Vivian Hochstadt

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Vivian Hochstadt (The Lady of the Bay)
Lady of the Bay.png
Vivian before her death. She still looks the same now except that she glows a bit.
Title Vivian Hochstadt, The Lady of the Bay
Gender Female
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Deceased; A powerful Ghost who's job is to protect the Hochstadt Family
Health Good, Deceased
Level Deceased
Status Deceased
Location The Zurich Bay, Snowzerland
Birth date 1483 in Varcelono, Castilla
Occupation To protect the Hochstadt Gang
Interests Helping the Hochstadt Family
Friends the Hochstadt Family
Enemies Anyone that tries to threaten the Hochstadt Family
Archetype Good Guy, Protagonists

Vivian Hochstadt, or now known as the Lady of the Bay, is a deceased Hochstadt Family member who is now a ghost who roams the Zurich Bay in Snowzerland.


In 1549, Vivian Hochstadt was born in Varcelono, Castilla as Viviana Mar. She was born to a Pedro and Mauricia Mar, who were poor city merchants. Her father sold exotic fruits and her mother sewed and quilted magnificent fabrics and textiles. Like most female penguins of her time, around the age of 8, she began to learn to do her mother's job of being a sower and quilter and did it quite well. Vivian did not have many friends because the area she lived in were mainly snotty, dirty boys that did not appeal to her, and the girls that did live in her area were stuck up and bratty and were the daughters of more richer penguins. Therefore, she spend her days alone playing in the streets of Varcelono. Nevertheless, she loved to visit the ocean which ran at the coast of the city. It's beaches were white and sandy and she enjoyed spending her time there a lot. Many of her quilts and textiles had reflected her love for the sea as well. Little did she know that her simple life was soon about to change when one day when she was around 16, a stray boy around her age appeared in the city, begging for a place to stay. Her family accepted him into their humble home, and she and him became good friends. His name was Maximilian II, who was from Osterreach. He stayed with the family until he was 18, which was when he proposed to marry Vivian....but before he did, he confessed that he was not poor, for he was the true son of Emperor Ferdinand I Hochstadt of Osterreach. Vivian was quite startled but happily accepted the proposal, and the two married and moved with her parents to the royal palace in Wien, Osterreach. They soon became king and queen of Osterreach and had a son named Rudolf II, who succeeded them. Her husband died a few years before she did, which made her sole ruler for a short time. During her last few final hours of her life, she was visited by a strange penguin who was covered by a green cloak. He told her this:"Your great love for your family has earned you the place of being the guardian of the Hochstadt Family. You shall have this position forever, and guide them in the right path." Vivian pondered that for a while but could not exacly understand what he meant. She then died a few hours later of old age, and when she did, she found herself as a ghost. When her son Rudolf II came to see her dead body and her ghost, he screamed and ran away in fear. Vivian felt betrayed, and left the palace. She roamed them plainly, which haunted and scared many of the city's townspeople. Then, she reappeared to the strange cloaked penguin once more. He said:"Go to the uninhabited island in the west. There you will find your powers." Then she left Osterreach and glided across the ocean (since she was a ghost) to the uninhabited island what would now be Snowzerland. She was then greeted by a tribe of brown puffles who had lived on the island for centuries. There, they taught her to use her powers and how to disappear. She decided to live in Lake Zurich (Now Zurich Bay), since she learned to go underwater and loved lakes and oceans. She frequently went back to Osterreach to secretly help her decendants make the right choices when they continued to rule Osterreach. She also assisted the Sensei Chin Yang and The Five Senseis when they needed help desperately.


  • Legend says that Vivian makes sure that the bay is clean of debris, and that she would avenge those who would abuse the lake, which gives it a possible reason why the Zurich Bay is very clean an scenic. However, tight Snoss laws on littering is another factor into why the bay is clean.
  • Vivian also guards Lake Inerlaken and Lake Saint Moritz as well.
  • Most Penguins and Puffles don't think she exists, but she is used quite a bit in Snoss folklore.

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