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This regards the murdered ex-Mafiasto and ex-Bounty Hunter. Vincent Terrasini. For his successor and son, see Marcos Terrasini.
Vincent Terrasini
Vincent, before he died.
Title Capadecina Vincent Terrasini
Gender Male
Race Ligurian Viking Penguin
Faction Underground PWN Mafia
Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland (formerly)
Hochstadt Gang
Health Decreased (on the waiting list for ghost pass)
Status In a grave in Castle Bugzy
Location In a grave in Castle Bugzy
Birth date 1967
Occupation Crime lord
Interests Crime
Bounty hunting
Friends UPM
Java Ghent
Johnathan Wolfhunter
Piper J. Cub
Enemies Swiss Ninja
Hochstadt Gang (at some points)
Archetype Neutral

Vincent Terrasini is an ex-Mafiasto and ex-Bounty Hunter who formerly was part of the UPM, having a major role in the Black Market and before as an UPM contract killer. Bugzy formerly kept him close however he eventually quit after being hired by Swiss Ninja. He was murdered by him when he fired Vincent and as an act of revenge, teamed up with Piper J. Cub and Leornardo to kill Swiss, however the plan backfired when Swiss was pretending to die in pain (secretly, he had a Knicicle) and it resulted in Vincent being murdered.

Vincent is regarded as one of the Mafia's most "useful" penguins, especially when it eliminated rivals from rivals such as the Metro Dark Gang and also anyone who Bugzy wants out of his (this includes Professor Zlo Shroomsky during Busted!l, although he was arrested before he had the chance). He was on the top 30 most wanted in Antarctica and in the top 15 in UnitedTerra. His role in the Black Market was to lead a decina heavily involved in it. This landed him onto Bugzy's inner circle though not as one of the Fiendish Fiends.

Vincent's role with Swiss Ninja was less dignified; Swiss rarely saw much use in him, apart from being a translator every time he visited Liguria as Vincent was from Double Sicelia. Mostly, he did a few missions for him, which usually involved contract killing Swiss' enemies rather than top secret missions with Austin, Johnathan or Java. Against the will of his comrades, Swiss fired Vincent during The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo and it was there where he was murdered.

However Vincent did have a son to succeed him; his name is Marcos Terrasini, a young Mafiasto, who was elected Capo Crimini of his cosca based in Snowzerland which is often referred to as the Zürich Mafia. Although they mainly work in organised crime rather than aiding the Hochstadt Gang, they are still aid them as Marcos wishes to avenge his father. The Hochstadts do not like working with him however he has come in very useful.


Early Life[edit]

Vincent was hatched into an extremely poor family of peasant farmers in Double Sicilia in 1967. At the age of three, they immigrated to the Ice Kingdom where his father worked as a mercenary and his mother as a house maid. During this time, Vincent stayed with friends of his families, who also lived in the slums. He rarely saw them at all. Because of this, he became associated with Antarctician-Ligurian gangs, often acting as the "innocent little kid" while his older friends would steal from the corner shop.

Vincent was sent to a charity school set up by Governance METROCERNS from 7 years old, where he excelled both academically, in music and in sports as an extremely talented students. However the school was extremely poor in learning with many, including Vincent, fighting and bullying other students. Only Vincent was able to graduate and go onto college at 16. At college, he did three A levels, passing with straight As; one in Economics, one in Finance and the final in Law.

University life[edit]

Vincent, due to his high scores in the exams, Vincent was able to attend the prestigious University of Ard Mhacha. There, he became associated with a small Freezelandian Mob crime family and did several "jobs" for them. He took up shooting at University while doing his Bachelor of Arts, becoming extremely skilled with the sniper rifle. Because of this, the crime family bought him a gun and hired him as a contract killer.

At the age of 20, he hatched his son Marcos Terrasini, who was raised with Vincent's fellow crime lords. The mother was an unknown University student.

Vincent became extremely skilled, killing much of the gang's enemies and working as an associate for them. He was invited to become a full Mafiasto but he rejected the offer. After three years, Vincent graduated with first class honors. He was invited to stay on and do a Doctorate but he rejected this too; for he had been contacted by a crime family based in South Pole City.

Colonial organised crime[edit]

In the year 1989, a year after he graduated, Vincent returned home. An Antarctician-Sicilian crime family had noticed his skill with the gun and wished to induct him as a soldato. He took the position and for it to be official, he had to murder the Boss of a Freezelandian gang, the Pole Firm. He succeeded in this and participated in the mob war that followed, emerging as a champion of his gang. He was promoted to Capodecina within three years.

Colonial Antarctica made it more dangerous; penguins were segregated by species, making it hard for multi-specie crime families to operate. Since Viking Penguins, despite their height, were considered to be Adelie Penguins and that Vincent and his fellow gang members were Ligurian Vikings, they were moved into the Adelie Penguins, were crime in the area was heavy and the colony was in constant civil war with the High Penguins.

The crime families of the Adelie colony officially formed the Adelie Mob. Vincent remained a Capodecina in his crime family. Due to the near-anarchy of the colony, the Mob was able to dominate the colony's politics and economy as a power behind the throne. Vincent role came in the Black Market where his crew would oversee the organisation of the Black Market in the colony. Indeed, this brought him wealth, something that he wasn't born into and he would commonly dine with the colony's aristocracy (and bully them into paying protection money).

The Revolution brought great advantages to the Adelie Mob; arms dealing was common on and Doom Weeds was regularly taken by fighters on both sides. Vincent was able to use this for his benefit, using it to expand his criminal empire into other colonies. His crime family turned into mercenaries rather than an organised crime mob, who was hired by the Revolutionists to cause chaos behind enemy lines for the Loyaltists. When it ended though, the crime family became an enemy of it's former ally.

Underground PWN Mafia[edit]

The Adelie Mob slowly sunk into the background as it was busted by federal police officers. With that Vincent for a new one to join and decided that the small Underground PWN Mafia suited him. Vincent transformed it from doing minor pickpocketing, shoplifting and vandalism to the virtual owner of their city district. He was up for Consigliere but he rejected the nomination, stating that he was happy with bhis current position.

Vincent brought the UPM into the Black Market and became heavily involved with it. As a well respected member, he established contact with the dominating Modfia who became closely associated with him. However his downfall came when the UKT Clan had a colossal mob war with the UPM, resulting in them receiving a large chunk of Vincent's share in the Black Market. During this Vincent respectability dropped and Vincent resorted to simply following the orders of the Godfather rather than get involved in some messy business.

He eventually rose back to his high position of importance with the rise of Bugzy and the Fiendish Five. Thanks to Bugzy, the UKT were defeated and became much smaller than it was before. He attempted to breakthrough the illegal Doors market in Freezeland by battling the Metro Dark Gang's monopoly. To some extent it did succeed although he was never able to overtake the MDG.

Bugzy began to notice Vincent and began to keep him close; he could always been seen at Bugzy's poker tables being PWNED by Bugzy... like everyone else. Vincent became one of Bugzy's money launderers and remained a contract killer; however due to the competition from other crime lords, Vincent never reestablished himself back to his previous fame.

He eventually quit after an incident with the EPF; he installed a spyware on their central computers and sold them in the Geek Black Market. He seeked refuge from Swiss Ninja, who hired him as a mercenary.

Swiss Ninja[edit]

Vincent's first mission was during the Great Snowzerland War IV, where Swiss sent him to track down the Hochstadt Gang. He succeeded in tracking them down but the attempt to capture them failed, despite the fact that they were nearly shot down by Snoss flying wings and ambushed by Snoss Army soldiers. However he was commended for this and Swiss decided to appoint him as a Royal Bounty Hunter.

Unlike Austin, Johnathan and Java, who were sent on important missions regarding the gang, Vincent was mostly kept as security for Swiss and sometimes sent on missions for the National Security Agency of Snowzerland and the RDA. He was excluded from the Race to Mars, despite his wishes to participate. He seemed angry at his role of being a security officer.

He finally got a taste of action with the rest of the Royal Bounty Hunters in Travelling All of Antarctica but was mostly relegated to a translator position by Swiss Ninja rather than as a soldier.

His last mission was during The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo, where he was fired by Swiss Ninja. Angry that he hadn't received his paycheck, he allied with Piper and Leonardo to ambush Swiss. When he got his chance, Vincent stabbed Swiss, who was apparently dying. However Swiss was acting and he had an hidden one up his sleeve which he used to stab him in the heart. Vincent died almost instantly, ending his 43 years of life.


Vincent, prior to his death, was heavily involved in organised crime activities ever since he was a boy growing up in the Sicilian farming villages. His rise to power came in Ard Mhacha where he became associated with a gang there as an hitman. He was later recruited by the Adelie Mob, where he extended his power to the Black Market. His role in it became important, as he would handle most business, financial and administration of the Black Market in the Colonial Adelie Colony. Other roles he had was money laundering and sometimes contract killing.

In the UPM, Vincent aided in making them rise up into the Black Market until the mob war with the UKT Clan resulting in an high amount of control over it lost. Along with other Mafiastos, he was able to reestablish the UPM back to their original position in the Black Market before control was handed over to the Modfia and the Hacker's Underworld in the Geek Empire. Like his time in the Adelie Mob, he mostly handed business, financial and administration of the part of the Black Market he was handed. Other roles he had was money laundering and sometimes contract killing.

During his time with Swiss Ninja, he was seen by the Emperor of Snowzerland as a security guard rather than a capable mercenary, often being kept behind, despite his contributions. He tried his best at all times but could never impress him. He carried a deep hatred for Swiss but not his fellow mercenaries, who understood that he was an excellent bounty hunter. His hatred for Swiss was revealed during his attempted murder of Swiss, which backfired.


  • Much of his criminal empire (about 60%) was handed to Marcos Terrasini; 30% went to Bugzy and the rest to other members of the UPM.
  • The fact on whether he should be given a ghost pass is debated; currently, he is at the bottom of the waiting list because of it.
  • He ran a chain of casinos in across Antarctica, known as TerraCasinos, through a front organisation called 3investments. This too was inherited to Marcos.
  • His wealth was never listed although once again it was inherited to Marcos at his death.
  • For much of his criminal career he was always a Capodecina. He never rose up because he didn't want to and never was demoted as he always worked hard.

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