Vinnie The Pincher

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Vinnie The Pincher
Vinnie The Pincher image.jpg
Demolitions Expert
Title Kneecapins Breakins
Gender Male
Race Polar Bear
Faction Underground PWN Mafia
Health ???
Level ???
Status Alive
Location Mafia Mansion

Vinnie The Pincher (Scientific Name: Kneecapins Breakins) is the Demolitions Expert in the Underground PWN Mafia, and has led a life of crime in the mafia for about a year. His attitude is classy and swank, and he usually carries Spam Bombs, and other demolition tools with him. Unlike the rest of the Underground PWN Mafia whom wear black, Vinnie prefers to wear a yellow suit, with a white t-shirt and a red exclamation mark underneath.


Born pennyless, he was fascinated by the fireworks rich noblemen set off every New Years. He spent a decade learning the art, but when he offered his skills to the noblemen, they couldn't look past his shabby clothes and chased him away.

Humiliated, Vinnie took revenge on those who shunned him, and used his fireworks for crime. The Underground PWN Mafia brought him in as the Demolitions Expert, and his explosive touch became feared Antarctica-wide. Currently, he is rumoured to be perfecting some new firework technique in the PWN Mafia's mansion. Every crimminal operation needs a mad bomber.


Vinnie the Pincher helps the Underground PWN Mafia with breaking into banks, placing well-timed bombs near safes such as the Gift Shop, and generally causing havoc around the USA. Not only is he the Demolitions Expert, he creates his own gunpowder to fuel his explosives.


  • Vinnie the Pincher hates Spaghetti, but likes Pizzas.
  • He was once friends with many USA citizens.
  • Not only does he use explosives, but as his nickname suggests, he also "pinches" people, and steals their wallet.

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