could confront Penquino (who was waiting in his quarters), 5 Jedi Masters engaged him in a duel. Since he used up most of his Force energy blasting the Temple, the Masters had an advantage. This was bad for Vince, as his mask got worn off after being repeatedly slashed and stabbed by the Masters. By the time Vince's powers recharged, his humanoid shape was back again. His red Keysaber also got destroyed.

Emitting Force Lightning from his Darksaber, Vince killed the Masters with his powers. Once again, Vince confronted Penquino in his quarters, surprisingly undestroyed from the Sith Lord's blasts. It was the battle of the decade. After dueling around the Temple for a long time, the two took the battle to the entrance.

As Vince gained the upper hand and temporarily knocked Penquino out, a surprise in the form of the local military was waiting for him. As a tank fired a shell at Vince, he was thought to be dead. This was worse, as his anger allowed his own dark flame to surround himself. Using his dark flame attacks, Vince annihilated the tanks and soldiers. When Penquino woke up, the two continued dueling again. Vince, tired of a draw, launched a final attack by spreading his own dark flame around the Temple and disappeared in his own flame. Thankfully, Penquino and most of the surviving Jedis escaped the fire.

Second duel[edit]

Retreating to his lair once again, Vince looked at himself. He knew that he will have to face Penquino sooner. Vince formed a faction of his own Fire Ninjas. In this form, Vince can't use his Force powers.

2 months later, the Dark Fire Sensei, along with an army of his Ninjas, stormed the rebuilt Jedi Temple again. This time, Vince was also looking for an artifact of incredible power - known as the Nexus Ring.

As the Jedis and the evil Fire Ninjas engaged in a battle, Vince dueled with Penquino once again. This time, Penquino got the upper hand and struck Vince down. Just as he was about to be defeated, Vince wore the Amulet.

1 hour later, Penquino found himself held against a pillar, with Vince holding his neck. The Dark Lord interrogated the Jedi Legend into revealing the location of the Nexus Ring. Penquino, being the penguin he is, didn't reveal the location. Because of that, Vince let him go and found the Nexus Ring, which is hidden under the Jedi Master's mattress.

As the ring was worn on top of his head, dark energies in every forms surrounded him and his body cease to exist. In this transformation, the ring and the amulet broke, with their energies and powers absorbed into Vince as well.

Vince walked into a trap, however. The room was actually an escape pod. As the door closed, Penquino launched the pod into outer space. However, Vince managed to control the pod and landed it at Mars in a Snowinian colony.

As a Snowinian colonist[edit]

Vince bought a lair once again. Using his Mask technique, the Entity of Darkness created another fake identity for himself. He was known as William Heese, a Snowinian general. Heese made a name for himself as a general. He retired from the military and was involved in politics again. He was still leading his faction of Fire Ninjas. Only his Ninjas knew of his true identity. An underground dojo was also built. In 2045 - 2050, Vince was the Governor of the Snowinian Colony of Mars.

As a Conqueror (again)[edit]

After his term as Governor ended, Vince returned back to the military. He took command of a sizable fleet of spacecrafts and battle cruisers. One day, in the year of 2054, as Vince and his fleet was exploring the galaxy outside the Solar System, the general and admiral decided to mutiny against Snowiny. Having a loyal crew under his command, the fleet went back to pick up every single of his Dark Fire Ninja, and set off to explore the galaxy outside.

Jedi War[edit]

It was only a few months before Vince eventually returned to Antarctica. With an army and an empire, the Dark Lord decided to destroy the Jedi Order once and for all. So the Jedi-Sith War started.


Vince has three modes in the future:

Normal form[edit]

In this version, Vince is just like his present form, except that he is more powerful in the Dark Side. This is a list of abilities:

  • Class 3 Fourth Wall breaking
  • Force blast
  • Sith Alchemy
  • Force choke
  • Force Lightning

Dark Fire Sensei form[edit]

This version of Vince was like his Humanoid form, except that he was now surrounded by flame. He can't use any of his Force abilities.

  • Dark Flame Ball
  • Dark Flame Blast
  • Flame Shield
  • Dark Flame Weapons (creation of weapons involving his unholy flame, such as a dark flame sword)

Dark Entity form[edit]

This is Vince's final form. While Vince doesn't have a physical body in this form, it was replaced by dark energies that took the form of a body like that in his Dark Fire Sensei form. He was also far more powerful in this form. The Sith Lord's Force abilities are also regained in this version. This form could only be activated in an emergency.

  • All of his powers in his Humanoid Form
  • All of his powers in his Dark Fire Sensei form (except for Dark Flame Weapons and Dark Flame Ball)
  • Rehealing Teleportation (When used, Vince would disappear for a while. When he reappears, Vince's previous injuries will be healed. This could only be used for a few times a day)
  • Manipulation of Dark Energy


Despite these awesome powers (which I know that you wanted to have too), Vince needs to draw large amount of dark energies for these powers to be activated.

Being the Entity of Darkness doesn't means that Vince won't run out of power. As seen in his first duel with Penquino, Vince ran out of Force energy after blasting the Temple with his Force Blast. He is also far weaker in dueling than in the present, which is shown when Penquino and the five Jedi Masters easily defeated Vince solely by dueling.

When placed in a one-man-army situation, Vince could be easily defeated by a team of at least 6 powerful penguins. This may depends on how powerful are the average member of the group is, the stronger the easier to defeat the Dark Entity.

If Vince ever ran out of energy, it would be easy to defeat him.

In his Dark Sensei mode,Vince could be defeated with the Water Amulet.



Dark Fire Sensei Form[edit]

Dark Entity Form[edit]


  • The Time Agency agent trying to research Vince's future nearly got killed.