Violet Robertson

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Violet Robertson
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Healthcare
Health Well
Level First Lady
Status Quite busy
Location ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops City, Shops Island
Birth date April 16, 1992
Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Occupation Nurse, First Lady
Interests Pacifism
Friends Lavender, Penquino
Enemies Army Generals
Archetype Good
Codename @FLOSI (Chitter handle)

Violet Robertson (née Jennings) is a Registered Nurse and the current First Lady of Shops Island, being the first penguin to hold the position. She is married to president Lavender. They have two twin chicks, named Red and Blue.


Violet was born with her mother and father in the Culldrome Isles in 1992. She was only three months old when the Porcyal War broke out, prompting her and her family to move to New Westion in Margate, which is now a part of Nexon. She grew up there in peace and harmony, for the most part. By 2013, she was in medicine school, living independently. She was planning to become a doctor. However, her plans were interrupted when New Westion and Nexon rebelled against the Margatian government. As Nexon fell into chaos, Violet's mother was killed by in one of the many riots . Violet barely escaped with her life, fleeing to the growing Shops Island. At the dawn of the war on Nexon, Violet, though a pacifist, joined the military as a nurse to help soldiers who were trying to liberate her homeland. She eventually crossed paths with president Lavender. The president soon grew feelings for her, and it didn't take long before those feelings were mutual. Once Lavender's conditions had improved, the two began dating. At the same time, Violet began to question the morality of the war. Her and Lavender quickly got engaged, as their opinions on the conflict began to differ ever more greatly. After Lavender ordered the total destruction and invasion of Nexon in a last-ditch effort of victory, Violet snapped and left Lavender; upholding her ideals on peace. Her fiance, soon in despair, called off the attack in desperation and went to reconcile with Violet. He soon left to Nexon to negotiate a peace treaty. When he got back, Violet and Lavender got married, and have been together ever since.


Violet is well known for her kind and unbiased nature towards almost everyone she encounters. She is very compassionate, willing to give up her own means to help those around here. Violet is also renowned for her ardent pacifism and liberalism, in contrast of her husband's opinions. She openly despises war, which makes her an unpopular character in the military, and around much of Shops' war-hardened society.


Though held in high-esteem as the first lady of Shops Island, Violet continues to serve as a humble nurse in Shops City's largest hospital. She's also been involved in advocating many liberal institutions across the island. She spends her extra time spreading her ideals of pacifism, and loving and supporting Lavender. When not working at the hospital or attending events at first lady, she spends time at home taking care of her two chicks Red and Blue, who are quite a handful.

Relationship with other penguins[edit]


  • Lavender - Obviously; Violet would have a good and mutually-beneficial relationship with her husband. However, they still have arguments over Shopper foreign policy and the role of the military in their society.
  • Penquino - Violet sees Penquino as one of Shops Island's brightest and most inspirational politicians, and they share similar views about the Shopper military.
  • Chill57181 - Chill often likes to play pranks on Violet and Lavender, which she finds quite funny.
  • General Lorn - Although he is supreme commander of the Shopper Air Force, Violet finds General Lorn to be a gentleman who is quite respectable and compassionate despite his role in the air force.


  • General Broseph - Violet has a clear distaste for General Broseph because of his role in the Shopper military, although he is a figure of particular scorn for her because of his plans for Antarctic domination.
  • Captain Swaggins - Violet thinks Captain Swaggins is a belligerent jerk, and he thinks of her as uppity and too involved in government for a non-elected figurehead.
  • Baron von Broseef - Although she does not dislike him due to his personality, Violet refuses to talk to any higher-ups in the Shopper military by principle.
  • Mister Albert - Violet is suspicious of Mister Albert's intentions, and sees him as a bad influence on her husband.


  • Violet has written for the Penstubal Post on occasion under the pseudonym "The Purple Pacifist", in opposition to Shops Island's imperialist ambitions. Lavender has yet to find out.
  • She often donates to charities for Yowien refugees in Candvia, despite her husband's protests.

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