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The Virus Taser was an invention created by an unknown Wafflelandese developer from a idea conceived by DustyOS. With his assistance, the weapon was created in mid-December of 2010. The Virus Taser was originally intended to irreparably damage cybernetic computer brains. Sadly, it only works on cybernetic brains running Doors, greatly limiting its purpose. However, it has a limited port to Penguin OS, coded by the hasty Andrew. Brains were damaged but could be recovered in the Penguin OS version, because Andrew was pro-Penguin OS and only wanted to help the EPF.

Considering that cyborgs don't really have an operating system (except for XTUX Hun, who runs Doors), to speak, the item is ineffective in that field. Modifications were immediately added, making the Taser infect any computer running Doors (or Penguin OS), equipped with a Blue Beak, over-the-air or wireless access with a horrible, contagious, and fatal computer virus. It is effective against some open source items, sadly.


Since it can effect any Doors wireless network and any Doors computer with a wireless access with a fatal virus, this is an obvious and effective instrument of cyber warfare. The Elite Penguin Force has been known to use this in certain tech-related cases.

It first trial was at crime done after about 9:30 on a Wednesday night. It was a petty crime, where a puffle known as Fudd La'Pooh robbed a multi-branch cosmetics store. The reason for this robbery was that he wanted to steal the trade secret formula of webbed feet polish for DustyOS. He hoped that, in exchange for a formula, Fudd hoped to receive a Virus Tazer. He managed to steal the formula, but as he was uploading its file to Dusty OS over the Internet, his computer was tased with the very item he wanted. Infected with a virus from the taser and the formula erased, Fudd was defeated.


The EPF considers the Virus Taser "one of the first practical weapons we've seen in years", and quickly requested DustyOS (the owner of the patents) to allow them to use it. He declined at first, not trusting Noobs with such a detrimental weapon. The agency decided to strike a bargain with the penguin, in that only agents with "Ultra Super Amazing High Level" EPF clearance (or "Uber Clearance" in the Classification Code) are allowed to use this weapon. Even those authorized and given a license only with good cause.